Depression, Anxiety and Happiness – Challenges of Modern Times

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There is this desire,

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craving for happiness.

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man wants to be happy.

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unsafe and beautifully, was inevitable and very rarely he man will hire a Dede, he likes goodness, and he likes it immensely intensely. And today in on the brink of 2015

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man has amassed all sorts of comfort around him. So if you're wealthy, and you're famous, and you're still searching for happiness in a drug field, there's something missing.

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And if you're wealthy, and you're famous, and you're in a rehab center, there's something missing.

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So man is not happy. Even when he became rich and famous, he was still not happy.

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So the solution is somewhere else.

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And Manami lasallian Minh Decker in Odessa wahoo, a moment for the young who heighten for yerba. Whoever does white justice

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whether they are male or female, for under specific

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means carrying out on sir, war who are more common on the condition of belief, we will grant them a good life.

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The heart longs for its load

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and anything anytime you don't find the master the heart keeps long and so Earth can't find peace and and tranquility.

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It's searching for the master.

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tests that

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come to the law

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was flooded to other Mallanna be a bother

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it isn't the nature of man.

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Deep within the psyche of man, there is this desire, this urge this one, this need this craving for happiness.

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man wants to be happy.

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And the Quran says it beautifully. What inaho and very rarely he man, the hope bill higher Elijah deed he likes goodness. And he likes it immensely, intensely. violently was if you were to say it in the language of Hollywood man likes goodness with vengeance.

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He wants good he wants happiness. He wants prosperity he wants is he wants comfort and look around you.

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Everything that you see around you is a product of man's desire for goodness.

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There was a time you used to have to travel from here to there. Traveling became difficult, it became tedious it became cumbersome. So you thought how can I improve this for my own benefit? So you force the animals to take you the horse in the mule and the donkey that used to carry you that required maintenance and feeding and so on and that became difficult. So you started to find an alternative and you made the automobile the car, the car couldn't cross the ocean. So you made the Titanic the Titanic sank you made the aeroplane. Do you understand that whatever you've done is out of your insistent desire for comfort and goodness for yourself. And today in on the brink of 2015

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man has amassed all sorts of comforts around himself. So panela Just imagine you sit in the thick of winter.

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in the thick of winter, and when the click of a button you get the breeze of summer coming in.

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Or you sit in the thick of summer and just with the click of a button winter comes. It's not here tonight because curtains going cheap on us but

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you understand what I mean the air con system just with a click of a button. You used to have to travel miles on end to get water. Now you go to the town

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whatever temperature you want that comes out there.

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So man has a lot of comforts around himself. So we've amassed all these comforts. So you would have expected men to be happy. Because sweetheart, you got everything you want. You know, the weather's nice. Imagine this, it's night, and it's bright, and there's no smoke and there's no suit and you should be happy. So with all this goodness, man is still not happy.

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So you think you have all the ingredients that you thought was gonna make you happy? Why haven't you become happy?

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and depression levels. So Pinilla let's just start with unhappiness levels. In our country, Australia, my old law protected with peace and prosperity. In this country of ours, there is no walls, while in law Hill hump, there is no you know, poverty, life is good.

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Yet, within the age of 16, to 25, which is the golden years of your life, and for those that are above it, that's still golden. But you understand this is like the prime of your life at this age, life is supposed to be good. Yet a quarter of the youth are not happy with their lives. A call 24.34% just to be accurate, are not happy with we are not happy.

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the amount that are depressed at any one time, 6% of the youth are depressed at any one time research site is that before a child reaches the age of 25, in America, 25% or quarter of the population would have at some point or another suffered depression.

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With all the material comfort around you, you have found some hand allow, if even if you have time, you've made gains for yourself to keep busy. You have iPhone and iPad and iPod and everything and yet man is not happy.

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where's the secret of happiness? Because you thought it was in the water. If it comes in the tap, I'd be happy at cam you're unhappy. You thought if the weather was good, I'll be happy the weather's perfect giant happy you thought of the night could be bright, I'd be happy than Scotland with bright Ma, you're not happy.

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What's missing.

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There's the something's missing. That is making mankind depressed.

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you search

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amongst humanity. In our beautiful country here some years ago, we have a population of 20 something million, or at that time, we had 20 something million. And in a population of you know, 24 to 27 million, you have 9 million prescriptions of antidepressant drugs.

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And forget about adults, little kids are suffering from depression.

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Smile, one.

