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Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the rise of Islam in various civilizations and the use of gold in military and economic power. The speakers also mention a prophet named Jesus who intervened in people's lives and caused change in their conduct. The message is that Islam is through the deity and that success comes from embracing changes.
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If you look at human history, and then come to our history, as in the history of our nation, as in the Muslim nation, you will notice that at the early stages of Islam, you are the dawn of Islam. There were two main world powers, empires are super powers. So on the one side was the Roman Empire. And on the other side was the Persian Empire. And both of these empires had reached the zenith of power. So they boasted political stability, military capability, economical prosperity, and an influence that covered much of the globe. And they're sandwiched somewhat in between these two was the Arab Peninsula. And the Arab peninsula was a hot, barren, harsh environment in which a segment

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of Arab society live. They were scattered across an endless desert, as a people, they seem to have nothing going for them. So this united, uneducated, purposeless lives against all these odds saw a harsh climate, barren land, limited to no resources of people, insignificant compared to the major civilizations. There was no huge army trained, disciplined, organized, it didn't exist. So against all these odds and challenges, a civilization rolls from the Arabs and pretty soon it extended from Granada and spine on one side to New Delhi on the other. So, I have read history study history and I try to look for cause and effect reasons like what happened.

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And you study civilizations, certain things have prerequisites. So for example, water

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water is a very important part of developing a nation civilization country what whatever you want to call it, even the city of ours Perth, you know, Captain Cook and the rest camp.

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They settled here because of the water you know, by the Swan River

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because the land is fertile it is green and all the rest of it important yet they had no water

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like inside the Arab Peninsula one quarter is considered the vacant land because dry desert uninhabitable the maca was the center of life the Quran describes it where the Nova area the Zara a place unvegetated so water didn't exist then you think how lost no water maybe they had something else. And look as you may you won't find any of the ingredients that will make a civilization

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so you know massive armies that didn't exist discipline population that didn't exist, human capital didn't exist. Gold that didn't exist Food, Nutrition nourishment, the prophet who's the prophet of God, you know, there's a hadith about him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he was in an orchard picking dates from the floor and a food was rare. And yet, out of nowhere, the civilization within a short few decades, it catches up to the other civilizations, and not only catches up to them, it overtakes them

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and not only overtakes them, it flourishes and excels. So notice a few things Dion's Allah Allah Azza intervened in their lives by a prophet, Allah Allah Azza didn't intervene with gold. And he could have intervened with gold because you saw the prophet or you valet, his Salah you know, he was ill for many years and then Allah cured him and then he was bathing and gold nuggets started to fall from the sky for him and he collected it. So Had Allah Buddha wanted to you know, equip them with gold gold with a rain from the sky where Metallica and Allah Hibiya as is easy, but Allah did it for the children of Israel Allah Allah is the open water. What are the stars are Musella for me, he's

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not gonna be alpha Cal hedger from federal admin who's not there I shamatha Aina strike or Musa with your staff hit the rocks, the rocks gush out water, whoa,

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laugher have done that Allah or Buddha didn't. Allah or Buddha could have brought food from the heaven for them that Listen people you need nourishment, he is food go and do my bidding Allah Allah Azza didn't and he did it for Bernard was right in Manoa, Salah was, you know came down from the heavens for them. The only thing Allah or Buddha gave them the intervention was a prophet.

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A messenger by definition, carrying a message. The message is the deen of Islam. So Allah Allah is through the deen that the following Allah has changed the hearts and change their minds and change their conduct.

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I want to say that again.

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Allah Allah Azza change their hearts, change their minds and change their conduct. And then the rest was organic. Like once you embody those changes that Allah sent you can't help but become successful and this life and in the next

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