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Waleed Basyouni
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This is

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Nick on peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. In this show, we're gonna dedicate this to our new brothers and faith, people that have acknowledged what's in their very nature that there is a creator, and he's one and alone worthy of worship. I'm not going to worship His creation.

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And what entails his creation, a man, a woman, the sun, the moon, anything that was created ahead of beginning is not the Creator, that's his creation, I'm not going to submit, I'm not going to worship His creation, I'm going to worship the Creator. And I'm going to follow the example of his last and final message sent to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him the same way you would have followed Jesus, Moses, Abraham, if you were living during their time, you declare that there is none worthy of worship, except the Creator of the heavens and earth. And every we say Allah, and Muhammad peace be upon him is his messenger. And now you're

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our brother in faith, you're a Muslim. And we want to give some beautiful advice to you because you've made the best decision in your life.

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And we're going to come back with Dr. Shaikh will lead with Sunni so we can get some more examples on how you can stand this way. Be firm on this way and die on this way. The same way of life is all the message of God and then you can attain the best reward peace and happiness in this life. And paradise in the next hour. We'll be right back.

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This is

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not making peace be unto you. It comes out of the level of care. How are you? Very good, very good. Thank you very much for finding the time to be with us. We know you're the Vice President of El negative, you're the mom of the clearlake Islamic Center very busy, very busy and I'm honored that you find the time to be with us here on the show. I'm the one who's on our by being here. And I really appreciate you inviting me again to your show, Masha Allah, Allah, please send salon who send some love to your families out there, and all the Muslims, and this is for the new Muslims. And we started with the greeting of peace. And why I emphasize this because if I'm wrong, correct me This

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is a greeting of all the messages of God and all the messages of God were Muslim and they did Islam so the people they got through all the false propaganda and all this you know baloney that's attributed with Islam and they did was in their very nature they submitted to the one guy that doing Islam, now they're Muslim. What advice do we have for them she

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first of all praise to you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammed salatu salam and all the prophets and messengers and their followers.

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Let me start by saying Congratulation, and May Allah Subhana Allah accept from you. So wonderful thing it's a great decision that you have made to accept a lot to be your God and basically the only one that you submit yourself to and he chose Mohammed Salah Salaam to be your messenger I by doing this, you just accepting all the messengers and all the prophets of Allah have sent before.

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As you just said, it's the just the greeting show you it is we are just the natural extension of all these prophets, a messenger that Allah sent them to humanity through history.

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For those brothers and sisters who became Muslim, I would like to say, first of all, all of us thank Allah for this great blessings. Because this is the greatest blessing that I can give it to anyone. This is the best name and the best blessing that he can bestowed upon anyone. So thank him, be grateful to him, thank him all the time. Don't ever quit doing that. That that's that's one thing. And the second thing I would say to those brothers and sisters, learn your religion. This religion is based on knowledge. It's very interesting. It's just not an empty emotions. It's based on knowledge and understanding. And this knowledge is not going to be acquired by anything by to

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dedicate part of your time to learn the deep to learn that a legend

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this this knowledge is not going to come by just feelings or just by dreams that you see in your in your while sleeping and you became a spiritually motivated to this of that now.

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You need to pray, how can I pray? I need to say certain things a prayer

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What I'm gonna say there is a there is a prayer that you do every day that is things you say when you get into the house and you get out of that you need to learn so many things is based on knowledge. And if this been said that leads me to the third advice, which is this religion is so deep so white, the profits are seldom said no one can ever get any compete with this religion think that in overnight, our world cover all aspects, I get everything in it. No. So he said for a little bit if you're any, take it step by step graduate, and be easy, don't basically try to out to think that I'm going to learn everything in one day or one month or one year, we are in the process of