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Little kids are suffering from depression. So they asked this little school age kids, kid, why are you depressed? What will make you happy? So they say this unanimously, two things. You listen to things. If I was wealthy, and if I was famous, I'd be happy.

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So if I had money, and if I was famous, I'd be happy.

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secretly within your hearts.

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You all feel that too? Sometimes. You know, if I had more likes on Facebook

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or if I had more money, I'd be happy.

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So what they did?

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Or I did, I looked at the life of the rich and famous. The movie stars. And Subhana Allah Do I need to tell you that they're depressed?

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overdose smile law protect Europe and we are no one to judge and no one knows the ending in my law, give us a good ending, you're up. But

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if you're wealthy, and you're famous, and you're still searching for happiness in a drug pill, there's something missing.

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And if you're wealthy, and you're famous, and you're in a rehab center, there's something missing

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and go look at the stars of

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Hollywood and Bollywood and look at the mess that their lives are engulfed in. So man is not happy. He even when he became rich and famous, he was still not happy.

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So the solution is somewhere else.

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And we thought, let's medicate.

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It's a chemical imbalance, so we'll medicate in the last 20 years, medication for depression has increased 300%.

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So you think that if I over medicate or kill the thing, you know, the the disease, yet the disease has increased with it.

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If you look at population graphs, the older population, less percentage of them have depression. But as it moves to our time, currently, by the age of 25 25% of the population has depression.

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So it's a problem.

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And what I want to do and shine a light in the moments available to me, I will give you because it's not enough time, I'll give you serious solutions from the GitHub and also in practice so that you could practice inshallah.

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Let's start chronically.

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And the beauty is, Allah has given us solutions.

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A lot of bullets that has shown us the way you listen Allah Subhana, in Haryana, who sebelah in shirkey, along with emerica For verily we have shown him the path it is up to him to be grateful or ungrateful to accept or to reject, to believe or to deny, and whoever accepts a lot of Buddha gives him or blesses him with a beautiful life. Allah Subhana Manami lasallian min Decker in Osaka wahoo min further north korean who heighten by Eva, whoever does righteous deeds, whether they are male or female, under specific

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mean vector in our own sir, well who are more common on the condition of belief, we will grant them a good life.

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The Quran has the solution and look at the other side, woman our other and victory for in Allahumma schatten danka, one shuru who Yama, Yama, Tiana and whoever leaves my path and my guidance and my remembrance, then I will make his life narrow and restricted, confined and confounded in this life. My shotgun banca one shooter who yo malkia Matsuyama and on the day of judgment or resurrect him blind so he gets up in the mind he says, dilemma hotshot attorney Armando quinto basura Allah Why have you resurrected me blind and I could see in the other world I could see what happened. A lot of bluster says can lead

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to nap fantasy de la casa de Cali yo matanza. Thus our science came to you our verses were rehearsed to you Islam presented to you guidance shown to you you for sukut forgot about what Cavalli kaleo matanza and does today we forsake you we forget about you.

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So on the one side it is restricted confined confounded living on the other side for those who accept a righteous and blessed life now let's look at the formula cuz Time's running out a lot of bullets the size Manami lasallian min decade in our own set were who were more common. The first requisite of a good life is correct belief.

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The first requisite of good life is the correct belief. The correct belief in the oneness of a lot of Buddhism, and who your Lord is who your master is, understand before we were sent on this earth, a lot of binaries that gathers all the children of Adam and he asks us to build a big home Am I not your load? So they everyone says Bella, yes indeed Shaheed now we swear you alone our Lord that was engraved in the essence of your existence. With that programming you are sent to this earth and then you woke up in this

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And the inside and the soul the depths of your being is yearning for its master.

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The heart longs for its Lord

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and anytime you don't find the master the heart keeps longer and so it can't find peace and tranquility is seeking at searching for that master and in every heart the initial programming is a lot of blood tested.

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And I looked at footage on end a lot of what I say gives you the test Allah Subhana Allah is Allah Kibo fulfill full Qaeda will la meclizine Allahu Deen when man is in deep waters

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as in in difficulty and problems Who does he turned to in a bridge is falling down? Oh god, oh god See that's one mode. There's three sections in the human mind is the conscious head the subconscious head and the unconscious and the unconscious head of man the programming has a lot of bullet.

