Seerah Episode 3 – The Return of The Quraysh

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Suppose I

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was a man of amazing abilities and capabilities very good looking strong presence, charismatic, you know wise a strategic. So of course I can inside maca

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and you know because of his his personality became close to the leader of Hosea and married his daughter

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the name of Hosea of the daughter is hoba

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I'm not sure if you'll remember or not but don't worry this will all make sense soon inshallah Allah.

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So per se,

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per se is one of the grand parents of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the lineage of the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Mohammed

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ignor Abdullah

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Ibn Abdul muttalib Edna Hashem, if not demoness ethnocracy.

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So this is per se. So I'm trying to show how the Polish became prominent in Mecca. So Poseidon married

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the daughter of the leader of roseanne, and because of his amazing personality and who he was, the children of Hosea looked small in comparison to him, you know, he stood out, the son in law stood out. So the father in law started to have an inclination towards the son in law that might, you know, this man's got characteristics of leadership.

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And the again, in this part of history, there are different opinions. So, some say the father in law, at his end gave the reins of leadership to say, although Hosea didn't like it, but the tribe was not happy. But he gave him the reins. And other side at his old age, he gave the reins to

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another person.

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And they call him a boob option. And you know, classic and Arabic, so that, you know, people will give you advice, you're sillier than Abu option because of option has a story.

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This man liked alcohol. And the leader of bazaar put him in charge in his absence, when he was sick, that you lead the assembly. So he was yearning for he was thirsting for alcohol, and he asked people and no one had so he came to foresight. And foresight, said no. And he asked again, and he said, No. So he asked the guy and he said, No, he goes, I'll give it to you with on one condition, he goes, what he goes, give me the keys of the GABA.

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So the man, you know, gave him the keys of the GABA, and

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I became in charge, and all and all the leaders of Jose I can see what's happening.

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And he basically took over the reins of leadership to me, I think the father in law liked him. So qualities of leadership in him was inclined that way, and when you know, situation played like that, he might have that way been inclined or, you know, by himself regardless. So when he became in charge, there was there was a battle because I didn't like it. So of course, I called his people kurush.

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And they had a battle. And it was decided that, that, per se is the

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king of maca.

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And this is one of the few times where it's it's absolute monarchy. Now, you know, so much so, that if a girl reached maturity, and now she would cover with, you know, the guards that Arabs covered with costs, I would give that to every house. So, you know, he, he had his fingers everywhere, if that makes sense. And but he was very, very astute politician very wise, of the things he did, he instituted the House of Assembly.

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And he actually built physical houses until then they were living in tents.

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So he called his people the chorus, his brothers, his cousins, this and that, to start building physical houses around the Kaaba. And once the physical houses are built in house, there's no you know, that's it, it becomes yours. So, they built they moved away from tents to physical houses, he built the House of Assembly, He instituted that you have to be at the age of 40 to enter this house, like you know, before you become a member of this Parliament age of 40. So you have reached an age of wisdom with where your opinion should matter. And, you know, he introduced a lot of other things and he is he has written

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the midst of Polish

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Are you all with me?

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Some of you look tired

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Do you want me to ask some questions

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that usually wakes people up that usually wakes people up

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and I understand that this part of the Sierra is a bit tedious, but inshallah Allah we will we it's important so you understand what happened. So when foresight came into power, Zamzam was already lost in this last four centuries, because they never found it from the time of,

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of Judah home when they left. So let's recap. The first stripe that took over Morocco was Georgia home with their cousins bunu katutura. Second tribe that can and kick your home out was Hosea. And with Hosea was Banu buck, boubakeur disappeared, eventually, you know that they became irrelevant that there was a battle so Hosanna got rid of them. For that I was in charge until the time of foresight at the time of foresight, the children of Israel can back inside Makkah in the name of polish. And now they rule with, you know, with total monarchy, if you like so all the affairs, the affairs of the Hajj, the whole judge, they feeding them, the political affairs of Makkah, who's in

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charge of the house, who's in charge of the assembly, all was under for sale.

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Now for say, at his deathbed had four sons

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had four sons, and two of them are important to us. One is Abu Dhabi, who was his oldest son, and the other one is abdomen F.

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Now, abdomen f was someone who society although he's not the oldest, he was shining amidst the Arab society. And he was the one worthy of leadership.

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But the father was inclined towards the firstborn.

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So although abdomen F and the others had had presence, the father relented towards,

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up the down, and at his deathbed told him that I give you the keys of the House of Assembly, and the courage will not go to war without your permission, the Hajaj will not drink water without your permission there will not be fed without your permission basically gave him all the reins of, of leadership to have the dark and abdomen as who society had accepted out of obedience to His father didn't say anything.

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So So long as

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so long as the brothers were alive, they just obeyed the older brother

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and the next generation

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and the next generation of dimana son again shown like why above everyone else? This is Hashem.

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So, look at the lineage of the Rasul Mohammed Abdullah,

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Abdullah, Abdullah, Abdul muttalib apne Hashem, this is Hashem the son of abdomen s, the grandson of Poseidon.

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So people came around Hashim

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and others were loyal to the children of, of the dollar. And eventually, our war was about to break out.

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So and the women of those days are astonishing when you read about them. So the women brought a pot of perfume

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to the Kaaba.

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Basically saying

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perfume your hands with this. And because the perfume stays in an oil based perfumes almost go into your blood, you know, your, your whole body sends from it.

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So this was a full total commitment, the symbol that our hands have been put in the same oil, sign perfume, it's going through the ins and outs of our bodies. And we will stand on this course of fighting for a sham till the end for Hashem until the end. So these were called the centered ones. So this include included

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all the other brothers, the children of the other brothers, so abdomen, f ob,

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and I think the other ones up the ladder or something like that. So the other three brothers, and up the dar was alone on one side and

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Some of the distant tribes stood by him. So they were about to leave Makkah because you can't fight inside McCain and have the battle outside when they decided, listen, let's compromise. So we'll give some of the honors to Hashem. And some of the honors will stay to the house of Abdullah. So Hashim got some of the honors of the dad got on the the keys of the, of the House of Assembly, but Hashem became in charge of the Kaaba. And he became known as Hashem became in charge of the pilgrims and providing for them, and this and that. So one of the outstanding contributions of Hashem was

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a drought hit Makkah.

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And they were about to be annihilated.

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So much so that people were digging their own graves, you know, just waiting by the side to go. And he came up with a solution to save Makkah. And he his idea was basically that we take two trips,

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one trip in winter, like a business trip, and the other one in summer. And this is what the Quran refers to as

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relative schita he was safe, the two trips of the summer and the winter. So in winter, they used to travel to Yemen. And in summer they used to travel to Belarusian

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and what did they used to do cuz Makkah is the place of Hajj and parts of hedges sacrifice, so they sacrifice animals, which means there was a lot of animal skin available. So the Meccans became very good with leather works. So they used to create, you know, shields and armor and clothing and bags and sacks and prepare it all year for these two trips, they used to take to Sham sell a day by you know, the things they needed and the things they could sell and market to the Hajaj that came because this was a you know, part of international market now. And in Sham they took African stuff because you know, you know and from Yemen cause and Naja she's army was there and this and that and

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things that came from India and the spices used to come from that side. So they created a life hub for themselves and maca by these two. And again, I want you to note a few things.

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So he's one of his great grandfather's per se, brought the courage back into Makkah.

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This other one,

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Hashem has now brought life into Makkah through trade.

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Do you see

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an end time when the Rasool comes out and is summoned to the office of prophethood no one can doubt the contribution and the status of his lineage.

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Do you understand? It is as though history keeps highlighting his lineage to say something great is coming here. And also when he comes, acceptance becomes easy because you know he's from the ones that saved you once and saved you twice and saved you three times for his own tribe to accept