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What's what would you do if you got the chance to meet the Prophet so

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you know, I Mufti mink knows that I have a policy and sometimes that I do not like to speak in front of you know learning shy scholars and I've seen that in the life of my own teachers how the respect the teachers and the professor silence over you know speaking so let alone speaking or doing anything in front of the Prophet Mohammed Alanis and so i will i think i would be just being in his presence is a big deal in on its own so that would be the honor Malaga that is with him I mean

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of this man I'd like to extend the question to you, what would you do if you met the prophets of the Lord but he answered it

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Mashallah, he said that he doesn't feel meaning I know he always tells me when I'm speaking please don't sit in the front. He always tells that to me. And today when I was speaking he was seated right here

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and even though the lights were turned off, but you know His head was just shining

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Mashallah, so if you're covering it your cover your shining head as well

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don't sell my secrets okay?

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No, Mashallah let's get a little bit more serious buckle up. I think it would be overwhelming to meet with Mohammed Salah Salam is actually an A, one of the aims, the dreams that I have in Sharla and I'm sure it will happen, inshallah. And the same with all of us, may Allah bless us with that. It will be overwhelming. And

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I think I would have to wait for that time to see what happens thereafter.

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May Allah make it easy? That's all I'm gonna say.

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I would like to extend the same question to you with the same mic.

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smilla was Salam ala rasulillah

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I got this question in Philippines a week ago. minister's wife and for a week have been struggling with like, what would I do if I met the Rasulullah?

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I think I would be very shy. I genuinely think

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what do you do in front of the law school like and I think I would want to look at him but would be shy to look at him

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would want to hug and kiss him but

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you know, where am I and where is he and my

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resurrect this with him might

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give us the pleasure of of being with him and seeing

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there's a little couple of typos regularly they say as an apology letters who had over sharonville will be Billy I mean, what enabled

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me to resurrect this

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which verse of the Quran sticks out to you the most? And why?

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Okay, which verse of the Quran sticks out for me the most actually, like I said, and like I would always say every time I'm asked about favorite verses or every time you read the Quran, there are different verses that actually stick out because of the problems you may be going through or the situation you may be facing at that particular time. So different verses stick out but in general, I can tell you, there is a surah that moves me the most two suitors. short ones, one is Aloha and the other one is sudo to Shara and layli. Then sajama dakara bukoba makala, that verse itself Maota occurrent bukoba makala. Well aphylla to highroller Kamala Sofia ticker baka fatawa so the two vs

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Maota Acura, bukoba macula and well so for your ticker buka fatawa.

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They stick out the most for me, they they impact upon me they make me ponder deeply every time I read them, and what they mean just for the benefit of everyone.

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Were the prophets of Salaam revelation had stopped for a time and then he thought maybe he was upset with me maybe you know, Allah has left me forsaken me. So Allah revealed a verse to him to say Mauer dacapo Allah has not forsaken you wallmark Allah, he's not upset with you. It happens to all of us. Certain things happen negatively. Sometimes we struggle sometimes we struggle for a long time. And we think maybe Allah is upset with me, and perhaps you know, and then you read this verse and you say, No, he's not

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He's not, you know, he's not upset with me and he hasn't left me and then a verse down. Allah says,

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Allah, so for your utterly corrupt bukata. And very soon, Allah will give you so much until you become happy. So you might not have it right now. And you will get it. So sometimes we want something we, you know, we look forward to things, and they don't come our way. And Allah says, hang on, it's going to come something quick I can share with you. I went to Tanzania. Many years ago, many years ago, the people from the University of Zanzibar had invited me. And these were youngsters, they had very little resources. And I had traveled from Zimbabwe, to Kenya. And when I spoke to them, and then they had a vote of thanks after the two days or three days, and I remember

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the brother, his name is Syed. Now we're friends, it's been years, it's been more than 1012 years. And he just said we have we have something to offer you. And that is a verse of the Quran.

