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Said I'm already camara de la he will be accountable

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Hill Karim rubbish Rahi sadri where Siddeley emri Washington iraq data melissani yokocho Cali along Matthew Colby was sadly Sani was roots akimoto Colby I mean your brother mean

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inshallah we will continue with our study of the Beautiful Names of Allah exalted a smartwood Hausner and today inshallah we will look at the name Alani in sha Allah. Now, the name of Allah, Allah honey means the one who is free of need, the one who is very rich, the one who is free of any want whatsoever, meaning he is completely and fully independent of his creation of anything and anyone. So, he is perfectly self sufficient. Now, the name of Allah, Allah honey is mentioned 18 times in the book of Allah and this shows us how important this concept is in our religion, meaning this, this belief regarding Allah subhanaw taala that he is a loony that he has no need of us

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whatsoever, the fact is that we are the ones who are entirely dependent on him and we are the ones who are in absolute need of him or zoa gel. Now, the name of Allah ilani is derived from the word linear and linear literally means to be free of want to be in a state or to be in a condition where a person or a being has no needs or no wants whatsoever. So basically, it is the opposite of *er, Fokker is poverty and when a person is lacking something when a person is missing something, when someone is suffering from poverty, they are in need of others and there could be different reasons for for neediness, one reason for neediness is the fact that we are creation. So, we have we need

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certain things in order to survive in order to be alive. So, for example, we are in need of oxygen, we are in need of water, we are in need of you know good health, we are in need of you know different functions of our body to be working in order that we may stay alive. So, so, this is one reason for neediness. Another reason is that you know we are in need because you know that there are certain things

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which we desire, why because of that internal weakness. So we have you know, the need to feel in control, we have the need to feel that you know we own something or that we are being heard or that you know people are accepting us etc. So, neediness basically comes from a place of weakness. So Lina is the opposite of that Lena is that that there is so much perfection, absolute perfection and freedom from any weakness that there is no need. There is no neediness or want so so this is the concept of Lena that it is the opposite of *er. So Ronnie is the one who is free of want. Honey is the one who is self sufficient. And Lenny is also used for someone who is rich and wealthy. And

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even people are described as Alinea or lynnie. Why when they have a lot of money and so that they are free of you know the need of asking people because they're able to look after themselves. So honey is the one who possesses a lot of wealth also. Now when we're talking about Allah subhanaw taala His name is

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Honey, then what does it mean? It means that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala is a honey meaning in his being in his that meaning he is completely absolutely self sufficient, he is, he is the one who owns everything in his hand are the treasures of the skies and the earth, his attributes are all perfect. And this is why he is, he is rich, he is self sufficient in and of himself. Meaning, meaning Allah subhanaw taala has, has freedom of any want whatsoever. And and this is the you know, and this is why any he is the only one who is worthy of worship, because he is free of any need because he is self sufficient. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a honey This means that he is

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lunney of his slaves, meaning he is completely independent of his servants of the creation. So, he has no need of anyone, and he has no need of anything. So, he is Lenny Yoon, on everybody, he is free of need of his slaves. So he does not need anything. You see as as the creation as people, we are dependent on one another. Right? We need people around us. We know we need different things for our survival, but Allah subhanaw taala is self sufficient. So he has no need of anything or anyone. So for example, in the Quran we learn insulet earlier man, I a 97 that woman kufr offer in the law honey Yuna Angela Allah mean, that Allah subhanaw taala is learning from the world's meaning he is

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free of need of the worlds of the entire existence. He has no need of them. He can he can do without them, he can easily get rid of them. He does not depend on them in any way whatsoever. He is Lani en el amin, we learn in sortal hedge is 64 then we're in the Lucha, Lucha, well, Ronnie, you'll Hamid and this is mentioned right after the fact that he owns everything lahoma for summer work, you will murfin old to Him belong whatever that is in the skies, and whatever that is in the earth, and he is indeed honey, he is rich, he is free of need and he is praiseworthy. So, this means that Allah subhanaw taala has no need for any partner or any child. And this is why we worship only Allah,

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because he does not need an equal he does not need an assistant, he does not need, you know, a partner, when is it that people seek partners, for example, partnership in their, you know, in their work, or in you know, in ownership of something, when, you know, their work is too too big to handle on their own, and either not able to manage everything on their own. So they need someone who can share the workload with them, or they are unable to do everything, because they have all the skills required. So to do the job, and this is why we see that people, you know, we have partners and equals etc. But the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala he is perfect in himself. So he does not need

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anyone to help him manage, you know the matters of the creation, he has no weakness that can be compensated by someone else. No Allah subhanaw taala is above any weakness. So in total interim Iowan 63 we learned last surely cola will be velika omit to what an overload mostly mean? That Allah subhanaw taala has no partner at all. And this is what I have been commanded to do meaning to worship Allah subhanaw taala alone, and I am the first to submit to Him, meaning surrender to Him entirely. So I worship Him and OBEY Him in a hadith and Muslim leader and that Allah subhanaw taala says that Allah subhanaw taala is alone a shell or carry on a ship and he is completely free of any