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So when difficulty strikes and it transcends the conscious and the subconscious and it hotwire straight to the unconscious, the initial programming comes in that is only a law. Look at the story of Cat Stevens, I was drowning and I said, God, if you saved me, I will do this. He never said you know, or mother or God or Mary Oh Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, or Buddha now Tao mo Li Sinhala hodin. It shows that the actual programming is Allah alone. So when you don't find the master,

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the heart yearns for the Lord. So Muslims find your Lord first understand who Allah is, and trust me, it will emancipate you. When you realize a Rosa who Allah who is man after that, that the one who provides me is Allah. I don't need to fear the bus. I don't need to fear this person. I don't. I am set free unshackled and unleashed.

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When you realize that the one who cures is Allah, and that Allah is your personal ally. Imagine in sajida What do you say Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, glory be to my Lord who is most high.

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When that relationship builds, and that realization comes that Allah is my Lord, then trust me, I'm not saying you won't get depressed, cuz sometimes calamities come. The Quran tells the Prophet while kutna mo Anika yo de casa Dora, cabbie, Maria Kowloon, we understand that your chest feels congested that what they are saying, so you feel sad, but you will conquer it, you will climb over it, you'll succeed.

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So therefore, the first thing Muslims work on that either harmless long enough, we've gone to graves and to, you know, ropes and to this spear and this bizarre again, this master indistinct, harmless enough, let's turn to the Lord of the heavens, on large, Allah Subhana. We'll make that link direct between you and your master and trust me, it will set you free.

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And then the second part, and again, this afternoon, there is a whole course and there's no time to discuss the kids, I'm just, I'm just giving the surface the initial part, fix the belief, understand who your Lord is.

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And then after that, do proper deeds, things that allied is profit taught you that are designed to make your life good.

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I researched

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depression. And currently it's one of the big killers in the world, more than a million people died due to suicide due to sadness and depression. It's huge. It's a calamity.

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And they are looking at ways where is happiness? Where is the answer? So in that research, I want to give spend a few minutes with your moments with you and give some practical steps if I might.

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And Islam is not a religion against practicality. If it works, it works. It is part of good deeds.

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So they researched because in in the in civilized places that meets advanced civilizations, if there's an epidemic.

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They came across a group of people in Papua New Guinea, the Collie

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And if I've said the name wrong, just imagine it's something else but Colossus, the the collusion there are very primitive tribe in Papua New Guinea. Now,

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a person by the name of Edward Shetland, worked with them for more than a decade.

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And in questioning, he was excessively questioning and trying to find depression inside these people. And amidst the 2000 he interviewed, he couldn't find depression. There are a primitive Aboriginal people.

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and I want to point here, the Aboriginals, they have a very pure belief.

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You know, when the Aboriginals of our land, and according to one of the stories, you know, the hotel, they have storytime and stuff, well, one of that they believe in a God called economic.

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Economic to means a being without a rectum.

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So they thought that our God is one that doesn't have a rectum and doesn't have a rectum. And

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I thought I could do a better because then I realized I can't.

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I being without the rectum.

00:21:23--> 00:21:28

So the psyche was, if he doesn't have a rectum, he doesn't go to the toilet.

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So if he doesn't go to the toilet, he is clean and his God.

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So when the other face scan, like imagine, you know,

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when the missionaries came, they used to ask them believe in and they got

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or, you know, believe in Jesus or something like that. So the Aboriginals used to ask Is he

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is he without the rectum?

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So they used to say, No,

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Santa can because,

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you see, their belief was very pristine, simple, but they believed in that one God who was not like man who didn't have these desires, and you know, the needs and so on and so forth. So

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those people, the Collie

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on the one case, bordering depression is found nothing tangible, the rest of them, it's non existent in them.

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So researchers studied their way of life and from that took four or five or six points,

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practical steps that could help overcome this issue. I want to use the steps and link them with our religion and give them to you and inshallah, you should be fine after this. All right, the first one.

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The cannula people are an Aboriginal people. So they are hunter gatherers, essentially.

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Which means most of the day, they're out about trying to gather food, hunt animals, you know, harvest, and so on,

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to bring food, you know, for that night.

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So on average, they are physically active for about an intense four hours a day, even at old age, they still look like very professional athletes.

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There is no effect slobby thing and you know that they're not out of shape, the face is not like it hasn't seen the sun in a couple of decades, do you understand? They're very active and so on. So from that day, the juice

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exercise is key.

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So they research and they found that if you exercise and understand exercise by itself is very unnatural. But when you are on the treadmill, and Anytime Fitness mirrabooka

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i figured i advertised.

