Haitham al-Haddad – War On Yemen and Hidden Agendas of the West

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker, identified as a representative, discusses the potential risks of conflict between Iran and the West, as well as the dangerous precedent of global war. They express skepticism about the agenda behind these strikes, which they believe is dangerous and could lead to war. The speaker also discusses the potential risks of the Houthis in Yemen and the potential for people to resist global conflict.
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Sure. Another question is that recently and perhaps in the foreseeable future, the UK Government and the US government has launched strikes on the people of Yemen for their support of the Palestinian people. So two things are number one is what is your opinion and comment on this? And number two, what can you do as British Muslims? In regards to an alcohol him? First of all,

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to be honest with you, myself, I'm always skeptical when it comes to any conflict between

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Iran and its allies, and the West?

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Because from history, we learned that there is always a hidden agenda.

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Yeah, that doesn't mean that they don't have conflict. Yes, they might have conflict to a certain degree. But both of them agree that they should not take the conflict to another level. Why? Because America is in favor of the presence of a strong

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Shia estate in the Middle East.

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Okay. And

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why because the presence of a strong a Shia estate in the Middle East will challenge the Sunni Muslims, and might weaken Sunni Muslim states, such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and it will create disunity within the Muslim ummah, and will also weaken Sunni Islam and Sunni Islam. It is very unfortunate, it is the main threat for the Islamophobic Western governments or Islamophobic Islamophobic America because America has two sides, one side or one face that is Islamophobic. And

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one face that is not Islamophobic. The people of America, many of them are not Islamophobic. Same thing with Britain. Yeah. So we have to be careful. And we have to be just Allah, Allah, Allah commanded us to maintain justice. So anyway, so I'm always skeptical of the relationship between Iran as a Shia estate and the West. And I always think, is there any hidden agenda even behind their conflicts?

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Okay. I don't want to be naive. I'm not confirming that this is for showing off. I'm not confirming that, but I have to be very skeptical. Okay.

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This is one thing, and history has proven that. Now, the second thing if there was no agenda, no hidden agenda, and it was the these were true strikes. Okay.

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This is very dangerous, extremely dangerous, because this would widen the scale of the war. And when see the war, if it is not contained, a quickly and justly, it will lead to another war, and the other war will lead to another war until it becomes a global war. Unless the United States and the UK they are interested to see another world war, if they are interested in this. I don't know about that. Again, these are deep geopolitical issues that maybe lay people like ourselves, even if you

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read if you follow, there are some geopolitical things that we are unaware of. And the superpowers normally they have their own long term agendas. And they might get into wars, because the wolves will serve their own interests. So but it is really very dangerous because

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Russia is watching that China is watching that. And they might interfere, let alone Of course, everyone was speaking about the oil prices will go up and once the oil prices will go up, everything will going up, the prices of everything will go up and the world is already suffering from

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recession or post recession after the pandemic. And so and after the Russia Ukraine war, so there are a number of new political things that can lead

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To, to a Global War or World War, or that can lead to a global recession. So it is really dangerous from this perspective

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from this perspective, and anything that is connected to that perspective, the other thing is the Houthis in Yemen. Okay. Which, by the way, we all know that they were classified as a terrorist organization by the, the America, then all of a sudden, they were, what is it, they removed them from being a proscribed terrorist organization? Okay, so that's what leads us to think of the agenda. Yeah, always suspect that there is an agenda between both. See, the issue is the Houthis.

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They said that we are not targeting any ship. Yeah. And we want, what is it the ships movement in the Red Sea to be free, except for the ships that support aggression against the rasa?

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Yeah. So now, Does that justify?

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Does that justify these strikes? Yeah. Now, this is a dangerous precedent. And this shows the whole world that America and Britain they are not interested in the true freedom of what is it of transportation, etc, they are their main interest is the support of the Zionist the State of Israel, this is their own interest, otherwise, they could have, you know, they could have resolved the matter very quickly by saying yes, is right, if should you stop, they have destroyed most of us,

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they have killed these number of people.

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The injured the the injured, and they killed people and their missing people exceeded 100 1000s. And even yesterday, I was listening to a commentator, he said, This is the worst war in humanity has ever come across. It said even the Second World War was not like this because it was a global war, not a small area to keep to be bombed continuously, the amount of bombs that been dropped on it, they are equal to three nuclear bombs. This has never happened in history. So

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America could have stopped the war easily in order to work to stop to stop the escalation of the war. But it seems that America is interested in seeing a global war, America and the UK. I don't know I cannot confirm that. But this can be seen. So anyway, it is very unfortunate, as we always say that Muslims don't have a superpower to have a say, in these global geopolitical conflicts. And that's why whatever we do, is not that, you know, that effective immediately however, we can

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mobilize people to resist

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these agendas, and to march against these agendas and the we should not belittle the public opinion. Yeah. And and, you know, mobilizing not to the entire Ummah, but the entire world, those who would like to see peace prevailing in the world, those who want to live without being forced to go against their own interests, they those who want to protect their own, you know, their own interests themselves, people who want to live independently, people who want to have their own freedom. So,

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these people should also object the world and they should resist the hidden agendas of the of the world.

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