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learning. That's why this religion I always say, when it comes to offering good deeds to the worship of Allah, there is no maximum, there is minimum, but there is no maximum that so make sure that you know what are the minimum that is required from you as a Muslim. Let's say for example, you pray the five time prayer on Ramadan comes you fast. And basically you know how to perform the Salah how you perform the car, there's a gap and the Hajj once in your lifetime, whenever you are capable of making it. The five pillars, then these pillars when you have it, when you have it strong, when you have a built, you build on it, otherwise, why it's pillar. It's not pillar just to be Have you ever

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seen a building has five pillars, and that's it, it's a structure to build on it. So that's where the other things comes, you build on it. Basically, other things that you you need to add to it later on. So basically, one, be grateful, thankful to Allah to learn your deen three, take it graduate, step by step be easy, don't rush to do everything at once. And the last thing I would say

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that basically this religion, guide us to the best of manners, this religion guide us to this is very important aspect in this religion, the spiritual aspect of it. And the concept of mannerism and ethics.

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Your Eman will not be complete without this aspect. When you are spiritually pure when you are and this nothing can purify you like avoiding the indecent act, avoiding the sins and at the same time to beautify yourself with this beautiful manners that snam taught us. Be gentle be nice be and all of us have the lights of common sense. It's common sense. So anything you see you hear about the religion doesn't make any sense to use of common sense, ask and basically inshallah it will be explained to you. We before we go to break tell us right now, I mean, the person obviously when you come to Islam, you know, many people who come to a Sunday appreciate Islam, more than people who are

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even brought up in Muslim families. You know, so now you know, they come to the masjid and, and they take that first step, the declaration of faith that there's no God, but the one God Muhammad is the messenger. And now they kind of get over what they're excited, they get the hugs and kisses. And now they come home, everybody's giving them a book, and they got about 50 books. And you know, this person is telling Look, do this, roll your pants up, this person telling them cut off with the girlfriend has been put through the miswak in his mouth. And he's like, you know, excited, but kind of overwhelmed. So when we get back, can you tell us how he can balance this out? So he don't break?

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Absolutely. How's that? I'll be right back and answer this question here.

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But you figure out that man has have a purpose. If you were to take away mosquitoes from the planet, within a few months, everything dies, and just took away the mosquito effect. It's a fact mosquitoes mosquitoes. But if you take away mankind, nothing happens. So this whole ecosystem, this whole wheel, this whole cycle, does it need you? So why are you here?

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Back here on the D show with Dr. Shaikh. We'll leave asuni given some advice to the new Muslims, our brothers and faith who have made that conscious decision to worship none other but the Creator of the heavens and the earth Allah. So now they're kind of overwhelmed. All right, they're excited, they meet all their brothers, they took the Shahada and now they got like 50 books everyone's telling them do this do that they got you know, all the shakes in the machine. Now everybody out of the love people have good intention. But sometimes, you know, people can overwhelm someone give them too much weight to push. We don't want the person is too great. So what advice do you give any

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situation? My advice is basically to set your priorities straight when it comes to learning the religion and and practicing it. There is something called pillars. There is something of fundamental principle of faith. The article of faith is

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The one that you have to start with, and basically the the Pillars of Islam. These are the things that you start with I shall have the Allah Anna said, if the first thing a lot of you on Koran don't drink Don't forget Kate and do this and do that no one will quit fornication, no one will start with pride. But the first thing was the reveal is to have that love for a last minute that is to have that faith in Allah is to trust Allah is to feel Allah Spinetta is to think about the day of judgment to know that you will be standing before Allah one day and he will ask you about your deeds, about what you have done in this world, your life. The more you establish this foundation,

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you put this thick layers in your heart, this belief that when you are ready to go to the next step, to go into these details, and I said earlier, step by step, the most important thing the Pillars of Islam, stick to it, do it, when you establish it when you have it. Basically, down Mashallah you are doing it very well go to the next level, which is the extra prayer the extra volunteers. And here I want to tell you something, don't get confused. see someone who has knowledge, who knows of His righteousness, and lead temps. Basically your mentor is somebody that he can help you break this down to you, consultant. But if you start basically every person, a person Muslim, telling you