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So if when you're on the treadmill, your head knows that I'm not going anyway. You know you're running, you know you're not going anywhere. So it's a bit depressing.

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those people and the actual people,

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they are physical because they act they're doing things so it's productive.

00:24:28--> 00:24:33

So it's important to make your exercise have a productive element in it.

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So for half, this is free advice. Other people will probably charge you for this, but for half an hour a day. Not a day, half an hour, three times a week.

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Walk really fast for half an hour, you know like you missing a bus and you're walking after it.

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Yeah. So for half an hour, three times a week and walk with some

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One, you know, serious walk with, with if you're a sister with a sister or if your brother was the brother of your husband and wife together, go walk and that way you check, it's a social thing. And at the same time, there's physical work in it. And what that does, trust me exercise, if I could put the benefits of exercising a pill and give it to you, you spend a lot of money for that pill. The benefits are huge.

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The body changes from loser mentality to basically winner mentality. All the feel good chemicals are released, the circuitry attached, it's awesome. So for 30 minutes, three times a day, and this is one of our problems in our time. Everyone's just sitting.

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You just sitting it's either sitting in front of a screen or you're sitting in a car or you're sitting on a desk, you're not doing much. So get up and get busy.

00:25:56--> 00:26:15

Half an hour three times a week the results show fantastic improvements drop in depression and all the positive chemicals and hormones developed in the body and as Muslims especially if you live you know near a mosque why not walk there for a

00:26:17--> 00:26:23

walk there for fudger with your with your family, and it will be enough you actually go and somewhere productive.

00:26:25--> 00:26:32

Walk there when you come back for for Margarita or something like that. But three times a week just say I'm walking to the masjid.

00:26:34--> 00:26:40

And having said that, I'm conscious that you know Australia is a big place. So if you live very far away from the masjid

00:26:42--> 00:26:43

probably won't work for you.

00:26:45--> 00:26:57

Yeah, because I don't know, one mother's calling me you know, stars, the sun still walking to the masjid, you know. And it's it's been a long time. There's not, there's no trace of depression left. And

00:26:59--> 00:27:10

so walk for half an hour and three times a week. Trust me, the results are huge. Secondly, we are social creatures.

00:27:11--> 00:27:16

And with modernization and with civilization, the curse of loneliness has come.

00:27:18--> 00:27:22

So even when you sit on a dinner table, have you noticed everyone's on their phone?

00:27:23--> 00:27:24

It's so sad,

00:27:26--> 00:27:40

serious, this, so everyone's become lonely, and stuck to their own little screens and their own little worlds. Yet we for 1000 800 million years. We were very social, we were hunter gatherers.

00:27:41--> 00:27:46

So what you need to do is constructively socialize

00:27:49--> 00:27:59

it it does wonders for the head because understand those that have us all going towards depression. Their first inclination is to be alone in a corner in the dark.

00:28:00--> 00:28:12

That just feeds them or pull them out or pull yourself out and go to a place of positive socialization. What's a good place to socialize with really good people?

00:28:13--> 00:28:38

The House of Allah, the masjid, what last soon as you enter it, you're filled with peace and serenity. And the people who come there are really good people. They are not there to you know when genuine and backstab you and take something from you and so on. They've come for Allah you've come for Allah sit and talk and socialize them have a little you know, drink or something like this friendships will develop.

00:28:40--> 00:28:57

And this is one of the gifts of Salah that we do it five times a day. And that's why I say the religion was designed for success. In a busy world. The Muslim takes five times a day a break, go to a Masjid go somewhere, pray, socialize, meet, interact, and then come back.

00:28:59--> 00:29:14

So constructive socializing is very important. And for those that are blessed with parents and family, what a joy suparna ly culture for use of Parker one day and he didn't answer my phone. I'm just saying this public so that next time he answers his phone.

00:29:16--> 00:29:23

So I asked him, I said yes. No, he texted back and he said, I was having breakfast with mom.

