Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #39 Al Tayyib

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are going to get

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small Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah ma aluminum and fauna on fan of Mr. Lim tena was it Nile mon Dr. hamre mean? We ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increases knowledge. They ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering and make it from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como mcphedran lecom Cut booty let's say it compassionate, any Arab anatomy

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with another name

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of Allah azza wa jal

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that not too many people know that it is a name of Allah azza wa jal

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and this name is a Tai Chi,

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I'll pay him

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because many people when they do not see a name, amongst the 99 names, they think that does not exist. This name of allah play

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is not mentioned in the Quran. But it's mentioned in the very well known Hadith in Allaha, de la Yakovenko, il three even Allah subhanho wa Taala is indeed good, far removed from any imperfections and he only accept that what is good Salah if you want to translate it literally, Allah has good and he only accepts what is what is good.

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And subhanAllah when you say to somebody you know the word failure by itself when you say to someone, we are going to visit someone who is the tube you know, he doesn't know him. So what are you going you're going to visit somebody who how who's he Allah he will tell you immediately you you feel good that you know you feel comfortable going to visit that person inshallah sunblock, you're happy that this person that you're visiting is a failure person,

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I tell you is the one

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mainly the meaning of a failure is the one who is far removed from any imperfection and deficiency. If somebody asks you what does it mean? It means the one who is

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removed. He has no deficiencies, no imperfection whatsoever, no shortcomings whatsoever. This is a theme.

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What's the difference between a theme and producer because the producer has the same meaning. He's free from any deficiency. The difference is that the tube, you add to it free from any deficiency and has perfection in every attribute. And cudos is free from any deficiency any any need of sleep and all that we studied already. For you add to it. And besides he is free from any kinds of deficiencies. He's also perfect, perfect, tiny bit every in every attribute. Allah subhana wa Taala

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he brings

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the tea bean to him Allah maganda Minato even he brings the Wii Wii into him. And he is the one that all his men

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are thiab and he does not accept from the Actions except what is for you.

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That he Hadith listen carefully to the Hadith Jaquan it's very important. I suppose I said and say You said in Allah had for you whether your Kobelco forgiven. Allah has good and he

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only accepts that what is good.

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Okay. How's your salad?

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If you want to rate your salad yeah one, let's benefit from these classes.

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The hadith is very clear. Allah does not accept except

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what is good.

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How's your salad?

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If you will rate your salad

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bad fair.

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Good, very good. Excellent

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how's your circuit? How's your CM? Only if it's good, it's accepted. How was your hedge? How many complaints you made over there?

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How many times during the CME your complaint is too long? It's too hot.

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How many people know about your sadaqa? On purpose? You made it clear?

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How's that salad? What did the chef decide tonight? In Asia? Did you concentrate? What was the first record?

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Blue second Raka.

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see already we forgot. And you are a first Misha.

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Subhan Allah. So he is good Subhana

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Allah, you're

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liable for you. That income that we have the income that you are making my brother, my sister is a tube

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because of it's not for you. And you give $5 million. It's not accepted.

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The income has to be paid.

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Every animal that we are doing for the sake of Allah has to be a failure in order to be accepted.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala or before that in our salad in our salad, what do we say?

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adhere to?

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What Salah to what

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the bat? What does the bat mean?

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If you don't know what the bat means, and you say it every day for at least five six times. You have a problem. What does that mean?

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That your bet is floated off for you.

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It was good for you bet is on good daddy. So all the good praise all the good words. All on anything that's good. Lila, a year to Allah was sada Allah to work for you, but

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all the good is to Allah azza wa jal, because he only accept good every time.

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In dunya, is author of the goodness of Allah azza wa jal.

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You can never

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What does that mean? You can never imagine that you are worshipping the third year and the third year will throw you in *. The failure will not throw you in *.

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You know

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and the Hadith very long Hadith

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of the shafa

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the intercession

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when people go to the gym now,

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and like Imam Siraj said yesterday, they would look and these are not see people that used to be with them is to faster them is to pray with them is to perform Hajj with them. So Allah will tell them go to

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jahannam and take out things whoever you know that he used to do these things with you very long Hadith. Go take whomsoever has a mustard seed of Eman, go and the last thing after everybody does the Shiva Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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will tell will say

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that everybody has done his Shiva the angels the prophets. The meaning now is the shafa of Al Hamra. I mean of the Most Merciful for Jacobi, the cup, the 10 Min and now for your free Jimena Coleman. Let me know how you're on cut

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and the last

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If Allah subhanho wa Taala will take people out of the Jahannam that never did any good.

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Does that mean this is actually the issue? Does that mean the non Muslims or non believers included?

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No, this is the sinful people amongst the Muslims.

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These are the ones mentioned in this hadith.

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Because listen carefully, in dinar in hellfire, there could not be anything for you.

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There should not be anything for you. And these people they have no matter how sinful they were, they have one thing that is tidy up in them. That's why it will not let them stay in *. And that thing is

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La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, because of that simple type thing that they have, they will not stay in *.

