Wael Ibrahim – Was Palestine promised to the Jews

Wael Ibrahim
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa sallam peace be upon everyone who's watching Muslim Jews and Christians. This is your brother. Well, Ibrahim, and I'm here to speak few words about the latest conflict that took place in the land of Palestine, the land which the Jews are claiming to be to have been promised by God Almighty in the Bible. And that's why they have taken this as a permission as a justification to go and murder civilians, to murder innocent people violently in the past 60 years now, and the words is just watching doing nothing. And it's really grieving seeing these

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images every day. Now. We see wars now live on tv live on internet, which makes us really in a state of depression in the state of anger sometimes, and I'm here to just discuss this matter whether really the land of Palestine was promised to the Jews, and that's why they are behaving like that, or what is really the truth behind this matter.

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You see, my brothers and sisters, I consider Muslims to be more Jewish than the Jews themselves, and more Christians than the Christians themselves, in the sense that we have been following the religious figures found in the Bible more than them. We follow Moses and Aaron, as they have performed ablution before prayers. According to the Old Testament, we follow Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Jesus peace be upon them all, as they have fell down on their faces and prostrated, and prayed before the Lord who does that today. Only the Muslims, Prophet Moses peace be upon him who is considered to be one of the prophets sent to the children of Israel to the Jews? He's mentioned in

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the Quran 136 times, what does that tell you? That we are anti semitic, that we are anti Jews? Subhanallah No, we are anti criminals. We are anti crimes, we are anti occupation. And that's why the Muslims all over the world, and even non Muslims and even honest Jews have been protesting and shouting shame. Shame on anyone who supports killing of civilians, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the Jews should be the first nation to fear, you know, inflicting injustice upon anyone, they have already tasted from this before, either through for Pharaoh in Egypt, or after death through Hitler. subpoena law and now they are usurping other people's land and the claim that this is a promise from

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God Almighty, according to the Old Testament.

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Now, let us imagine together a nation who lived 2000 years ago in the land of Palestine, during the time of David and King Solomon, they are coming recently just in 1947, or 1948, claiming the rights over the land, claiming and they are putting the blame on God Himself. They say that God told us all to take this land, and that he promised us to take this land because we simply lived there 2000 years ago. I mean, does that make any sense if the Muslims today have marched toward India, and they start claiming the rights over India, just because we ruled it for one 1000 years before? Will that be acceptable to any sane person? Or if we marched to Spain and claim the same thing? Will that be

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acceptable? The answer is absolutely not. The answer is no. My brothers and sisters, no one would accept such thing and let us consider that God has promised you the land of Palestine as a as it is indicated in the Old Testament that God has spoken to Abraham and told him the land of Canaan, I'm going to give it to you and to descendants forever. Now the same old

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testament give us a test whether to differentiate between a true prophecy and a false prophecy. And it says that if the prophecy was not fulfilled, then it is not from the Lord and you should not follow that Prophet. And later on in the New Testament, we find verses were God Almighty did not give even a single

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square foot of ground of the land of Palestine to the Jews. So if you go to the Bible, I'm going to go to Bible two and we're going to play that game forever. But no sane person would accept what's happening today, my brother and sisters and even if God had promised the land to the descendants of Abraham, Abraham, peace be upon him the descendants of Abraham are also the Arabs are not only the Jews, so they have right over Palestine as you have also right if you're claiming that this You're right.

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And now we have been listening to their news that all the blame is to be placed upon Hamas, Hamas, the bad guys are firing rockets at us. And we are just you know, innocent people, we are defending ourselves as if Israel really does not have the necessary weapons, the necessary tools to defend itself as if really they cannot defeat Hamas in a matter of hours. An army that defeated the Egyptians in 1967 in few hours, they cannot get rid of Hamas congratulation people of Gaza. Congratulations, a sophisticated army like Israel cannot defeat a free fighters over the city very small city in Gaza. Is this what this is what they are trying to tell us and that's why we are

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fighting back at them. And as if the people were Hamas is hiding their weapons are okay with it, knowing that a rocket is going to be launched upon their home they're okay with it. Not a single picture. We have not seen a single image of these rockets of these weapons of mass hiding in a school in a hospital in somebody's home. We've seen people dead tear into pieces, but we haven't seen any weapon as claimed by Israel, that Hamas is finding from hospitals from un premises from homes from hospitals and that that's why they bombed them all. 80% of the people are civilians. My dear brothers and sisters in Gaza I salute you congratulation on your dead inshallah engine as

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promised by the prophet Mohammed sauce element as promised by the Quran. We from our side here. We cannot do anything except making a big diet for you. But this is for you to know that we are with you. All the Muslims are with you. We support you. We love you for Allah sake. We pray for your safety. And don't worry. Allah subhanaw taala promised that his victory is near. In sha Allah, we will see a day where you will be victorious where this land will go to the right owners insha Allah May Allah subhanaw taala protect you and may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings. I mean, Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

While some are claiming that the land of Palestine is belong to the Jews, Br. Wael Ibrahim is refuting that claim in this lecture “Was Palestine promised to the Jews” – based on the work of Late Sheikh Ahmad Deedat.

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