00:29:24--> 00:29:44

So I said what a blessing that a mom is around in a dad is around that you can go and sit at their feet and eat with them and talk to them. And at night before you sleep. They're there and it's such a joy family. So celebrated. Forget this. The screens deal with people.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

And the screens are changing the psyches of people. I meet a kid the shyest kid in the universe. You know, he's, I don't mean a kid or I teach so old you know, high school students. So I

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

highest person in the world then you see him online he's his king

00:30:06--> 00:30:10

serious you see the pictures they take that's

00:30:15--> 00:30:17

all I saw on

00:30:19--> 00:30:26

cars just so you understand the psyche of people this kid is taken a picture and I hope he's not here tonight

00:30:29--> 00:30:37

he's sitting like, you know that I don't care look, you know the like that and there's two girls around him

00:30:38--> 00:30:44

so he's he's written on his, you know, profile gills are chasing me and I'm on camera and stuff like that.

00:30:45--> 00:30:49

So I looked at the picture and one is his sister and one is his cousin you know, but

00:30:50--> 00:30:52

people don't know.

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So you see the normal is not no it doesn't have a problem is fine. It's just he thinks people don't notice I can get away with this. You know, I'm hot. I'm the new thing. But it's changing the psychology of people.

00:31:09--> 00:31:20

So now they're becoming really good online. Really sad face to face, no social skills, no Salam aleikum. So in front of these screens,

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we have been,

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we've lost the skills that we once had. And that's why we move in more and more away from from humankind into our own little worlds that we can control. I don't like this click. So let me click on another one. I don't like this movie, let me click on another one. And then when you come out to the real world, it doesn't work like that, you know, you don't like him, you have to live with him. So you can now go back to my little hole. So therefore socialize face to face, pull yourself out of the strap.

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So I've given you three so far. First is correct belief. Second is exercise. Third, is socialize. Fourth, eat proper.

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Eat well.

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let me go through this. My brother smiling like it well

00:32:15--> 00:32:18

60% of the dry weight of the brain is fat

00:32:20--> 00:33:05

60% if you were to get your head and dry it and you know why it the brain, it's 60% of its fat. So we have ample amounts of fat that the body seems to make. But there are two types that it doesn't make. They're called the essential fence. If anyone knows this better than me, just pretend I know it more than you. Okay. There's two types of fats that the body doesn't make. They're called essential fats. And they're basically the omega threes in the Omega sixes that the body doesn't make that is based on your intake, what you eat. Now, the Omega sixes are inflammatory fats, like they make things and you know, inflame or grow become so an inflamed head is a depressed head, back of

00:33:05--> 00:33:14

the brain is an inflamed level it's depressed. And omega threes are anti inflammatory. Like they shrink it.

00:33:16--> 00:33:22

So the ratio these days, so Okay, the Omega sixes come from

00:33:23--> 00:33:26

grains and animals that eat grains.

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And the omega three is come from grass and the animals that eat grass, the problem nowadays is even the animals are fed grains. So we have an overdose of the Omega sixes, if everything is at inflamed level, your joints, your head, your brain and all the rest of it, the ratio should be one to one so there should be one omega three for one omega six. So since it's not there, since we have way more omega omega sixes, it's time that you take supplements for omega three. And the active ingredient in that is EPA and what you need an EPA Listen to me carefully I'm I'm illegally medicating

00:34:08--> 00:34:50

if you want that should get me out legally if I said if you want if you want take 1000 milligrams per day of the EPA active ingredient in omega three. And they've seen amazing results with it. All the joints come back to normal the dryness of the eyes go the head feels better and happier and so on and so forth. So take these four things from me and and follow it regular, rigorously, meticulously like religiously keep doing it and ensure aligned correct the belief in the data. And I'll give you one solution directly from the Quran.

00:34:51--> 00:34:55

This is what Allah instructed his prophet when he was feeling down.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

He said well, a katana Alamo and naka de force.

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

Adora cabina yaku Luna, we understand that you feel congested your hearts feel squeezed up based on the utterances of the people, you know what people are saying, for some, behind the Arabic word can mean a surgeon, then say Subhan Allah, Allah Subhan Allah allows him an increase in your sajida

00:35:24--> 00:35:31

and Subhana Allah, I think everyone here can say in such a way that you find what you do not find outside sajida

00:35:32--> 00:35:42

so much so that they medicate suicidal people, too excessive, you know, face on the floor type thing just, you know, do the sajida

00:35:44--> 00:35:52

So, get into sajida and glorify Your Lord the font the heart will find who was seeking and the more you glorify,

00:35:53--> 00:36:12

the cleaner the heart will come the healthier the heart will come, exercise, eat right socialize Well, my applaudable cure you and guide you and bless you and us along with you for poltrona Paul entaco has an item for men of Lahore in takasaki attempt Amina Siva shavon was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh