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In a friendly discussion between Br. Wael Ibrahim of Serving Islam Team – HK – and Rev. Lincoln Loo of the Island ECC, both speakers have drawn a portrayal of Jesus Christ peace be upon him in Islam and in Christianity.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss Jesus Christ's teachings and invite guests to see his food. They clarify the meaning of Jesus Christ's "will" in Arabic and explain the meaning of the word "will" in Arabic. They also discuss the importance of black slave titles and the church's stance on the title. The segment ends with a discussion of cultural acceptance of having a son and the reasons behind the belief that a son is a son.
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Well Johnny,

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Bonnie, Paula

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa sallam We begin by praising Allah God Almighty. And may God's peace and blessings be upon all these prophets, starting from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac Ismail, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed May peace and blessings be upon all of them. I mean,

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I'd like to thank everyone at the island ECC. And I'd like to thank you so much for the invitation for the warm, welcoming attitude that we have seen. And as Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him with told us that those who, who don't thank people, in effect, do you don't thank God Almighty? Say Mullah Yash, Cora, nurse lash karela. Whoever does not thank people. In effect, he does not thank Allah. So Muslims today are obliged to thank the people of the island ICC. And on behalf of all the Muslims, I want the Muslims to give them a very big hand of appreciation and thanks.

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And we should also thank them for the food that we have not yet eaten.

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I know it's gone, don't worry. The halaal is on the way. Don't worry, guys.

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All right, I have left here my contact details for various reasons. I'm not here to hunt for converts. I'm here to clarify our position about one of the greatest man ever walked the earth and that is Jesus Christ peace be upon him and speaking about him in 30 minutes will never do justice to that great man of God. And therefore, I left my contact. So in case there are any clarification, any questions need to be asked any criticism or whatever? Then here are my contact details for you guys to come in touch with me, inshallah, God willing.

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As I said earlier, speaking about Jesus Christ, peace be upon him in only 30 minutes, or speaking about any profit for that matter, will never do justice to those great men of God. Thank you.

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Perfect. It's not working with Suki.

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All right. So, I believe that most Muslims who are present in our in the audience or in the venue today are not quite familiar with the belief of the island ECC, when it comes to the man Jesus Christ peace be upon him maybe because we have been exposed to various ideas from different churches. So the Muslims in the venier in the veniam, I'm sure they're quite confused about who Jesus is, according to your belief, and I will leave that to Mr. Lincoln to present during his talk, but I'm quite confident that most of the Christians in the venue, are aware of the position of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him when it comes to Islam.

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And I am quite also confident that most of the Christians in the room are expecting to hear something like Jesus is not gone. Jesus is never died nor crucified. But I'm not going to take that approach. You see, there are more than 25 places in the Quran where Jesus Christ peace be upon him as mentioned by name, by name Jesus, about 25 places.

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And he was also mentioned with different different titles throughout the Quran like mercy, Christ, Messiah, son of Mary, the Jesus, memoriam and so on and so forth. So 30 minutes are not enough for me to go through everything that has been mentioned about Jesus in the Quran. So I decided to use or to speak about only one aspect of who Jesus Christ peace be upon it is according to Islam, only one aspect.

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And maybe this is a good opportunity so that we can come again and discuss about Jesus again and again from different different perspective, even acting smart now so that you guys can invite us again and show us your food.

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So I will be speaking about Jesus

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Christ peace be upon him according to his own declaration, in the Qur'an, the first words he had uttered after his birth after his blessing, mother, Mary, was given the good news of a son, who shall be called Messiah, held in honor in this world and in the Hereafter, and those who are nearest to God and of the company who are near to God, the first words he has authored is, I am the slave of Allah.

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That's the first words in the cradle.

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As an infant, this was his first miracle and his first words, I am the slave of Allah. So I'm going to speak about Jesus being slave of a lot. I'm going to clarify slavery because it has a negative connotation, especially among the Westerners. Like you know, when you say a slave of a loss, some people say, you guys don't like to use the term children or God instead of slaves of God. So we will clarify that. And this is what Jesus said about himself. So we're gonna mention one place of the Quran with Jesus peace be upon him was mentioned and then we proceed from there. So let us listen to the first verses, there are six verses all in

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one, well, Johnny,

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Bonnie, Paula,

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going on?