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something, you might get confused. And you might also get wrong information. Because unfortunately, a lot of Muslim, they don't differentiate between culture and religion. So they introduce maybe to certain cultures, as if it's part of the religion. I know this guy, this brother in Colorado, he Mashallah became Muslim. They took him downstairs, they took off his suit, and they said, it's all change your clothes. Now you have to wear Muslim clothes. And they put on him like a circle or a pants with a long shirt, you know, like this, which is usually dressed in certain countries. Yeah. karaca whatever they call it. Um, basically, they put socks on him and shoes and everything was new

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and everything different color

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you can imagine and put a Koofi and put in his eyes. I'm serious one and design. Like, he knows that. It's a certain like, it's like a mascara kinda Yeah, you know, some people do that. It's cultural. It's a cultural thing. And it may be the process on do it, but also it's part of his culture. So he went back to his wife, he knocked on the door. And his wife when she saw him, she thought that this is maybe a guy from Paula bond or something.

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And she called the police. And he said, I mean, she opened the door. Imagine your husband went to work with the suit and coming back with completely different clothes from a different culture. And he said, What happened to you? And he said, I became Muslim. I said, What is that what Muslim Islam is about is about the clause about just changing your your clothes. I think this is this just an example of how sometimes our community behave in the wrong way with the new Muslims. I want them to look like me or my culture to eat like me. You know what, something good about this religion. This does not strip you from your culture. If you are Latinos, if you are African American, if you're a

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white American, if you are, whatever Chinese whatever your culture coming from, Islam does not strip you from culture, you stay with the culture, but the only difference Islam put guidelines to control this culture. So if you cross the line and you do something hard on it, stop the sculpture stop you you cannot do it. You cannot being part of a cross does not justified. But other than that, it's up to you the way you dress the way you eat the way you live your life as long as you follow the guidelines of the religion. So you emphasize getting to really know the basics that's where it starts the five pillars of Islam and slowly building from there Yes, and then we talked about the

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culture anything that's good in the culture good food, maybe even good dress belongs is modest dress you know you're not showing what is considered immodest in Islam you'd like to call out of the dress that can be different from one culture to another Yeah. Okay and becoming a new Muslim when was submitted his will to the creditor happens in or you don't know like this situation have to put on a job and change your name all of a sudden, but no, it's not because this is prevalent this happens a lot. Yeah, it has been unfortunate but you don't need to do that at all. There is nothing called Islamic clause it means a clause that cover your out cover the your private part that's if you're a

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male or female to cover her body. That's what Islamic laws mean. This is not to wear this though but doesn't wear poofy doesn't have to do with that you can wear whatever clothes that you want, whatever food that you want to drink, whatever language you use, whatever name that you have. The prophets are solemn so many people became Muslim in order for them to change their names and some of their names.

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are not Arabic names. It could be, for example, Selman alafasy a Persian would not a Muslim country at that time. A roomie So hi is Romans from from basically Europe he didn't ask him to change his name because it's not an A Muslim name there's no such things called Muslim name there's no such thing as like a Muslim name no any any name which is has

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a meaning or whatever Yeah, it's a Muslim name, the only knock on Islam ik names if these names will have a wrong meaning in Islam like somebody call himself god that's on Islamic not acceptable or somebody call himself the slave of so and so. So it has some pagan origins or something Yes, then you will be changed, if your name is Mike, if your name is Tom, you keep your name, you don't have to change it and you can continue to dress in your suit and tie up You don't have to throw in the towel or anything like that now at all, okay, I'm sure many Muslims are learning this is important for them because, you know, they have this misconception this notion also, and also a lot of people

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became Muslims, you know, new Muslims in the term of the Prophet Mohammed sauce, Allah, they always went back to the family, the arrows became part of their family and to some of the new Muslims, the moment they became Muslim, they have nothing to do with their family, with their people with their basically their, their the people from the same culture that they belong to. They feel that Islam encourage you not to be any more have a relationship with your mom or your family or, you know, that's absolutely wrong. That's wrong. Absolutely. Islam encourage you to be better, basically son better daughter better husband better.

