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An-Nisa 36-50 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 38

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one less either and those people who yearn for cleaner Amada home who spend their wealth. They are a nurse to be seen by the people.

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Well, Lavina Yoon Fukuda, the eye begins with Well, what does it mean that it's directly connected with the previous ayah? However the previous I begin

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alladhina Johar Luna, why Marina NASA will buckle and who are these people make that and for

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those who don't do Epson and others,

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what else do these people do? That are Medina, Yokota, and whether those who spend their wealth so first of all they do, right? They don't spend and if ever they do spend, what's their what's their intention? What's their goal? What's the purpose

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is to be seen by the people.

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And notice the word unwell has been used. Have you noticed that usually the plural is used?

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You won't find man, except in a few cases only Mariela huria a nurse. But generally unwell is used. Why? Because mal wealth in Arabic man does not just refer to money. But it refers to every single thing that a person has every single thing.

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So it applies to cash, it applies to gold, it applies to silver, it applies to objects, it applies to clothing, food, everything that a person has.

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So I'm wired has been used, why to show the different different types of wealth.

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So anytime that they spend anything, why is it that they spend realness to be seen by the people?

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The air is from the roof actors are all Hamza Yeah.

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And what does it mean to see.

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So, the air is to show off

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it is to do some things so that it can be seen by other people,

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to pervade before people do something so that it can be seen by the people.

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Other people can see it, it is noticeable. So the spend in order to be seen by the people, so that the people are in all of them. And as a result, people like them, people praise them, people are impressed by them.

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When I mean I've been there he when I believe and they don't even allow, nor in the last day. Why is this mentioned doesn't mean that they're literally cofell

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that they don't have imagined alert or they deny the existence of Allah and they deny the coming of the Day of Judgment is that what this means?

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Now, you may know a bit later he went a video mill actually what this means is that their event is very weak.

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Because if they really and truly believed and aligned the last day, they would not do

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if they really and truly believed in align the last day, then they would spend in order to gain the pleasure of Allah.

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They would not do boho and they would spend in order to gain the pleasure of Allah.

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What have you learned about the hypocrites earlier?

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That will mean a nasty mucuna. Manor biLlahi abellio mill acid? What does Allah say? Wa homie, meaning and they don't actually believe because if a person really has a man in the heart, that it is demonstrated by the actions, what is in the heart is actually going to be shown by the actions. So a person may claim that he believes but if his actions don't show that he believes in what is it mean,

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his demand is not correct, there is a problem in his email.

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And whenever they will ask it as we mentioned, why?

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Because they spend in order to show off in order to gain the praise of people not to gain reward in the

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so this is the reason for their for their showing off. Why did they do that? Because first of all, their belief in Allah is not correct. And secondly, their belief in the ACA is not correct.

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Because if they really believed in Allah then they would spend in order to gain his score. If they really believed in the ACA, then they would spend in order to gain reward in the ACA, not just a little bit of praise in the dunya

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or mania Konishi upon hula hoop. Kareena and whoever person whose friend is shavon shavon becomes his curry fussa Kareena then how evil a Korean

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person whose friend is shared on

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the word Corinne is used for a friend and colleague in some newsletters or for noon.

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And Elena, literally is to join to connect one thing with another.

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Oren is used for the rope with which two camels are tied together.

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You know in a caravan. You have a lot of camels and all of them are tied together so that they can walk together. None of them can

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If none of them can go here there,

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because generally with all those candles, there are only a few people who are managing them. Imagine all those candles if they're loose. If they're not tied with one another, what's going to happen? You're following one cabin and the other goes that way.

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So current is used for the rope with which two camels or die together.

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And families, Corinne is used for a friend who is equal, or who is similar, or who shares in something like, for example, do people who are friends, they're the same in their age,

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or they have the same workplace. They go to the same class. They have the same interests. They're always together. So there's something that is connecting them. There's something that is joining them.