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So these are the six is or six verses which have been mentioned in chapter number 1932 36, where Jesus Christ peace be upon speaking. And there are two ways in which God Almighty is commenting on the whole scene. So there are 12 points, approximately 12 points be made in these as we go through them to recap because we cannot talk about each and every point in details. The first point was the God Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, himself said that he is the slave and servant of God. This is the first utterance also in the same is it mentioned that God Almighty has given him already the revelation in the past tense in the Arabic autonomy Al Kitab. Already God has given me a revelation.

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That means that Jesus Christ peace be upon him was born knowing the scripture already has been given he's been made a profit already before he was born, God has appointed them before he was born at any al Qaeda in the past, since he's been given the Scripture

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and alarm made him a prophet, not son, not anything other than prophet and messenger of God.

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And allow made him a blessing. everywhere he goes, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him wherever he goes, he is a blessing person.

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God Almighty enjoying upon Jesus Christ, peace be upon him prayers and alms giving so long as he's alive, so long as he remain alive Jesus Christ peace be upon him is obliged to give charity and to pray to God Almighty.

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And he's been made beautiful to his mother, watch Alani.

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He made him dutiful to his mother. This is very interesting verse because in another place God Almighty spoken about john john the baptist. And similar is been mentioned, where God Almighty said that God has blessed john the baptist and made him do the fall to his both parents.

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Both parents in this ayah God will make the clearly saying on the tongue of Jesus Christ peace be upon him himself that he had made me beautiful to my mother because he has no father. He has no human father. And therefore Allah had made him do the full to his mother.

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And he was not made arrogant Jesus Christ peace be upon him is a symbol of simplicity and humility, and not a miserable person. And he made a supplication Jesus Christ peace be upon him and made the peace of God Almighty be upon me. In three cases in three situations the day I was born, the day I shall die in the future sense tense, and the day I shall raise back to life again. When God Almighty made a statement, this is the truth about Jesus Christ, peace be upon him and in Arabic, the word Aloha, the word I'll have had two meanings. The first meaning of Huck means the truth that this is the truth about Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. The second meaning of Huck is that this is actually

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one of the characteristic and one of the names of God Almighty in Islam, Allah. So as if Allah subhanaw taala God Almighty saying here, that this statement is the truth set by God Almighty, a declaration by God Almighty about his servant as slave and slave, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him.

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And Allah subhanaw taala also made a comment that it is not really befitting for God Almighty to have a son, he does not need a son, he does not need children

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to carry out you know, his responsibilities or his tasks. On Earth, he doesn't need that.

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Because allowing he creates anything he simply say to it, what Be and it is.

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That's how or this is the concept of creation in Islam. Whenever God wants to create anything, he doesn't need to send His Son down here to Earth. All what you need to do is to create Jesus by the will, by his will by saying be Jesus.

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And lastly, Jesus said, In this ayah,

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Allah is my Lord and your Lord. This is the declaration by Jesus Christ peace be upon him telling us telling to the to the people around don't make any mistake, even though I'm speaking from the cradle. Don't make any mistake, I'm not a divine person, because God is my Lord and your Lord, therefore, worship Him alone. This is a straight path. As I said earlier, we cannot go through all the points we will just reflect over two is of these are two verses from these six verses number one is the first hour Jesus Himself declared to be the slave of Allah. So we'll take a bit we'll talk a bit about the concept of servitude to Allah.

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As Jesus Christ, peace be upon him declared, and the last area or the last verse where God is inviting everybody to worship none, except the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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So let's get started with Jesus Christ peace be upon him, being the slave of Allah. As I said earlier, many people having this

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negative connotation when you say that

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we are the slaves of God, or we are the servants of God, people have this little issue.

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Like, you guys, God don't love you. I mean, it there is no relationship between you and your father, and your God. Why don't you accept God as Father? And why don't you accept this relationship as a relationship between father and children? Well,

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I know that in the West, when the black or the Africans were

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enslaved in many of the Western countries, I know how they were humiliated. I know how the they were mistreated, beaten, killed, tortured, and so on, so forth. So the image that comes whenever you say, I'm the slave of Allah, is this kind of, you know, slavery?

