Wahaj Tarin – Does the Quran Predict the End of Israel

Wahaj Tarin
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So the question is, does the Quran predict or prophesize the end of the State of Israel?

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So it's a very interesting question. And as we start, please note prophecies are complex matters. The Quran says we're Ohana Motorshow Behat verses which are complex, which require delving, deep unpacking, analyzing, synthesizing, and Allah Allah, Allah is the size the true meaning of the prophecies is only known to Allah, Allah Azza and then makes an exception or includes in it what Rossi who nephila Island and those who have dived deeply in advanced the and knowledge who have the technical capabilities to unpack to analyze to synthesize the prophecy, and then they draw their conclusion and when they draw their conclusions even then they're not sure if this is 100% What will

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happen a lot of Bourassa knows best. So with regards to the question that you have asked and the prophecy or the verses associated with it, what I will do is I will unpack the verses with you and then you can draw your own conclusions at the end of it inshallah Tada.

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So, the verses which most scholars associate with this meta is the verses of Surah Surah, also known as Surah, Bani Israel, in which Allah Allah, Allah is Allah says Wakaba in Isla Benny is Surah e la fille que terribIe LA to FSI do not fill out of them or retain while letter Aluna I will do one Kabira. The first thing to note and you must keep this in mind throughout this discussion is that the Quran was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and by extension to the believers. So in this verse, Allah Allah, Allah is telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about another nation, and this is the children of Israel. And the verse starts with Wakaba Ina, and this

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word Kaaba Hina is used 10 different ways in the Quran, like to 10 different ends 10 different meanings. One of its meanings is to decree and decree is different types. So the is decree. As for tech leaf, so as Allah Allah is Allah says Wakaba Rob Booker, taboo Illa Yeah, we're below the day in Santa. So this cover is a maroon tech leafy like you have to do. But in the verse that we are discussing, this is qaderi, meaning that Allah Allah Azza has decreed this as a matter of destiny, that this is what will happen in Bani Israel, to the children of Israel, Phil kitab. So we decreed to the children of Israel in the book, the book here, the scholars say it could mean the Torah as it

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is in their scriptures. So Allah Allah is is informing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we informed them, or we decreed this matter to them, and informed them in their book.

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Or we decreed this matter to the children of Israel, in the book in which the McCarthy era are written, the destinies are written, the future is written, and that is one of the books and that is omole Kitab, which is what Allah Allah Azza above the heavens, so irrespective of where it is written, it is written law to say, don't fill out them or retain the twice you will reign mischief on Earth, why letter Aluna oluwo One Kaviraj and you will reach mighty heights. So when that comes together, that you will reign mischief as in mischief will happen, associated with the aloo like as in associated with strength, and with arrogance, and with height and width might these two things

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together, this is a different mischief than the ordinary mischief, like the more ordinary advice and evil that the ordinary man commits, is not associated with iRULU. But when it is associated together, it denotes it can be interpreted to mean that twice you will be given rain and authority on earth. And in that rain, evil advice and mischief will spread.

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And then Allah Azza continues, not describing how they will reach there and what will happen and all that he goes straight to for either agenda or Wow Gula Homer

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when the end of the first rain comes, like Allah doesn't talk about when the rain just go straight, that when the end comes this

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Here's how it will end the first rain for either adjure and Why'd the moron this and the higher was the world. The end and downfall of the first rain or the first Kingdom or the first authority when that happens, but i Li call my birthday Lana, only, but since Shadi, then Fajr has to realize that the we will send against you, mighty servants of ours who are strong and strong and they will not only be Victorious on the battlefield, but the Quran says they will traverse and go through your dwellings seeking you out. So, it is it will be a major defeat. And notice for the brothers who are into this and the students of knowledge, this is not ibehre Danner, so this is not to Sharifi, this

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is not to denote that these are special servants of Ours righteous or believers instead of ibehre that that will denote you know, special or

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faithful or righteous Allah or Buddha is the users then Akira, I bet then Lana, so they are our servants and all Heaven and Earth as the servants of Allah Buddha is a willing or unwillingly, but the only characterization is that they're mighty war hardened and severe or you no staunch and harsh.

