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Al Hamdulillah

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was saying you know, Sophia who was 30 Why would we lay it out? I mean surely if we see you know, I mean say it I'm Adelina Miyagi level for La mobila woman your little fella had yella was shadow Allah ILAHA hula Cherie color was shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah who are pseudo wasafi human being culty you a Hollywood Bella receta what dilemma one also Holly had enormous Allah to Allah Salam wa la Yeah, you're living in La Habra to party while at Hamilton Illa to Muslim on your national taco rob the Kamala the Halacha come in I've seen Wahida wahala come in has Soulja over Semin humeri Jalan kit here on one is

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what's up Allahu Allah the to do whatever he will or ham in Allah haka and alikhan Optiva Yeah, you're living in LA mahalo Conan said either with local law como de Nova calm while making your trailer how Rasulullah photographers have chosen Alima

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My dear brothers and sisters.

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As I promised last week in sha Allah Allah

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today is not necessarily the final part but it's part two or a follow up to what we talked about last Friday.

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And talking about this subject is not in any way escape

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from the painful reality that our OMA is living through.

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And inshallah I will comment in the second half of it and then later Allah towards the end in sha Allah Allah, please continue to pray

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for our brothers and sisters.

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And because

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Allah subhanaw taala is their struggle. May Allah subhanho wa Taala levy their pain? May Allah subhana wa Taala bring an end to this bloodshed? May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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bring to justice or bring justice upon those

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who torture people kill innocent civilians and spread mischief and destruction over the land. I mean, arable enemy.

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We talked about what defines a man

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aspects of what defines a true man in Islam and we said that the Quran clearly states that a real man is someone that fulfills his obligations towards Allah subhanaw taala and fulfills his commitment to Allah subhanahu what to Allah and Allah azza wa jal praise these people we talked also about how Allah subhanaw taala praises men who are not distracted wealth or accumulation of wealth, business, any of these things do not distract them from their primary role in life which is to worship Allah subhanaw taala to remember Allah azza wa jal so Allah azza wa jal praises them. Riyal literally him take to Allah to whatever your Ananda Aquila

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but that's not where it stops. If we further dig into the Quran, we find that Allah Subhana Allah also praises men who fulfill their responsibilities, their communal responsibilities, as well as their familial responsibilities. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala tells us in the Quran

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about and today we'll focus on the family.

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Allah azza wa jal addresses the men the believing men, it says yeah, you're living in Amman Oh of wasa como Alikum Nowra

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Oh, you who believe. Preserve yourselves, protect yourselves and your families from a fire?

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What could you have NASA what era whose fuel are men and stone so Allah subhanaw taala places this responsibility of leading the family towards Jana and protecting the family from this miserable destination called Hellfire

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upon the men primarily.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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praises those who care for their families, spiritual well being

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and worry about their fate on the day of judgment.

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And in the very verse in which Allah subhanaw taala talks about an exemplar, a great role model

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for all men throughout history

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and amazing personality

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In the Quran praises

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a man who was raised by another even greater men, smiling not acela, Allah subhanaw taala praises his maid

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for assuming that leadership role and within his family and guiding his family towards

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towards Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azza wa jal says, and I want you to pay attention to how Allah subhanho wa Taala praise him right before he talks about his family role. Allah subhanho wa Taala praised him for being someone who is true to his, to his to His Word, someone who was who would who would be committed to his to His Word, someone who fulfilled His covenant with Allah. Allah subhana, Allah says, saw the final word, he was someone who was truthful in his promise. And remember, we said we didn't want me in Riyadh, Saudi Omaha had allottee.

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So he was someone who would fulfill his commitment

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and keep his word. And we know throughout history, many cultures, men who keep men were known to be people who would keep their word at any cost.

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And there are amazing stories out there

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that show that that that that part of a man's of a real man's personality, so Allah subhanaw taala praised him for being so different what

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then Allah subhana wa Tada says, also of his qualities in addition to this, well, the colorful Kitab is American in the who kind of saw the apple what what kind of a swirl and maybe, what can a mortal Allah who saw that he was Zeca what can I interrupt him earlier?

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And part of being a true man, a man of God was that he used to enjoy it upon his family and remind them to pray can be Salah was and to purify themselves or to give Zika to fulfill their financial obligations towards Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, what can end up be hemorrhaging and Allah subhanaw taala was pleased with him.

