Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 137D Tafsir Al-Nahl 70-74

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of older people being aware of their old age and not losing their physical strength is emphasized. The need to use their time and wealth before retirement is emphasized, as well as the danger of becoming overwhelmed and losing their health. The importance of avoiding false negativity and false accusations is emphasized, along with the importance of being aware of the physical appearance of the creator and the physical characteristics of the creator's life.
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Hola Hola. Hola Coco and Allah has produced you some May at our Falcom then he will take you in full meaning he gives you life and He will also cause you to die.

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When, when your time ends

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when you become old women come but there are some among you, man who you will not do, he will be returned ILA two out of the little Romo, the most decrepit age, generally what happens when a person ages he dies. But some people, they don't just age they go beyond aging, meaning they're like, extremely, extremely old. So much so that they reach out of the little remote out of them is from Rotterdam. And Odile is to be

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like, base and lowly and mean.

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Like really, really bad and really, really low. I will then extremely decrepit old age, such old age, Lee k. So that lay your Allama he does not know barder Illman after having knowledge che and anything such age, that a person, he's literally reversed. Literally, he's reversed, his physical abilities are reversed, how that he loses his physical strength. And he becomes completely dependent on others just like a child is. So they have to be helped with the washroom and they have to be helped with eating and drinking and changing and going upstairs and coming downstairs and everything. They cannot even tie their own shoes. Everything has to be done for them. They cannot

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even comb their own hair, everything has to be done for them. But the worst is when a person does not know anything, after having known so much, meaning there's severe memory loss, that with aging a person also forgets, forgets to the point that he doesn't know anything.

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And there are many people whom we come across that are sadly suffering from this age.

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That they don't know anything. They even don't know who their children are.

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They don't even recognize them. They don't even know where they are. They think they're living in a different country. They think that certain people who died years ago are still alive. Lee kala murder Elementary, in the Lucha or Lima, Cadiz. Indeed Allah is Knowing he has knowledge, no matter how much time passes, what happens to people, we learn, we forget, we age, and we don't know nothing. We don't remember anything with the passage of time, our abilities, they decline our strengths, they go away, they disintegrate in front of us. We don't have any control over ourselves, who is above this weakness, only Allah He is Eileen and he is a deer is fully capable to reverse us

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in our physical body. He is fully capable, and he is the only one who does not lose his Ultra because he is far above any weakness in the larger human body. So the true and ultimate possessor of all strength and power and knowledge and greatness is who who only Allah subhanaw taala. So when Allah has given us this life, and he has given us certain talents and certain abilities, let's not get deceived by them. Let's remember that we are here only for a few days a B lives only for a month. And we are also here for just a few days we don't know when our time will end. So before we are before we reach this old age, where we are unable to do anything where our soul feels trapped in

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our body.

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Let's make use of our time, make use of health before sickness, make use of wealth before poverty make use of life before death of being free before becoming busy. of youth before old age. Right? So in Allah Halima Kadir,

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and this extreme old age is something that the prophets of Allah and salaam would seek refuge from, he would pray to Allah Oh Allah protect me from this old age. Protect me from this old age. The prophets of Allah Islam used to pray Aloma in the road to becoming a booklet well Casserly. Well hold on me what are the little Romo that Oh Allah, I seek refuge with you from stinginess from laziness, from old age and the most decrepit old age that is described over here when a person doesn't know anything, even after salah.

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Even after salah the Prophet salallahu Salam would seek refuge use

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See these two green banners over here?

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At the back of the masjid, in these are doras that the Prophet saw a lot of sentiment used to read after salah and the last one that you see Allahumma inni arrows are becoming a Gibney, what are all the beaker an aura, the Illa Allah the little Romo after every Salah he would pray, Oh Allah, I seek refuge with you from juban. And also that I am returned to extremely weak and pathetic age when I cannot do anything.

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So whenever you're here, at least after salah, make sure that you look up and at least read this door once,

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at least two times on the weekend, if not every day, at least once a week, let's make dua that Allah protect us from old age because it's a very, very difficult age.

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It's a very difficult age, where a person is not able to do anything himself, Has it ever happened with you that you're sick. And because of that you can't do your regular things. Just imagine being like that, always.

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And even if a person doesn't have a big serious health issue, in old age old age itself is a big serious issue.

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itself is an issue. Your blood pressure could be perfect, your everything could be perfect, but your bones are weak, your digestive system is aging. And as a result, your body cannot function like the way it could before. You cannot even open the refrigerator yourself imagine being so dependent on people.

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And it's a very difficult age in which a person he feels embarrassed all the time, because he has to ask people to even bring a glass of water

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being dependent on others is very, very difficult.

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And at the same time, it's very difficult to thank Allah because when a person is living like that, all he sees is problems and aches and pains. And as much as a person wants to be grateful, it becomes harder to be grateful. It's very easy to complain. Because you keep forgetting right? So people remind you be grateful. But what happens then again, a list of complaints, expectations increase, frustrations increase. It's a big test. This doesn't mean that if a person is suffering from old age, they're being punished. No. We don't judge people like that. Never.

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We just take a lesson. Because when people are tested with different trials, what is our duty that we take a lesson for ourselves that yeah, Allah you protect me from this trial. You protect me from this big test because I don't know if I can survive this. I don't know if I can go through this.

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So women come some people, they die and others. They live on year after year after year.

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But they don't enjoy life anymore.

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Women Komamura de la aroma li kala anima BARDA Illman che in Allah Halima Kadir, well Lofa Bella Barbra como Allah Battlin frisk and Allah has preferred some of you over others and provision meaning everyone has not been given equal amount of provision, some people have been given more and others have been given less, but people think about this from us are not Alladhina those people which people fully do, who have been given preference, how how have they been given preference and risk that they have more compared to others? So those people who have more than others, they never ever be rod de risking him at all wants to hand over their provision? Rod D is actually rod Deena

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okay. And this is plural of the word rod, who is Rod one who does rod What does rod mean to return? You know, when something comes to you and you give it back, okay, you push it away. So rod, the meaning wants to hand over, wants to give away, they would never give away that is the hem their provision, the money that they have, they would never give it to who Allah on those who man Malacca, that which owns that which possesses a man whom their hands, their right hands, my Melaka Amen. What does it refer to slaves?

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Meaning a person who has been given money, who would never hand over his money to his slave, for whom so they fee in it so on equal meaning so that both would be equal in the control of that wealth, meaning both become equal partners.

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Would anyone do that?

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A rich person, would he ever tell his employee, the owner of a business would he ever tell his employee? Come? I'll give you a big share of the

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Is company. So you and I have equal rights?

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Would anyone do that? Would anyone do that? Never a master, would he ever make his slave an equal authority? When it comes to his money? No, if you have $100, okay, and your younger brother has zero, and he's just looking at you with that hestra? Would you say, Okay, come with me, let's go to the bank, or let's go to the store, we'll get to 50s. I keep 150 and you give the other 50?

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Would you do that?

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Would you do that? Maybe with $20, you would then maybe with $5? You would maybe with $100, you would put when you're getting your paycheck? Would you ever give 50% of it to somebody else? When you have a bank account? The money is all yours? Would you ever tell anybody come with me to the bank, I'll give you equal rights to this money so that you can withdraw whichever you want, you have access to that money. Men have problem doing that with their wives even.

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They don't want to give access to their money to their wives, they don't want to do that. Equal account chairs, very rare. They will say, Okay, I'll give you the cash, you don't need access to my account.

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Some people are like that. So what is being explained over here, that when one person has more compared to the other,

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one person is better in some ways compared to the other? He would never say, Okay, come you become my equal? Come, we'll share this one people, you don't do this. That How can you say that Allah has partners,

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that Allah who would give the authority to give risk to that idol, and the authority to send rain to that idol, and the authority to give life and death to that idol? And to that God and that deity? No way. When you don't like this for yourself? How can you like this for Allah subhanaw taala, you think you are better just because you have $100 More than someone else? Just $100 difference, perhaps physically, they're more beautiful than you. They're more stronger than you. But just because you have more money than them, you think you're better. And you carry yourself differently, and you treat them differently just because you think you're better. Because you have something they

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don't have. Then how can you bring the creation to the level of the Creator? How could you do that? When there's such a big difference between the creator and the creation? How could you put both at the same level? How could you give the unique characteristics of the Creator to his creation? How can you do that? It doesn't make sense.

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Well, lo Jaren Allah calm and Allah has made for human and fuzzy come from your own selves, as well as your spouse's

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meaning from your own type. human,

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human spouse, okay, human man, human woman. Okay, well, Allahu Johnetta come in and physical as well done. What do Allah come and he is made for human as Where do you come from your wives, from your spouses, he has given you more gifts. So first of all, spouse itself a gift.

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And secondly, through the spouse, you're getting so many more gifts? What do we learn from this, that milk is a blessing, honey is a blessing, green is a blessing, food is a blessing, money is blessing, but people,

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relatives, the good relationships that we have, even there are a huge gift of Allah subhanaw taala because What needs do they fulfill emotional, emotional need, and that is something that cannot be neglected. So he has made for you spouses and through your spouse's, he gives you bunny, bunny in Florida, even sons will have other

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and also have other half other is a plural of the word Hafeet. If we understand Bernina sons, then her feet are another half it half fifth half it would be understood as daughters. But why has the word half other been used for daughters? Because half it literally means a swift worker, someone who rushes to obey you to carry out the orders that you've given them. And compared to sons who responds better? Typically, typically, who responds better to daughters, right? I mean, you'll see this in almost every household, from every ethnicity. And yes, there are those unique, you know, rare families where the sons are working, and the daughters are sitting. Yes, you will find sons working

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where there are no daughters.

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Okay, but when there are daughters and sons, who do you see active running about in and out? running the show? Who is it? It's the girls. Right? So how far the Allah has given you through your spouse's sons and daughters. Why our daughter has called her father? Because the Arabs, they didn't like daughters. But Allah subhanaw taala is kind of teaching us that come on, why do you not appreciate your daughter's? Look at how helpful they are? They're a blessing for you.

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Okay, another meaning of her father is also have it swift worker, through a person's wife, okay, through a person's spouse they get children, but also who? Grandchildren. Okay? So it refers to grandchildren. And in addition to grandchildren, also, the wife's children from a previous marriage.

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Okay, because sometimes it happens that when a couple gets married, and one of them has children from before, good, they have issues over there.

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But Allah subhanaw taala is making us appreciate that blessing that look, he has given you your own children, and also children that are not really yours, but through your spouse, you have them. You don't have to do anything to get those children have further. Also, some have said that this means sons in law

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that Allah has given you sons, through your wives, and also son in law that he gives you daughters and they get married, and using a daughter is a burden. Come on, you're getting more boys in your family? Why do you look down on girls so much? And it's amazing how sometimes, you know, a couple will have just one daughter, but when that daughter gets married, then they have a son as well. Because the son in law is like a son. Why is he called Son in law?

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Like a son?

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Okay, her father, if we take it as a plural of her feed, her feed means grandchildren.

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Okay, so

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generally it happens that relatives that are through marriage, okay? Whether it is in laws, okay? Or it is the spouse has previous children from a previous marriage, then what happens? You know, people they feel distant, they're like, no, no, they're not from me, and I'm not from them. I've got nothing to do with them.