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need of having a partner. So he has no need for a partner and he has no need for any child even. You see, it's understood that people any they're considered incomplete, right? A couple is considered incomplete until a child comes along. Right? But Allah subhanaw taala is perfect. He is honey. He is complete in an

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himself, so he does not even need a child. Insert Eunice is 68 it is mentioned Carlota had Allahu weleda. They claim meaning the people say that Allah subhanaw taala has a child Subhana, who Exalted is He who will honey, he is a honey He is the one who is completely free of need. So, he does not need any child. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is self sufficient, he has no need of anyone or anything. This also means that he has no need to rest, he has no need to eat, he has no need to even sleep or anything like that. We see in eyes We could see that letter who who seen a tune, well, I know that no, no slumber overtakes him, and and he does not sleep at all, he has no need of any

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sleep, any he is free of any weakness whatsoever. And the reality of the creation is that we are so weak that that you know we fall asleep in in different places, right? Any No matter how much we resist, you know sleep at times we cannot help but fall asleep. So, this is our weakness, but Allah subhanaw taala is free from this weakness whatsoever. And then he has no need of eating even in sorbitol anom I have 14 It is so cool Aveda Allah He uthai the Walia and family Some are worth he will are well Who are you anymore? Well are you

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that should I seek a god besides Allah, when Allah is the one who has created the skies on the earth, and he is the one who gives food and he is not fed? Any he does not need to be fed? Right. And and Allah subhanaw taala makes that clear to us, that he has created us for his worship and he does not expect from us that we should give him food or give him any kind of sustenance. The fact is that Allah is the one who is Lezak, who is the provider. So inserted that yet it is mentioned women haluk to general insert elderly are boon malgudi domain home murrison I do not want any sustenance from the creation one mount woody do annual annual 31 and I do not want that they should feed me.

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Likewise in Surah Taha I 132 it is said Lana's Look at his car, we do not ask you meaning Allah subhanaw taala does not ask you for any sustenance, it is National nullsec It is we who provide you sustenance. So Allah is Allah Vani meaning he is the one who gives, he does not need need anything from us. So he is not need of, you know anything from us that we should, you know, pray to Him or that we should give money in his cause or that we should you know, donate something and that we should sacrifice animals etc. for him. He does not need anything like that whatsoever. In total an arm I 133. A loss Pousada says what a book Oh honey, you the Rajma in your shirt, you hereby call

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that your Lord is alleghany He is the rich and He is merciful. And if he wants he can completely get rid of you. If he wants, he can completely remove you from the earth. Any This means that whether we exist or we don't, it doesn't make a difference to Allah. Whether we worship him or we don't, it doesn't make a difference to Allah, whether we pray to Him and praise Him and glorify Him and ask Him or we don't it doesn't make a difference to Allah. He does not depend on our praise, he does not depend on our, you know, our asking him, No, he is perfect in and of himself. So he does not need our worship from us even in so little hedge i a 37 it has said, laying Allah Allah Hello humo How

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well are deema or her that when you slaughter an animal for the sake of Allah when you offer sacrifice, then it is neither the flesh nor the blood of those animals that reaches Allah. Right meaning is the meaning. Allah subhanaw taala has not commanded us to offer the sacrifices because he is in need of that dedication. He is in need of that food. No, not at all. That's not the goal. The goal, the purpose is that it is us who have been given an opportunity to practice the hula right to to practice that that consciousness of Allah, that that piety and and and the reason is that we are in need of practicing that

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Well achaean Allahu taqwa vincom.

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Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala does not any benefit from our guidance or our misguidance meaning whether we're doing something the right way or we are, you know, doing things the wrong way, it does not affect Allah whatsoever in sort of euros I owe 108. It has mentioned the kuliah you are now super The gerakan will help Camila become that say, all mankind there has certainly come to you the truth from your Lord feminie. That means guidance, whoever follows right guidance for my DFC, then Andy he, he only follows right guidance for his own benefit. Meaning if you do things the right way, if you follow the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, you, you're benefiting yourself.

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Allah subhanaw taala does not benefit from that woman lead lover in the meal Lulu I lay her and if a person goes astray, if a person chooses to ignore that guidance, then he is only going to stray to his own detriment, meaning he's only going to end up harming himself. Allah subhanaw taala does not suffer from anything if a person chooses to disobey Allah. And likewise, you know, if we are grateful or we are ungrateful, it does not affect law at all. We learn sort of Ibrahim ate that in duck foo until a woman fell out of the Jumeirah for in the lava lava, your habit, that if all of you disbelieve you and everyone that is on the earth, if every single creature was to disbelieve in

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Allah deny Allah, still for in Allah, Allah honey Yun Hamid, Allah is rich, He is worthy of praise, and he is perfect in himself. So he does not benefit from our gratitude. He does not benefit from our Eman. He does not benefit from our good deeds at all. In sort of Ibrahim, where Musashi Salaam said that, if all of you were to disbelieve, then any fighting Allahu Allah Vernier Hamid, right, that that Allah soprano thought I still free of need any he does not depend on on you to praise him to believe in Him, because He is Hamid at the same time. And Hamid is who the one who is worthy of praise, whether or not someone is praising them. So Allah subhanaw taala is perfect, he is absolute,

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free of need of the creation, and whatever that they do. You know, whether what they do is good or bad, it doesn't affect Allah whatsoever. We also learn in the Hadees, that Allah subhanaw taala says that all my slaves, you all will never be able to harm me. Meaning you will never be able to reach that level where you can cause me any harm. And you will never be able to reach that level where you can bring me any benefit. Any, we we cannot even come close to that level because we are the creation and He is the Creator. And the fact is that he is unguided alcohol and he is perfect in him. So he is ready.

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Likewise. And so, look man is number 12. We learned when my Yeshe called for in the Mariusz coralina FSI that whoever shows gratitude that he shows gratitude for for his own benefit. And whoever is ungrateful for in the law colony, you'd have made the same thing as mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala is linnaean Hamid likewise if a person strives to do something good, whether it is to discipline themselves or it is to control a desire, or it is that they strive really hard to for example, go for Hajj or seek, you know, religious knowledge or you know, help someone for the sake of Allah. If anyone strives really hard, even that does not benefit Allah. So it is said insulted,

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uncovered iecex woman tjahaja for innama yuja he dueling FC in the LA Hello, honey Yuna, Angela Allah mean that whoever strives he strives for his own benefit. And indeed, the fact is that Allah is honey from the world's

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Likewise, if we were to give something in the way of Allah any sadaqa All right,

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then Allah subhanaw taala does not become rich by that. Because he is the one who gave us that wealth in the first place. So if we are giving something then even if we're giving it to his religion, right, we're giving it to Allah. He is not in need of that charity. He he actually gives us the opportunity to give something for our benefit.

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Intro to bacara 263. It is said the old model from one mahira to Hiram in southern cotton yet to borrow her other will mahogany, you're having that to say a good word. And to show pardon to people is better than giving them a charity followed by, you know, hurtful words. And the fact is that Allah is runny, meaning he does not need you to give charity. So don't give charity and then, you know, hurt people. Allah is Lani and he is haleem he is a he is ever so tolerant. So when he is so forbearing and tolerant, then why why don't you show pardon to people? And even if people are stingy, meaning people withhold and they don't give anything, then that does not make a lot of poor,

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not at all, because he is still honey. So in total headed by a 24 we'll learn about those people who are stingy. So it is said well, Miyata, well, whoever turns away from giving than for in the law, who will honey you and Hamid, Allah is honey and he is Hamid, he is praiseworthy,

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then what basically what this means is that when Allah subhanaw taala is completely self sufficient, he has no need of us, then, the fact is that we are in absolute need of him, he is independent of us and we are fully entirely dependent on him. So insert father if 15 It is said here Are you a nurse, unterman fukada illa, that all people all of you are in absolute need, before Allah, meaning you in need of a you are poor, completely dependent on an Elisa, Allah who will be you'll have it, he is not in need of you. He is the one who who provides you who sustains you, who fulfills your needs. He's the one without whom you can survive, you cannot do anything. So realize your position and

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realize the position of your Lord, He is of a knee. And thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is money it means that he is the source of sufficiency and richness. Meaning if a person has any amount of wealth or any amount or any ability to do anything, then remember that they have it because Allah subhanaw taala has given it to them. So remember that he is the giver of Lena. of richness of abundance. So in so to Nigeria, I have 48 we learn what unknown hoo hoo, oh now what a corner that the fact is that it is Allah aluna who gives richness. So, any kind of richness that people have and remember that richness is not just with the abundance of wealth, richness is also the the richness

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of the heart, the contentment of the heart. So, it is Allah subhanaw taala who gives that richness and also, any, he is the one who enriches his slaves with his favors, in sort of the Toba 28 it is mentioned when the fifth to my Latin for so for you will need como la hoomin Foxy that Allah subhanaw taala will enrich you from his favors, meaning he has so much that he is able to fulfill all of your needs, he is able to give you you know self sufficiency and an abundance. And then we see that Allah subhanaw taala is specially gives contentment and richness to the slave who devotes himself to the worship of Allah.

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Meaning richness is in turning to Allah, not in turning away from Allah. So in today's return that Allah subhanaw taala says, that all son of Adam, the formerly reberty be become pre for my worship. Meaning devote yourself to my worship, and I will fill your heart with richness, and I will also fill your hands with sustenance. And then it is said that all son of Adam, do not become distant from me, led to borrow money, because then I will fill your heart with poverty. If you distance yourself from me, then I will fill your heart with poverty and I will fill your hands with occupation. So you will be busy, busy, busy, your work will be never ending, you will have so many

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concerns and your heart will always be greedy, always feeling that sense of dissatisfaction. So remember that sense