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Basically, father and and and mother, and uncles, and so forth. So you have something so beautiful, don't shy away from people go to them. And basically share with them the advice that you The beautiful thing that you have. If you think yourself under a pressure, if you go to maybe some family member, you're afraid that this is well maybe take you away from the deal, and you cannot face these challenges. In this case, you know what I will advise you to strengthen your Eman first, then go back to Japan, basically, to face these challenges and future. One more thing, which is make sure that you hang out with good people, friends is a very important element. If you're surviving,

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actually, in this religion, make sure that you surround yourself with good Muslims that people will educate you care about you take you step by step, and they will not take it to an extreme path. Because this religion has nothing to do with being extreme. Or they will make you just teach you certain cultures, which is maybe it's not part of your own culture. Now with that said, we're going to take a break and get some more beautiful advice. When we come back here on additional say type one guy wish to come alone, do what he wants you to do put your desires this thing inside you that just wants this and wants that and you just can't get enough. You know what you never get enough

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until the dirts in your mouth. Don't let it come to that be sincere and honest as the one who created you to guide us the first step hotel chasing all the women and the good times and the parties and this and that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah don't wait. You never know that would come today for you.

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Back here on the deen show, and we're giving some beautiful advice to the new Muslims. Now I mentioned earlier before I go to my next question, I said Look, look, we're following the same way of life is all the profit and I said that look, Jesus was a Muslim, Abraham was a Muslim. Am I lying here? No. at all actually by by being Muslim you just in the same path of all these prophets and messengers that were sent before Mohammed Salah? I mean, what do you think Abraham used to tell people to do believe in one, one guy believe in one God and on his messenger? What do you think? No, I was saying these people. What do you think? All these prophets were doing? The same thing that the

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Prophet Muhammad was saying? worship Allah alone. And basically I'm his messenger. That's why the Prophet said pulmoquin to be there. I mean, I'm not something new. I'm just similar to all these prophets on messenger before me. And is Jesus also peace be upon him also did the same thing he said worship the the Creator of the heavens and earth on his messenger to you they never call people to worship themselves. No idols icon saints statues, none of these things right? Nope. Okay. This is a fact not fiction. You get in here on a daily show. Now our responsibility as a community, when someone embraces the same way of life evolves, the messengers, Islam, how should we help these

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That's very good point, actually, for us as a Muslim community, especially in the

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The West when we when we see somebody except Islam and declare his Shahada, the Minister, so many times allow Akbar we give him a hug and that, and that's about it. And believe it or not those brothers and sisters who became Muslims, they need a lot of support a lot of education to be provided the profits are solid. After a buyout if the city of a pipe accepted a snap, that is about 200 people accepted Islam from it, the promises are assigned for each one of them, for each one of them, someone to teach them the religion to teach them the religion. So what do you need to do when somebody became Muslim, we make sure that we follow up with this brother, or the sister, that is

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someone in the community willing to take them step by step teach them how to pray how to make a vote in the correct way, according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, we must

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provide also a lot of counseling for them. So many of the brothers and sisters who became Muslim, they came from a lot of struggle or psychological maybe problems, financial problems, social problems, and they found in Islam answers to these problems. But still, this is the theoretical part of it, the practical part is upon us as Muslims to provide a practical solution for their problems for the challenge that they facing. We must provide these services to them, and not to neglect their rights upon us as a Muslim community, it's enough to be happy to make dua for them to give them a hug. And after that, what, who's going to basically help this brothers if he was kicked out of his