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But it shouldn't be there, because they're also a blessing. So Allah has given you these relatives, these beautiful relationships, appreciate the good in them will also come and he has provided human labor from the good things being so many good things he's given you. You wear clothes, you enjoy so many flavors. You enjoy so many different textures of food. You travel, you watch you listen, you enjoy life, because he's given you so many good things to enjoy. I mean, compare a human beings life to the life of a cow. What does a cow know? Only grass and water. What is it do is is chewing and re chewing and chewing. Right? Standing there being milked. Okay, that's a life, but whose life has

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more rich experiences? A human being? Correct. You don't just eat grass, you eat a variety of foods. A honeybee? Yes, it goes in different flowers and sucks the nectar. But that's all it knows. We can drink nectar. We can drink juice, we can drink water. We can drink milk, we can drink honey, we can drink so many things. Well, there's a call coming up by Eva. And he had to complain life is boring. And life is hard. And life is difficult. And why are there tests and trials in life because life is a test. And while he's testing you, he's also blessing you with so many good things. So keep a count of the blessings. What are the how caminata you bad for Bill badly to your minimum? Then is it with

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the falsehood that they believe in they believe in the falsehood will be near Mattila umiak photo and with the blessing of Allah they deny what's the falsehood, idols? Check on the negativity that comes from Chopin, you follow that? You listen to his whispers and you're ungrateful. Allah gave you all of these blessings and you go and worship idols. Come on, are you rejecting the favors of Allah of habenero Mattila who may have fallen? How many blessings Will you deny? For be a you're a big mama to cut the band? What can you deny? Can you deny your own existence? Who brought you here? In a hadith we learned that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will say to His servant, a lamb

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was a witch.

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Along Oh, Karim, Allah Olam, Osaka local high level Ebola.

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Did I not get you married? Give you a spouse. Did I not honor you? Did

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are not subjected horses and camels for your service.

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Allah subhanaw taala will ask us about the blessings that He's given us, which kind of blessings

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have relationships of people the food we eat, the things that we use, the authority that He's given us, these are all blessings, yet we ignore them. We complain as though these blessings do not exist.

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ever be near Mattila he whom yak for rune well Yagoona and they worship men don't Allah hate besides Allah, instead of being grateful to Allah and being thankful to Allah and worshipping Allah, look at them, look at people that turn away from Allah and their worship other than him and what is it that they choose for worship, my that which lay am Licola home, does not possess further meaning does not have any authority to give them this can any provision Minister my word from the skies will org and the meaning the worship such beings that can neither send them provision from the sky, nor can they produce provision for them from the earth who can cause rain to fall? Who only Allah subhanaw taala

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who can cause the earth to come back to life only Allah subhanaw taala Nobody can cheat on anything when you're stuck on your own and they're not capable meaning they worship those who are unable absolutely unable meaning they cannot do anything. Fella top variable Allah Himself. So do not assert similarities to Allah law who do not strike meaning do not offer do not present do not give the lay for Allah Allah Himself. EmCell is a plural of method. Remember, it's also used as a plural of methyl methyl means example. Okay, but methyl is what we're looking at because Mytho means and equivalent

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Okay, equivalent

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that which is similar to another that which resembled another, so laptop reboot Allah Himself, meaning don't say that so and so is like Allah. So insole possesses the characteristics that Allah subhanaw taala has that for example, they can also send rain and they can also give risks and they can also grandchildren and they can also heal and they can also benefit and they can also harm No, no way not at all, Allah His attributes are unique to him. No one possesses the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala they are unique only to him. So remember, when we believe in the attributes of Allah and some of the attributes of Allah are you know with respect to his actions that Allah subhanaw

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taala for example, on the day of judgment, He will come, okay or every night Allah subhanaw taala descends okay to the lowest heaven or Allah subhanaw taala istilah Arnold, okay, other attributes of Allah subhanaw taala are such that, you know, for example, we learned that Allah has hands or that Allah subhanaw taala. Here is he sees, he speaks, okay? We believe in the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala everything, every attribute that Allah has mentioned himself in the Quran, or the prophets of Allah, Islam taught us about, we believe in them, but we avoid four things. What is it that we avoid? First of all, thirdly, what a startling to abandon meaning, saying things like, Oh,

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yes, he hears but he doesn't actually hear because people hear no, no, we don't say such things.

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Because that would be abandoning the meaning if Allah has said that he is Samir we have to believe that he he hears we cannot abandon the meaning of summer Okay. Secondly, we have to avoid the Hadith what is the Hadith to change?

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So for example, saying that

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no, no actually Allah doesn't speak okay in the Quran Kalama has been said but that's actually talking about Musa Musa listen I'm spoke doesn't mean Allah spoke most hospital. No, no, don't change the words of the Quran.

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To reject the attributes of Allah don't change them. We have to avoid the Hadith. Thirdly, we have to avoid the key if the key is to describe the wholeness how something is, okay. So for example, we believe that Allah subhanaw taala has hands because Allah Himself says that he has hands belly Adele Houma Basu to attend correct hands of Allah subhanaw taala mentioned over and over again, but we don't go on describing those hands.

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This is how the hands of Allah are. This is their size, and this is their length and this is their width and this is their color. No, we don't talk about these things because we don't know if Allah has to

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Old is good enough if he hasn't told us don't talk without knowledge don't look like a fool. Avoid the kief And fourthly we avoid them. Thiele Anthelios mentioned over here, what is something to draw a resemblance? okay to say that, Oh, this is how he is. So, like a person saying, you see this hand, you know, like a hand how a hand is five fingers, one thumb, four fingers, no, no, no, don't go on striking examples. And saying that this is how, or this is what Allah's attribute looks like, or this is how he hears or this is how he sees no foul I totally would allow. I'm sad, because speaking about Allah subhanaw taala without knowledge is a crime. It's a sin. Allah has forbidden us from

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speaking about him without knowledge. If he's told us about something good enough, if he hasn't told us about something in the law haolam quantum law Tara moon, indeed, Allah knows and you do not know. Think about it. If you have a friend, you've seen her, you know exactly what she looks like. And there is another person who pretends to know her really well. Again, they say, yeah, she's so tall, and her eyes are like that. And she likes to wear these kinds of clothes. You're like, Excuse me? I know how tall she is. She's shorter than me. I know what she likes to wear, because I've seen her You haven't even seen her? Who gives you the right to speak about her to describe her in that way?

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And when a person is speaking like that, what does he look like?

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A fool. Tell me who has seen Allah which human being has seen Allah? Anyone over here? No way.

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No way. Because lead to drink will absorb

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the these eyes, they're in this world, they cannot perceive him they do not have the capacity to see Allah subhanaw taala. So when we haven't seen Allah, please refrain from describing him unless a description has been given in the Quran and Sunnah. So for Natalie Bula himself in the La Jolla animal, Phantom letter, the moon he knows and you do not know. So refrain from speaking without knowledge. What's the relevance of this idea? To the context? What is the context telling us about the blessings of Allah through which you realize the power of Allah, the Oneness of Allah, and how Schick does not make any sense whatsoever. When people go towards shake, what's the reason? They

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start comparing the creator with the creation? Right? They're so impressed by the creation that they think that that creation has some superpowers and they must have some role in you know, benefiting us and harming us so they begin to worship the creation.

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And over here, what are they doing? They're resembling the creation with the Creator. So for that Dudley Buddha level answer, please keep away from that, no matter how amazing of a system of a thing that you see, remember that Allah is still greater than that Allah is still above that and you know very well that when you are better than someone even in one way, you don't want to be made equal to that. So how could you make the creation equal to the Creator let's listen to the recitation well law long haul

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shame in a law

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or the law more

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than enough we know lino will be on the team

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near methey

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one law how Gianna

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foresee as well

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as watch

00:29:26 --> 00:29:29

Bernie watch

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me as

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Bernie now has

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been badly you may know now again Aaron Medina.

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For oh

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man I am Nicola is gone.

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Wish a

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fella tombery mouline

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in long

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