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satisfaction, that sense of contentment, it comes by turning to Allah, it doesn't come by filling our hands with things, because we can, you know, own a lot of things, but owning a lot of things does not necessarily bring satisfaction a person can handle a lot, but they could be empty inside, they could desperate inside, and a person could have very little in their hands, but, but in their heart, they can be completely, you know, satisfied. So, that inner satisfaction comes from Allah subhanaw taala. So, he is the source of sufficiency and richness, we also learned in the Hadees, that the person who is who is affected by some kind of poverty when asaba to FACA tune, that a

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person is suffering from some kind of poverty. And then they go to people, in order to ask them that, please give me this please give me that, then what will happen, learn to set the Falco to who then his poverty will not be taken away, meaning that person will remain in need, as long as they ask people, as long as they depend on people, as long as they see wealth and abundance from people, then what will happen they will remain in poverty. But the person who presents their poverty before Allah, then what will happen? Then Allah subhanaw taala will give them abundance, right? Allah subhanaw taala will take care of their needs. And it doesn't necessarily mean that all of a sudden a

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person will become rich. No, it means that by turning to Allah constantly what will happen is that you will first gain the richness of the heart, once you have the richness of the heart, only then are you able to see and appreciate the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given you and only then are you able to use them. So so so this is the benefit of turning to Allah, Allah Ghani who is who is the source of richness and abundance, we also learn in the Hadees, that whoever his concern is the Hereafter, then Allah subhanaw taala will place richness contentment in in their heart, right, and the person whose focus is the dunya, whose goal is, you know, worldly gain worldly

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benefit, what will happen, poverty will always be in front of their eyes, meaning they will always think that you are poor. And what are they going to get of this world, they're only going to bet of the world what is written them, meaning nothing more than that. So this shows us that we should make dunya our ultimate goal, our goal should be and when Allah subhanaw taala is another knee, he is richer than the richest person on earth. Right? Why? Because if you know,

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any person has anything they have it because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gave it to them. So if people can own so much, then what do you think about the lord of these people? Right, the one who gave them abundance, so go straight to the source. Don't look at people, that what can they give me? What can I get from them? How can I ask them and any kind of need that we have, whether it is worldly or spiritual, you know, something tangible or intangible? First and foremost, ask Allah subhanaw taala. And, and place your trust in Him and expect from him and seek from him and look at, you know, admire the treasures that are that that he has, don't keep looking at, you know the amount

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of money that people have, right? Because they can only give when Allah subhanaw taala gives them the ability to give right the tofield to give. So, Allah subhanaw taala is the source of sufficiency. He is the source of richness. Now we see that this name of Allah, Allah, it is mentioned in the Quran with the name and Hamid and it is also mentioned with the name haleem. It is mentioned with the name heavy, heavy means one who is praiseworthy being the one who deserves praise because of who he is. And we'll see that, you know, among the creation, for example, there are those who are wealthy, but they're not praiseworthy at the same time. Right. Unfortunately, the more

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wealth the more resources people have, the more destructive they become. The more abusive they become the more greedy and selfish they become, and the

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The more you know stingy they become any Subhanallah they may have a whole lot of money but they refuse to pay even a fraction of their taxes. Alright so panela they will hire people, you know to do something, but they will never pay them any This is the small heartedness of people, that the more we have, the uglier we become the more pathetic we become. This is the reality of the creation Illa Masha Allah except for those who Allah subhanaw taala has exempted from from this, you know, rapid state of wretchedness. But Allah subhanaw taala he is a honey and he is a Hamid. Right? He is the one who is rich, the one who has all of these resources at his disposal. He owns everything. And

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look at what Allah subhanaw taala does, right? He is See, when people own a lot, they become destructive to the earth also. Right? I'm also proud of her, and he is a honey and he is a hermit his actions are perfect. Right? He is so generous. He is the giver of life. He is the Sustainer of life. Right? Well who honey you'll permit. The more you realize and appreciate the richness of Allah, the more you glorify and praise Him because your heart is filled with all an appreciation for his generosity for His perfection. So he is a little funny, and he is a Hamid and we see that the name of Allah and he is also mentioned with Halle Halima is the one who is forbearing, who is

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You see, sometimes what happens with us is that if we have you know, some money, and you know, we're dealing with people, the moment they disappoint us, right, the moment they say something hurtful, or they disobey us, immediately we decide, you know what, I'm going to give them anything, forget about other people, we treat our own children this way, right, that we instantly withhold, we instantly, you know, give consequences. And and we do that by depriving people, right? Allah subhanaw taala is a loony. He owns everything. And yet he is Halley. He is forbearing he is tolerant, day in, day out, we disobey Allah, we commit sin, we show in gratitude, we think that we are doing something good

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we're doing a lot of favor, right stuff that allow any our actions. So

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you know, so deplorable at times any so pathetic attempts, yet Allah Subhana Allah is allele is is tolerant. So with his generosity, he keeps giving, he keeps giving. He doesn't withhold oxygen from us, he doesn't the cold rain from us, he doesn't withhold sunlight from us, he doesn't withhold necessities of life from us. In fact, he gives us even more, this is money right now, and Allah subhanaw taala is unfunny. What is it that we should do? How is it that we should worship Allah subhanaw taala. Through this in First of all, when we believe that Allah is the is the one who is rich, the one who is self sufficient, the one who gives richness? That That means that firstly we

