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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah al Amin hum divert is that Karina *reen Hamdan calcium for human Millo similarity women will oral D what will solidly yo sell the more alberic Alma both attended Eileen. So you did our Lena was saying you did agree. Mohammed bin Abdullah You are early he was off before you been on target in Waterbury was meant to be sending Elijah with D word of Allah Hunan Nana hum edge Marlene Allah I'm Annie yeah you're Latina and on top Allah haka, Ducati wala tune in our and to see moon yeah your NASA Takuro Baku Mala the Halacha ko Minassian Wahida Hello coming has Soulja Warburton in Houma Regina Lang cathedral one he says what type hola hola de Luna de he will hang in

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Allah can Allah income rock Eva? Yeah, you're Latina I'm on top Allah How are Kulu Coulon said either you slept like Omar Melaka oil for lack of Zulu welcome on my YouTube Allah rasool Allah pasa Fosun Avina in our circle, Hadith, Nikita Allah are higher on heavy heavy saving on Muhammad in Salalah alayhi wa sallam, we in the short run the third who are in a column of data in beta Wakulla with our team Bala or koulamallah Team Finau one Allah Katha haYom in Makkah,

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we're in 2001, and to be more Xena, semana Medina respected young brothers and sisters, elders, teachers, colleagues.

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It is an honor that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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would plan for his slaves to travel miles and continent away from where he is now to be with you today. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from one and all, may Allah subhanaw taala make our presence together beneficial to one another allinial brahminy

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How many of you, my brothers and sisters would always learn his day ahead of time. So you wake up in the morning, you know exactly what's going to happen.

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Perhaps you would have a little breakfast, perhaps your mom would pack your food or give you something to eat while you're at school has you get into a bus or any mode of transportation to make your way to school period of the period a boring class of exciting class recess lunchtime. And when you reach to the end of the day, you can't wait. You can't wait to leave because you know that you're gonna go home, recline or you're on your chair, watch your favorite TV show, or perhaps get into games or chat on tick tock and Instagram and whatnot, you wanted those moments. And before you know it, the cycle would be repeated the next day and the next day and the next day thinking that

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life is gonna go like this forever.

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The very breath that we take day in and day out. Second in and second out, we take for granted we think that we will keep on breathing and living in this dunya for the rest of our lives until eternity. We never even imagine even though we see people dying every day, we never imagined this for ourselves that they will come we will be there

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in those situations of lying down in the masjid and people pray janazah for us.

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My intention my brothers and sisters is not to scare you, but to share with you a personal story and I thought that perhaps it would be the best way to address young students in this football, then bringing stories of the past because there is a trend now I have observed I'm teaching children's like you and youngsters like you elsewhere. But I have observed that trend that whenever you say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was and he used to do such and such and he used to pray late at night until his fee to bleed and so on. People would come and tell me brother but this is the Prophet of ALLAH.

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Whenever you talk about Omar Mahatama Radi Allahu Allahu Allah He called him dearly beloved Raja Jai Inshallah, Allah Azza, WA Khadija and all these great companions and the daughters and the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, people tend to say today, brother, but who are we compared to them?

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So perhaps when I share with you something that took place in my own life, and how things turned around in my favor by Allah's permission, perhaps you will look and view

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You live differently

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and perhaps you will not take life for granted anymore. And you will plan your day and night perhaps differently inshallah.

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So it was two or three years ago, not so far.

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And I was taking life for granted like all of us are the most of us. And I was preparing to go to my work the next day. And I was actually sitting in the backyard in my little office preparing my classes that I will be teaching the next day.

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And I was stretching a little bit I wanted to use the toilet, and then washing my hands like all of us do, it was during COVID-19 era if you remember the

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these two advices to wash your hands a lot. Yeah, remember these things. So hands, our Muslims, we learned this from the prophets of Allah 1400 years ago. Hi, Dee, you know, cleanliness and so on. So I was at the sink, cleaning my hand washing my hand and all of a sudden, nothing was planned. A painful crash took place in my waist in my lower back, traveling through my legs all the way to my toes, pinning me to the ground, sitting in a very uncomfortable position in excruciating pain in a pain that I've never experienced in my life to a point that I wished at one minute.

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This should be over. Death for me was even better than going through that pain. Because the pain was not only in my waist, now it was in every inch of my body. Every time I'll try to move to make myself feel comfortable. Flaring pain will shoot throughout my body. I didn't know what it was. I knew that something happened in my bag but I didn't know what it was because now the pain is in every inch. My family rush my wife my children rushed to help me and every time they tried to lift me up the same thing will take place pain will drag me back down to where I am for how many hours four hours I couldn't move an inch

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to an extent that we call the hospital the ambulance the doctors and by the time become took them a few more hours And subhanAllah my wife may Allah bless her and my daughter became the drag a blanket beneath me and then they pulled me all the way to the room. Can you imagine this is how difficult the situation was? How long it took me in this position or in that situation. One year plus one year now story short

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story short, medications scanning medications scanning. And a few days later the same painful crash happened again but on the other side of my waist and after this I could not stand on my feet.

