Seerah Episode 1 – Hajar – The Phenomenal Woman

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hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa salatu salam Mustafa Wanda alihi wa sahbihi wa

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ala yo Midian. So Ibrahim alayhis salam left

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a smile in her job in this valley. And then the story turns around and goes samata hotjar calls to him, where are you going? Why are you doing this? Why are you leaving us and he didn't respond. And then after her insistence, she says, Allah who America be Heather has Allah ordered you to do this? And he said, Yes. So she said, go

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a lot of polariser Allah yoga, Your Honor, he will not let us perish.

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And I said dress last week that we will talk about how jolly has solemn.

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So I will come back to this little incident in a moment. So Ibrahim Alayhi Salam goes to a place where they can't see him like he walks he rides away. And then when he is out of sight, he turns towards the direction of the Kaaba.

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At this stage, the building is not built. But Ibrahim knows that this is where the house of Allah will be. Be daddy Lepore Natalia so he makes the da robina in the skin to mean suryya Tb word in the Z zahlreichen in the

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bay tickle Muharram Oh Lord, I have left my progeny. In an unvegetated Valley there's there's no life in sight. There's no vegetation in sight, by the foundations of your house. So it means he knows that the house of Allah will be here.

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And then he says Rob Burnett federal ravanelli up masala or load for the day might stablish Sala in displace

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fragile, mean and nasty that we lay him so turn the hearts of people towards them, what is the home in minister Marathi Allah Allah homea Sharon and provide them from with provisions so that they might be grateful to you.

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Normally when humankind inhabit a place you know try to decide to build a civilization a little village something there there are certain things they look for. For example, when you know Captain Cook came to Australia when he was doing the analysis he saw a lot of greenery so scholar site had just rained recently these little you know, weeds that grow in Australia and by after a few days it had grown so he said the places you know, very fertile, Australia is an arid or semi arid places not a very fertile place. But that kind of tricked him and he decided he's going to come and settle him

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but so they look for for fertile land they look for water they look for access they look for you know, topography maca doesn't have any of that no water inside land land. fertile from what you know it's rock

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access minimal. So it has not but Ibrahim asks Yeah, Rob, turn people to come here and also provide for them. And so panela go to Makkah today. You know the surprise of my life. I found kiwi fruit and maca.

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You know that's from from from our paths from New Zealand and Australia. kiwi fruit and maca. Why in response to the dawn of Ibrahim was was dopamine thammarat and provide for them from provisions. And this is not now to our time although there was nothing going for them. Allah has kept the doors of plenty open for them.

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So Amata hajer alayhis salam. The first thing to note about is look at her knowledge of a lot of bellezza she says go

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He will not let us perish.

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So why do I say this is knowledge of a lot of Blairism.

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So she is there with a little bit of water and they say a little bit of dates you know a sack of dates, bit of dates and animal skin of water. And the water pretty soon runs out. You can imagine the thought you know that part of the world is very hot. So she's probably splashed a bit of water on him tried to give him a bit of water waters ran out. And now the child howdy size is twisting out of this.

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Have you seen children hungry? You know when they look annoyed, they look frustrated. They need they need something to eat. So this child and it's very difficult for parents

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To see so when the mom sees the child grappling for life and must take the heart so to do something, she runs to the nearest mountain to her a sofa

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and looking for some sign of life water, she just you know, up and down. in agony, desperation. She runs up and downs, you know, between the Safa Marwah. And then she sees an angel. And there are different narrations to this she sees an angel at the foot of his smile.

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So the hadith of Bokhari just says Angel, at the narration say gibreel.

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And has status as such that the angel talks to her

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because and this shows that angels talk to other than the profits as well. And they are hardy from our nation as in from the Nation of Muhammad, in which angels have talked to the Sahaba and have talked to those after them. So therefore,

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the angel tells her this

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he says she's an angel says don't fear perishing.

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Don't remember what she said initially, she said Allah will not let us perish now the angel comes to confirm, don't fear perishing in this valley, the house of Allah will be built.

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And this boy and his father will build it.

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And Allah will never let his people perish and the angel went, but he smacks with his wings. And zum zum comes out and and I want you to visualize Rocky Mountains relatively secluded cuz not the flat land that you can see them from afar. There's mountains all around in the middle of these mountains is alone woman with the little babe sitting and water next to them. And all the surroundings like you know, and there was not people very close like that far distances, they have traveled in search of water. There's, there's no everyone knows there's no water here. But now all of a sudden, they see birds circling above birds that come for water. So then at the nearest tribe that was, you know,

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many miles away, they see birds flocking around this place. So they say from their knowledge that this is these birds come around water.

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And we know there's no water there. So they send someone go check. So can you imagine the scenery, the scout comes to a place where they know it's barren. There's no sign of life or water here. And now they see a lady sitting

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and a baby with her. And water.

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It must be mysterious. You know, where did you come from? Who are you? Who are you with? Where did this water come from?

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So they go back and tell the people that there's you know, there's there's a lady there, and there's water with her. So the tribe comes? And I want you to see the strength of our mother hotjar alayhis salam?

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because number one, any normal person left you know, between those mountains and that heat with

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you know, with no shade? No house, no tent? No, no, no, nothing would die of a heart attack. You know, just anxiety would build so much like what am I gonna do you know, child's gonna understand that will have depression and anxiety and all the rest of it.

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But she's sitting.

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And then they come.

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And this is all we know from the narrations. They say can we can we live next to you?

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like imagine, and it's important to think about the details. What type of presence would she have had to have, where men

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have a whole tribe with their women, and children and livestock have come and now they think they need permission for her to settle next to her, although visibly there is not a man in sight to protect her. Like ordinarily and those times they should have tied her up might have one of their servants Hello, serve the animals and this and that, you know, and your kid will be one of our slaves.

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But not her alayhis salam and then they say can we you know, live next to you? And her answer is definitely yes. But the water is mine.

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Like with which force

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but this is what it shows her fit in a lot of blazer that almost

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Why is with me. And then not only that what is more desert Link

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is in a few years, this child whose father is not inside like Ibrahim Ali Salaam is traveling.

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This child not only grows up but becomes the leader of this new tribe that has come here the leader of Georgia home.

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Like Think about it.

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Normally, you will choose leaders from your own tribe, you know your brother, your uncle, your cousin, you have elders, you have youngsters, some of you. So why have they given leadership to this is mine.

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And I play different scenarios in my head. And I found on the one that works, it is the disposition of this lady. Imagine the conversations Who are you? Where did you come from? There was no water here. So consistent with the story of Musa alayhis salaam cause the righteous to find opportunities for that hour. So I am thinking her discourse would be I am the wife of the Hollywood of the one that created the heavens and earth. There was no water here he sent us here. This one here will build the house for Allah here. The Zamzam was bought by the angel to me, Do you understand me? And her passion and her belief and insistence on it so much that everyone is forced to yield to her

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Do you understand so much so that when the son grows up,

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Hollis, you are your you're the leader in charge of this?

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This town, although it's not his father's nation, you understand me? later on. He married into Jerome, but still it wasn't his actual drive. His comes from the Brahim rd center.

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So here

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I am fascinated by by hotjar alayhis. Salam

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and my dear sisters, sometimes life deals you difficult cards. And I don't think it could get much difficult than the life of harder. Shelton and existence has been gone. A little child has a burden yet Subhan Allah out of faith and her belief in her faith I and a lot of bulldozer Not only did she salvage the situation, but the firewall to use the word she became the matriarch of the society it wouldn't be wrong and positions her son in a place where he would lead by divine guidance the whole nation that had come into this place