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should ask Allah we should present our needs before Allah ensue ninja i a 32 Allah Spanish Allah says was aluma min fogli he asked Allah of his favors, meaning instead of comparing yourself to other people, that oh they have been given this Allah gave them this Allah give them that Allah gave men this Allah gave women that, you know, instead of always comparing yourself to different people, if you've, you know, feel the chair of a certain need, ask Allah. He is the one who gave, you know, to others what they have. So if you have a need, instead of getting upset and jealous, angry, turn to Allah escola was a Lula min fugly and remember it is not difficult for a lot to give. Secondly,

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when Allah subhanaw taala is Alani. That means that we should refrain from begging people refrain from from asking people. Now this doesn't mean that we can't ask people that you know, can you pass me my book? Or can you bring me a glass of water? Any? It doesn't mean that we you know, we cannot ask people for anything at all. What is meant is that do not

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depend on people for the fulfillment of your needs. Don't wait for that. Prince Charming to come and rescue you. Right. Don't wait for that.

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You know, for that person who will come in your life and who will save you from all your troubles. You know, even when you go to, for example, a counselor or therapist or doctor, don't think that, that that healing is in their hand. Right? That they are the ones who are going to fix you. They're the ones who are going to take your troubles away. They're the ones who are going to solve your problems for you know,

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don't don't

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depend on people, rather depend on Allah subhanaw taala. Right. Ask people for what they're able to give and remember that people are only able to give as much as Allah subhanaw taala enables them.

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So refrain from asking people, refrain from begging people in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala praises those people who don't go on, you know, begging. So in total belcarra 273 of last panel Tara says the charity should be given to Lil fukumura to those who are poor, specifically alladhina or Slidell fie servita law those who have been constrained in the way of Allah lie is still the owner own a little bit we'll all do several google yahoo. onea I mean, a third of that some people think that, you know, these individuals are rich, why are they rich? Because they don't ask. They don't beg. So, they don't ask they don't beg even though they are in need. So Allah subhanaw taala praises

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such people. However, almost punctata commands is in this ayah to to find such people who are in need daddy whom we Sima whom you would recognize them from their from their expressions, specifically, the fact that Elias aluna, NASA ill health, they do not ask people they do not beg people. Importantly, meaning insisting nagging, they don't do that. So no matter what need we have, let us not nag people. And you know, sometimes it's, it's within the household, right? Where we, for example, remind a person you know, to take the garbage out, for example, 10 times, right? You ask your husband, can you please take the garbage out? Five minutes later, can you take the garbage out?

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tunas litter, can you take the garbage out three minutes I get any give the fellow a break? Right, he knows he needs to get and be he forgot? Or maybe there's something else that he's doing that is more urgent? Don't nag, don't insist. And you know what, if you feel that you're not being heard, that your spouse, for example, is not listening, they don't care about these things may throw to Allah, that frustration in your heart, that anger your heart, mate, or to Allah, Allah, please give them the ability to do this. Give them that realization that the garbage needs to be taken away. Right? It needs to be thrown. And this could be even with your children, right that sometimes you

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ask her children to do something, but they don't get it. They don't listen. So yes, you remind them. But giving a reminder doesn't mean

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nagging people because people do not like to be nagged. People don't like it, when you ask them again, again and again, when you tell them again and again and again. It's extremely annoying, extremely upsetting. So refrain from such be here. If you if you want, if you feel that people are not listening, they're not doing what is in their interest. Right. Then again as colossal panel, that he or Allah guide their heart A love may be called Bahu right to Allah guide his heart, right you can make this your own children you can make this route for your own spouse. Right? But do not you know beg and insist likewise, you're part of this is the to not always be asking, you know for

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example, your parents can I have money I want to go shopping you know, I want the new for now. Please, please please, please, may I please go here man have a car. May I have this man have that? I want this I want that any don't ask constantly from your parents or from your spouse or from your children. You have a need, whether it is of a jacket or it is of shoes or it is off you know money for school or is it money for food? Anything? Present your need before Allah? Ask Allah right? Don't go on Benny people. Now this doesn't mean that you know you are constantly suffering from deprivation, you have needs that are awful filled. And, you know, you don't ask people you should

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

communicate. Right? You should communicate that for example. You know, Winter is coming. I think I'm going to need me

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

shoes in right? Or you feel that there is something that you deserve, it is your right. And you are not being provided that by your spouse, for instance, right? communicate that need. But don't go on insisting from them, get me this and get me that and I want this and I want that. No, your wish list should always go to Allah subhana wa Tada. And you must ask Allah cry before Allah, I beg him, and you will see how Allah subhanaw taala will change the hearts of people. Because you know what happens when we ask people over and over again, they block us out completely. They don't want to listen to us, right, they will block us on their phone, they will not read our messages, they will

00:40:50--> 00:40:59

ignore our requests, because they're fed up, they're tired, right? They don't want to be told. So

00:41:00--> 00:41:32

communicate your needs, but don't nag and insist, what we should do is make Dora with determination. Right? This is the advice of the Prophet sallallahu earlier, so that when that when we shouldn't want that, when we're making draw, we should make their own determination. That why because there is nothing that is too hard for Allah to give. So refrain from begging people. And if you must communicate your needs, then do so without nagging them.