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So, when the end of the first Ryan comes, they will be defeated, and will not be an ordinary defeat, but it will go through the civilian areas and through their dwellings and they will be ransacked like that, if you like for use of a better word. And historically, when you look during the reign of the Buddha has Salam, O King, David, a mighty civilization of the children of Israel came about, and then his son Soleimani Alayhis Salam, or you know, we say Solomon made the peace and blessings of God be upon them because mighty messenger of God, or King Solomon, as they refer to it in English, he inherited the kingdom and vast a mighty, majestic, righteous, godly, God fearing civilization had

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ensued and obviously Gods favors upon them. But Solomon was a mighty ruler. And as soon as he died, there was a huge vacuum you know, power vacuum and very hard to fill the shoes of Solomon so the nation deteriorated and fighting started to happen to different civil two different groups were created and evil and vice and sin spread. So God Almighty as per the of us sent other civilizations against them. So the Babylonian scam and the Persian scam and the Roman scam and and when the Babylonians scam as per the verse almost word for word, they went in and uh, you know, won the war on Battlefield then went into the dwellings and sought them out and tie them up and even burn the

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Temple of Solomon and took them all as slaves to Babylon and for some 50 years, they were not even allowed to go back towards towards the country that you know, the state that they had built.

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And then Allah Allah says, bear with me this is a bit technical, then Allah or Buddha says we're can try them masala. This was a promise now fulfilled. So the Quran came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam some 14 and a half centuries ago. So, at that time, the prophet is informed that this first rain has already passed, that promise that decree is already fulfilled. And then Allah Allah is a continuous next verse, listen to this. Then Allah Allah Azza says, notice that the Quran is for the Muslims revealed to the prophet by extension for the believer. So the hilltop here the speech here is to the to the Muslims. Then Allah Allah Azza says sama rather than Allah como como

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rata, Allah him, then we gave you victory over them, referring to the Muslims, that we gave you victory over them, meaning over the ones that defeated the children of Israel. So this is the Romans and the Persians. You know, the Babylonians and then the Persians and then the Romans that came in defeated the children of Israel, the children of Israel were never able to recover from that they never came and defeated the Romans. They never defeated the Persians. They never defeated the Babylonians. But their defeat of these vast empires of the Romans and Pearl

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gens was written at the hands of the Muslims. So the Quran says to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. At this stage, there has been no war with the Romans, no war with the Persians. But Allah prophesied, this is the miracles of the Quran, that you will become victorious we will give you aid you will rush against the ones that defeated the children of Israel in reference to the Romans and the Persians. So Islam conquered Rome and Islam conquered Persia. And then Allah Allah Azza says, was that the Netcom be unwell in werebear Nina YJ Alaikum, UK ACTA Rana Fira and we will give you wealth and children and make you the most populous of nations. And for those of the brothers and

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tolerable Island, most scholars, Allah bless you, all Europe, who argue that this is in reference to the children of Israel, the children of Israel never became axon Tefera they never became the most populous of nations, even today, the numbers are very small compared to all other nations and the prophecy in this way. And well, so oil fields are yours. Most of the money of the world is under, you know, the land of the Muslims, whether resources or you know, hidden or discovered and by noon, children and Alhamdulillah even today, Muslim families outnumber non Muslim families by a fair bit. Normally Muslims like to have larger families they consider it the you know, nicer better that way

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inclined and fulfilled is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah bless you and your families Europe and lastly ACTA Rana Fiera today we are 2 billion and more in population. So Allah Allah is told us you will reach the greatest population at the time. When the verses are revealed they just a few 1000 and in Medina and in the end Independencia, then Allah Allah Allah gives a beautiful advice. So he says in a centum,

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a son tomley unphysical. When you are given wealth and children and population becomes huge, if you do good when authority falls to you, when you have defeated Rome and Persia, if you do good, you will do good for yourselves.

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As in you do good history will remember you for good, the people will be happy from you for for being good heavens and Allah, Allah Azza will be pleased with you for good. So if you do good, it will be for you. Were in a septum and as during your reign and during your tenure and your authority. If you do wrong, follow her, then there will be its consequences. And then Allah Allah Azza moves, listen carefully, straight because he promised them two kingdoms. The first one he talked about, then he told us what will happen to us. And then he goes straight to the end of the second rain

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and the miracle of the Quran, think about it, the ones at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was no mention of the children of Israel coming back together, you know, a state forming all of this, but the Quran says that to reign rains will come. So the first one is there, and another one will come so when it can when the State of Israel,

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you know, was created, it was a fulfillment and once it became strong and had authority, it was the fulfillment without them knowing of the Quranic verses that to reigns.

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The first in the Quran uses the word, why do all Lahoma? Well, why don't ask him he doesn't use the word. We're understanding why all our words are standing, you know, like we have Gemini ruler, Gemini Stanny. The Quran doesn't use the first one and the second one, it says first one and the last one. And Allah Allah is merciful, ALLAH SubhanA so there will be a first rain and a last rain. So we are in the last rain. This is the only time after the time of King Solomon.