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Because only

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when is the opposite of the

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hubby LA is still with habito what type

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whether was Yamaka fertile Kabhi

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Kabhi is the opposite of time.

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And Allah said they will never equal even though the Hadith might look abundant.

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So in Jannah

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the agenda is made for the Thanksgiving

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the agenda is made for the free even

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less he can lead in the home in Elgin at his own era had either

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worked with he had a

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cousin to sell on

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TV to him for YouTube. TV Tom fed Hello ha ha Edie in Columbus, Ohio, I mean, so

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in Jahannam they cannot be anything to you and that person Muslim who was sinful he had that best muscle was said that the Eman over 70 levels, the top of it is

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La Ilaha illa Allah and the lowest.

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Excellent removing any harm from the street. So that person who is in heaven, but he's a Muslim, he said Allah He has something for you beneath him. So at the end of the day, he will never stay in Jahannam forever. Let your Khaled feed your handle and the lien and the big evidence is this hadith of of Shiva. Allah subhanho wa Taala would remove 10 yarmulke urine

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he did not do any good. No good zero nothing. Nothing.

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That does not mean he will stay in * forever. But at the same time, I don't want anybody to say you know what? Allah That sounds good. Let me go to * for a couple of days.

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One day Allah subhanaw taala is alpha let him do it 1000 years and the fire of this dunya is the fire of the alpha that 70 times more intense than the fire of this dunya and this fire of this dunya we cannot handle it. The Sahaba said yeah Rasul Allah, why should it be 70 times this this fire? If it's equal to it, we cannot handle it. How about 70 times more Subhan Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala is is up to him. Subhan Allah.

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Allah subhana wa Taala the more

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the more tayyiba is your eBay debt, the higher the possibility that it will be accepted.

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The better that slot, the more valuable it is, the more concentration in it the slower it is, the more I'm living the words I'm saying the closer it will be accepted.

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Because Allah has studied whether you have a love for him now Rasulillah Salam said such a beautiful Hadith yeah one I wish we could live it when we go to donate or give merit or sub Dhaka Don't be sadaqa tin Minta Yeah.

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What are you

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per year in Ramadan be a meanie? We're in Cana Tamra thurible fee caffeine, the caffeine Rahman had the corner of a mineral Jebel.

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That's what I said and said, No one who gives charity from his

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For your income,

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and Allah only accept for you, Allah will take it, our man will accept it in his right hand, even if it's a date, and he will nurture it.

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It will be nurtured in the hand of the man until it becomes greater than a mountain.

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When you when you give with this hadith, in the back of your mind, doesn't matter that amount anymore.

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Yeah, Allah, you know that my income is 30. And I'm doing it for 30 Because Allah nurtured it for me, you will go on the day of judgment, and you think that your dollar that you gave to Yemen or to Syria or to Burma did not do anything and you'll find it as a Mountain. Mountain. Allahu Akbar

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SubhanAllah. So,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala This is how the theory works. He takes only only only the time you can take something like this and make it into a mountain Can you imagine a date, a date and close your eyes and remember,

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it becomes like God

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who could do that except the theme.

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Goddess of Hana man Montana URI doula is fairly low Hillary to Jamia la he Yes, I do. I'll carry me up for you.

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To Allah.

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A sense, the good and the pure speech. Every Kalamata you pay either the whole hierarchy, facade it Allah subhanho wa Taala every good word that you say it will ascend to Allah azza wa jal, every Salah every piece that you bring between two people, especially between a husband and a wife, it will ascend to Allah. Every time you remind someone about a bad you call people to Allah, you bring someone to Islam all the time you will ascend to Allah subhana wa Taala according to this area,

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he Assad will kill him a team.

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Allah subhana wa Taala

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he is the one who chooses the UB when he sees that there are Theva in your heart, Allah subhanaw taala who in his Quran study his resources for you.

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The Medina is called

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write everything about already in the Sharia stay here. I will show you how to study events beautiful. Don't let these people and the media make it look like it's complicated and it's dangerous and it's barbaric. Allah is the most beautiful thing that will Sharia is the most beautiful Sharia and the easiest Sharia. They make it sound like you know, when they talk about Sharia immediately they tell you about cutting the hand and stone stoning as if this is the only thing we haven't Sharia. Every single one of us in this room and everyone watching. We already practice Sharia every single day. Every time you pray, you are practicing Sharia every time you get

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married on the right way that also Salim said you are practicing Sharia when you make wudu and you fast you are practicing Sharia

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and how many people we heard that their hands were cut on the days of Rasul Allah Islam. In all the 23 years, how many people that will have their hands were cut? How many peoples were stoned Subhanallah that means there's a Heckman, you cut one hand,

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the economy will go up and there was normal robbery, robbery and stealing.

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Subhanallah they made the rule I think it was China, that if you catch somebody with drugs,

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they jailed for how long?

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For a long time, 20 years jail or something and is severe.

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Have you ever heard about the problem in China about drugs? I never heard the drugs in China.

