Ebrahim Bham – End Of Ramadaan

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The importance of sericata fitter and healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic is discussed, including the weight of grain, season, and seasoning. The negative impact of fear and hope on one's behavior and the need for acceptance and healthy deeds are also emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of showing a face to receive reward and acknowledge the need to show a face to receive reward. The use of " handy words" to describe intentions and actions is also discussed, along with the use of " handy words" to describe actions and feelings.
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Alhamdulillah he Allah hilmi bother me, where Allah if we bother Cody was so that was Salam O Allah ZE wa l mursalin wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira a mavado favela Jimenez, shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in de la la you the original masini circolo, who loves him, my dear respected elders and brothers Alhamdulillah we have come to the last Friday of this lesser month of Ramadan. This has been perhaps a very unique Ramadan in the sense that very few Ramadan Do you find that you have five Fridays Alhamdulillah This was one such Ramadan. This is the fourth Friday of this Ramadan May Allah Allah make it a means of further blessings for us.

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There are a few things that we still have to and I would like to elaborate in today's talk which are perhaps relevant to the occasion of the last Friday of Ramadan. The first aspect that we still have to see that each and every one tries to fulfill is that of sericata

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via Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith that one should give sericata fitter. And there are two reasons to be a cream sauce number of gay with regard to the wisdom of sericata via cream sauce limited. It is an expiation for your Rosa, for your first for your soul. That means anything wrong that we have done in the past Serato fitter would be a means of wiping that aspect away to sericata fitter waka fara hamara Guna oma kamna Rosa Sierra Sierra nichia So, yeah, that is one of the aspects and the other one is maybe a cream sauce Lim said, it is a means of making the poor share in the joy of eating. So, two things have been made mentioned in the Buddha which are

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added one is an expiation for the weaknesses in our in our first thing, and the second is that it becomes a means for the poor to share in the sericata now many times people have this lackadaisical approach sometimes to our Deen our DNA is a very exact exact science, for jury to read for it's come that comes from Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala. Even the aspect of silica tophatter has been determined by nebia krimson allow lucidum it isn't something that you say well, this Allah my body said 20 this other one said this, maybe I can just give him that I can afford it. But maybe you could even sell cinnamate said that sericata will fitter. There are four ways of determining

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sericata fitter, maybe a cream salesman said Sam, it is a PSA of wheat, a set of barley, a set of raisins are a set of dates, that all of our bodies to make it easy using the lowest common denominator, the lowest one, we use that of wheat 1.75 kilograms of wheat. So that works out to what is 20 rain, it's not something that I must use my my brains to say that how much it would cost to feed a poor person. No nobody so slim has determined it. It is 1.75 kilograms, either of wheat, barley dates or raisins. By and large, we use the lowest one so it makes it easy for people who might not be able to be in a position to afford great amount, that at least they can have that

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lowest to be able to do that much. Now also bear in mind that set a cattle feeder is it's not like Zakat said a cattle feeder is compulsory upon each and every one who has nisab but then the sub is very different from zakat. Zakat we have to have the Well for one year. The other aspect is it must be socketable assets, instead of cattle fitter any asset of yours which is over and above your need any asset which is over and above your need is a it is an It is part of the threshold. So if you've got you can do a three quarters and you've got six that other three quarters will be regarded as an asset for circa terracotta fitter bearing that in mind there are very few people who would not

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qualify to give sericata very few people. So bearing we keep this in mind you use the lowest common denominator, the lowest which is to use it is weak. And that is what you come up with 20 then otherwise people who have maybe they should even start looking, what is the price of 1.75 kilograms of raisins

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1.75 kilograms of reason or dates, and you can use that as a means. So this

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The first aspect and ba bear in mind because the objective is to give the poor to be able to benefit from from, from eat, to equal to joy, to be able to bear, and to have the joy of the day of eat, buy don't come in give the album after eat. Don't come give sericata after after it When does he go and give the poor people to enjoy it. So see to it that is taken well in advance out so the poor people can gain the cattle fitter to be able to be to share the joy of the occasion. That is the first aspect that I felt was very relevant to today's talk. The second aspect is breath as we all know that we're coming towards the end of Ramadan. Now the IE is going to be a lot of people who say

