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I request from the beginning today is the day after our day of subaqua day of learning. So whenever you hear us say I mean all the time get excited. That's, that's the signal the prophets, Allah, Allah and he was sending them, and also the sin of Debian it set up when he recited for the prophets of Allah. So the last two verses and sort of in Buffalo gibreel said, I mean, and in the Bissell a lot, so that when you say I mean, and the Salah, and the angel say I mean, so this is a synonym of the believers, humans and angels always say I mean, I mean, anybody knows what I mean? means it means means your ally asked you the same for me? Yeah, like give me the same way like except since

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an emphasis on the the route that you want it to be accepted into atmosphere of it. So don't ever when you ever hear to make sure that you say I mean, a lot of people say inshallah, but that's not correct, we should say me.

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Today, I will talk to you about success. And I believe this topic, the issue, the topic of success, the concept is very well needed today. In our community in our world today, the success story, it is something inspiring will inspire us in a time where there are so many challenges where, especially us as a Muslim community going through a rough time, hard time, especially in the time of elections, where everybody started picking on us big Muslims. Also, when you have a lot of

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people who misrepresenting our religion, like what happened today. And broxtowe, unfortunately, with the death of over 40 people and 100 plus people injured, and this done in the name of our religion, and our religion has nothing to do with it. And before that, is Turkey was attacked, and before that many other places in the world. And I said, Today posted something in a sudden, these terrorist attack that take place do not differentiate between Muslim and non Muslims. And they target the these an enemy of all of us, they are not representing our budget. And we should, as communities around the world be unified and fighting these extreme views, and nothing to fight these extreme

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views, more than being unified and strong and having trust in one another as a community as a society. And don't let us break us apart.

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But still, with all this been said, a lot of Muslim feels depressed, feel fear, afraid, you know, a lot of people on the other side of the aisle, they they're willing to jump the gun, they willing to be more aggressive against us as Muslim and we feel a threat, even though so many we as a community will feel that's our place our that's our future. And that's our past, but we don't have another place we're planning to go to. So there's a lot of fear that even unfortunately, a lot of people they don't have today, that they got to even to dream about a bright future for themselves and for their family, and for community where I live in the United States. You know, there is a very famous

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movement, you're aware of it, the civil rights movement, and Martin Luther King, one of the leaders of this movement used to say, I have a dream. That's how he lived his people. That's how we live this this movement. And I say, unfortunately, today, so many of us as Muslim, we say I have a problem. You know, we don't say I have a dream, we are led by our problems, more than led by our dreams. And the moment you allowed yourself to be led by your problems, you will not go very far. You should be always led by your aspiration, by your dreams by your goals that you set for yourself. You always have the right to dream and to think big and to think positive of the future. And maybe

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some allow it while you're setting them in the Battle of an ice out. In the middle of August, Saddam was surrounded with the machine from every corner in Arabia, he was telling the companions about the law and a lot of them that this Dean will reach the farthest point east and west. He making them lead by there but the dream by the third by the goal that you have set for them that gives them that sense of optimism, sense of trust, that things will succeed sense will prevail. And and the loss of Hannah with the other said in

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Medina when when the Muslim are rejected

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From a stopped from entering market when they were forced to go back to Medina after they came for own law, and the people of Mecca refused to allow them to enter. But still a Lost Planet. Allah said in Nevada.

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That's a great conquer a great opening. You might read the treaty, the peace treaty between the province of Southern and the people of Mecca. For the first moment you think this treaty is not in the best interest of Islam, but a Lost Planet. Allah says that peace treaty is the greatest conquer the greatest opening, the greatest achievement that didn't achieve so far at that point with that people have market because it's easy to win a war by the way, but is not easy to win a piece. And that piece guess what was the reason for people to come to the Dean of philosophy panel to Allah in large groups, and also carried out and told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he reminded

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him of that of the sort of that we all we know, the naszej toluna vidyalay of wotja when you see people coming into the religion of philosophy, groups after another, my point was that these are some of these goals in a time of desperation in a time when people have less hope, when the time you see things cloudy, since these things are not clear in the future. And that's why I do believe that we need that success today. That success story, the current talking about our success as a community, as individuals we need to touch and to see the success in ourselves in order for us to be able to face all these challenges in life.

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We as Muslim, we hear that call to success every day. 15 times and if your hanafy unit 20 times, hey alpha, come to success come to success. Doesn't this make us think about this word a little bit? What success wants from us? It is only the success in the genre? Absolutely. Yes, it is the hero's success, which is to be saved from a fire and entertainment. But that's not the only success that Allah Subhana Allah wants to see in our life. Not only the success in the next slide, he wants to see her succeed in every aspect of our life, when it comes to entering gender, and saved from the Hellfire that what I call the ultimate success, feminine.

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Not have upon.

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Those who are not safe from Hellfire and intergender have achieved success, but also at Islam wanted to be successful businessman, successful parents 60 see your marriage succeed, wanted to be a successful student wanting to be successful, a job and you succeed in communicating perfectly with your spouse also wants you to succeed in every area. He wants to see us succeed in our mosque, succeed as a community succeed as a society. As a country, in every level in every project in your life, you should achieve success. And you deserve that and almost paradata created you in a way and enabled you to be able to reach the success that you dream of. So today I want to speak about all

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these kinds of success. I want you to succeed in memorizing the Quran. I want you to succeed and making more damningly, I want you to succeed in improving your relationship with Allah, on improving your relationship with your spouse, with your parents, with your children, I want to succeed in quitting the bad habits and adopting and starting new habits, changing a character trait to be something attractive. All this all these areas, I would like you to succeed in it I want to talk about, but I cannot talk about them individually. That's why I decided to give you principles and I will share with you 11 principles you might see all of them apply to you, you might see some of

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them, you more interested in some more than others. whatever fits you take it.

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You know, but the main point here, let's make sure that these words are not just a word that into words, to hide you up for a few seconds. No, I hope that this is something you can carry with you. And something will make a change in your life for a long term for us, isn't it for us as an individual, for us as family and as a community as well. I get the proof of the privilege before I arrived to the hotel,

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to get a tour in your city and see some of the projects that you guys are planning to build the mustard that is still under construction, and hopefully shala that site also will be built soon. No I seen there is a great future that you have. I want to see the success story, something I can share with other communities as well. So what's the first principle I want to start with the first principle that I want to start

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With that's very unique, that those successful people don't ever see mistakes, failures, hardship as enemies for their success. So I'm going to fact these see their failures and the hardship and calamity and the challenges. And the mistakes that the wrong that the they have done are something that encourage them to move forward. It's an experience that they build on that something that they learn from, they never were discouraged by their mistakes, they learn from their mistakes. And this is something very important. The more you go through hardship, the more things are difficult in front of you, the more you should trust that the most of Hello data wanted to learn from it wanted

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to grow from it. I was telling yesterday the guys in Edinburgh that, you know, I'm trying to lose weight.

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You can tell how much succeed successful. But I am successful hummed a lot because I never quit. Anyway, you know, I keep telling no to the food but food don't listen.

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Okay, so

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here you go. Whenever I tried to hire a personal trainer, my personal trainer told me, hey, Chef, you know what we say? If no pain, no gain, yeah, no, I'm gonna work it out in the gym, I'm gonna make this muscle term, because this muscle to grow, and to start burning the fat around it. I'm gonna make sure that these muscles that you don't use much, you know, your legs muscles are stretched to the max, but there are certain muscles in your body, you don't use it much. And these have a lot of potential to grow. So these are the muscle I'm going to target. So it's really going to hurt you. And I want you to know that but that's your way to gain. That's your way to grow.

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That's your way to be stronger. A lot of time we think that this hardship, these challenges, these difficulties that you go through in your marriages, in your career in your in your relationship with Allah subhana wa tada over the thing that strike you never meant to break you down, never meant to weaken you. It's meant to make you grow strong, and stronger meant to you to discover new things and new abilities.