00:41:34--> 00:42:27

And part of this is that we should any feel that independence of people in our hearts. In our heads, we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if one of you were to go out, meaning into the wilderness with a rope, right, that meaning that's all he can find, that's all he has. But he goes out with that rope and he, if he finds some wood, right, and he collects that wood and he ties it up, and he carries it on his back, and then he sells it as firewood. And by that he makes a little bit of money. And by that he is able to not bank right, then that is better for him. That is better for him than to go and beg people and the Prophet sallallahu earning cinnamal said

00:42:27--> 00:42:58

that the upper hand is better than the lower hand, meaning don't go on, you know, spreading your head out before people asking them begging them. And to prod Allah these days, any you know that there was a time and there are places in the world till today where people will literally go and spread you know, their hand before others, please give me charity, and Subhanallah now people will do that even online, that I want to go travel, I want to go and you know, I want to buy this, right? support me in fulfilling my

00:42:59--> 00:43:26

you know, wishes, etc. Any if it's, if it's a cause, that that helps people or or if it's a if it's a greater cause that's understandable, you're raising funds for that, but for personal gain, right? I mean, that's very, very strange. Because the you know, we should not be begging people per you know, putting our hand out in front of them, asking them for, for, for for you know,

00:43:27--> 00:43:29

charitable gifts etc.

00:43:30--> 00:43:46

And remember that real dignity is in refraining from asking people in this we learn that shut off will move meaning Sala to belay, that the honor of a believer is premium in two words zoo is still now

00:43:47--> 00:43:55

a DNS and his dignity is in, in, in being free of need what is in the hands of people?

00:43:56--> 00:44:27

Any This is what what brings us dignity. And remember that whoever seeks independence, whoever wants at you know what, I don't want to beg people, I don't want to depend on them. I don't want to ask them. And then a person tries to figure out ways of being independent of people, then you know what Allah subhanaw taala will also give that person independence. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a star fifth, you're a formula that whoever seeks to be,

00:44:28--> 00:44:35

you know, to observe our first meeting, restraint from asking people, then Allah subhanaw taala

00:44:36--> 00:44:59

sorry, Your starfish is whoever seeks chastity right? Then Allah subhanaw taala will grant him chastity well my Yes, daleney Yoni Hilah and whoever seeks independence from people that Allah subhanaw taala will give him that independence Allah, Allah will enrich him. So when you when you want to be in a free of need

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

People you you want to, you don't want to be begging people. You don't want to be in that state where you are constantly asking them and and you try to do what is within your ability and you present your needs before Allah, then you know when Allah subhanaw taala will make you free of need of people. And remember that Allah subhanaw taala loves those people who are content. In a Hadees we learned this a hadith in Sahih Muslim that in the Lucha you hibbeler the three year linnaean hafi, that Allah subhanaw taala loves the slave who is the Prophet sallallahu urges them to mention certain characteristics and one of them is already the one who is learning, meaning the one who is

00:45:41--> 00:46:03

free of need of people in the sense that they're not greedy for for what people have that people should pay attention to me, that people should like me that people should give me gifts and people should give me money and people should give me help and they should give me that etc. Any person who is lynnie than Allah subhanaw taala loves that that believer

00:46:05--> 00:46:58

we also learn so, when Allah subhanaw taala is money. This means that we should seek the richness of the heart from Allah meaning we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to enrich our hearts and this is something that we should actively strive towards any really made to our to Allah. That Yeah, Allah fill my heart with contentment, right, fill my heart with richness. Give me the ability to feel that you know your blessings, and in a heavy sweeter and that laser Lena and Kathy loudly, that richness is not by the abundance of things of property will Akina Lena Lena nups the real richness is that of the knifes right? We learn about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam right in order to do

00:46:59--> 00:47:48

that what did the Kabbalah and for her Dawa Takara Eden for ohana? That our last panel tada You know, he mentioned his favours on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the that he found you poor, right he found you in need and owner he gave you contentment because the Prophet sallallahu Urdu Sunday he did not have the abundance of wealth, right? The richness that we imagine, right? What is the richness in our minds is what but you have a huge house, you have a lot of money at your disposal. You are you know, you have many servants and you know many people to serve you. And you don't have to do the basic things in life or you know, chores, etc. No, you know, you have people to

00:47:48--> 00:48:32

do that for you. And so all of your needs are fulfilled. And in In fact, there is a lot of, you know, comfort and luxury that you enjoy in your life. This is what we think richness is right? Allah subhanaw taala says about the Prophet sallallahu earlier said that, well, when you're the Gara Elan for Allah He found you poor, and he gave you hiner was that Lena Divina of wealth that he gave you a lot of wealth, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually had that option. Right? But he didn't choose that. What is it that he was given then what kind of winner is this? It's the winner of the heart. It's the richness of the heart, because of which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

00:48:32--> 00:49:25

wa sallam was content. Right. So even even though many times all they had to eat was just water and dates. And for days, the oven was not turned on. Any fire was not lit to cook any food to prepare any food, any the Prophet sallallahu earning seven was still fine. In fact, he was still generous. In fact, he was still obedient to Allah subhanaw taala. And he strove in in worshipping Allah, He knew we know about the events from the surah, where the Prophet sallallahu reducido was visibly hungry. Right? So much so that he had tied a rock around his, you know, on his stomach, out, you know, because of extreme hunger. So, remember that real richness is not with things, it is not with

00:49:25--> 00:49:29

money, it is not with a big house with the fancy car.

