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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the best evidences and proof of Islam as a means of achieving spirituality. They delve into manhood and its relation to the concept of God, as well as the loss of consciousness and the negative implications of a law being everywhere. The importance of praying to the Kaaba and the holy eye is emphasized, as well as the importance of believing in the holy eye and not just in the creation. The schools are providing online courses in Islamic language, and the segment ends with a brief advertisement and recommendation to visit their website.
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You know

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allah Peace and blessings beyond each and every one of you.

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I'd like to welcome your dear viewers to another in our series, the best of tawheed.

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In this series, we're looking at the best evidences which prove

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for the believers, the correct form of monotheism or Unitarian unitarianism which God had prescribed, as was revealed that correct form

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with its details are outlined in the various proofs from the Quran and from the Sunnah. So we will be looking at and we have been looking at the proofs that are there, which have brought us to the picture that we currently have, of who Allah is.

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And in that way, knowing we're worshiping, in fact, a law

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and not something besides Him, or instead of him that we have been deluded into thinking is actually a law. Because we have so many people in the world today who are worshipping human beings, animals, stones, trees, stars, whatever, are worshipping objects from creation, believing that in doing so they're actually worshiping a lot. So, in our previous episodes, we looked at the technical definition of what contradicts it.

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Then we looked at examples, from the common practice among people of Acts, and beliefs which violate the basic authentic view of a laws, unique oneness among them, we looked at

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charms, amulets, and omens.

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Then we looked also at fortune telling. And we looked at astrology, a part of fortune telling, but

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something that has also taken on its own life.

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And then we went into magic. And from magic, we also add into spirit possession,

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and issues related to it connected to it. All of that

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is from the area of

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tawheed or maintaining laws unity in his dominion, Ruby,

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a lot being the ROB

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creator sustainer who maintains the whole universe, the question is,

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is there anyone or anything in creation, which has the power to bring good or to prevent evil besides a law? No. That is the basic Islamic believe it is only Allah. Allah is in control of everything, La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no movement, nor power,

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except by the permission of Allah.

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The Prophet used to make that do are often with one of his favorite to us, or supplications La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no movement, no power, except by the permission of Allah, nothing happens in the universe. So, given that reality,

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or any concept, which gives the last creation,

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the ability to bring good and prevent evil, then we look at that as having violated

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the basic

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concept of maintaining allows unity with regards to his dominion. We went on to look now at another area where in violation takes place, it's common around the world. And that is in the area of laws, attributes, which are unique to him, and should not be shared with his creatures, nor should he be given human attributes. And from that, we are currently looking at a loss transcendence is a particular attribute Alou, and the names that are connected to it, a Lally. But

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It should also be noted

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that as we mentioned earlier in this area of last names and attributes, people have gone astray in modern philosophies by giving a loss attributes to his creation. And that's the common defense of atheism, in our time, wherever they conceive of and promote the idea that the world is without beginning. Because once they've denied God, then the issue of how did everything start, can only be escaped by saying,

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it has no beginning. It has always been

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that way. Of course, that goes against common sense, everything has a beginning. We see it in this world, everything has a beginning, every created object has a beginning in time, there's a time when it didn't exist, a time when it now exists. All the different systems that are running, it was something to start it all in motion. Without that first jumpstart,

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we wouldn't have anything that we have around today. That's common sense. Anyway, the point is that those who have given the attributes of eternity of being eternal,

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to matter to the world,

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that has been their way to escape the challenges to atheism. Now, we mentioned earlier that even in the Einstein's theory of relativity, where equals mc squared, e being energy, being equal to mass,

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times the square of the speed of light, that this formula, which is expressed, in words, as energy can neither be created nor destroyed, or mass matter can neither be created nor destroyed. This is how it's expressed. Why don't you say something can neither be created nor destroyed, means that it is created, and it is everlasting.

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But only Allah is uncreated and everlasting without beginning or end. So once we attribute that to matter, nature,

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then we have given the attributes of Allah to his creation. Now, of course, when you give these attributes to matter, you know, you don't think in terms of what what does matter want from me, you know, what should I have to do? Since I was created by matter, from matter and by matter?

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We don't ask these questions. You know, whereas once you think of a personal God, a God who was the creator, then you have to think now Well, what does the creator want from me? What am I obliged to do here?

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If he created the world, he has a plan?

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How do I fit into that plan? These are the questions that come up. When one denies God's existence, and these are no longer questions, they're just accidents, whatever is there, it's all by accident, as they claim it.

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So one of the other areas of loss attributes that we are focusing on in this series is that of a loss, transcendence, his or Lu, being transcended being above and beyond his creation. And in our previous episode, we looked at the implications of this belief,

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which becomes a defense for idolatry. And we went on to

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To look at how this belief could be rejected, what is the evidence or proof against it? And though we did look at the particular Hadith, which addressed the topic, we began to look at the proofs against it from first the natural perspective, human nature, children, rejecting the idea of a law being everywhere, because it means that a law has to be in filth, then

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we looked at the proof from prayer, you could say it's also a sort of a natural proof in that we are not allowed to pray to idols or to any aspect of creation. That is indicative that the lies that within this creation. Then Furthermore, we went on to look at the issue of praying to the Kaaba,

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in the direction of the Kaaba, are we worshiping the Kaaba, as many people think, mistakenly?

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No, we're not. praying in the direction of the Kaaba is only a means to organize our prayers. In congregation when we're praying together, we have a unified direction in which we pray, to pray as one

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body, one unit, moving on, past the

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natural proof. And the prayer proof, we can move on to may be called the Mirage proof, mirage.

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This is the ascension

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into the heavens, up through the heavens until the Prophet Moses Allah reached the last of the heavens, above which was the footstool, the throne of Allah, and Allah was above that.

