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The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet Mohammed realizing that all animals are equal and that humans are higher. They also mention the three reasons for the Prophet's creation, including his desire to know God and his desire to create a legacy for his children. The speaker also discusses the relationship between the Prophet's teachings and the way humans react to sand.

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Could you explain what you meant the Koran is his miracle. In other words to say that the prophets Eliason is not central to the Islamic teaching is wrong to say that he was a messenger, and he gave his message. And that's the end of it. That is not true. Even Tamia was once asked, Can you say had it not been for the profit the world would not have been created. He was assets in his book on the soul, his fetish was even 10 years said, that statement has truth in it. And he said, The reason is that every thing that is less virtuous, serves the more virtuous. And so the example he gives is that you can kill animals for the benefit of humans, because humans are higher, we're higher, we

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don't believe like Helen caldicott, who I like, but she thinks all animals are equal. A dog has as much right to be here, as a human being, well, a dog does have a right to be here, and does have rules and Islam legislated for protecting animals and things like that. But an animal has more right to be here. And that is why if a dog threatened the life of an animal, that you kill the dog, if a dog threatened the life of a human, you kill the dog, whereas if a human threatened the life of a dog, you don't kill the human. I mean, he's doing something wrong, but you don't kill him. And even this society accepts that as a as a principle. So the idea that all animals are equal is not true.

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The same is true about human beings, not all humans are equal, the proper size M is the highest human being and the prophets, all of them are higher than normal human being. For that reason, we have less importance than a prophet. Now, the reason that Allah created human beings, there are three reasons given in the pot on. The first is, He created us to cultivate the earth. The second is He created us to inherit the earth, and to leave it as a legacy for those who come after us. So we inherit it from our fathers and mothers, and we leave it as a legacy for our children. So that's a reason is difficult. And then the third and most important, and primary reason is we're recreated to

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know God. Now, no one knows God better than the Prophet Mohammed salatu salam, and for that reason, he is the most important human being ever created, because he has fulfilled more perfectly the purpose, or more completely, he has fulfilled perfectly and more completely, the purpose for which we were created, which is to know God. So from that perspective, he is central and the centrality of the prophet will be shown on the Day of Judgment, when all human beings will recognize the station that he was given. And Muslims believe that so to say somehow that he was secondary. I don't accept that. And I say I don't because that's not what I was taught.

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Can you give a foreign to a non Muslim in Arabic, I would not give the Quran to a non Muslim in Arabic, it is not permitted to give the Koran to a child if it has Arabic in it, because the child does not have will do and it's an obligation to be in will do when you touch the Arabic Quran. So I would not give the Koran to any non Muslims if it as Arabic in it. I would also generally not give the Quran to a non Muslim unless it was something like Thomas Coors, the essential Quran, because what Thomas clearly did in that book is he did not put any of what could be called the hard verses the verses that really do need interpretation. You said the province of Lyceum is the first and best

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Muslim but the Quran describes moose and others as saying I'm a Muslim. Yes, they were but the province ally said him said couldn't do an ABN. But Adam Bain and Matthew Athene I was a prophet and Adam was still uncreated. And that's a sound narration. So the Prophet was created before any of the other prophets. He has a relationship Teresa which is very interesting. Isa is described as being like Adam, and the Prophet is a prophet after Adam, and yet he was created before Adam. And irisa is like Adam, and Isa was a prophet before the prophets alized them and the profit is the last profit and yet Isa comes after the profit. So it's a very interesting relationship that he said because it

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says in the Quran, the likeness of ERISA is like Adam. So Isa is like Adam in relation to the profits ally, Sam as well as in relation to his creation, because he comes after the prophet and yet he's not a prophet after the Prophet. He's a prophet before the prophet and ad Madison was a prophet before the Prophet Muhammad and yet the Prophet was before Adam and Islam

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So it's a very interesting relationship that the Quran and that's something that's called into *ery, a daughter of my idea. So I mean, I've never seen that written, but it's something that just occurred to me once the last grains of sand. So you always have to ask yourself where you are in relation to that because your life is somewhere your breath. If you look at those grains of sand, like your breaths, you have a certain amount that are decreed for you. And every breath you take is one closer to the last one. And then one day that last breath comes, and you never know like a baby is kind of right there if they live a normal life. So it's a nice thought to think about when you

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watch a sand clock. That's why the

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sand clocks are so amazing because they're truer than these other clocks that give you the illusion of things returning and you can turn that back upside down.