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And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam reinforces this.

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What would you do? Right? He baited the prophesy. Selim says it's a man who is responsible within his household.

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He is, and Allah subhanaw taala says, You see, a lot of people usually just focus on the responsibility

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or the degree or the privilege that comes with that. They forget

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala says a yellow Qalamoun Allah Noosa that men are aware moon, and there isn't a word in English that can do this term, this Quranic term justice there isn't.

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A lot of times when someone comes into the mines people in very often men also quote this first column without any say in what context

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Oh, I'm with me is you're in charge. You're responsible.

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You're obligated, Allah will hold you accountable, you're not going to go past a particular point on the Day of Judgment,

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until you present enough evidence that you have fulfilled your responsibilities otherwise, Allah subhanaw taala will punish you.

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That's what it means.

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That's why the Scholars say it's to Sharif is to leave not to Sharif.

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They say it's a degree of responsibility, not power or honor. Because we're all equal in the eyes of Allah subhana, which is the responsibility and ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says, love you man feel committed.

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Because of what Allah Subhana Allah gave men in general, and on top of that, for being responsive, which brings me to the second obligation.

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The second obligation that the Quran clearly states is the financial obligation, the man is responsible for his family. And someone might say, well, this isn't as obvious nor have I been. Yeah, but it's not obvious anymore. What used to be obvious what used to be common sense is no longer common sense.

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Especially amongst the younger generations.

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There's, there's a shift in the mindset, that unfortunately, many Muslim men, especially of the younger generation, do not realize that in Islam, the husband or the man, and the reason I'm saying the husband or the man is because he may not be married. He could be someone who is looking after his parents.

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So if the parents cannot earn for themselves,

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it is the son. It's the man who's supposed to earn for his family.

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and take care of them. Allah subhana to other places that responsibility upon the shoulder, the shoulders of men.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says this is this is this is Allah subhanaw taala. This is someone might say, well, what if someone cannot, these are the exceptions. The general rule is that the the men are responsible to earn for their families, and they're not doing anyone a favor. They're just doing themselves a favor and in return Allah Subhana Allah promises that He will assist and provide strength and provide guidance for any man that fulfills that responsibility. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also reinforces that in his statement that Allah Subhana Allah blesses them and not only that, but everything that you're earn, for the sake of spending on your family,

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Allah azza wa jal considers that for you as of Sunday, you will be rewarded for it.

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And when you are out on a path to go and earn Halal living for your family,

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then you're on a path to gender.

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And may Allah Subhana Allah keep our men safe and strong for their family, may Allah Subhana Allah bless them, bless their wealth and health and bless their earning.

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So keep that in mind. It is the responsibility of the man fully,

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and Allah will reward you for it. Nonetheless, it is your responsibility. That's part of dilemma, that that is one of the qualities of real men in the Quran. And in the prophetic tradition.

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May Allah subhanaw taala is Peace and blessing and be a part of the Prophet SAW Allah and he's

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also part of a man's responsibility

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is to treat the members of his household

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be it his parents, his siblings, his sisters, his children,

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his wife, or wives,

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and do not

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a man does not overburden or

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pressure, the members of his household tries to take care of his own affairs, to the best of his ability.

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Because a man does not allow someone else to have a favor over him to the best of their ability.

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And the province of Allah who I think will send them was a great example of that he used to take care of his own affairs.

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There is nothing I'm more envious than a man who is independent.

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May Allah Subhana Allah Allah we would like to be to be to be like that.

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And I'm not I'm telling you this, and I'm not trying to here to lecture you and tell you, I am not. Unfortunately,

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I'm not the best example when it comes to this.

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But I do know individuals that I personally envy for being self sufficient and independent, they they know how to take care of themselves. They don't mind someone else taking care of them. But they know how to take care to take care of themselves. And it's a beautiful quality and I urge young men to learn to take care of your own affairs clean after yourself. Make your bed, take care of your own affairs.

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Be independent.

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It's a beautiful quality the wives of the province has said and praised him for being like that. They said he used to take care of his own things. He would fix his own sandals. So Allah Allah says

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he would fix if his clothes rips, he takes care of it. So Allah Azza used to do his own thing. And the Prophet SAW Allah why don't you send them one of the prophets that he prays

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and he considered to be a role model for himself? Was that with Ali salah? He said that would use to,

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to Yeah, Colombian Amelie Eddie. He used to eat from what he earned either. That means that he earned

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he earned it himself or he used to make his own food

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or enjoy doing that. There's nothing wrong with that.

