Reda Bedeir – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 05

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The recent protests in the United States have caused shock and confusion for the audience, including the accusations of the police killing George Floyd and deadly pain pills by police officers. The return of napkins is also discussed, along with a recitation of shiny words and a parable of the Has been met. The importance of forgiveness and remorse is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and remorse. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a subscription service and a recitation of the fruit of error. Prayer and behavior counseling is also discussed, along with a surprise and a family member's weak art performance. The segment concludes with a promise to wait until the next day to see a cliffhanger.
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah what against

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my shell I think the food was good today Mashallah. I can tell similar from the LA salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Allah Allah He or Safi Omen Ola. Even everybody's giving me charity today everybody's smiling. That's great. So Allah,

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do you know that the prophets of Salaam was always smiling?

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But today, you know what we do? We're always frowning. Unless somebody tells a joke or something. And he's lucky you lucky meter was like Salaam Aleykum, Selam Aleykum Selam

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Aleykum counselor. Like why? You know, we find it hard to smile. Okay, so we stopped yesterday at remember.

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He was sitting with his students. And the maid passed by by mistake. She pushed the

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container of ink and splashed over the book. And Subhanallah everybody expected the government Buhari to be mad at the made power. He smiled. And it took a few seconds thinking. And then he turned around, he said, Go you're free for the sake of Allah. They said somehow Allah, she makes us think she wasted the book. And you're done here. He says of how Allah I started remembering. I want to make it two gentlemen. And I will describe the Motoki and he said they are alcohol the minute

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they swallow the anger, so I swallowed my anger. And then I continued the iron while I feel.

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So I forget and forget what you did. And then I continue that I will lower your head button was in in what time? can I do to a slave? Go you're free. This is how they understood the forearm. Do we interact with the Quran today? The way they used to? If somebody, you know was to remind us of the Quran, would we stop and think and apply?

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The Sahaba who were told by the processor, not only would they interact with the forearm, once they heal, it's upon Allah, it will impact them right away. Imagine the professor was walking in the streets of Medina. And he is a woman reciting

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Shere Khan.

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And he started crying.

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Have you heard about the encompassing day? That's the Day of Judgment, no one knows that they have judgment, but other than the profits that sell them. So he pictured the Day of Judgment. And he started crying right away, how many times we heard

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it just goes like that

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is again on the back of a camel or a horse. And he heard somebody reciting an iron, and he fell off SubhanAllah. And he gets sick for a month. And people went to visit him and nobody knows why he was sick. And the reason he was sick because he just heard that I am. But it hits him in the heart right away. And Abdullah Abdullah, my son, he's the only one who asked like, Dad, what's going on? He said, Son, I was passing by and someone was reciting in

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the punishment of your master is going to happen. So he just imagined that punishment and speller. Look at them and look at us.

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How they used to listen with their hearts and get the impact right away. You and I.

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When we pray, we are Muslims.

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And if we pray to Allah,

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right, they will promise gentlemen

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while they will still walk on earth, and despite that is to say we'll let you know

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Abu Bakar he said if one of my feet is inside gentlemen, and the other one's still outside, I wouldn't feel secured that I'll make it two gentlemen.

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And so paralon the

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Look at me. Um, you know, I'm good looking.

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You know, don't be distracted with this is a surprise for you. Okay, what did I turn the surprise? Shall I stop until they start? Would you like to have a surprise? You will notice that a few minutes. Holy hollinshead on agile suppiler are always impatient. Okay, look at me, okay. When you look at me, because you can focus.

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Okay, they crossed my mind what I was saying.

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the second best man in this room, who is giving the good news that he's making it to gender while he was still working on earth? He says, well,

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piano and good NASA Phil.

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armour used to say if somebody were to call it a day of judgment, and he would say that everyone is making it to Gemini except for one person. I would think it's sort of the cutoff.

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Isn't this amazing?

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But let me just draw your attention to something because today's Sunday right? And tomorrow's Monday, right.

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And it's a long weekend. And we have a surprise for you tomorrow right? Okay.

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So today we're going to have you know, check some answers and weekends you can take as much as you can. So I'll remind you of something

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what's surah is the shape reciting?

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We heard the story of Allah right? Right. And the other three days What was he reciting?

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are you from Egypt?