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A brother by the name of harlot, where I grew up in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, he's like these young volunteers here, Mashallah full of energy, one of our brothers and friends, I can describe him

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to you really, because he was a person full of love full of care for others. They anytime you need to have something he's ready, anyone need help. He's ready to pick up some from the airport, carry something clean, you know, lend money, anything you want. He's the first man to say yes, I'm here. I don't think I've ever seen this guy sitting. He's always acted. He got a flu.

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And that virus, attack his spine.

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Unfortunate, unfortunately, she's very rare. So that means you will be confined in a wheelchair.

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He can't walk anymore. He can't stand anymore. So one of the brother, he said I went to visit him in the hospital. And I couldn't think what can work should I say the last person I can think in my life in a wheelchair will be that person, the most active person you can think of.

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And he said it was outside the room saying y'all y'all helped me to do to say something good. I didn't know how to start with the conversation even. I walk into that room. And you see this big smile and front of Holland face. And he was saying, finally, I have the time to set to finish my head.

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When he said that I just smile said he started the conversation. Finally, Now give me the time to set not to be all over the place. So I can focus on finishing my life. I still have 20 just to finish,

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guys, and not in nine months. This brother finishes pencil or art. In one and a half years. He was walking with a cane after being so committed to physical therapy. And he was able to walk again. You know, yes, it was a terrible thing that he had to go through that one and a half year of physical therapy. Maybe he lost a little bit of his ability to move in the same way he used to before. But now he's still function. He's still an independent person. But guess what, he will rise the alarm. He committed himself to learn a lot. A lot of things he gained he found out that this never meant to confine them. It meant him to make him grow in another way. And this is how Allah subhanho wa Taala

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make us that's why Allah subhanaw taala said in many times in the Koran, many stories in the Quran get to the same conclusion

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when I was with the other side

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Moving on,

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you might hate something, a lot of good.

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Come, don't think of it as something bad, it is good.

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It's up to you how you will deal with this.

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I live in the southern America. We love cod fish that you guys have for no fish and chips.

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We don't use it for fish and chips. But anyway,

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they also have another unhealthy way of cooking that fish. So in Louisiana, so they start bringing them from the north, the frozen, it's nobody really cared for it. Anyway, a guy brought a big tanker and he put a lot of suspicion in the tanker and bring it down to the south to Louisiana. But by the time I arrived to Louisiana, the fish was so smoky and like not very good, not fresh, then people didn't like it. So the guy came up with a unique idea. He brought a catfish, which is the natural predators for cod fish, he drugged it and drove similar ones in the tanker. So the whole entire trip, the fish are so alert, every time the cat fish move, the old school fish of the cod fish start

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moving. So the whole trip the cod fish are so active moving around, by the time they arrive to down south to Louisiana, coming from Maine from New York area.

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The fish was so fresh as it just came out of the ocean. Sometimes the last part of Allah drove these catfish in your way, just to keep you alert to keep you awake, to keep you strong, not for any other reason stumble, might prevent a thought we say. So maybe that stuck with something bad but prevented you from something worse. And also Canada so many times. He put these things in our why these challenges to make us grow. That's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I jump in the movement.

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It's amazing how the believer everything happened to him or to her is good for them. Everything happened to you is good for you.

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You sometimes don't see it. Allah subhana wa Tada. What's the first verse in the Quran you read after mystery.

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And hamdulillah Europe, Bill, me All Praise to Allah for everything. We praise Him for His infinite wisdom behind every action he planned. I read once in the book of Tafseer. I came has a minister, that minister has always said hamdulillah for anything happened seven hamdulillah. So that King was going in a hunting trip, and he was cutting an apple. So he cut the tip of his finger. The blood stop gushing. So that minister said what? What do you think is that hamdulillah the king got so angry, like my finger hung gonna hold the URL, I'm gonna go home, you know, he was angry attempt. And he said not so much on this. He said put him in jail. Take them put them another 10 block him up

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until I go back to my castle. See what I'm gonna do. James was so angrier than so the guy when the tide is over, the guards basically start thinking to the 10th where he would be locked up. He said what hamdulillah he got even much he got so angry isn't saying handle as much as you want. Until next day, he goes, he's turning running behind whatever it is hunting, got lost from his people caught by his enemy. And that area is an area where sacred

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idols and they they don't allow anybody to walk into China to make the story short, because of the time they decided to give that King as a form of sacrifice for the for their God. They put them in that marble, big marble slab about to slaughter him. Then the priest said, No, stop. This guy's a bad luck for our nation. Why? They said because the temperature goes missing and in their basic ritual test to be a full body. So they said let him go.

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He's a bad luck. He the whole entire way back to this camp. Say what?

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I that that's what saved me. So he got the minister out. And he said to him, You know what, I'm so sorry. And I'm wrong. He said, Tell me what happened to you and that basically, present. He said nothing. He's must have you said hamdulillah. So what happened to you? He said nothing, and nothing happened. So it must be something good. You said hamdulillah. He's gonna tell you the only one who was worse like yours is me. The only one who always with us, me. If I wasn't in jail, and I was with you, we will end up in that place and they will let you go because if you're

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Missing figures and I will be the one to sacrifice. So I'll have the law that you put me in jail and that wasn't with you so much and he said he didn't have to rely on actually have. It's absolutely yes and hamdulillah for everything. And this attitude is the first step towards success. Don't ever be discouraged by your failure by your mistakes, always be encouraged by them. Always know that Allah Subhana Allah wants you to grow stronger. Remember what the prophets are some of them said that people will be tested according to their Eman to their faith. And one knows how much executive you can take.

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People are like, you know, you know, the black diamond is a charcoal, Black Diamond, Black Diamond and charcoals are made from Carbone.

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Structures different but they're from the same elements. One is very cheap one is very valuable. Why this one is so valuable the black time because it has the ability to resist pressure, while the other one can crush easily.

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When you have that ability to resist that pressure in life, when you strong enough to push back, you're a person of value. You're a person who have great value. But when you're a person easy to be crushed, easy to be just falling down and not able to stand up again. You're not a person who achieved much in life.

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So if you really if you study any successful story in business, you will see how many times they have to go through struggle. Pick it up. One of the things I will always recommend people to look at look at Home Depot, for example. It's amazing story, his story how his factory bombed many times and burn and

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make three at least three times and he started from scratch and every time he comes back stronger, to be one of the most famous carmaker in the world. Look at how Microsoft started. Look at the Steve Jobs and Apple how it started. Look at Starbucks success story. Look at the GE look at many, many Microsoft many different companies. There's one common factor between all of them if you study them, which is interesting. They all went in the beginning through a very hardship. And every time they learn from their mistakes, they learn from their calamities to come back stronger.

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Number two, in order for you to succeed in life, you have to have a goal in life without goals very hard for me to see how you succeed in your life. And in any area you want to succeed you have to have a goal and you're not only goal you have to have smart goals. You guys in Aberdeen have a good team I heard they are second now in place. And Lee second maybe in hopefully you guys bring the 80s back. Did you guys in the 80s when the European Cup and the UK you were champions. So hopefully he has bring the 80s back here to the city anyway, can you imagine this? Go this live or this game without the goals?

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Let's take the goals out.

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Just let's see how this game will be. We just pass the thing pass the ball to each other whoever keeps the ball longer. He's the winner. Would that be an interesting game to watch?

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We have clubs and fans and all those business around them. No, it will became what a very boring game. And that's exactly how your life is a very boring life if you don't have clear goals in life, and unfortunately a lot of us individuals, organizations and Muslim community members and our witness did not have clear goals in life. They don't have clear goals what they want to build if you come to some of our massage and he asked him what exactly as an Imam what exactly is administration you want to build in 2016 what exactly you want to achieve with your community in this year you will find the answer nothing clear. Even not cross their mind sometimes.

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I was once visiting one of the Muslim communities and I found this beautiful building three stories. I asked them What's this for? They told me well live he told me this they said we haven't decided yet.

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I said

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what you're smiling for you build a three story building and he don't even know what you want to use it for no goal yet. It's sad. There's a lot of people live like that day by day. You asked him What's your financial goal? What is the goal when it comes to your family relationship? What do you go when it comes to the relationship with the Orion? What's your goal with comes to Russia with Amazon Canada? And this are these are legit question you have to answer is to ask yourself about and smart goals. Smart acronym stands for

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S stands for specific, you have to have a specific goal that's all over the place, you know, I want to get in shape that doesn't take you much, you want to know, I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of 2016. You know, I want to be, for example, I want to marry a good man, what's good man means a good girl.

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Just a good

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it's just very vague. Because you're not specific, you don't know have a clear idea of what you want, okay, I want someone between that age group, I want someone who is income between that bracket, I want someone that doesn't have education, I don't want I want someone with that ethnic background or cultural background, you know, or I'm open, I have a clear idea what I want. If you don't have a clear idea of what you want, you will never find what you want you're looking for.

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Because you'll never be satisfied. You don't know what your goal in life is. And that's very important to be specific about your goal. Smart. And the N stands for mental, you know, it has to have a logical way of majoring,

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logical system of measuring your progress. And you know, what did you achieve your goal or not? You ask yourself a specific how I'm going to achieve this? When do I know that I achieved my goal? You have to be able to measure that success to measure that these steps that you take. Number three is smart, attainable, something possible, not something impossible, hey, I want to learn Arabic I don't be fluent in Arabic. And you live in a community in a society in a surrounding have nothing to do the Arabic language. Come on, how are you going to be fluent in Arabic language and master and you have not any element that allows you also to learn Arabic in one year?

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How can you do to memorize the Quran by the end of the year, but you don't have any memorization? Your your memory skills is not that strong with Arabic language, make sure that you asked for an attainable goal. Something you can attain something you can achieve. Also relevant, smart. So an are relevant.

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Relevant is very important as well. Like, I can go to someone like a lawyer, that's what he does he study papers and know what he doesn't like, you know, his kid with with papers, I tell him, Hey, he said My goal is to make in the next 20 minutes, you know, I 300 tuna sandwiches, you know, that's not relevant to him. He doesn't know how to do that. Okay, or someone like me, I'm not good at math, you know, me and math. Not very good friend. You know, my wife has a lot of problems. And

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it's not relevant to me to tell me Hey, I want to be in mathematics or teach math and math. It's not relevant to me. So that goal is not something I will be putting for myself. So smart, the T timely, it has to have a timeline, it has to have a time and end when you're going to finish. learn this from me. Anytime you have a task or you give a task to someone, always ask them this when you're going to finish it. When it will be done. Ask yourself every time you make a commitment to something, ask yourself this question when it will be done, when I will be finishing it. Because loose end will never take it to an end. Other people said you have to make it smarter. And er, er

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stands for excitement. You excited about the idea not something boring. And R stands for recorded record is very unique. I was giving a talk similar to this in a church ones.

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So a guy came to me in the church and he saw an old man, an old white man came to me said shake I want to give you I tell you something about something that she said it's resonated with me. I want you to share it to your talk in the future. And I've been doing that. I said what he pulled his wallet, and he pull out his wallet and piece of paper. And it's he wrote five goals he wrote about 40 years ago, so 35 to 40 years ago.

00:29:15--> 00:29:31

He said these five goals I wrote them I have them. Record your goals. Say Say every time about to make a major decision in my life. I look at these five goals. Are these decisions about to make will help me to achieve these goals or not? Yes, I do it now and let it go.

00:29:33--> 00:29:49

recording your goals help you a lot to achieve what you want. I know another brother, he was right. He wrote in his volunteer, I saw it. He said I will be millionaire by 2013 of $1 million by 112 1015. He recorded his goal it's always in front of his eyes.

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And he became a head actually a million dollars. He made a million dollars by 2013 in about a year and a half.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

So here what I'm saying

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

recording your goal helps you a lot to achieve to have a smarter goal. Number three,

00:30:07--> 00:30:22

your success is based on your ability to benefit from the thing that the law of giving you the gifts, the talents, the talents, the law blessed you with. And each and every one of us is unique. It's unique like anybody else, if that makes any sense. But

00:30:23--> 00:30:39

anyway, so every one of us is unique. Every one of us has a lot of potential, when a light can easily add them you told the angels about Adam, I know of Adam, what you don't know. You think Adam and his children will only kill one another street corruption on Earth, they are capable of things way more than that.

00:30:41--> 00:30:50

So make sure that you meet your Lord expectation. You know, every one of us share with any successful person in life, whether it be hadiya Malik

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you name it in science, field and shine you name any person in business field in any area, we all share one verse, many verses but one of the verses of the Quran when I was counted on a certain number on what long was Roger

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why Joanna coma.

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Either what brought you out of your mother wounds knows nothing

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about her he didn't come out of his mother's womb saying

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she didn't come out of his mother's womb saying given to him, he was like you're crying. But Allah gave us the ability to hear to see to understand to come from and so we can grow to acquire the knowledge and that's that that's the reality that alive giving you so many gifts, but unfortunately, we'd never open our gift stir up many of us didn't discover their abilities yet didn't utilize these gifts that a lot of giving them these talents a lot of giving you our gifts from a lot to you what you do with them is your gift back to

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when I graduated from high school my teacher took me in his car and to the incident taking you to a place where there is ideas can change our city change even the world maybe

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ideas that makes can make millions of dollars rails have the

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potential that they potentially can make a lot of success. I thought he can take me to university

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This is Mr. Zakaria he takes me He took me to the cemetery

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I said what is it you see this cemetery in these creams that is it is worth millions these ideas can change lives can prove people's life but unfortunately there are potentials there but unfortunately his potential decided died with the with a world with its people. What do you do when you go to the grave make sure that your potential and the thing that you are capable of doing will not be buried with you? And he told me each and every one of you don't go to your grave and there is so much you can do and you have not done yet.

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Number four

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success is based in a various stomach concept it's called an exam to perfect your work and this is a sad story when it comes to our work you know we do a lot of axon and secular life but when it comes to our own life when it comes to religion with a lot with with our there's no sound with work and massage and there is no sound unfortunately, you know there is no exam in general in the Muslim world. It's a sad story can come when as Muslim we hear what Allah said in the prime in Allahu Allah loves the Muslim. In the process of them said Allah loves when some of you when some when some, when some one of you do something, we'll do it perfectly. A lot prescribed the exam upon every and each

00:33:58--> 00:34:45

one of us. That's how the products are sold themselves. So why would we do things will always look to just pass by why we do things? Nearly correct. Why is not exactly correct. Why don't we try always when we say things, when we make plans, we make perfect things? Is it is good or great? Which allergy do you have? Those who have the attitude of just cut enough? They don't go far. But those who have that, that interest to do more than good enough they'll be successful in life. Look at just pick any one of these successful stories. Look at our Isaac, he didn't say I just want to be a good ruler. No, he wants to be an excellent person. Look at a burqa. He wants to be come from the eight

00:34:45--> 00:34:51

gates of paradise. He doesn't want to be come from one gate, even though the worker will enter from how many gates

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

like from one gate and the hand from one gate and head from another gate now

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

Gotta get up from one game. But he wants to have the tire level, he wants to choose which gate to enter today us Well, hi, I need to tell them to one of us will say I don't mind from the window underneath

00:35:15--> 00:35:23

me and very low, we ain't very long. While these these, they don't just look for being good, they want to be great.

00:35:24--> 00:35:34

Number five, success is based on sub patience in the llama Siberian along with those who are patient. In

00:35:35--> 00:35:46

the process of them said victory as with some of us it will actually hinder insanity if you host all human and losing except those four qualities, one of them, they are patient.

00:35:48--> 00:36:15

Patients give you the ability to have self control, which has helped me a lot to succeed gives you the ability to think for not just to think at the moment, give you the ability to think before you react one at a time we lose because we react quickly. We don't think through some other means, as I said, your ability to adjust to the new situation that you're living in. This is a great quality that you have the ability to adjust.

00:36:16--> 00:36:18

Number six is to move quickly because of the time.

00:36:20--> 00:37:05

successes based on your attitude. As we say your attitude determines your altitude, how far you go. It's your art, what's your attitude in life? Is your attitude to life, that you're a person? Well will always say it's not going to happen? You know, I can change I can quit, you know, that's who I am. You know, this is just something always happy. You know, it's a mighty my DNA. I can change that. Or should attitude How can I change it? How can I improve it? You know, I know it's hard and difficult, but I will try? It's your attitude will determine Are you going to be successful or not? You know, like this guy, he went he's a diabetic. Okay. He went to the doctor and the doctor Tom

00:37:05--> 00:37:22

sorry, you know your results terrible, you know, your sugar, your is very high in your blood. He said, Oh, Doctor, don't worry, you know, diabetes runs in the family. Then the doctor said, I'm afraid nobody in the feminine runs. That's what the baby

00:37:24--> 00:37:34

is not about is the attitude or transitivity for us. So I said, No, it is your attitude will determine how successful you are. Are you giving up? Are you fighting?

00:37:35--> 00:38:09

Are you going to dig your heels in? Are you going to willing to throw in the towel and you just say I'm quiet. It's an attitude. Your attitude in mind is determine how we will be perceived. Ours my attitude that I live like a victim and begging people for sympathy assembly I need to be in a you know, give me mercy and beg for people's attention. Or I live like a victor. Like someone has trusted himself. Someone has self assurance, confidence in his ability and inner ability that will determine how successful you will be.

00:38:10--> 00:38:35

A lot of time when couples are about to get married. I tell them you're the way you see yourself will determine how far you will go. It's your attitude, how your marriage will go. If you enter a marriage, and you always say is not gonna work, I know it's gonna happen. I know I come from a family where divorce happening. If this is your attitude, you can fail. But if your attitude confidence, that's another that's another area that's another deal.

00:38:36--> 00:38:44

So it's not what happened to us in life. It's what we do about it. That's what's really the main issue here.

00:38:46--> 00:39:10

It is important for us to always be positive. That positive mental attitude is amazing. And it is very positive. always focused on the positive area. When he came to Makkah he said I was sent to complete the pert the good manner that you have he focused on the good part. That's why he said those who said all people are bad He's the worst among them. He's the worst among them.

00:39:15--> 00:39:19

Is your attitude also is always to look at others or you start with yourself

00:39:21--> 00:39:29

is your attitude. It is the attitude will determine in many areas how far you will go. That's why the real disability in life is bad attitude.

00:39:31--> 00:39:32

Number seven.

00:39:34--> 00:39:44

Success cannot happen is not a dream is not a fantasy the world. Success is a hard work.

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

Success. It means you work hard, even go to gender every time Omar mentioned doing good deeds, caregiving, erotic academica whatever, you're struggling, you work hard to achieve success. That's how it is. It's not going to happen like that. Your commute

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

is not going to grow by just criticizing. You know, my brother and sisters, there is a new phenomenon today that I, I see a lot of brothers and sisters online in social media so active. By the way, being active in social media does not make you necessarily an activist.

00:40:17--> 00:40:38

just posting things in life. It doesn't make you an activist. an activist is someone organized events like that an activist, someone who lived in someone who worked someone who bring someone who works, someone who was swept, that's an activist, an activist, someone who will give solutions not just to post things in life, and you think, Oh, I became an activist now.

00:40:40--> 00:41:11

When the work the hard work, it was going to pay off. And working hard is what's going to build the reputation as had been said, You never ever built reputation and what you are going to do your reputation building what you have done, what you have accomplished. That's where the reputation bill, how that's how you improve education is built into it. So some of them said, tie your camel and have trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala The only time I find work come before success and dictionary.

00:41:12--> 00:41:18

But in real life, no it doesn't. You have to work hard to earn the success that you want.

00:41:21--> 00:41:22

Number eight,

00:41:24--> 00:41:58

success is based on good planning. Good planning means you know where you are, where are you going, how you going to go there. Good planning means you have the ability to have multiple ways to achieve your goal. It's very poor planning, if you only demented one way, when you give yourself multiple options, you're successful person, successful data in the world will give people multiple options. Do not put them in a in a tight corner. That's not a good demo that's not successful. Now. Also good timing, clarity, consulting, also your ability to

00:42:00--> 00:42:02

set your priority correct.

