Seerah Episode 2 – The Rule of Jurhum and Khuzaa’a

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So your home cam with the cousins.

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The cousins have been moved to LA. So over time, over time is smart in alayhis salam had children with we looked at the story a bit last week and the scholars say he had 12 children. The oldest one was nabbit

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so after a smiley his Salaam died nabbit was in charge.

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The succession of the you know, leadership of Makkah went to nabbit. But because they don't have the numbers, Jordan slowly, you know, as the next generation came, they took power from from the children of his mind. And now that was sent out. And basically the two tribes of Georgia home which is Georgia home in Bernal part, Torah controlled Makkah.

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And the house of Allah has been built because Ibrahim Alayhi Salam came to build it we discussed this last week and the Hajaj would come because you know, a lot of Buddha told him what the Infinity Bill hajiya to curry Jalla wa ala coolibah Maria Tina min Khalifa genomics declared the Hajj people will come and Subhana Allah This house is a beacon in it when the call is made people from far and wide come to the house. So they would come but Georgia home, if they entered from top of the city, they would have to pay the king of Georgia home and if they came from the bottom of the city, they would have to pay their cousin's Bonnaroo Pandora and Bonnaroo Park era and your home after a while

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had an argument.

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And then they decided to have a battle. There's a mountain a little bit outside of Mecca called foul there, they had a mountain they had a battle there in which your home destroyed Bonaparte Dora, and then they became the overall kings of

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of Mecca. So whoever can paid homage to them, whoever can paid money to them and so on and so forth.

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So, time passed, and the next generation and slowly down, they lost the respect of the house. It became almost an enterprise business and the Arabs, you know, sensitive creatures. So the ones you know, and so Georgia home originally are from Yemen. They are called Bonnie's. So Arabs are broken into two main categories. There's the what we call ancient Arabs who come from Bonn and come from, you know, the remnants of the times of fire the mood, the you know, the tribes of that time. So that lineage is Advani. And there was a problem and then from there, you know, they say there was a natural disaster they they traveled out and they came and settled in Makkah and then from there,

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they came inside Makkah, the other branch are Arabs of new. So there are people that essentially married into these stripes, like the children of this Marilla alayhis salaam and later on they call the nanny Arabs or people that come from the children of Adnan.

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So Georgia home over the years over the centuries, like the children office Mattila at a distant and Georgia home was doing what the rest of the you know, peninsula see as wrong. And this and the pinnacle of they're wrong, was an amazing incident. They were to let's use the word lovers in Mecca, and they couldn't find any place to be alone. So they decided we will be alone inside the Kaaba.

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So they went inside the Kaaba and thought of being indecent or indecent. So as a punishment, there's a lot of shell images and final lemma you return them to stone on the spot.

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So, this is these two lovers are called SF and nyla is

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nyla. So Allah turned them to stone. So Durham saw the stones inside

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the Kaaba, so that it becomes a lesson to the people they took us out and placed them outside the house. And over time people started to pay homage to these idols and a remnant of idol worship started

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in Makkah, and later on they put one and Sapphira and one in Marwan all you know, essentially their worship had kind of started and at the same time they will be difficult to the Hajaj so therefore a lot of boys ended their reign. And two other things.

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This rolls up against them, when one is Hosea and the other one is

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the children of Becker, Banu Becker

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and Hosea so they can to attack

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your home and your home realize that the game is up, we will lose. So they decided that if we bury some of them,

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they will come here and be here for a little while then there'll be no water, they'll have to leave and we'll come and take out some of them again.

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So the attack happened.

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And Georgia home put the big treasures like there was golden gazelles. You know, cuz people are coming there was a lot of golden maca. They buried the treasures inside. Zamzam put rocks and stones and dust and sand on it. And they covered themselves.

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They were driven out. Hosea eventually took over the place. This is the next tribe that will Ryan here. And when Forza took over, you know, they search they search they search they couldn't find some of them. They dug other worlds and they got water from other worlds but Zamzam was lost.

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And in this time of roseanne and Forza became you know, a big powerhouse here. One of the leaders

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ameriglo Hey,

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you know, they say he had 20,000 camels

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20,000 camels, a lot of people if you had 20,000 you understand a lot of camels, a lot of wealth.

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And he was very

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accomplished as a leader. And he he traveled a fair bit and in his travels towards Bella the Sham he saw people worshipping idols

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and he asked them what are these so the man told them if you want Ryan they will give you rain, if you want help, they will give you help if you do this. So this miskeen saw, saw their civilization because they live on green pastures and life is very good in the Levant. So he thought that that this is the secret.

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So he brought Hoban back with him. And he placed it in front of the Kaaba and he ordered people to worship it. So idol worship started, sometimes inside Hosea as rain.

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And the Prophet talks about him about the AMA, he said, I saw him in jahannam. And he was dragging his intestines on the floors of Johanna because he brought out sugar and the house of a lot of bullies.

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So this continued the writing of Hosea and the children. So we're told that there's a difference of opinion. Some people say there are funny arabs they came from,

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from Yemen, and others of them went to settle and other parts like you know, towards Sham and Iraq and those places, this group of them was left behind. And they use the word and has their own, you know, they were left behind. So they say Hosea is from this. And those who say this are people like Papa Shandy, and you know, others of the of the people that are scholars of history, but epinal hasm Rahim Allah, Allah, and others say no, they are the nannies, they are from the descendants of his Marine, and they got sick of the way, you know, Jordan was behaving so they took over over the city.

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So they stayed in there, but understand this from the 12 children of is married.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not from nabbit, he's not from the oldest son is strong te da

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da da is one of the other children of Israel. And Adnan comes from this lineage. So I saw the actual lineage of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who will be known as flourish.

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On the outskirts, they have no authority and power in Makkah.

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Until one of them, one of the legendary leaders, please remember the name, his name is Jose.

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or his title is for say, he was actually his actual name is eight, but the title of prosite as in someone who was brought up away from his family, you know, someone far Chuck the side. So this is foresight.