00:49:30--> 00:49:59

The real richness is that of the heart, that a person feels so content inside, that they're not desperate and greedy for the things for the petty things of the world, that they're able to still do so much with what they have, they're able to offer a helping hand, right? And words of gratitude come out of their mouth. So this is the kind of richness that we should be seeking.

00:50:00--> 00:50:49

Now this doesn't mean that we hate wealth or that we think that being rich is wrong. No, what this means is that whatever state Allah soprano tada has kept us in whatever condition he has kept us in whatever the you know means that he has given us We are grateful for them. And we should, you know, seek paradise through the richness that Allah subhanaw taala has given us meaning, the wealth that Allah subhanaw taala has given us we should we should use that in the right way, which means that we should spend it in the cause of Allah, we should increase in giving sadaqa right. And remember that even when you spend on your family, on your dependence in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala there is

00:50:49--> 00:51:20

reward for that. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is Alani This means that we should use the means our last panel God has given us to obey Him, right? Because remember, that he has no need of us. He, if he wants, he can completely replace us, he can completely get rid of us. Right? He does not benefit from our worship and our sacrifice and our striving and our charity, etc. Whether we do it or we don't it doesn't make a difference to him.

00:51:21--> 00:52:14

However, when we do something good, it does make a difference to us, right? It is of benefit to us. So realize this gift and therefore use what Allah subhanaw taala has given you for for obeying Allah soprano, for seeking his approval. Right? So for example, the money that Allah has given us Yes, we use it to, you know, buy things that we need, sometimes buy things that we like, you know, okay, fine, but we've we should also see that how much of my money is going in things that are pleasing to Allah in causes that are pleasing to Allah. In total anom I have 133 to said, What are bouken honey you my your Lord is ever rich, He is merciful, he is shut up because if he wants he can completely

00:52:14--> 00:52:23

get rid of you were stuck. If mimbar the Kumbaya shirt, and he can bring someone else after you he can produce another creation.

00:52:25--> 00:52:35

He can completely do away with you in so Mahamaya 38 it is mentioned how and to help relate to their own early on feel. Kofi said

00:52:36--> 00:53:28

you all are people who are being invited to spend in the way of meaning, this is an invitation. This is a privilege for you a great opportunity for you that spend out of what you have in the way of Allah. However, people react differently from income mania bahal among you is the person who is stingy, right? Who doesn't want to give in the way of Allah. So it is clarified that when my ye bill in the mail hamanasi whoever is stingy, then he is only stingy with himself. He's only depriving himself. So for example, if we don't pray if we don't give so that when we don't make because when we don't recycle, hold on, who's losing out here? Who's who's who's missing out here? Who is being

00:53:28--> 00:53:31

deprived over here? It is we alright it is us.

00:53:33--> 00:54:19

Allah subhana wa tada is not losing anything. All right? And likewise, it's not the people, right? who are in need of, you know us to take care of them because Allah subhanaw taala is there allows us to we were just a mean so if if we fail to do our part, then Allah subhanaw taala will will provide his lives through someone else or directly any he doesn't need us. Right? So Well, my dear bahal, for in them I am hawan nuptse. Well, Allahu Lani, who were untouchable for Cora, Allah is Ronnie and you all are poor. You all need to do good for your own selves. We're in turtle Willow. Yesterday, Coleman Hale comes to malaria Kunal emsella COMM And if you turn away, then Allah will replace you

00:54:19--> 00:54:59

with another people and they will not be like you at all, they will be very different from you, they will not be selfish and stingy like you are, they will be different. So we need to remember that Alice pannacotta has, you know, angels that are constantly glorifying him, constantly praising him. You know, there are many creatures within the depths of the ocean and all over the earth and in the sky that are praising and glorifying, alright, Allah doesn't need us. So if we have been given an opportunity to do something good, this is for our benefit. So let us benefit ourselves.

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

not deprive ourselves of what we are in need of. Now when Allah subhanaw taala is underneath that we call upon him by this name.

00:55:12--> 00:55:23

There are many beautiful daughters and we can ask Allah subhanaw taala for the know the real richness and that can be the richness of the heart, as well as the richness in the sense of, you know,

00:55:25--> 00:55:48

wealth and abundance. So, the first dollar is where we ask Allah subhanaw taala Aloma in a local houda what to call where a FAFSA cleaner this is a this is reported in Sahih Muslim that Oh Allah I asked you for guidance, I asked you for piety I asked you for chastity and ask you for

00:55:49--> 00:56:03

dinner. Meaning I asked you for freedom from what I asked you for richness, I asked you for contentment, all of those meanings are included in Lena and this is $1 that we should be making on a regular basis because it's such a comprehensive, such a beautiful door.