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This is the

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reality of

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this world. Most people don't get the opportunity.

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prophets have been given the opportunity to ascend into the heavens, and to see the world from that perspective. It happened with Prophet Mohammed, may God's peace and blessings be upon him. And during that ascension into the heavens, we know that he spoke also, in the seventh heaven, He spoke directly with a law, if we consider

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that this Mirage is essential into the heavens, was one in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam left the material world and went into the world of the heavens, where he met prophets met Prophet Moses, he had discussions with him, etc. This process of going up into the heavens, till he reached the highest point

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above which was the corsi, the footstool, and along with it, the throne of throne, all of that is

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beyond the seventh heaven.

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And the prophet SAW Selim went up to it. So we're a lot everywhere and in everything, there would have been no need to have. The prophets are seldom ascended to heaven, all of that could have taken place, right on Earth. But that's not the case. A lot did not have it happen like that. So in the process of the Mirage itself, there is evidence, indirect evidence that a law is above his creation. And this is the point that we need to be clear on. As we look at each and every evidence to that effect. We're going to take a break now and continue after the break, to look at various proofs that show without a shadow of a doubt that a loss to Allah is above and beyond his creation and not

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caught up inside of immigration. With that, we're going to take a brief break and I will see you after the break.

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salaam aleikum, welcome back from the break.

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And prior to the break, we were looking at the ascension proof that Allah is above and beyond his creation and not mixed into the creation in any way and we say

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That, that represents from the profits ourselves experiencing going into the heavens ascending into the heavens, that this whole process was going above and beyond the existing creation. And up to the highest point outside and beyond the creation, which is that of the footstool of allotment, Allah, his throne, is going up to that base above the seventh heaven. So that contained in it indirect proof that Allah is not everywhere, otherwise, that whole process could have happened in his room in Makkah, he didn't need to go on this journey and ascend up into the heavens to experience what he experienced, is not really necessary. So, last medalla, had it happen that way, and left it as a

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proof to those who would come after that he himself was not inside of his creation. Because other religious groups

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who may have texts similar to the Quranic texts in the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, yet, they maintain this idea of a law being everywhere and in everything, though, it goes against the fundamental teachings are what they're supposed to believe in. And the evidence is not in favor of a law being everywhere and in everything. However,

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we will continue to look at other proofs, which show and indicate clearly that a lot is above his creation, among the other proofs, as what may be called the Quranic proof, the proof from the verses in the Quran where Allah speaks about himself being above and beyond the creation, either Allah refers to

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His angels rising up to him, as in verse four of Surah alamire edge 17 chapter, verse four. Allah says there touto jewel mala aka to roar Whoa, la he fee yo min Kana micpa daru, who come Sina alpha Santa, the angels in the spirit, that's Gabriel, I send up to him in a day, whose length is like 50,000 of your years, 30,000 years, in another verse,

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in Surah, fatter as the 35th chapter, verse 10.

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Allah there says, He lay he, Yes, I do. Tell him

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everything good, it's going up to him not going

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in this world. Parallel, there is no need to go up. Because if a law is everywhere, and and everything, and it can be just transferred directly, we also have inverse 3637

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of Surah oftheir, where Pharaoh himself asks his people or demands of his people, to make a huge building which would, would take him up into the heavens, and be able to communicate with God because he had already declared himself to be God, and are bakuman Allah as he said, I am your Lord, on high. But notice even in that verse, he says, I'm your Lord. unhide, not your Lord in the world. He's expressing the natural belief that the Lord must be on high must be beyond this world, higher than this world. So he wanted the building of this structure, which would take him up to the heavens. And so he could be able to converse with the God of Moses, you know, argue things out with

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him or whatever, as he saw it. So, what we find is that Pharaoh instructs Harmon and says, walk all around. Yeah, hi, man. ibni li Sol Han Lally, ablon as Bab as Baba sama watty for Talia Illa Illa he Moosa are in Nila Luna who Khadija Pharaoh said, Oh, hi man. Build a lofty place for me that I may attain

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ways to find through it ways to get to what the ways of reaching the heavens, for me to behold the God of Moses prize, certainly believe he's a liar. So he instructed them to build this

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massive structure going up into the heavens,

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which would pave the way for him to go and have a look at the God of Moses, which he believes he would not going to find when he goes up there. Then of course, we have the names, where a lot of is referred to one of his names is Li Li, and Allah Allah,

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both of which mean the highest, above which there is nothing. So a lot refers to himself

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using these names, which indicate that he is in fact, above and beyond his creation, and we have verses where he actually states that he is above, for example, in Surah, Al anon, as the sixth chapter, verse 18, and also verse 61, is repeated wahoo elkaar, Hero phulkari body, he is the irresistible above his worshipers. Also, we have another

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verse which describes the believers as worshipping their Lord out of fear worshiping the Lord, who is above them. Haha foreigner about whom menfolk aim those who fear their Lord, who is above them. So we have a number of verses in the Quran, which indicate that a law most great and glorious is in fact, above his creation above and beyond his creation, and understand then that the law is beyond this creation. So it's not just simply above but above and beyond.

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So with that, we're coming to a close for this episode. This episode, which is from the series, the best of our head, and we will continue to look at the evidence is, in the coming

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episode, we're looking at the evidence. And also we have logical proof. We'll be looking at these to further establish the correctness of the belief that the lie is above and beyond his creation, and not a part and parcel of it, found everywhere and in everything. With that their viewers would like to thank you for being with us. In this segment of our program, we hope that you continue to follow the episodes as they unfold. I bid you now farewell. And I hope to see you in the coming episodes. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Please, God,

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