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And the deterioration in the evil and vice that happened after his reign. This is the only time where

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children of Israel have authority or reign or a state. So the Quran then went go straight to the signs of the end. It doesn't talk about a you know how it will form and all of this it goes straight for either agenda. What I do ask Euro, what is the higher was the world when the end of the second rain comes when the downfall and the end of the second rain comes? So just as a point, these prophecies versus that predict or

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prophesized what will happen into the future. And we are having a academic technical discussion of verses that are in the Quran. These are not calls to action and noise there any anti semitic notion associated with the same case, you know, there's some silly person out there who wishes to make more of this, then then it is actually intended. So an academic discussion of prophecy and Allah will Riza guide us to the truth, Europe. So the Prophet, the verse says, For either J, or wa will ask you, when the end of the second rain comes, and also nations come and go. Like, you know,

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a few years ago, there was the USSR, big block on the planet, America and all the nations, you know, we're cautious of it. But now the maps have changed and there's no USSR on it before that was the Ottoman Empire. So empires states countries, change, come and go and all of that. So this is just a normal nature of the way life is. So the Quran talks about the end of the second reign.

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And it gives these signs as the signs to watch for which will indicate the end of the second rain. Listen carefully. So says for either J or wa will ask you, Lea su Oh, would you have come so after the signs of the end of the second reign, is that they would insult or wrong or hurt or embarrass your faces, as in the face of the Muslims. So when the humiliation of the Muslims who are the local populations, you know, in Palestine, when that starts and that takes root, this is one of the signs to watch for the demise and the end of the second reign of the children of Israel. That's the first one. The second sign Walia the following message Jada, Canada Hello, who are well, Amara, and they

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will enter the masjid and in the verse in references, Masjid Al Aqsa, they will enter the masjid like they entered the first time, he has a beautiful little point to note.

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So generally, our Jewish cousins do not go into where the temple was or where the masjid is, or even where the Wailing Wall is, and not in the numbers that you would expect some of them go. But the great majority do not. And the question is why? Because religiously, they're in a state of ceremonial impurity. So their belief is that if anyone has touched someone did, they are in a state of ceremonial impurity, or if you touch someone that has touched someone who has is dead, they fall into a state of ceremonial impurity, religious impurity, they can't go

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to what they believe, as the temple. So therefore, they need to be cleansed. They need to go through a cleaning process. And the cleaning process, according to them is that that red cow the red heifer promised in the Bible must be slaughtered. And with its ashes, they will be cleansed from this impurity, and then they can enter they can enter the temple, or or the mosque.

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Now they have been seeking this red heifer for years trying to find it so that they could have the ceremonial cleansing, and then they could enter the temple. Or, as the Quran says, the masjid and eventually only now, they have found it. So I'm anticipating that the plan is that when it is found, an animal without fault and flow and one that has never warned color, and one that has never made it or had children, all the you know, the criteria that they have is met, and then what will happen I envisage this again, it might not be accurate. I envisage this that there'll be a massive ceremony in which our Jewish cousins from around the world will flock to by it'll mark this for this

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cleansing process, and they will enter it in multitudes as they entered it in the time of Solomon and then in the times of the prophets before so the verse says, The second sign is well he had whole MSG that come at the Hulu Hola, Mara. They will enter the masjid the temples as they entered it the first time like in their masters and in their multitude. So that will be the second prophecy or the second part, or the second sign of the demise of the second reign coming through. And the third one will your bureau ma Allah will tend to be around

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and they will demolish and do bring to the ground everything

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that has been built up above the ground. And you see glimpses of this. So now they are multi storey buildings and Palestine and and Gaza, and a rocket hits down the bottom and the whole building collapses exactly as the prophecy said they will bring to the ground, destroy whatever you have raised above the ground, there is another possible understanding of the verse as they will bring to the ground, everything that has been built for the time or the duration of their reign, meaning that there'll be a lot of destruction and downfall. And subhanAllah just with regards to

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you know, to support the evidence of the of the second one that they will enter the masjid towards the end of the surah. Allah, Allah Allah says for either Java or Google fu J become Luffy for when the last rain comes, or the end of the last rain comes, we will gather them from around around the planet. And now in Israel, they already gathered like they come from, you know, Europe and America and you know, young all around the world, the children of Israel, or you know, the remnants come in, but I think there will be a monumental one, a great surge when they tried to sacrifice this red heifer and then it will again meet the next verse, that jitna become law FIFA, we will gather you

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from all over the place. So this is the prophecy that the scholars refer to with regards to the first and second reign of the children of Israel. And I pray this has answered your question. My apologies for taking too long Solomonic

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