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It's their age, it's their work, it's their studies, it's their interests, something or the other that is joining them that is connecting them.

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But there is the element of friendship, okay, because it's possible that there are two people who are contemporaries, they share a lot of characteristics, but they have no friendship.

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But Kareem is a friend. So when we are going to shape our logo, Kareena

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whoever his friend becomes shape on? How does Siobhan become a friend of a person and when does shavon become a Corinne of a person?

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If you look at it with every person, there's a chef

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who's following him around commanding him to do that, which is wrong. Inspiring was fossa, in his art.

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But we learn in the Quran, that we're may Yahshua, undeclared watchman, whoever turns away whoever becomes neglectful of the decor of the Most Merciful meaning whoever does not remember a loss of data, whether it's the urn that he used to study the unused to learn the Quran and then he chose the Quran and put it away on the shelf, put it away in a box and moved on with his life. said bye bye to the Quran.

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Or a person does not remember less panel data much does not do the traveler does not say Bismillah does not remember our last panel data then what happens? nuclear bla who shall upon then we appoint for him shavon fellow Allah who Corinne then that shaitan becomes as Corinne

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so when does chair porn become a Korean of a person when a person becomes neglectful of the economy?

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When a person becomes neglectful after the Corolla.

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And how does shavonne become his Corinne in what way is he is Korea in two ways. First of all, a companion in this life, a companion in dystonia,

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that chevonne he was first to him shaytaan suggests evil thanks to him and what does a person do?

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He follows he does exactly which headline is studying.

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Like for example, in the previous Iet vocal is mentioned, there is mentioned. So, for instance, a person thinks maybe I should give something to this needy person.

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Maybe I should smile at them, maybe I should initiate a salad. Maybe I should do something good. And the water comes No, no, don't because such and such reason.

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So, this person because he is neglectful of the Corolla, what is he going to do?

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He is going to go after the suggestion of shape. He is going to follow the commander shape or he is going to do that which Avon suggests in

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Romania conditional upon hula hoop Karina and secondly, how else does chiffon become his career in the era in Ghana, in Hellfire?

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So, whoever his friend is, Stefan, what does Allah say, for sir Corina, then what an evil? What an evil companion he is. What an evil friend he is. Why? Because your friend, when you're with him, he is going to influence you. He is going to influence you. So if you haven't been around you, aren't you going to be influenced by the shopping,

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of course,

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for sir Kadena, then what an evil companion issue.

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So what do we learn from this ayah

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First of all, Rhea is mentioned. What does that show to us?

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That those people who are stingy because before that liquid was mentioned. So those people who are stingy with regards to what Allah spent, Allah has given them when they do spend, if they ever spend, why did they spend

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in order to gain the praise of people,

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not to gain closeness to Allah, not to gain reward in the asset.

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So a person who does both, he will only spend in order to gain praise of people. So what does it show?

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That book will go together.

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And on the other hand, generosity and Islam as they go together

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also learn from the side that when a person he leaves that which he has been commanded with or which our last panel data has legislated, then he is tested through that which is forbidden.

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When Allah Subhana, Allah has commanded us to do something, if we deviate from that if we abandon that, if we leave that, then what's going to happen?

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We're going to be tested through that which is forbidden.

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Like for example, over here, we have been commanded to do what

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to spend in the way of a loss penalty.

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The first day we learned about was your son.

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So when a person does not do, what he does, then how is he destined

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to do?

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So when a person does not do that? Which is right? Then what comes his way? What comes his way, the opportunity to do wrong?

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Like, for example, the people have looked, what did they do?

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They approach their women in the incorrect way. And as a result, they approach their men in the wrong way.

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They didn't approach their women in the correct way, in the halal way. And as a result, it led them to doing more wrong.

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What does this teach us?

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That if we have been given a command, if we have been told something that we should do this, and we should stay away from that, what should we do? Follow the command of a lost printer? Because if we don't, where are we heading to disobedience to a loss?