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And I'm thinking, you know, when you have when you have a vote of thanks, people come and give you a plaque, they give you a gift, they give you something, they'll give you something that you can take back home. And he says we have a verse of the Quran to give you and that is, well, so for your current bokeh photographer.

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He says, Indeed, Allah will bless you so much until you are happy. And that was the first time in my life that a different meaning a different, you know, part of that verse dawned on me, and it's stuck with me ever since. And it's really moved me. And so that's Sora and the next surah is all about difficulty and hardship. I think I can invite everyone. If you have a moment to go and look at those two sources, they really soothe me. They bring about a lot of calmness. I just have to read them and I'm just blown away Mashallah.

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The same question extended to you which verse of the Quran sticks out to you the most? Yeah, there is there is one verse that always always on minor I always recited and even recited it today during my talk and that is boulia idea levinas rough Wallah and forcing him latoken netone Rahmatullah in the La Jolla for the vinnova Jamia inna who will offer Rahim till my servants till the Mohammed? Those who have transgressed against themselves who have sinned day and night? Tell them despair not from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala for Allah forgives all sins

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in our photo Rahim indeed, he's the most forgiving, Most Merciful. And I think for two reasons I liked that verse so much for reasons it reminds me of my ugly history.

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And it gives me that hope that Allah Subhana Allah is willing to forgive whatever we have committed in the past so May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who would be forgiving in sha Allah. I mean, I mean, I mean

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I like both of those verses.

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But I am an education and part of what we deal with this is discipline and D both of you know the younger generation and so because you know, it's your field you kind of look for it in the Koran and and no one disciplines like a lot of

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so one of the topics that the Arabs had a problem with you know, when the Prophet was preaching was with this issue of resurrection you know, we will die We will turn to bone the bones will turn to dust your Lord will bring us up from from dust and one of them you know went and thought and did a lot of thinking and then came up with an amazing experiment took all decaying bones you know, and came to the you know, in front of the majesty of the Rasulullah and crushed it like this and he goes you're saying he will give life to this you know, in his head he thought like you know reach Nirvana you know what this look Look what I do what an experiment like how are you gonna say? So the Quran

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responds in a way to be fitting the majesty of the the larochelle imagery then father Lima, Yuri, he says, our lamb era in Santa

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Ana hoomin No papa, either who will call c mu mu bien wat da Ba La masala. Wanna see a follow

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up like a warm over here Amim? So he says, doesn't our lm era insano doesn't man see that we created him from from droplet of you know, not far, something so low that the first fold on your clothing, you won't pray with it. And then that same thing made from that grows so arrogant that he comes to argue with us and wadada berlina masala and he wants to give examples for us when I see a photo and he forgets what he was made from, you know, call up and he will he is saying man you have the law here. I mean, who will give life to the dead bones once they die. Tell him you're a woman.

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And our lamora the one that created it from nothing he will bring it back again and he is able to so to myself that poor person you know 40 has reached Nirvana, enlightenment, you know, I have found law and then a lot of belleza brings him to his reality just with with a couple of sentences as someone in behavior management that stands out to me now.

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Finally says, Oh, hi, Joe, stay with you. inshallah, you spoke about gender. And what a beautiful place gender is.

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The final question from myself to you is this. What are you looking forward to the most engender whatever's in the 10th?

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That's it.

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Wow, Mashallah. Okay.

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What am I looking forward to? in general? I can tell you something. I'm just looking forward to Jenna, then I'll decide once I'm there, what I want. The reason I say that is, I've got I have a lot of people asking me more than more than two 300 questions over the last few years. Will my cat be in general with me?

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And I'm intrigued at the love that the the the people who send these questions have for the cats, and I know the answer, but I can't break their hearts. So I have to tell them, the Almighty promises you and he promised all of us. And this is a serious matter. He says when you get to paradise, you will have what ever you want how you want it when you want it in the way that makes you happy, without changing what you want, even with by a speck. So I sit in I think people have husbands they don't like people have wives they don't want people have people have animals people have so much and I think to myself, what's going to happen to them, they just need to know, please get there, then

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you're going to see what's going to happen. You will be amazed we are thinking with our little brains of humankind here. When you get there that you're going to have the super brain which is totally perfect. You're going to have the existence that's limitless. No Photoshop, it's real. You know, it's real. You don't have to try and change things. No makeup, it's actually fact. That's who you are. And if you want to be someone different while you're thinking you changing, if someone someone wants to see you different they will be seeing you different while you're seeing yourself different I can't even explain. So then I tell them you know what, please just get to paradise

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first. Talk about your cat they.

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If you think about the cat when you there, I promise you, you will get the cat but the question is, will you think about your cat? Yes, I definitely will. That's what they say. But the answer is Hang on. It reminds me of one thing. Sorry, I'm taking one more minute. It reminds me one thing I said it in the Philippines. And and I might have said it again. elsewhere. Say it again for a fourth time.

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You know, in 1960 we used to have Mercedes.

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And it used to say to eight zero s at the back. And we used to be excited Oh wow. And not that I was born at the time but I'm talking about 1960 talking of the 1960 model 1970 then you had a series came and the guys were saying I can't afford this merch but inshallah Allah will give me this. The same guy, the same guy 1520 years down the line. If he was to be given that Mercedes, he wouldn't want it.

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So if I decide now what I want in Paradise, maybe 10 years later, I won't wanted the Ferraris and the Porsches, the 911 that was so famous when I was young. Today, people don't look at it, I promise you, they wouldn't want it. But it would be so cheap for me to decide. Look at this S Class, look at our beautiful, Allah give me this agenda. 10 years from now, I won't want it myself here in the world. Forget about gender. Because the model is going to the model is going to change everything changes. So this goes to show my brothers and sisters, it's a fact when we say we want something in gender, this is what I'm going to do in gender. You know what, forget about all of that. Just

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prepare for general, just make sure you are there. Once you're there. Trust me, you will never be let down. People say if men get this, what am I going to get? I promise you you're going to get better than men.

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You know, I always say you know the the it's a question that a lot of people don't like but I want to raise it. Okay. They say so the men are going to get women so what are the women going to get? I say they're going to get men What else?

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What else? I mean, I really so. So when you get there. I don't want to talk about the details. Please. Let's get there. When we get there. We will definitely be the most pleased. So don't ask me. What do you want to do there? Please, I just want to get there. If I'm there. I'm a happy man. Shall I see you guys they say I mean

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I'm a visual person. I'm a visual person. How

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I want to have some stuff. Yeah, I always dream stuff in general that I'm going to do. And actually the person who encourages me to do that is one of my machines. We were dropping him off the airport when I was in Hong Kong, and he was like making the art for us. Thank you for accommodating me and stuff. And then you say, insha Allah when we get to Jenna, I'm inviting you for a barbecue meal, underwater, underwater. And then we see how this is possible. You say didn't Allah Subhana Allah Allah said lako Masha, una de howliday namazi, you will have whatever you wish for. And we have even more things beyond our imagination. But there are certain things that I always imagined, actually,

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while leaving the Philippines the other day, we had a meeting with connections to team and I was telling them that one of the things that I'm dreaming to see in general is organizing connecting the purse the final connecting the purse conference in general. Where, yeah, where? Yeah, I'm imagining where the Prophet Mohammed saw seldom is the speaker.

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And we are all the volunteers.

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And we are all listening and we are all the students. One of the wishes that I wanted to see in general we actually, Mufti mink shared it with me once in the Philippines. We were drinking coffee at the airport before heading to another destination. And I told after, after he checked the coffee, he prayed to the brother mail or somebody prayed like male or female do coffee from gender. So most women say that would be called gender Chino, you know?

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I remember that stuff too. You know

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Mashallah, Mashallah I remember the agenda Chino bit but I want to ask you will they be chickens in general? Because we're a barbecue you're gonna need chicken.

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Okay, have you been Oh Mashallah is beautiful hamdulillah Beautiful, beautiful

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