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I have been, you know, I watched lately a movie. I don't remember the title. But I watched a movie of a man who was very wealthy from a very, very good family, and he was a black man, and there was a plot against him by some of the whites. So they transport him somewhere and then they handcuffed him and then the enslaved him for 13 years. This is based on true story. I don't remember the title. Exactly.

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Yeah, 12 years or something of that sort. You see, you see that man how he was treated? And this is the kind of slavery that comes to mind when we talk about ourselves being slaves to a loss penalty. Now, let me explain to you the difference between

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The servitude toward a law and the servitude towards the creation of a law or this servitude or slavery toward human beings.

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Number one servitude toward Allah subhanaw. taala is always accompanied by love. It is always accompanied by love and respect. The slave here always loved his master.

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He prayed to him out of love, not out of fear.

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Or it's a combination between both. But in the case of slavery, toward the creation, it's always accompanied by hate. No slave loves his masters.

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Have you seen any slave like love his master?

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A human being? No. So this is number one. Number two, the slave is not forced. When it comes to Allah subhanaw taala servitude towards Allah. He's not forced to serve his master. Allah has given us instructions. Yes, Allah has given us certain obligations, yes, but he don't punish us if we don't pray right away. Do we? There are many Muslims who disobey Allah subhanaw taala. Have we seen a lot coming down killing those persons because they don't pray or don't fast or don't give charity know.

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Allah give them chance to repent chances after chances to repent and to come back to him. But not so the case when we are enslaved to other human being.

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The state is forced to serve his master and if he disobeyed, he will be tortured, he will be killed, and so on and so forth. The third reason toward a loss pantalla servitude to our last month Allah is always associated with peace of mind. That's why the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that the worship or the servant of Allah is more closer to Allah when.

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When he's prostrating

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when he's perceived, that's the closest point you can get to walk to Allah subhanaw taala to God Almighty, is when you put your highest point, the highest point of your buddy on the lowest of the law and glory glorify a law the Most High. We do that out of love dewy. We do that with enjoyment. When we do it, we cry. Why? Because we feel peace. We feel that this is the place we belong. Because Allah is the most high and we are

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in that position. We came from dust we belonged there. Yeah, but that's so with, in reference to being slaves to human beings. It's never associated with peace of mind. You're always having this psychological trauma. Yeah.

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So it's always associated with disturbance, with hate, you know. And lastly, the last point here is slavery or servitude toward Allah is actually a freedom. It's a spiritual freedom. And here is an example there is a man by the name of Bill L. ignorable,

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Bill Eleonora bajas, a black slave brought from Africa to Arabia. And when Muhammad peace be upon him started preaching Islam, he embraced Islam, because Islam preached equality between whites and black, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In his last speech, he said, There is no difference between black and whites, red or yellow Arabs or non Arabs except except by the level of piety. So in this black slave herded, he accepted Islam right away. His master, his name was omega adhaalath. He brought him in an open desert in the sun in a in a burning desert, and he placed a huge stone in his stomach.

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And he kept forcing him to go back and to worship these idols. And he kept saying only one word I hadn't heard. There is only one God, to such an extent that the people around Omar here that he's mastered, they start making fun of him.

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They started humiliating him. They told him that you are not strong, he is more stronger.

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He was begging him. He told him Okay, say I believe in hubel say, I believe in your gods, and I will set you free. Say No, I hadn't.

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As opposed to another slave, his name is washing it and herb, washing it and he's the one who killed the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him to gain his freedom.

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A lady told him killed the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and you are free. And he was successful in doing so he killed the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. His name was Hamza and he was set free. But later on, he went to another world or a gathering of the masters of Christ in Arabia, to sit side by side with them. Guess what they did to him without him Get out of here? Who are you? I'm watching you.