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I could not use the toilet that I once took for granted anytime I wanted to respond to the call of nature I will just use my feet and walk towards the toilet Easy, easy job. Jump off your bed run to the toilet. That feeling that you used to think that you own it.

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We say my feet my lay my heart my this my that nothing is yours. It was taken away just like that. waist down was numb for one year.

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wheelchair bound, depression, anxiety, all these mental illnesses that we hear about, oh *, why are you to go through these issues? Yes, we are human beings.

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We are human beings. We all experience these difficulties. We all experience these difficulties. Until fast forward and may Allah Subhana Allah bless everyone who played a big role in my life during those times to stand up back on my feet up humble.

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But the bottom line is at 1.1 of the Messiah who was checking on me on my condition, called me up to see how am I and so on. And I told him I was crying. I was in agonizing pain. I don't I can't take it anymore.

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I can't I don't want it anymore. I used to see ghostly figures as nightmares every night.

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Every night, and that ghostly figure was by paint snatching my nerves. It was difficult period no sleeping always on 11 pills maybe to numb my pain to just go to sleep.

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So the shed was calling me and I said I can't take it anymore. Say Why are you acting like this? He was the only one who is not saying on Charlo Don't worry, things will be alright. It didn't give me false hope. Things weren't all right. I was nearly paralyzed.

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Things were difficult to deal with. But he was not of that type that will numb your pain by sweet words. That doesn't mean anything.

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But rather he walked me up to another reality.

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He told me what's wrong with you? I say shake. I'm telling you, you don't feel what I'm feeling. Yes, I know. He said, I know I don't feel what you feel. But what I know is that if you became patient, for what Allah has tested you with

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every little pain that you go through is an explanation of your previous sins. You're not an angel. You've done mistakes, you have some ugly history, Allah chose you. Allah gifted you with this pain, so that you can be rewarded if you're content if you're happy with Allah has destiny on you, even if they appear that thing.

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He said to me, I remember that people tend to forget that you are associated with pain and be focused on the on the pain And subhanAllah and all the all it took me is that a shift of a mindset

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from focusing on fighting something bigger than me into accepting what Allah subhanaw taala decided for me and wallah you before even the Nightfall I felt much better. Pain wise, physical pain, start to be subsided bit by bit, of course, after that surgeries and treatments of hamdulillah also, until Allah subhana, Allah opened doors for me. And I stood up on my feet, some people, even up until recently today, they asked the chef, what's wrong with your leg? Why are you limping as a brand, this limb is the best thing that I have today. Because two years ago, I wasn't able to feel the ground beneath. Now I'm walking. I'm walking with a little bit of the length Alhamdulillah.

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So I've learned in this painful journey.

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And this is perhaps the lesson that I want to share with you in sha Allah a few things that perhaps if life challenged you one day, you remember my words, don't become depressed, and don't close life on you. And don't think that Allah is not watching and observing what's happening to you. And don't ever think that Allah don't feel what you're going through.

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And remember, the harder the test, the higher the reward, if you became patient for severe, you know, seek out help,

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and so on. So I learned the power of the three A's that I want to share with you ensure number one, acknowledge, remember those words acknowledge your humanity. We are human beings. We are not heroes. We're not the Avengers.

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We're not those imaginary figures who can bear everything and anything.

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Allah created us with weakness within our nature. Local the Halacha aniline Sana fie cupboard. Allah created mankind in a continuous states of struggles and toys and pain. That's who we are. Honey Colleen Sandhu, by Eva. Allah Subhana. Allah says, Allah created mankind in a state of weakness. That's who we are. So don't try to pretend that you're strong. Don't try to pretend that you're someone who you're not

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in our culture and unfortunately, we grew up hearing words like men don't cry.

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If you're going through issues and difficulties and family members loss and whatnot and sickness and the like, may not expect it to just show up and be strong and never shed a tear.

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Internally, they are dying. Internally, they are struggling internally they need to speak about what they're feeling yet they are told man up toughen up a bit. You're a man bear.

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But Subhanallah and then when you go back and you look at the life of the prophets, Allah Allah Allah your Selim when he was burying his own beloved son.

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He was in tears to a point that His beard was so wet to an extent that the land beneath him the floor beneath him was dripping off water from his tears Salah Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the best man ever walked down the earth used to cry.

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Who are you now to come and tell the men don't cry? Toughen up. Are you trying to say well as Billa suffered Allah that the prophets Allah Allah, Allah Selim Yeah, and he wasn't a stop for Allah. Never think that holding up your emotion internally will make you a better man.

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But what Allah is sharing your agony with people that you trust 50% of the

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You're 50% of the cure the prophets Allah Allah Azza wa sallam was not only crying, he was sharing his situation with the people while burying his own son in the line Allah Tada. He will say my eyes are shedding tears. Who speaks like that? When they cry?

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Who when they cry, they tell people I'm crying.

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This this is how the prophesy son was coping with that pain of losing his loved one. His child, why knuckleball? Ha ha My heart is grieving is shattered. But we only say what is pleasing to Allah. So even though we got we go through intense emotion, our action should be always in harmony with what Allah Subhana Allah is pleased with. In Allah when we're in like Raja home, we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return this is the reality my young boys and girls. This is the reality of my brothers and sisters in Stan, we all our whole beings is belongs to Allah not to you not to your family.

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And to Allah Who created you in the first place we will return That's the promise.

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So what if you lost a limb?

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or Allah tested you with some sickness at the end of the day, you don't own anything that's not us. Bear with patients until you reunite with Allah subhanaw taala

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even the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem asked him you cry, O Messenger of Allah, you cry, he said, crying in tears is a sign of the Mercy of Allah that He planted in us.

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So when you shut that tears and you let it out, so Pon Allah Alvine you feel better the Mercy of Allah showers you. I remember my wife was telling me every time I scream from the pain that I was going through, she was saying the neighbors,

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the neighbors,

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and only when I didn't care about what culture taught me only then I felt better. So I scream to the top of my lungs because that made me feel better.

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Allahu Akbar May Allah protect us all and cure our our sick people Alina of Ramana. The second aid that I want to teach you Charla

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accept the reality,

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accept the reality of the situation that you're going through. When I was pinned to a wheelchair, I did not accept the fact that I will spend the rest of my life on a wheelchair.

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Some of the brothers and sisters here know me. And it's not one of my nature to just sit down.

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It is not. And Allah subhanaw taala most likely test people in the things that the last the most.

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You don't money, Allah may take it one day from you like you like power, power will never last for anyone.

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Whatever you like Allah will test you in the things that you love the most. And I used to be energetic, productive, running from one place to another troubling. And Allah said, That's it.

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How are you going to react? It was only when I accepted that fact that the compression my lower back was so severe to a point that medical intervention only can resolve the problem.

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And there is no guarantee.

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So it's up to you now to digest that fact, and live accordingly. And again, only then when I accepted this. And when I started to function on my wheelchair, only then things improved.

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So remember, my brothers and sisters sang

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the cuddle, the destiny of Allah subhanaw taala, which has been written way before you were even created.

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It's part of our faith. It's one of the pillars of Eman we say right? The pillars of humanity is what means it is part of the foundations of your faith that if you don't believe in it, if you don't accept it, it means you're not a complete believer, you may fall into that category of periarticular outsider. So we have to accept that by Allah's will. In sha Allah, it's for my own goodness, and that's why the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, your Salah mentioned our job and the unreal moment. How amazing the situation of the believers is, when they are struck with calamities, they are patient

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and that is good for them. And when Allah gives them goodness, will Allah provide them what they wanted, they are thankful they are grateful and it is good for them in both situations. We are the owner of gratitude.

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We are listening carefully my boys and girls if you want to take

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anything from this class to Chola from this football, this is what you should remember. We are the owner of gratitude, gratefulness to Allah gratefulness to our parents gratefulness to our elders, gratefulness to our teachers, gratefulness to our neighbors, gratefulness to anyone who has done you a favor.

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To always remember that time will come and it's going to be your turn, to serve the community to serve the Ummah, we need healthy Muslims, who will create a healthy Muslim generations for years to come after our generation departs. This is what we wanted. So remember to be grateful. Through your actions, the prophets Allah Allah Allah your Salam, the man who sins past and future were forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala would stand late at night for hours

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praying to Allah subhanaw taala and when his wife told him, didn't ALLAH forgive you all your sins? Why are you doing this to yourself? You're bleeding. He said, Flm a coup harder than Shakira, should I be a thankful servant to Allah subhanaw taala if Allah forgive me, all my sins, past and future should deny in return, be grateful to him through prayers. Through offering thanks to him, Salah Allah, Allah Muhammad salallahu Salam, the third aid that I wanted to share with you before we end the whole bunch Allah is to appreciate.