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This is it. This is the way this is how man works. You give him something very strong. shock him with it with the with the consequences, he will stop. This is the nature who put this rule my Creator aloha to consult Subhan Allah so

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Allah subhanaw taala said guna

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pay your battle the theme Subhan Allah

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every you know may Allah bless all our daughters with plenty of husbands and the Allah subhanaw taala bless all our sons with Tayyab wives and Jonathan Amin Rabbil Alameen.

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You want to know your status with Allah azza wa jal

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you know you want to know your status with Allah azza wa jal check your relationship with the thing even

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How much do you love the UBN and stay with the thing even and to hang out to the time you've been? And to be always with them and

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if you feel like you know, when you come to people of Dean, you are annoyed and you can't wait to leave

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That means the FIBA in your heart is a little bit closer needs to be increased.

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If you feel very happy every time you are in the presence of people who feel Allah and love Allah, that's a very good sign. That's a very, very good sign.

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Remember, you have one that by fitrah by the fitrah our body our just said is to you. We are the one who makes it a beef, our eyes or tube, we make a cubby by looking at the haram. Our ears are the year that you've been, and we make them cubbies by listening to haram. Our tongue is tayyiba. We make cubbies by backbiting and slandering.

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And saying things that are not true and spreading rumors.

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Our foot is the UVA but when we start going to haram places we make it by sins, we make every limb that we have, we transform it from failure into into Hadith SubhanAllah.

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The ones

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the one who have heard

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the one from the Muslims, who have some evil in him

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first depends on the level of evil that's in him.

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First, it will be purified in dunya according to his patients on sicknesses or calamities, if there's anything left, it will be purified from the cover of the cover. What's the cover in English, the

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squeezing of the grave.

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Third, it will be if there's still more. So first, in the patients, you know you're tested with sicknesses and calamities and loss of job and all that and you are patient. The more your patient, the more you are purified clean. Second, if there is someone in the cupboard and the squeeze of the grave. Third, if there's more left, it will be in the grave, and the grave itself. Fourth, if there's any left,

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it will be the day of judgment that hasher and then if there's anything left, you will go to *

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to be purified, and you will be taken back to Shanna. So according that's why the agenda is only inhabited by TV for Toba to Balaam Alladhina Avenue, why middle Sally had to buy the home wash No, not add those who are believed and done righteous deeds to buy the home tuba and there's an a good and a good report, return And subhanAllah the Hadith that we mentioned many times about the last person who enter Jannah the last person who antigen and you know he would be taken out. And he, he would think that he is the most or the luckiest person ever. And he will be there are many iterations about this hadith, but one of the narrations that I love is that when Allah subhanaw

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taala told him, you know, go intergender and he said yeah, Allah, it is full already.

00:23:19 --> 00:23:34

is full. Everybody took their places and it's fun. He said, How about if I give you the bulk of a king of the dunya he said the Hadith said like I had one it's low, when it's low, when it's low with low

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you got the milk, the kingdom of one king is the last person and same with it and same five times more Subhanallah and the person keeps saying I'm satisfied and happy. This is the last person the only one who could do this is a theme. A theme himself Subhanallah and like the Hadith also Imams, you know reminded us of is when Allah subhanaw taala bring the person and the day of judgment and he reminds him of his sins. You did this them this day you did this on that day. This is forgiven, this is forgiven. This is forgiven this forgiven Subhanallah you know, he would tell him in the dunya I covered it for you and today I will forgive you.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us that in the Jana there is Masakan for either of a second when I saw him when the Sakeena for you button feed and naughty feed and naughty. Now how can we use this in a DUA? Yeah, thank you

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for your hayati. Is there something in the Quran called Higher tayyiba?

00:24:45 --> 00:24:54

Madonnina Saly ham I mean, they're carrying on Oahu, I mean, Fernando Hagen who

00:24:56 --> 00:24:57

tayyiba Allah,

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

Allah azza wa jal

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as righteous deeds male or female, as long as he's a believer, Allah guarantees him guarantees her a higher per year. A beautiful higher higher per year by like the hierarchy of Ibrahim with all the things that he went through, but his highest was three but was full of contentment higher higher to the Sahaba tayyiba

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You pay it for Ebola the tube Zoji

00:25:27 --> 00:25:29

tube Amelie failure Kalani

00:25:32 --> 00:25:46

Allah homage Illuminati even Allah humble Janee min Rafa Salah Hinata even yeah Allah make my friends from the salah Hin and from the TV. So you can use that in sha Allah to Allah to make it and

00:25:47 --> 00:25:51

I asked the team himself to make our collude

00:25:52 --> 00:26:23

I mean they're barely meet Allah Madonna cloven fee they are hammer I mean, Allah Marzano husband Salim and alchemy here Hamra he mean, Allah Allah for Nana de una by slough and FE Emelina with a bit of them and also not uncommon caffeine, a lot more fitna, Lima Taheebo, Turbo, Allah humma fitna Lima to hit bottarga Robin I have learned as well as you know, whether you call Rotarian or John Lilly Tolkien imam or someone like him Hamadan early he was like the main Suhana Khan Muhammad Rasul Allah Allahu Allah and Mr fuca on a tunic

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