Be Careful of Pride & Arrogance

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Because this is the power

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to give life to the dead,

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you see scientists up to 2017

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they can clone they can genetically modified, they cannot give life to something that is dead, like to chemicals they cannot bring it to life they have tried, they have tried to recreate creation they have tried to make an atmosphere they have tried to send electrical pulses through earth that they have, but they fail at being able to make a nonliving thing like sand into a living thing.

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Because that is the author of Digital Ocean machine to change media chemicals into a living being this is a lot of when as a pilot Allah, your gradual, highly amenable mate, he brings out life from the dead, this is Allah.

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So, Allah Allah has brought out life into this, you know, into the sand or mud or you statue

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and when he is up, he has our agenda order the angels who should do duly Adam

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Mike sajida to add them

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admits them is a beliefs as well. So Allah Allah is the size they all prostrate that can you imagine the command of the option Majid Julie Adam, the angels prostrate and Allah says in left

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like I imagine it you know the

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the whole you know, Angel everyone's done this thing the standard

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so so that there's no confusion a lot of good as I said can Amina is Jeannie fossa and Emery Robbie. He is not from the Angus cheese This is a gin so he fell out of the obedience of his node.

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So Allah asks him

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what held you what stopped you monitor? What stopped you what prevented you from prostrating to them after I ordered you to prostrate? So he said and

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I am better than him. Kazakhstani me Noreen wahala

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me you created from fire, energy radiation he he is made from dust all by him you know what what is he against me?

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And me and another artist as Judo laymen's are not the Tina you want me to prostrate to something you might from climbing

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so a lot of boys that tells him pilot followed him in half in Nicaragua, him Get out of here.

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So here

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notice a few things please.

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arrogance is the downfall of the biggest.

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And arrogance is is a secret cancer. You know you don't realize it till very late

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might show Muslims you don't feel better than anyone else.

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Mike, Allah doesn't like them.

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Pride befits the majesty of does not benefit anyone else.

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You know, I am so do you know who I am.

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The our predecessors used to answer this beautifully, you know, you know a person a person was walking, his role was was dragging behind him, you know, as a sign of

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pomp and ceremony.

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You know, like a king's robe and drives behind. So he's God was driving behind him.

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And he's walking, arrogant, halting and proud.

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the pious person told him he goes, a person who this walk. This walk has an enemy.

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Like, you know, this arrogant walk has an enemy as an outlaw doesn't like this humble yourself.

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So he said, Do you know who I am?

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See, we say that too.

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Sometimes Do you know who I am?

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So he said yes

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you are made from a filthy drop.

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You know semen if it falls on your, on your God, you want to pray with it, you will wash it will feel disgusted by it. You are made from that.

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And when you walk around when you're alive you carry down like you carry feces inside your stomach. If I were to give you a bag of feces and say sweetheart carry this, it will bring you to your reality. You know you go you know with my beard How do you expect me to do this you know, but

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you're walking with it.

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You carry the trend, like when you sit in the toilet, that's what's inside you.

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So he said your mind from from filth, you carry filth and when you die you will be eaten by maggots and