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Be proud of that.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on top of that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, every now and then the province was set and whenever he felt that his family members whose wives or any member of his family needed help needed physical help or assistance can a corner female only and he will make a use out of himself. So Allah listen, he was a very useful person. He didn't just sit around on a recliner waiting to be served but the prompts will they send them used to lend a hand? What help do you need?

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It is beyond me my dear brothers and sisters whenever I and unfortunately I've seen this multiple times beyond me when

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I see women doing hard labor stuff while the men are sitting watching.

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Where's the manliness? Where is the masculinity? Where's, where's the jeweler?

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It just doesn't make sense that you're sitting around smoking something or chewing something while the women are doing the hard labor stuff. Lately, the module

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or a woman is walking around carrying all kinds of shopping bags.

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And the man is just sitting in the car waiting on his phone.

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that's not a good example for our youth for our Shut up.

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Because we need men, real men

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that have chivalry

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I should have.

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Because these are the type of men that will stand pointing their finger and say we're not going to be abused. We're going to stand up for our rights. And we're going to defend our honor and we're going to defend our property. According to the record was software Allah Allah Allah competitor Phil we're Filipino.

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala

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a man asked Al Hassan

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Who should I marry my daughter to what kind of a man should I seek for my daughter? Or what kind of a man should I? He said someone who fears Allah subhanho wa Taala

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fears no one except a lot. So it's a real man fears no one except Allah azza wa jal. He doesn't fear his wife. He's not intimidated by her. He doesn't feel competitive. You know that he's in a competition with her. He's not trying to impress you. He doesn't do any of these. A real man doesn't do that.

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Yanni, if someone says you're wearing his hair, he's not gonna look her up. Anyways.

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That's not befitting of

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Rogers happy Phil Ayesha illAllah. They have il Allah subhana wa

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Hosoda, Microsoft Windows. I don't even have to laugh Shakeela.

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So what kind of emotion does he have towards his wife?

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It's one of two things.

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He either loves her and honors her.

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Or he may not feel love but he feels compassion.

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cares for her. One or the other.

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Someone might say what about hatred? What about being resentful? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lie a fragment Amina. A believing man should not allow himself to hate or despise his own wife. He should not.

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Does this mean that women at the time of the promises are no more perfect? They did everything? He said no. He said, Well, if he does not like something about her, he then he should focus on something else that he loves.

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But don't be fixated on that one negative thing or a few negative things that you don't like about that person. Someone might say what if there is nothing positive that I really care much for? Then Allah subhanaw taala says himself will be my outer city visa

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with honor,

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honor that person. That is why when an Hesson was asked what kind of a man should I look for my daughter? He said to that man, a person who fears no one except Allah subhanaw taala because if he loves her in her

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way in carry her her let me have limb her. And if he doesn't like her, he will not wrong her.

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A real God fearing man does not wrong his wife. He doesn't play these games. He doesn't abuse.

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And that is why the Prophet SAW Selim when the men came to him. Rather when the women came complaining, he said, and then he found out that they were being physically abused. The Prophet SAW Allah They said I'm sitting met when I could be theatrical. These men are not the best of you. Cairo, Cairo comeliness say, oh, hi Eurocom hydrocone le fury, why? The best of you are those who are the best and the kindness to their family members.

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And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself was wronged by by someone

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the promises and happy reality just go he honored her so Allah do send them

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a real man does not abuse nor does he accept to be

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He doesn't abuse others, especially those whom he's supposed to care for, nor does he accept to be abused.

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May Allah subhanaw taala revive the spirit of manhood as the Quran wants us to be.

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And may Allah subhanho wa Taala Give victory to those who are standing their ground fighting for their rights and in fighting for justice. May Allah Subhana Allah give them decisive victory

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how they will sell Allahu wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Allah and he was a settlement of Sima Kofi la Shala I'll share something with you a thought with you after the Salah Inshallah, as inshallah I asked for your forgiveness as well. Inshallah, tomorrow I'm going to be traveling for Amara in sha Allah azza wa jal. Please keep me in your DUA and if I have wronged you in any way or fashion please forgive me if I disappointed you please forgive me May Allah subhanaw taala forgive all of our sins and our shortcomings Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.