00:56:05--> 00:56:48

And then we have another R which a lot of people are unfamiliar with and this is the art of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make frequently, while seeking refuge with Allah. And this Dora is Allahumma in the road to becoming fitness and now women are there but now that Oh Allah I seek refuge with you from, from the, from the torture of the fire and from the punishment of the Fire. And this means two things that protect me from getting burnt. Right, and protect me from being punished through fire, meaning in the hereafter. So protect me from getting burnt in the world and protect me from the punishment of the Fire in the hereafter. What are all the pickup in fitness and

00:56:48--> 00:57:12

I and I seek refuge with you from from the, from the torture of the grave? What are all to be coming either but we'll cover and I asked you to, to protect me from the punishment of the grave. Because the grave is not any an easy place. It is a very, very bizarre and frightening place. What are all becoming fit.

00:57:13--> 00:57:22

And I ask you to protect me I seek refuge with you from the fifth, from the tribulation of of richness

00:57:23--> 00:58:16

Yeni protect me from the fitna of, of being reached. Now this doesn't mean that we're asking Allah to not let us be rich, but we're asking Allah here is that he or Allah, save me from the fitna of richness what is the fifth note of richness the fitnah richness is that a person becomes arrogant, because of what they have, that a person get so immersed and lost in in the wealth that Allah sopressata has given them that they forget about a lot they forget about is more important, right, there are those who as soon as they become rich, they they stop praying, they stop caring about what is halal, what is hot, right, there are those who become very negligent as soon as they become rich.

00:58:16--> 00:58:58

So the more money they they have, the more they neglect their family Subhan Allah and he they have the money now so they can travel they can have fun, they can hang out with their friends, now they can buy this and buy that and what's happening the family those who are dependent, any they barely have enough to look after themselves with alright. So, this this is a fitness averageness that a person becomes arrogant a person becomes negligent that a person becomes wasteful also, that person becomes heedless. And then what are all the becoming fitness? I seek refuge with you from the fitness of poverty, what are the becoming fitness and mercy had the job. So poverty is also a huge

00:58:58--> 00:59:19

trial. Right? How is poverty a trial because a person feels very weak. And it can also become you know, dangerous to a person's Amen. They're there you know, people whose faith is shaken because of poverty. So we ask Allah soprano to protect us from all these trials.

00:59:20--> 00:59:57

And then another two are that we can make is his Allahumma inni if you can change the slide please. The next door is a kondalilla hero Billa Bella sorry Allah him in the arrow to become a fitness and now Where are the banal woman Charlie Lena will * this is reported in sooner be doubt that Allahumma inni are will become in fitness enough that Oh Allah protect me from the from the trial of the fire from the punishment of the Fire and from the evil of richness and poverty. So remember that

00:59:59--> 00:59:59


01:00:00--> 01:00:52

is a trial and poverty is also a trial. So we ask a loss provider to protect us from either of these things becoming a trial for us. And there is a long draw in which we praise and glorify Allah. And this is reported in sooner be dealt with Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or Han Rahim Allah Chioma de la ilaha illa Allah, if Allah you read Allah and Allah, La Ilaha Illa until avani that Allah, there is no god worthy of worship you until the EU and national fukada you are rich and we are poor, and Zilla, Alena Hayes sent down re upon us so this is, especially in the time of famine or in the time of drought, in the time of extreme need. We praise Allah, that he or Allah, you are honey and

01:00:52--> 01:00:53

we are poor.

01:00:55--> 01:01:47

There's another door which is not mentioned on the slides, but there's Oliver mfine be halali current anomic were aleni before the government see work, that Oh, Allah, suffice me with your with your lawful against that which is unlawful, meaning, make what is lawful enough for me, so that I don't seek that which is unlawful. I don't resort to unlawful means or I don't, I don't desire or indulge in what you have made unlawful for me. Well, only me before they come and see work and will Allah enrich me with your favor from all those who are besides you, meaning make me free of want of everyone besides you make me such that I don't need to depend on anyone besides you.

01:01:48--> 01:02:06

So these are some doors that we could make. There's another door also which we learned that we can ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from when we Melin your coonawarra layer or the oven that save me from such a wealth that becomes a source of punishment for me.

01:02:07--> 01:02:50

In the world, it becomes a source of constant trouble for me and in the hereafter it becomes a source of punishment for me. So our last panel thought is money. The one who is rich, the giver of richness, the giver of contentment, ask Allah subhanaw taala for contentment and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect them from the tribulation of of richness and of of poverty. Now loss pantherella gives us the ability to to use the means that he has given us in in ways that are pleasing to Him. That mean inshallah we will conclude over here subclinical locomobi handig a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta a stock Furukawa to LA wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh