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What is Al-Qantarah

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On the day of judgment, there is a hadith that mentions that the people have come out of their grave resurrection has finished a solo Elisa. Voila, the major events of the day of judgment. Finally, at last There are over and the believers the cross. Hello, hello. Jana is behind and the Paradise is in front. It's only a few steps and we enter all of a sudden stuff. Well, how do you mentioned Allah, Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, Your meaning Nina, nary for you. The sooner Allah Kampala Allahu Akbar, that the people are caged and trapped, and they're allowed to enter the paradise. They have stopped right between the paradise and the whole fire. All of a sudden, there's one more event that

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we still haven't finished. It is known as Kampala. Kampala is a place in where now the judgment of your manners is going to happen. The dealing between others now it's going to be judged. You oppressed others, you shortchanged others, you display God character to others. Now it's going to be judged before that it was only worship that is judged. Now, the dealings between others allow social, he chose an interesting place for this type of judgment. In front of you the paradise behind you Shannon Payne agenda to another Hadith. In other words, your manners, your manners might be the one that would push you into the paradise. All your manners would be the one that would retract you

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back into Santa Monica villa. It is this moment in which individual Allahu alayhi wa sallam once he asked his companions at that room and in Muslim Yeoman kiama Do you know who the bankrupt is on the Day of Judgment, this is the moment it will happen. Who's the bankrupt for they said the rule of law. And Morpheus, the one that's bankrupt is the one that has no sense.

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For he said, this is Morpheus of the dunya, the Morpheus the bankrupt of the hereafter. manyata before he comes with solid, works on it as a convener at the end

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of him.

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It was amazing. It was incredible. 10 out of 10 for us. So that

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was his second 10 out of 1010 out of 10 worship, he's passed, but that's why you see he's passed to swallow because of his bull*, then. And he says, Yeah, to catch whatever. However, however, he's caused such a person

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what caused the further and he slammed it such a person

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and he's shortchange this person. He stole him in his business.

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And he struck and he hit this person aggressively, was suffering.

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And he spilled the blood of this person oppressively. So what happens

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is the people around him like give us give us house and we don't do those anymore. Today we work with hasedera give us so he gives and he gives and he gives the Infineon pasado mahatva did the word su Panama is enough in the weight as the mountain of how can you how much has all his hudsonalpha gone? What happened to this person, but life they live? What kind of guide man is did he have? Every single hustler is clean time club finish. And still the people want rights from him. So what happens? The person says, Give me

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this car was going to lead me to take it and take my car and take my car through Memorial

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Day Now, the thing the scenes of people would begin to accumulate on him and then they have the access for my buddy happy now he is thrown in jail.

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Learn all these

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long nights in select one.

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So all of this is gone. Because of bad manners. Unacceptable Islam bad manners. Change your manners. change your attitude towards the people. Islam. Half of it is manners, manners comes before your worship. Then the manners is what's going to keep your worship steadfast and firm.