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Okay, I'm Egyptian by the way. Don't don't don't take offense, okay? Because we are the ones who changed the coffin to Hamza. Okay. And we have also invented one role in the Arabic language. It's our copyright. We are the only people who say the game in the Arabic language. Okay, everybody say Jim, we say game. Okay. Okay. So certain Baccarat always every single and the Quran will be reflecting something that's happening in the Quran that will be reflecting something which is happening in the solar so certain marker because from is 67, all the way to 73. In South America, there is the story of a banker on the cab.

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Now we're talking about sort of Alabama, because it tells us the story of the family of grandma. So because I want you to always try to relate to what the shakers reciting. It gives you more peace and it makes you interact with the recitation. So we're having a surprise and everybody's still looking at their okay. In a few minutes you will be surprised themselves.

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Okay, so

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do you know the story of Al Baqarah?

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dead silence, who knows the story of will Baccarat

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not so many Okay, would you like me to share the story with you?

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Oh, it's only six people.

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And if we talk about a locker, I need to stay healthy. inshallah. So be ready inshallah. Maybe we should it tomorrow, but I want to stop at two is the chef recited today. And number 31. And so number three is the condition and I want to ask you, who would like

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Allah Subhana Allah to love him.

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Okay, who would like Allah subhanaw taala to forgive his sins?

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This is

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to him No, no.

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Ben who is right he used to say to the celebrity invites them. Don't worry.

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We're the children of a lot and he loves us. So let's say to them Mohammed. If you are true in your claim, what should you do

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money then? Follow me. What do you get when you follow the process of selling your

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sushi follow the profit What do you get along with love you.

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So if you want to do for the profits of our salon, not only that

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and he would forget

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Since Isn't this amazing? So take this message home, try to apply every day. The sooner of the LM in your life when you get out of the house when you go into the house, when you look at the mirror, when you start your auto follow sooner you will get the love of Allah. Not only that allowed forgive your sins mamasan

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is that I mean that I'm getting

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forgive all of our cells.

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Another stuff in the ayah. In the surah the sheikh was reciting the story of how money

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was given was born and how she gave birth to resolve a Salah. We heard this in the end. The I want to stop is I'm going to ask you the process lm said every person, every newborn is touched by shaitan and this way they start crying

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except for two

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they were not touched by shaitan because of the air that we heard the mother of amraam What did she say when she was pregnant with Maria we're in the worry Luca was Maria Riyadh

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min ash shaytani r rajim. So Maria and Risa Ali masala they were not touched by shaitan. Can you do this to your children? Shama the porcelain taught us when you have the marital relationship, what should you say?

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Bismillah Allahu wa jal lipner shavon

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shavon Omarosa so shaitan will not touch that are almost ready.

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Okay, because they are dying to see the

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In fact, they're not even looking at me. They're looking at you.

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Okay? They don't know what's going to happen to them when they watch this.

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Okay. Moving on. Yesterday, we're talking about what about taqwa. Right? Okay, if you notice I'm over the effect.

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We start at 135 we will describe them the possible motivation, just remember them. One day, I'm gonna quiz you and I'm going to give gifts with me and inshallah everything that I'm sharing with you. So we said what the first quality of Matatini for home channel is really give it to me, Allah Dena chipola for sariah those who give and Marshall Islands you guys are giving but you need to give more inshallah. Every day before you go home. Try to empty your pocket when you're leaving. Okay? They accept credit cards here too, by the way.

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Okay, second was the second quality while Carl Amina

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who amongst you got angry today? Who lost it on his son and his wife? You know, remember this is from Milan, okay. You should learn should apply? Well, I feel numbness that you do have on someone today. We are not reciting the I am just to entertain that we need to act upon them. Right? What

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did you do to someone today? Think about this.

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Then let's continue the next time. Listen carefully because this is going to shock you. We're still talking about who gave me the word Alma Taki. Those people who will give the fruit of Ramadan was the fruit of Ramadan. Give me the word.

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Are you mad at me? Was the word. No, I can tell you what's the word?

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What's the word? Excellent. Allah subhanaw taala said about the people of taqwa. Well. leadin

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for me,

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omiana mo, Allahu Akbar. One of the qualities of Turkey is that they do.

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Yes, they're human beings. The Sahaba the best, but still human. They committed major sins, and in no way we are belittling them. But Allah is giving us an example. Even the Sahaba did that. So if you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world.

