Do you want some real sugar? Raw Sugar Factory near Peshawar

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Salam Alaikum everyone, I have a surprise for all of you today a treat. As you can imagine, you always get treats from me.

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This is basically sugar cane. Okay. And I am visiting a sugar factory

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sugar brown sugar is made here, pure sugar, you cannot get more pure than this. This is made purely from sugar, use sugar cane juice. So all you can see here is around me, these are dry sugar cane remains basically. Right? So that's where the factory is. You can see fire burning behind me, the gentleman is burning fire. Okay. And what they do here is they take the the juice, they extract the juice from

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sugarcane. And then there is a furnace. They are burning fire here. You can see this is a sugarcane factory or sugar making factory. This is the purest form of sugar, no chemicals involved. They take the juice, the toilet, when it dries, they use it as sugar. Okay, you cannot you cannot get more sugar than this. And I'm going to show you the entire process, how it works. Okay, by the way, I'm Neha Sharma. This is very, very close to the shower. I'm about 20 kilometers from the shower. Okay. And today, I was going to visit the shower to look at some manuscripts, some Islamic manuscripts. But before I do that, I wanted to show you this this is not cute. Can you can see this is green, raw

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sugar cane. And this is where the juice comes from. Right. And when juice is extracted, then it is usually used for different purposes, they're drying some distance, you can see that light color remains of this. I don't know what to call it. And then when it's dry, it becomes that and it's used for burning. Okay. They use it for fire. They use it for roofing and different things. So this is sugar cane, right? So this sugar cane is put through the machine, right? This is the machine that's where the juice comes out. And when the juice comes out, this is where the juice goes. Now this is the treat. Okay, now you can see sugar being made. Oh wow, this is sugar under construction. You can

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see slumbers Usila

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Okay, these brothers are very close to the shower. And I thought I must share this with you. This is something to see. This is not sugar, pure sugar juice boiling. And when it dries, it is put into sacks. You can see the sacks behind me. Sugar goes into the sacks go to cocoa imperata the Chi

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ashlea Tikka Yeah, look at this, this is what it becomes. This is now sugar. Can you believe it? upon Allah. Okay, this is pure sugar. I want to take it in light so they can see it clearly. This is now raw, pure sugar. This is sugar juice dried, that comes from these, you know, sugarcane

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harvests. So we have bought some we're going to use it, it is called in our local language, it is called Good. Gold literally means brown sugar. Okay. And this is what it looks like. This is you can call it brown gold. I mean, it is as good as gold. And you can't go wrong with it. Okay, you're not going to get diabetes or anything like that from it as long as you consume it in reasonable amounts. And look at this, how it's been made.

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Okay, that's a big pool of sugar juice is being cooked. And when it dries, it becomes what I chose, showed you. I hope you liked this video. I hope you liked this video about sugarcane

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juice, and how to make sugar in Pakistan near Chava. Okay, and there is more coming, I will be sharing more interesting stuff with you. So I thought, you know, this is something people might not have seen around the world. And this is one of the ways to show people how Gore or brown sugar has been made for centuries. In places like Pakistan, of course they use these modern machines now to extract juice. But previously, there were other ways to extract juice from these. So these are basically grown locally. Okay.

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And then use is extracted, and then comes sugar. Okay, I hope you enjoyed it, share the video, and support the channel, subscribe to the channel and support our cloud.