Quranic Seerah #01 My Father Abraham’s Prayer

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So last year, it may actually have been the very last night of Ramadan.

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leaned over to our brother Shahid in that corner over there before thought our way. And I said to him that if Allah permits

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to speak about the Sierra, the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam next Ramadan.

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And the reason for this actually,

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is because a person that should be commended for his honesty and his humility, said to me, you know, you and preachers in general often, you know, quote, snapshots or anecdotes from the Prophet's life. And I have no mental image, like where do I place that in the whole picture.

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And that is extremely important. It's a huge part of you internalizing the Quran. The Quran, if you read it carefully, it expects you to know certain things about the circumstances in which it landed, right? It expects you to have a degree of background information about the life events of the Prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And so I'm going to inshallah dedicate my reminders this month, to the events in order of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life that were major events cited in the Quran, we're going to stop at them and Lindy linear order. So you can develop for yourself some context for his life story as it pertains to the Quran, a mind map, if you will. And I will try to a little bit of an undertaking, but I'm going to try to always do two more things alongside this context,

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which is to provide you with a reflection on surety why we're sure Islam is true, because of this incident in the Prophet's life, and also a reflection on purity.

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A lesson we can take from that incident or event or circumstance in the Prophet's life sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that can help us purify our souls. So context of the Sierra in progression, insha Allah, and then a means of solidifying our faith each night more and more as a means of purifying our souls also more and more. So here goes the challah.

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The first I actually has to begin before the Prophet's life on a salatu salam.

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Allah azza wa jal cites to us that Ibrahim alayhi salam said, and we heard this at the end of tarawih last night.

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Rob bene Webb the ifI him Rasul Allah, Oh Allah sent for them a Messenger from among them from their midst one of them yet Solu la him i attic that will recite to them your recite to them your verses, where you are living whom will Kitab al hikma and teach them the Book and the wisdom Why use the key him and purify them in the candle Aziz will Hakeem you can certainly do that you are the most mighty, you are the most wise Subhan Allah Tala. So this dua, the when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked once, tell us a little bit about your roots, your origins, he said. And then I went to Abbey Ibrahim, I am the DUA meaning the result of the dura the supplication of my father,

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Abraham. This

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was a butcher or a sub memoriam and I am the glad tidings that Jesus peace be upon him gave to the world whare to me he in a hammer, let's be new Iran. Yes, Rojo. Minha Allah Atala who co solution and when my mother began carrying me when she became pregnant with me, she saw Allah showed her vision and her dream. She saw a light emerged from her that Brighton illuminated the palaces of the east of greater Syria, meaning where the Roman Empire was at the time.

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Interestingly, so shorty by the way, interestingly,

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the Bible itself, Old Testament New Testament, they make mention of this despite the corruption that has happened throughout the ages. Despite all the distortion Allah deemed it, that those concepts are still there. Like in the Bible today, you will find that God promised Abraham that he would accept his prayer, and he would bless his children and including

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The children of Hajj Allah has Salam meaning is married Ali Salam is the son of Hotjar through which the Prophet Muhammad came, he said I will make of him is married to his salaam, children, a great nation, which of course only really happened in the time of the Prophet SAW Salah you know, Ibrahim alayhi salam had two sons very important for context. He had his married and he had his half is half had yahoo, yahoo was so ill, that his name is sorry, it meant the great worshiper. And Ben, who is thrown in his 12 tribes began became the 12 tribes of Israel, the Israelite tribes, and among them were so many prophets and kings that ended with who, Jesus the son of Mary. And Jesus, the son of

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Mary, the last of the prophets of the Israelites gave glad tidings, we have it in sort of stuff. And it exists in the Bible until today, despite all the changes that there's still one more profit, the greatest profit, the parrot cleats, the one that was well renowned, well acclaimed. And by the way, though the name Muhammad means the one that's praised everywhere, right? He is the acclaimed prophet is even not just in the Quran and Sunnah stuff. It even exists in biblical Scripture today. Now come back now to the lineage of Samaria. Salaam, the door of Ibrahim Ali Salam, approximately 600 years after Jesus peace be upon him came our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was alone. So

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these are all indications of his the truthfulness of his prophethood. But you know what else is an indication if you put the Bible aside, and you put the Muslims who already believe in the Quran aside for a second,

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Ibrahim alayhi salam brought his family to Mecca, sets them there in the middle of nowhere, built to the Kaaba, there. Allah causes them to erupt from there, all of this for nothing. Historically, on its own, it's a huge indication that something huge was about to happen in that region. Like until today, you want to see a miracle. Just go look at the well of zamzam. What do you mean, an underground water source that for 1000s of years is providing water for endless millions of people. That's just something haphazard look at the cabin and the scene of the unity of the worship of God at the Gabba. Nothing like it on the face of the earth was the cabin built now rewind, just so some

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idol worshipers can hang out there. No way, is obviously a huge thing about to happen. So biblically, historically, this all reinforces that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is about to be sent, and that He is the great messenger that Allah Himself endorsed. subhanho wa taala. So that's just in the sense of surety.

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And the lineages and how that all adds up in these last three, four minutes,

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a reflection on purity. How can we purify our hearts in light of this story? I'll call your attention to two elements, the first of them, Ibrahim alayhi salam made this dua and Allah accepted this dua. But even though he accepted it, it did not materialize. It didn't show up on the ground until 2000 years later. So don't ever stop making dua. Right? It's Allah's timing, not yours, right? Allah, Allah will give you it's not like he doesn't have. It's not like he doesn't like to give. It's not like he breaks promises. All of those are not possible. That means he's gonna give you but don't get impatient with your DUA. Remember, Ibrahim alayhis salam is DUA and when Allah sent the

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, and he said to us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you said jebadiah Hajikko Mal, Amina Jen, you have to have some one of you will continue to be responded to buy hola so long as they don't get hasty. And so long as they don't lose hope. And then he gave an example and he says yeah, Kulu they're out to the out to fella Mr. Jab Lee, you say I made to make sure I didn't get any answers. So that's the first reflection. The DUA is answered, just trust Allah's timing. And think of Ibrahim Ali Salam is

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the second of them very quickly, is that

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this pattern that you heard in the I O Allah, Allah sends a prophet to recite to them the verses and to purify them and to teach them the Book and the wisdom. It's always in this order. always recite verses, purify them, teach them, okay, except in the dua of Ibrahim Ali salaam, it's kind of switch. It says recite verses, that's the same, but then it says, teach them and then it says purify them at the end. Why? Because when he was asking for a human messenger to be sent to the world, the last job of the messenger is to purify it's not really in his hand.

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That's right. He teaches you, but only Allah can purify you. Whereas when Allah was saying throughout the Quran, I sent to you, my messenger to give you these verses, and so that I can purify you with these verses. It was purity, purity before teaching. And so the lesson there is you need to realize you can't purify yourself this Ramadan, or before it or after it. Only Allah can purify you, right?

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Don't get so focused on your flaws and your attempts to fix your flaws. Maybe you're trying too hard. Maybe you need to zone out of your flaws and your diseases and focus a little better on a Shafi the healer subhanho wa Taala He's better at it than you. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he taught us to say and look this up later tonight and learn it Allahumma Atty. Neff, see Taqwa. O Allah you grant my soul. It's piety was a Kihara and Taha you Roman Zika and purify it. You are the best one to purify it. And totally you have a mala you are its Master, the Master of my soul. You are it's Guardian, The Guardian of my soul. Well, Allah Azza wa

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barakaatuh Muhammad Ali he was just like