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So the first one, acknowledge your humanity. Acknowledge your humanity, you're human beings, you're not a hero. You have your weakness, express them in any way you feel it's right, without doing anything against Allah subhanaw taala command on His messenger. The second is to accept the reality and to deal with it. Accept it with full faith in Allah. Allah Joan, let's deal with the situation at hand differently you will function there are many people. There is a man in Australia who was born without limbs completely no hands, no arms, no legs, and he became one of the most inspiring person in the entire world millions of people sought after his work,

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no limbs at all. So what is your excuse? panela. The the third is to appreciate Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, let in Shackleton

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let as Eden Nico wala Inc of Khartoum, in the lucha de if you are grateful my brothers and sister instead of Allah would increase you in goodness Allah increase your provision. Allah will increase your blessings alone increase you in anything beautiful and anything that you need, not necessarily what you want. Allah will give you what you need. Although many times we don't know what we need. We just asked Allah Allah give me this give me this give me this. I want that iPhone. I want that Samsung, I want that car.

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But we don't know if we own these things. What's going to happen to us?

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Those many, many a time few who wish to have those cars died in these cars.

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You never know what is good for you. That's why Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentioned in the Quran Whassa Anta crochet and mahalo lack of wasa and to hit Bucha and we'll have a shower laka Wallah yeah level one to let alimony You may hate something which is good for you. Or you may love something which is bad for you because ALLAH knows and you don't know nothing. So appreciate wherever you. You have my brothers and sisters in Stan, my uncle, may Allah have mercy on him. Before he passed away, he suffered from cancer and the cancer went through his body to a point that Wallah you we couldn't even recognize that he is our uncle to that. And one day I was sitting with

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him during one of the visits to Egypt, and I sat next to him and I looked at him I held his hand. He's one of my dear uncles in the family. That's why I named my own son Ibrahim after him, but I was sitting next to him in the hospital. I told him

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Aren't you angry with Allah subhanaw taala

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Why don't you be sad that things turned to you with you like this? Because he's one of those family members that you will never ask about. Where is he? Except that the answer is in the masjid. Wallah. I don't even remember one day we say Where's Uncle Ibrahim? Except someone would say he's praying. Aisha is praying. He's in the masjid. He's there to care if he's in hombre he's in hajj, this these type of people. So I'm sitting like, you've been serving Allah for all your life. Look at you. Aren't you angry with Allah I asked him you said Subhana Allah, Allah Allah said he said, he said Allah has given me 67 years in health 67 years healthy, moving, driving, flying.

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serving my family doing everything I could, in good way in goodwill in good faith. Why would I be angry with Allah if he took one year of my life in sickness one year.

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And after that he passed away. Not in that moment yet a few months later, Allah called him back to himself. appreciate my brothers and sisters and Sam what you have, don't ever look at someone else who had something different than you Allah, the Prophet said and told us look always at those people who are less fortunate than you, you will always find them, you will always find them. I was on wheelchair for one year dragged by my family members here and there sometimes by my students to go to my classroom to teach a lesson. That was my condition. But I have seen people who lost their eyesight who lost the hearing, suddenly,

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suddenly, meaning they were born with these abilities, they could speak they could see they could hear all of a sudden they became YouTube became blind, they become deaf.

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And when I compare myself my situation to them as Alhamdulillah for the numbing that I'm still feeling until today.

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Wala is sometimes I wake up in the morning, I wake up in the morning and I start kicking, kicking the blanket and kicking my legs to see whether they are still moving or not.

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Why is that so? Because the numbing still he is still present even though I walk now but the damage was great many nerves died in the process.

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But when you look at the situation of people who are much less fortunate than you are you say Alhamdulillah for the moment

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Alhamdulillah for the limping Alhamdulillah for the pain and hamdulillah and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the right understanding of Hulu Paul, we had WhatsApp for a while you were looking for sell through now all of

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our stuff

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Meledandri Avada Allahu mamsa Suddenly VLSM Why the hell of work, where the legal hiring tower came to ALEC Ballarini ROFO who led it Allah in Mala Vasudeva Allah Muhammad he was suddenly Blavatnik ala Sayidina Muhammad, gamma Selita Allah Ibrahim wanna Ali Ibrahim in Mecca Hamidah Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad Gamma DR. Allah Ibrahim Baba Ali Ibrahim in Mecca, honey the Majeed My dear brothers and sisters I'm making a short Doha secretly repeat an offer inshallah Allah muffin mumineen Amina while Muslim you know cement Allah here in homodyne Well, in Naka bene semiological didn't die. Allah Allah Allah Allah the

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cricket or shoe cricket or hos deniability, Allah moto phenom talaga Nana Rajpal alanine along with our phenom semi well I'll have to Nerva Salahi along with our fellow on tarragon nya curry. Allahu Marina Chaka Khan was open Antiva while Arenal Bell Tila belty lung was open adjusted Allah Allahu Medina wa Divina wa Johanna surburban demonic Tada Allah muslim.

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Urban attina We're having trouble Alameen Allah