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The door back to Allah is open 24 seven the door back to Allah is open

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yeah you can go back any time he will never stop you

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oh my slaves over committed to them my slaves who have gone to the extreme in committing all types of sins

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so for Allah unfussy him, if you have gone to the extreme committed all types of cells don't lose hope. Allah subhanaw taala will accept you. So lesson one Medina either

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Or the wrong themselves, what happens? The Corolla they remember

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Allah subhanaw taala and what's the remember Allah what happens?

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They do not procrastinate. They do not delay Allah says

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you will the meaning of right away faster.

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Forget estafa means seek forgiveness, ask for forgiveness, the elephant seen in the beginning of the verb means to seek to ask for. So they ask Allah for forgiveness. So brothers and sisters number this evening and what talking what they do? They commit sins. They commit even

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the wrong themselves. But they don't stop there. Once they do it, they regret and remember Allah and they turned back to about right away. And I said

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to him when you turn when all the doors are closed, there's only one door that's open 24 seven, just to go back to him, and he will accept you alone will accept you while I'm your server on Amazon. Oh, what does that mean? It means they do not insist on committing the same sale again and again and again. Why?

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Because when you commit a sin and you make Toba, Allah will accept you. And then you commit a sin and make Allah accept you. But when you commit a sin, not intentionally, it's a moment of weakness allowed forgive you. But when you don't care about Allah, and you do it intentionally all the time, and you are not aware of the punishment, what happens? No, that's disrespect to Allah subhanaw taala so we need to understand that again.

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Allah subhanaw taala talked about three types of knifes in the Koran. One in Surah Yusuf so number 12 is number 53. Allah said Wilma over NFC in enough Salah misuzu illa Morocco Merapi. This is the worst type of laughs which is called a Mara Bissell

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but the second type of nuts is a Serato piano. I am number two so number 75. Allah said

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everybody is looking there. You know what I need to stop now?

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I already so I'm not gonna I'm not gonna get them to watch because they were watching. You're not watching. Would you like to watch this? Even if it's embarrassing to you.

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Even deal, let's go. Let's see what they have for us.

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Wait, where did I put my shoes?

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They were right here.

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Not on the shoe racks. Where did I put them? Oh my god.

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I just have to pray it stuffed under

00:20:20 --> 00:20:28

are those my shoes? Look like my shoes? Maybe they're not maybe they just similar to them

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these are my shoes.

00:20:33 --> 00:20:34

Oh my god.

00:20:36 --> 00:20:38

Should I tell him about it?

00:20:41 --> 00:20:45

know what to do. These are my shoes. How can he take them?

00:20:46 --> 00:20:47

Doesn't make sense.

00:20:50 --> 00:20:53

I need my shoes back. How can I tell him?

00:20:54 --> 00:20:57

This is the message and how can they take someone's shoes?

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Oh my god.

00:21:28 --> 00:21:41

I think he got the message. I don't have to say anything. Right. So the next you know the next movie is going to be on the parking. It's really Australia. You're going to watch it tomorrow. Okay, we have the plate numbers.

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Yeah. Shall I give you the other surprise? Shall I tell you we have the system.

00:21:50 --> 00:21:55

Oh my god. So take your pills before you come tomorrow if you have a weak art

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or disappear if you are not partying properly. Okay, so we're watching everything that you're doing. You don't want to be on camera inshallah. So basically, this is what we learn. in Ramadan. We said when every day we're going to change one behavior, right? So please, inshallah, this is the you know, it's all about I know that all of you don't want to stand up and pray. Prayer is very important. But what's more important, does your prayer change you? That's what you need to understand. You know, it's not about the data is part of it. But we don't worship Allah for the sake of worship. We worship Allah, Allah doesn't lead our worship. We benefit from our worship. And if

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you think about every single everybody in the Quran, there is a fruit. I said, we do Seong and the fruit is taqwa. For them learn taqwa. Then we are not fasting. We do Salah why in the salon.

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Until and unless your salon stops you from doing or say anything wrong. Then congratulation for the physical exercise. And I'm going to conclude with a cliffhanger as usual. You know, a man came to ebrahimian Adam, who was one of the righteous predecessors, and he said to him, I want to disobey Allah.

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But I don't want the angel on the left hand side to write down what I'm doing. He said, I'll give it to you. But for five conditions. Would you like to know the five conditions?

00:23:29 --> 00:23:34

I think we are far beyond our time. So you have to wait patiently till tomorrow inshallah, I would say

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