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Alhamdulillah Ramadan is beautiful, there is no doubt there is a canopy of peace there is a canopy of Baraka and blessings that come upon the community and the society, in our homes, in our individual lives. It's coming to an end. This is there some degree of sadness, there's a certain degree of longing, but at the same time, bear in mind, it is the wisdom of Allah that it is only supposed to be for a month. So we're not supposed to now you know, be said after all, it is a day of happiness. It is not a day of sadness. Yeah, I'm pushing mana to eat man, two year Kana cyramza. Angela

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doesn't come dinner. It's not a day of sadness, it is a day of happiness. And Allah has designed Ravana only to be for a month. Therefore Allah tala when he says about fasting Allah Allah says, Mama Duda it is for a very few days in the year, it is one 10th of the year. This bear in mind, it is supposed to be a yamamah do that you and I would not have been able to maintain the sanctity of Ramadan, perhaps we would not have been able to pay and live this lifestyle beyond this the month of Ramadan in other months. So Allah has made it for it to be a month one month. So let us let us be happy that Allah has given us the opportunity of witnessing and Allah Allah has given us the

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opportunity of adding to our good deeds and seeing another month of Ramadan and enjoying and being able to share and have been able to have this month of Ramadan which which we have been able to have Alhamdulillah we should thank Allah tala and bear in mind what is the reason for our happiness? The happiness is not that Ramadan is going to happen. It's not going on. The happiness is that Allah gave us an opportunity to witness the blessing month, Allah tala gave us some opportunity to be able to do good deeds. That is the happiness Nivea cream sauce limited, Malema. What is a man and himself Some said when your good deeds pleases you and your evil deeds Satan's you. That is even

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when your good deeds have a chicken carcass Yakutia to Hashimoto or Bora kamkar Johanna Abner Roscoe, Kikuyu America that is Yemen, Yemen, Casa Fatah, to be able to do to be happy at doing good deeds, and that is the happiness with regard to it. So bear in mind, let us take take this opportunity and say it is a day of happiness, the reason for its happiness and others not say that you know why Ramadan is coming to an end it is supposed to come to an end. The other aspect with regard to this which is relevant for this time is Alhamdulillah people have tried the utmost to be able to do the aspects of fasting other aspects of zeker tell our people have by and large strove to

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do good deeds. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept it. Now towards the end of anything. He Mormon and believers are supposed to have two attitudes and the man who been ill healthy Raja, one is fear and hope in the mercy of Allah. One is fear. And one is expectations. Many times you do good deeds, but Allah might not accept Rupa Rama foot he has a Ba ba ba, ba ba ba boulia sometimes the door of

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Amal is open, but the door of acceptance is not opened.

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The amount of Amalia two does not necessitate Capulet. Capulet is something else acceptance is something else. Sometimes you can have great amount of deeds, but there is no Pouliot there is no acceptance. So it's such a time now we got to ask Allah tala for Capulet ask Allah tala for acceptance. I mean, look at how Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam, this is the way we are forever. I mean, LBT a smile. remember the time when Ibrahim and his smile lifted up and they they build and they constructed the carbine the bitola sometimes you wonder and say rapana Takapuna made what Almighty Allah Allah accept from me and except from us, you are all seeing and all hearing you know,

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sometimes you feel if anyone could have laid claim, if anyone could have said a lie you have to accept I was

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The one who left my my, I was the one who left my home in Iraq. I was the one who left my home in cannon. I came here and left my wife and my innocent child in barren desert without any vegetation without even water because it is your commander in law. And when you told me to sacrifice my one and only Son I was prepared to do so. Well you have to accept if anyone could have laid claim and said well now you have to accept what happened perhaps Ibrahim alayhis salam

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O Allah accept from me. Allah he's pleading for Allah tala to accept what is our situation. there on the other hand, there are examples in the Quran and Hadith of of people who have done tremendous amount of good deeds and Allah rejected the good deeds. But I'm being Barbara has been mentioned in the nine Jews of the Holy Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about him that in fact Rockwell has Allah subhanho wa Taala says 300 years of liberati made something happened Allah tala took away his diet when he became proud and arrogant. And Allah tala likens him to a dog and he died in a very pitiable condition. After making 300 years of Ibadan, she accidentally speaks about the incident of

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a police. He said the incident of a police must make each and every person who does good deeds shudder. That year was someone from Jin condominial Jin for saccharum that he please there was not a spin on this earth in which he did not make seija to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah subhanho wa Taala came the test when he became proud and arrogant. And he said Who am I I'm collected enough to maintain Allah subhanho wa Taala with Adam Islam from dust. Allah Allah created me from fire, fire is greater than Deus does. You take it in, you throw it up, it comes down to the ground, fire you put it you put it on the ground, and as you let it it goes up to the skies. Fire is greater than la

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I'm not gonna make that argument Islam. he disobeyed Allah at a crucial time. Allah subhanho wa Taala took away all his favors. And up till now when we start off oh Quran, you say I was a villa him in a shaytani r rajim. How can we demand and feel that we can be proud with regard to what we do? This was the hoath fear that Oh Allah we have not been able to do enough of Allah that what we have done is not worthy of presenting in front of you. It is not worth your greatness not worth your of your mud majesty. It is not worth it. And we also bear in mind, we also bear in mind that even if you did everything correctly, even if you spent Ramadan the way it was supposed to be spent, then to

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it is not worth your presenting to Allah then to it is not equivalent to the greatness of Allah. So while we have this hope, we have this fear of Allah we have done, we are not sure whether you will accept we plead with you Allah so what is an aspect of fear? And the other hand there is an expectation that Allah will accept, there is no there is no force upon Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept, but we have an expectation because of Allah subhanho wa Taala saying, in Allah, Allah you do General mosinee Allah never allows anyone's effort to go to waste. Allah doesn't allow anyone's effort to go to waste. It is not worth it. But we hope that the little was done was done for the

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sake of Allah reminds me of an incident which normally I make at this time, because one of the great scholars of Islam, Mufti Taqi was money has made mention of it in one of his books, when he spoke about his his mentor, and he spoke about his chef, Dr. Abdullah Rafi, after he passed away, he wrote some words with regard to his life. And there was one incident that touched me, you know, and recently I was going going abroad somewhere and I gave this example and I gave this incident. So a person came with teary eyes in front of me and he said, Mona, do you know, the person whom you have related about? Is my Papa is my uncle. And he's in a foreign land. He was in Australia and he said,

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Do you know you spoke about Dr. Vanessa is my uncle. And he said, give me such great pleasure when you spoke about him. And let me relate the incident. And the incident was someone came to Dr. Avila sobre la and said that, you know, our good deeds are so useless, it is we it is not worth your presenting to Almighty Allah and it is absolutely nothing. So that the subset Yes, it is true that it is not worth your presenting to Allah. But it's not it's not useless. It's something so he said no, it is useless is nothing hemangioma has uncovered Zika

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so then doctors have said to make him realize that yes, it is not worth your presenting to elaborate is not useless. So that was I've said, if it is useless, if your Salat is useless makes it's there in front of me.

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If your Salat is useless mixta in front of me, and he turned and he said, What? How can I make SR in front of you? This head only goes in front of Allah. So you say purchase now you are saying it's useless.

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If it is useless and make in front of anyone else, the fact that you own

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Put your head in sister in front of Allah tells you that it is valuable. And that is a thing that we go that we have this expectation expectation. Allah is very, very brothers in terms of giving reward. I mean the Hadith in Sahih Muslim makes mention what a remarkable Hadith that Abu lahab whom Allah curses in the Holy Quran, Rector para Bella happy.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala it comes in a hadith that may be occurring. So Islam said when our son was born, he is an uncle. He out of happiness when the slave woman came in gave him the news that there is a son that has been born by your departed and your mother your departed brother's house. So out of happiness, he gave a great amount of Sarah and charity to this who this slave woman who brought the good news and because maybe a cream salesman was born on Monday, so a Muslim had it says every Monday, Abu lahab will be given a little bit of milk while in Ghana because of showing happiness at the birth of Nivea cream.

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But there's when Allah is there to give a little bit of milk to a Buddha because of one good deed that he does and what he did. Despite the fact that Allah tala says the putera will have you then inshallah we hope we have expectation there is no guarantee but we have expectation, Allah we did first we didn't do it for anyone else. There were so many occasions we could have broken our first yellow we were not obliged to do whatever we did, we did it. Yes, it was not equivalent to greatness, but we have expectation. Chef Sara Lee makes mention of this is something that perhaps we should we should have this. I like to make mention of this because I heard it from Alana Tangerang

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to lolly and monitor Shamil autonomy, she accidentally makes mention of a pious person who made the bad and tattooed for 30 years. And after 30 years, one day he was making video footage when he heard an unseen voice, that your prayers for 30 years because it was not performed correctly has been rejected by Allah. Allah didn't accept it. You didn't perform it correctly. So he continued making room and when he continued making video, the second day, he continued making Wazoo for tattooed got up as normal. And he again heard the voice. He continued making Wazoo record press the third night while he was making Wazoo for the tahajjud prayers, the sadeem who was pouring the seven who was

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pouring the water has read, if Allah didn't accept for 30 years, what's the use of continuing? What's the use of continuing? Why don't you go and sleep and leather and accept what the use of you continuing? So he said, if you can show me another door, other than the door of Almighty Allah, that I can go to, then perhaps I will go to the door. But even if Allah rejects, I've got no other door I'm going to continuously knock this door even if Allah rejects.

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Then after you said these words, checks it used this was beautiful words cupola, Sagar che una nested get just ma de gardenista. Now the voice changing said yes, you're 30 years of you but it was not worth your acceptance. But the statement of yours that there is no door to turn other than that Dorf and La because of that Allah has accepted to other 30 years of humanity

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This is the way it will not it was not worth it but we're gonna come repeatedly back to do it. Even if you reject we'll come back again. Even if we are weak, we have no other way to turn we have no other door to turn we have no other savior to turn we have no other protected return as a new Ola Ola, if it is not worth it, make it make us with you. So this is the way we end our Amazon My dear respected brothers beno Sophie Raja between fear and between hope yes after Ramadan we have today Now take the lessons of Ramadan and put it into our daily practice. And I will conclude with this fourth point four points I would have I wanted to make mention of today one is sericata fitter. The

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second thing it's supposed to be a yamamah doodad. So don't let us take an aspect of sadnesses there is a degree of happiness and why the happiness is there we made mentioned the third aspect how do we end our Amazon banner

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and the fourth aspect What am I have written rights. There are two different types of provided directly by it and indirectly by them directly by that is that which Allah is has commanded as a means of fulfilling the command of Allah tala which which we regard it to be that like Sarah ottimo, Salah, escuela zichron kathira would only ask, all of these are commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala make dua Allah will accept, make seeker in abundance remember Allah, what Lama who here la make the love out of the Holy Quran as a Mossad established Salah. Now these are ibadat which are an objective in itself. The aspect of indeed ibaadat is

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Not disputed, it is well understood, it is something that each and every one can understand that these are ibadat these are aspects that we have to do to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, there is another type of ibaadat which depends on your intention can be bothered and can be something else, and not the results from settleable halali forgotten to acquire halaal risk is a religious obligation can be any budget, but also can be, I am acquiring wealth to compete with a Jonas's I am I am acquiring wealth to live a comfortable life. What is the intention for me to acquire halaal risk? Is it to fulfill Allah command or is it to fulfill my purpose to fulfill my desire. So, there

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is a dual aspect in that deed. This is what our alma mater is in direct about it is inhibited, but it can also be something else. Now, the spiritual energy which you and I gain from directly but the spiritual energy, the focus towards Allah subhanho wa Taala the love for Allah subhanho wa Taala the attention towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that we gain indirectly but it that helps us to make our intentions correct for indirectly but it hope I've been able to so we gave we do Namaste loudspeaker we come to remember law, we come to have a degree of the presence of light in our life in our hearts. We take that and in our indirect about it we use that spiritual energy gain to make

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our indirectly but it become really about it. Now when we go out for holidays, because we have made the Lord because we have bring brought about in inculcated Allah presence in our heart. Now when we do indirectly learn about it, we won't do it for carnal desires, we will do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now we gain the spiritual energy through the means of indirectly bought it and bring it through directly bought it and bring it into indirectly bought it may Allah subhanho wa Taala make this ramadan ramadan in which Allah Allah accept our good deeds forgive our shortcomings we have many many shortcomings. Allah Allah forgive me, Allah tala accept the deeds of people who

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have done there are people who have done small small children have kept roses Healthy People have still kept roses even the doctor and medical advice that don't keep roses our people have come to to to be in the in the masjid tried to seek seek and pursue later for Qatar. They have gone in a teacup somewhere along the line is someone whom Allah subhanho wa Taala has loved his good deeds, we make that the means of the acceptance of our good deeds, make it a turn for our better and we Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us another Ramadan in sha Allah, Allah Allah grant us another opportunity to benefit and from the blessings and from his remarkable mercy during the month of Ramadan Ravana

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mean and inshallah May Allah subhanho wa Taala give each and every one a true and a happy in the true sense of the word commensurate to the occasion inshallah tomorrow, each and every one from our side, heed Mubarak to each and every one inshallah tomorrow

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