00:42:03--> 00:42:06

Number nine, one of

00:42:09--> 00:42:13

the principles for success is modeling someone

00:42:14--> 00:42:53

you should choose someone tomorrow and as Muslim we have also lost as long as our best model that Canada computers rely on and also why there is a best example. But also in the NBA the prophets and messengers that is the example to follow. There is things to learn, you know, also in the companions in the story of the scholars of the successful people, even in modern day today. It's not a bad idea at all to see someone successful, and you start modeling them. You know, brothers sisters, I have one of my students, I saw him in a doctor's office, and he's not studying medicine. So I asked him this young man why you are in this doctors in the summer. You don't need internship what what is it?

00:42:53--> 00:43:31

He said I actually internship with that doctor because very successful, he's a good guy, his Islamic background is good. Mashallah is very successful businessman. And he's an excellent physician, and he runs his own business. So I want to learn from him. I have so much respect for this young man, because he looked at someone in the community that he can be someone that he modeled somebody can learn from, and wish that we have many people think that way. That someone said, Hey, I want to have someone that I can model a bigger sister of bigger brothers. And you yourself can do that, Mashallah yourself shouldn't be representing yourself as a model for the young generation to copy and to

00:43:31--> 00:43:32

benefit from

00:43:34--> 00:43:35

number 10,

00:43:36--> 00:43:41

which is successful people are leaders.

00:43:42--> 00:44:18

Your success is based on your ability to act like a leader. I tell you the truth, I have seen a lot of good managers in the Muslim community, all over the world. But I've found very few good leaders. This is different between being a leader have that leadership attitude, to act like a leader not just as a successful manager or boss now, you know, leaders they practice power with people, not over people, leader, they create change. They don't just react to change. You know, leaders, they take responsibility. They don't take credit.

00:44:19--> 00:44:41

Leaders you want to be successful, be a leader leaders. They tried to be understood not just to be heard, leader the energize. They don't explain. Later the dog the self, they don't tell leaders, there's a big different leaders, the influence people, not just to impress people, leaders, then

00:44:42--> 00:44:59

improve others. They just not inform others. At successful people. Successful people have, it's not for them. It's not about what I have made by how much money I made. It's about how much difference in my life. That's that's the attitude that can take you to be a success.

00:45:00--> 00:45:05

First. And finally my last point is to remember that success isn't the end of a loss.

00:45:07--> 00:45:11

Success is the Fatherland. Minda from Alaska. It's a gift from Allah, you

00:45:12--> 00:45:48

will not be coming near medical terminology, any blessings that you possess it from Allah. Don't be like our own who said everything I have, it's because of me, in analogy to Allah in India. Now, that's why every time you take a love for something, he gave it to you, or like, give you more. If you were able to fast one day for the sake of Allah, you thank Allah for it a lot gives you the ability to fast again, you donate something, I'll give you the ability to donate again, you definitely are relieved you basically errand money, you made a good business move. And you thank Allah for it allows for them to give you more and more and more.

00:45:50--> 00:46:34

And that's something very important for us to always remember that the success it's in the hands of Alaska, Canada. And that means we always bake a lot of la mala seed from the bottom of our heart. Y'all up, give us success. Your rump Give me the success, the ability to do this, the ability to achieve that. With all the means that you take, you should not only remind them, and you forget about your Lord, our last panel, which are my brothers, sisters, I really do believe in my brothers and sisters, all over the world when I travel, I do believe that you can get what you want. You can be that successful parent, you can be that successful spouse, you can be that successful students

00:46:34--> 00:47:15

and successful businessman, I do believe that you can quit that bad habit and you can just make a new start. I do believe that you can make that change in your life today. And you became better person. I do believe that we all share what the other can commit to our Deen and serve our community and serve our humanity at large to be good role model that success in life. In the level of you as an individual, as a community as a family, as a community is something attainable something can be achieved. If we put some of these principles into work, miracles kind of data give us success in the dunya and akhira. And again, I would like to thank them for coming out tonight to this interesting

00:47:15--> 00:47:27

place. And also like to thank all the volunteers and the brothers and sisters who work hard come to not to put this together now likes it from all of us. salamati compartments of life like it