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Because jfr will not present the harm to us as it is, like in the first chart

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shaitaan will not tell you don't pray, don't don't press Allah, what is he going to do?

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It's okay, to sleep late.

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Okay, just complete this movie, it's only like three and a half hours

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and the person goes to sleep late. And as a result, he does not get up on time and as a result, you almost message this fella or he misses his Salah completely.

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So, when a person deviates from mature from that which has been legislated from that, which has been commanded, then he is tested through manure through that which is forbidden.

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So when a person he does not give the cat or when he does not spend in the way of Allah, then what does he do? He does.

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Or he does Ria e waste as well.

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Also, we learn from this idea about the fact that Chevron, he deceives people,

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that when this person when he spent the person who was mentioned this idea that when they spent Why did they spend in order to show up before people?

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What's the purpose of showing off? What's the objective,

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to gain pairs of people? How much braces are going to be?

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How much and for how long?

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Maybe people will say, Wow, maybe somebody will write an article, maybe maybe it will go on the news.

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Or maybe correct.

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And the reward is completely lost.

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This is how SharePoint saves us.

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Do this people will like you, people will appreciate you. But what happens, the gain, the benefit is temporary. And it's also very, very small, and the loss is eternal.

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And the sale deed, if a person does not listen to ship on but he does it for a loss of panels either, then the benefit is eternal.

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And as soon as possible, nobody finds out. Nobody praises you for the good that you've done. But in the ACA, the benefits are much more.

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So anytime that shavon suggests an evil action to a person. What should you remember?

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This is deception.

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By disobeying a law by going against the command of a law, the benefit is going to be very little it's going to be minimal.

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And how do we see that benefit? as very huge as very big.

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Like for example, it's time to pray. And the person says, Let me do this first. Let me do this first. Let me do this first and he keeps on delaying the Salah. What's going to happen

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maybe he will get some work done. Maybe but at the end of the day, if you compare the laundry that you did fall, eventually is going to end up in the laundry machine again.

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Was it really worth delaying your Salah.

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was it really worth delaying your Salah. This is the deception of shape.

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He makes

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There are benefits of dounia appear so huge appear so great that were deceived by they were like, wow, this is what I need, this is what I want. But at the end of the day, those benefits are nothing compared to the loss of the asset.

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We also learned from this ayah that a person who shows off a person who doesn't yet his email is weak, his email is weak.

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And there is some knocks there some deficiency in his email, because Allah has said that such a person now you may know, he does not believe because if he really believed in Allah, if he really believed in the ACA, he would have done this good deed for the sake of Allah for the purpose of reward, in the

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end, we also learned that amen in Allah and amen in the last day, our causes of Islam

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they purify a person's intention.

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What are the two things that I mentioned

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Eman Bella, and Eman video milaca. That if a person is strong enough as a man of a loss penalty, that I want this reward only from Allah, Allah is watching me, Allah wants me to do this, I want a less happiness I want allows approval. And similarly, a person doesn't action why to get rewarded India hero dystonia is temporary and the acronym is eternal, then what's going to happen

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this is going to help the person with his loss

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This is going to help him purify his intention.

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And on the other hand, the weakness of human is a cause of

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the weakness of the man leads to the showing off every little good detail a person does he does it again the praise of people

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and this Ria is also known as what is it known as

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Shrek a

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minor ship?

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Because a person is doing a good deed in order to gain benefit from other than Allah

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and to heed his losses what that a person does every single good deed no matter how small no matter how big, why, for the sake of a loss of data, so show us what is real.

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And if you notice in these if that we have learned the first thing what was mentioned

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the only worship Allah wherever the law will either she will be shy and do not associate anything with him. So it began with major shift right and now minor shift is mentioned.

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We learn in massage mat the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Munson Yura, he circled a shocker woman sama euro he suffered the Ashoka woman del sub Dhaka euro he forgot the Ashoka

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one who offers sila y euro II in order to show off in order to be seen by the people.

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What is he doing? He is praying Salah. Why in order to be seen by the people. What are the profits out of our residency so called Ashoka that in fact he has done *

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on sama euro a and whoever fasts in order to show after the people then what is he doing?

00:18:22--> 00:18:24

For the Ashoka he has done chick?

00:18:25--> 00:18:32

Woman the sub the Cairo a and whoever does sadhaka whoever it gives them charity in order to be seen by the people, then what is he doing?

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Because he is doing these good deeds in order to gain the praise of people.

00:18:40--> 00:18:48

And when a person does this, is that good deed going to bring him any reward is going to bring him any benefit? Is it going to carry any weight?

00:18:49--> 00:18:55

No, it's rejected, because the loss of Paradise is pure. And he only accepts that which is pure.

00:18:56--> 00:19:15

If a person does an action, for the sake of Atlanta also to gain the pleasure of people, then that is not a class. That is not sincerity. Alex that's only that which is done exclusively for him. And we all have heard about the Hadees about the first three people who will be thrown into hellfire.

00:19:17--> 00:19:17

Who are they?

00:19:18--> 00:19:27

The person who spent in order to show off the person who recited the Quran in order to show off

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and a person who was martyred or who tried to be a martyr. Why

00:19:34--> 00:19:36

in order to be praised by the people?

00:19:38--> 00:19:39

What is the end?

00:19:40--> 00:19:42

What is the end of all these three people

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Apparently the deeds are huge. They're big. A person could attend Jenna, but because the new year because the intention is incorrect, the whole deed is wasted.

00:19:57--> 00:19:59

The whole deed is nullified.

00:20:01--> 00:20:05

We also learned from this ayah that the basis of good deeds is a man

00:20:07--> 00:20:11

a man is the cause, it is the basis of good deeds.

00:20:12--> 00:20:15

Because what has mentioned the iwla you Mirabella Julio milaca,

00:20:16--> 00:20:28

the person does not believe in Allah or the last day. So, as the results, whatever he is doing whatever they will that he is doing, he is doing it in order to show off in order to gain the praise of people.

00:20:29--> 00:20:33

So, on the other hand, if a person does have a man, then why would he do something

00:20:34--> 00:20:36

in order to gain the pleasure of almost pantalla

00:20:38--> 00:21:10

and the Iron Throne Ebrahim about the Kalima Paiva the shutter of Eva Charles that we will learn that the good word is like the good tree. The good word is what Kadima La Ilaha Illa Eman. So the kalama Eman is like the tree. So it's like the basis of the tree. And what happens when you plant a tree it grows, you will see something you will see the branches you will see some fruit. So if you have email, then you will have a tree

00:21:11--> 00:21:17

and if you don't have the man Where will you get your tree from? If you don't have the tree, where will you get the fruit from?

00:21:18--> 00:21:24

So, he man is the basis of good deeds. If a person has a man, then he will do good.

00:21:26--> 00:21:31

We also learned from this ayah about the warning against companionship and friendship of shape one

00:21:32--> 00:21:36

no person might say well Japan is coming after me What can I do?

00:21:37--> 00:22:21

What do we learn that when a person remembers Allah and shavonne goes away that person has to constantly be engaged in the remembrance of Allah, why to keep his near pure to do something good. So, the next time you want to do something good and you know the thought comes to your mind that if I give this money I will have less if I share my sandwich I will have less I would have been lacking the shape or energy because literally it has shaped on who is stopping you. What did we learn earlier? That shaitan Yari Docomo Sakura, he promises you he threatens you with poverty, we will fashion any orders you do that which is indecent. So the next time you intend to do something good,

00:22:22--> 00:22:30

and a third comes to your mind that maybe I should not do this because it's such an such reason. Then or with the with the human the shape or energy