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Hello, how are you are a black slave? Say No, no I gained my freedom. So in order to get out of here, he went out and he cried. He cried. So spiritually, he was not free, spiritually and physically although he gained his freedom, yet he was not free. But the man who was actually tortured, called by his master, he gained his freedom because he realized that he's a slave off the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And look at Jesus Christ peace be upon him when the Prophet when Allah subhanaw taala God Almighty speaks about him being favored. He says what he used the term slave losses in the Quran in Hawaii in La abdon and Amna alayhi wa sallam levani wrote a story

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in Hawaii, Illa, Abidjan and Amna Allah He is no more than a slave that we have favored.

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So when Allah subhanaw taala, God Almighty is speaking about Jesus being favored, he titled him with this honorable title, slave servant of Allah.

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This is how God Almighty speaks about slavery, it's not degrading title, it's actually an honorable title.

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And now as opposed to this title, the slave of Allah, there is also warning given in the Quran, to those who call Jesus the Son of God.

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I am aware of the rules of the discussion that I shouldn't touch on the Bible. I shouldn't comment on my friends speech, brother Lincoln. But this was found in the Quran that there is a severe warning for those who say that Jesus is the Son of God. So I have to bring these

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verses into our discussion as well.

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The first one is one of the purposes why the Quran was revealed is to warn those who say that God has begun a song.

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One of the purpose one of the main purposes why the Quran was revealed is to warn those who say God has bigger than a son.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala has reasoned with those people who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. In the following area, you see what Carlota has Allahu Allah. They say that Allah has taken for himself, a son, Bella, who is similar to him. He had everything he owned everything in the heavens and in the earth. kulula who can tune everything, all our devoutly obedient to Him, the creation, the creations itself, the sun, the moon, the skies, the clouds, everything goes back to Allah, Allah as obedient servants. So why not Jesus Christ, peace be upon him? This is how a lot of reasons with us there is another severe

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verse in the Quran where God Almighty is describing the condition of his creation, the heavens the earth, the mountains, what are their conditions?

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when they hear that God has begun a song, so Allah says in the end, or Karnataka rush Manuela de la parigi tomb Shay and

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tocado. Sam our

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and Ross man you

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rock Manny, tequila, one item in kulu Memphis

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in kulu, Memphis somehow it all already in Tijuana and Jada. This one of the is long is long verse in the Quran, where it says

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that the said that the Most Merciful God has begun for hymns have begun in the sun. takedo similar to the photon, it is as if the heavens are ready to split open

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the candle similar to a terminal in water and the earth as if the earth will be split. Open what the human will Japan and the mountains will fall in ruins. Why? And Tao the Romani Wallah that they have ascribed to God Almighty, the Most Merciful a son, or may embody the rock man Do you attack either one of them that Allah subhanaw taala does not need to take for himself a son. Why? Because everything, everything in the heavens and the earth coming to Las panatela as slaves as abda the word

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means slave

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in another variant

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Resting Allah Subhana Allah Himself is declaring that Jesus Christ peace be upon him. We'll never feel embarrassed. We'll never feel shy. We'll never feel ashamed of attributing to himself that title like Linnaeus. Thank you for mercy. acuna, Abdullah mercy Messiah, Jesus Christ will never feel embarrassed or distinct from being a slave of Allah subhanaw taala nor the angels who are close to Allah cannot have. This is again a defense. A last month Allah is defending Jesus Christ peace be upon him from attributing to himself such a title. Not only that, it's actually a requirement for the Muslims to praise Allah and to celebrate the fact that God has no sun. Allah says in the Quran,

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we'll call it hamdulillah and say all praise due to Allah, Allah de la mia Takeda, who does not take for himself or son, celebrate the greatness of our last panel, glorify a Lost Planet Allah who had never taken for himself a son, or a scribe for himself apartment. Five minutes Okay, so yeah.

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What is the food?

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Not only that, but we are as Muslims are obliged that if really that's a fact, if really, Allah has a son, we should be the first to worship Him.

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We Muslims should be the first to worship Jesus if he was a son, indicating that he's not a loss in the Qur'an, called in Canada Ross manual and say, if it is true that our rationale the Most Merciful, God has begun a son and a one IBD. Therefore I should be I should be the first worshipping we should be the first to worship him indicating the Arabic language that he is not. He's not the Son of God, or he is not the literal Son of God.

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Maybe the word used in certain era and certain time Maybe it means something different. Maybe it means really, that he was a close servant of the Almighty God but not really the literal Son of God. Why really the concept is unacceptable in Islam. Why the concept of having son attributing son to God is

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rejected in Islam. There are two basically there are two reasons the word wall and the word wallet in the Arabic language.

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Yeah, so the word wallet in the Arabic carries two connotation number one, the Arabs back then the preferred sons or daughters in many cultures even in China today they prefer sons or daughters What is the reason? Because the caddy the family lineage of the Father, so after the father's demise, his his name will start will still be there. That's one of the reasons one of the honors they have you know, that they want sons in the Arab culture they used to bury daughters alive as a bad luck before Islam.

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Yeah, so they used to prepare sons but in the case of God Almighty, God Almighty will never die. Yeah. So why should he have a son so this is one of the reasons because God is ever living. He does not need a son to carry his name. Because God is ever living he's always dead he will never die. The second reason

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the second reason is that

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when we have children we expect that help when we grow when we grow. We expect that helps. Yeah. You always like whether daughters or sons doesn't matter when you have children when you grow that's the time where you will rest and your children will take over and help you but in the case of God Almighty Latta hobo who center tamala Now Allah subhanaw taala knows lumbergh and sees him no sleep, he doesn't sleep

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he doesn't need help. Therefore, the idea the whole idea of having son is rejected have Give me three minutes I will I will end the discussion three minutes okay.

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Time flies Yeah.

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And okay, there are three is in the Quran three verses in the Quran, declaring this belief or labeling anyone who say a certain thing as a disbeliever whether you claim to be a believer or not, that's what our core answer and it's all these three verses related to Christians are related to Jesus Christ peace be upon the first one it says laqad Catherine Latina Carlo in Aloha, who will mercy, the this belief who say, Allah is actually Christ. So anyone who say Allah is Jesus or Jesus is Allah, Jesus is God God is Jesus. They are actually considered by God Almighty as a disbeliever. And this is mentioned in two places. As I mentioned, he reference in two places. The third area

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Is that they have disbelieved, indeed, who say that a lot is the third of 3311 and three referring to the belief of Trinity. Anyone who say that God is part of Trinity, the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost. According to Sam, according to the Quran, they are out ciders. So what is the solution that I'm concluding however?

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What? Because he's looking at me, huh? No food for you.

00:30:29--> 00:30:36

So what is the solution? The solution from our perspective, from a static perspective is to follow Jesus Christ peace be upon him

00:30:37--> 00:30:46

to repeat and to say what he had said earlier. What did he say when God Almighty asked him? Did you tell

00:30:47--> 00:31:32

your people to worship Me and my mother as Gods besides Allah? What did Jesus What did Jesus replied to that? You say my call to law home in law Martini? I have never say anything to them except that which you have commanded me to say, what was that? To worship Allah, my Lord, and your Lord. That's the simple mission of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him on earth. He came not to claim divinity for himself. According to Islam, according to the Quran, he came to ask you to worship the creator of heavens and earth, the creator of Mary, the creator of Moses, the one who assisted all the profits in their miracles, including the miracles of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, some of them were

00:31:32--> 00:31:33

mentioned in the earlier song.

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Jesus didn't do that on his own. He did it by permission, and by the command I but and by the help of God, and therefore, our you know, presence today in this church is to invite you all to Jesus way. God says in the Quran, yeah. Kita Kalia Nikita all people have the book, or people of revelation or people of Scripture come to common terms as between us and knew. What are these terms Count with me? Allah Buddha, Allah Allah that we should never worship anyone except God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Well, I know Shrek v. Cheyenne. And we should not associate any partner with that God once you worship God, focus on him. That's it. He is your

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Creator. While and you should be safe, and we should not erect from amongst ourselves lords and patrons other than Allah. If you rejected that God Almighty say, you tell them all Muslims bear witness that we are Muslims submitting our will to the Creator. JazakAllah Hydra. May Allah reward you for being patient. Thank you so much looking forward for q&a.

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Thank you.

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Thank you,

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Johnny, Paula

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