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house, or the sister if she was kicked out of her house, because she's Muslim, she put to the job, who's going to help him if he couldn't have if you couldn't survive financially, because he just became Muslims. I'm not suggesting that it is became a completely welfare kind of system. We provide help, but we help them to stand on their feet to know that to our brothers and sisters and, and we mean that that we really will stand beside them, and help them provide the advice, the companionship, them and their family. So many, so many Muslim told me, sure. I have no family anymore. No friends, I'm new. And I need to see that support from the community. And I agree with

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them. Also, one of the thing I noticed, sometimes new Muslim comes to us, we kind of have some of Muslim and I think this is very rude. It is the stare at them. And one of them common complaint from New Muslims. They said, a lot of time they stare like we look at us, there's a smile to numerous brothers. Go ahead and ask them how can I help you please, if you need any help, let me know. So my phone number, that's what I do. Sometimes, you don't need to stare and look and not reacting. Even some people were suspicious about those who became a new Muslim. This is shame This is really shame that to see incident like this.

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One of the things that also I hear a lot about from New Muslims, that when they come to Islam, they said you know what, we left whatever religion we have, because the most interesting thing in this religion is authenticity. That its authentic religion has a very clear sources, very reliable sources just go on and so in the preserved, protected, so when we became Muslim, we've come across all these people, everybody give me an opinion me Give me this and we go in to do this not to do that. I mean, please don't confuse them, provide for them. What is really in the Quran and Sunnah don't provide them what culture that you are familiar, or what you think is good. I remember when

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this sister, she became Muslim, and she said, shala I was giving a shot. So this old lady came, and all sudden she came in front of everybody. And she gives a massage to her. She said, Christa must have because you became Muslim. And the poor lady knew you Muslim. She got scared she kissed them was this a three times? Like, hold on it? What do you got this from? There's nothing in the Quran and Sunnah customers. So some people they are so excited maybe. And they don't basically realize that I'm introducing something. It's not in the Quran and Sunnah. Do you know that this is the process. And finally, also, we have to understand new Muslims, they make mistakes. They not get a

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prayer, pray perfectly like you. You're not going to make without like, like one sister. She's a new Muslim. She came and she is not wearing a long claws or proper cloth for the salaat. He can imagine somebody pulled her out of the line

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and said, Hey, you cannot pray like this. I'm sorry. I just became Muslim. Right before I saw prayer, and I didn't know what to do. So sometimes, the Muslim community have to know you know what you have any more than Arab country or in the subcontinent where you pray in your locality. And maybe you never saw a new Muslim before you living in Israel.

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cider hamdulillah everyday that is somebody accepting this now. So open up for them be tolerant. Don't be mean, you know, mistakes will happen. Finally, this guy was prank this a lot. And he got his phone ring. So he picked up the phone he said, Honey, I'll call you right back.

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So cute, you know, that we told, you know you can do that in the fall. But don't be mad because he doesn't know. Yeah, you know, just just relax, take it easy smile, give support, you know, and, and then the end of the day, I'll tell those brothers who became Muslims even became Muslim for me, or for my community or anybody's community. You only became Muslim, for him, for the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. That's it. If people want to get a hold of you, if they have some more questions, they're new Muslims, and they need some more guidance. What website do you recommend that people can visit for some of the questions that they might have? You can either go to a levelup forum, or if

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you have a question related to religion, stuff like that, you go to an online shake. Thank you very much. For the uniform advice, my God Almighty Allah awards. Thank you, thank you. And some great advice for our new Muslim brothers and sisters who accepted the way of all the messengers, Islam, their complete and total submission to the one who created you. And that's how you get that peace. And some great advice. Focus on the basics. The basis establish a direct connection like you have with the Creator of the heavens in the earth. The prayer five times a day, there's a cat, the five pillars that he discussed, be around good people. And you can get some more information here at this

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number one 800 662 assan. We also have some people who are there to help guide you along the way. It's been set up for those people who want to accept Islam and those people who have accepted Islam. You can call us and we can hope and will help to get you along the way to continue the rest of your journey. And continue to also tune in to the deen show. We'll see you next time until then peace be unto you.

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