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Sinhala cinema vertical in the Vienna Muhammad while early he was a huge mean about almost under for him a lot of time left up to every other Salah Hain yeah him and shutter for no he says in his book entitled REALLA Salah Hain the guardians of the righteous

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and the chapter of eulogizing and thanking Allah subhanho wa taala. This hadith is so relevant, whereas on the authority of I be Musa last Friday or the Allahu anhu, another sola Leisel Allah and there's something called, it didn't matter whether the wallet will Abdi call Allah hooter and any matter Ekati

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about Tamala, the Abdi for your colonna now for your call Luca to thermadata for ready for your call in an app for your call another caller ID for your Kowloon. hamadeh was serger for your kulula Jota Anna ignobly Abdi Beighton Phil Jannetty was some Moo hoo bait and Hammond Abu Musa Cherie Radi Allahu Anhu may Allah be pleased with the narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when he servants child dies, Allah the Most High asks his angels, have you taken out the life of the child of my servant? They reply in the affirmative. He then asks how you take in the fruits of his heart. They reply in the affirmative. Thereupon he asks, What has my slave said they say, he

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has praised you and said, really we are for Allah and to Allah, we shall be returned in that Allah He when they hit Roger and

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really we will return Allah says, build a house for my servant in paradise and name it. Beta Hamed, the house of praise.

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I mean, obviously, we know the relevance of this hadith now

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Subhanallah from what we have heard, or what we have seen from our brothers and sisters in the hodza, particularly that their children are passing away or children are passing away, or they're being murdered and there's, you know, to found in many different situations to where we see how Allah subhanho wa Taala with his predestination decides to take them back to him. And I think it's important to remember that because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions

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that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says is for the apt. He says that a lot asks his angels have you taken up the life of the child of my servant. So look at how he mentions it, have you taken the life of the child of my servant had to whether the Abdi, My servant, and it's important that we look at that word servant, that we serve Allah subhanho wa taala. voluntarily and from our status in our situation of being a servant of Allah or our noble title of being a servant of Allah. Look at the response of the and that's what's important. The response of the Abdullah, when Allah decides to shake take the child of that person, for your coluna Nam for your Kulu covered some terminology for

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adenan Allah subhanaw taala says after the angel said yes, we took in the child's life he then ask have you taken the fruits of his heart thermadata For Addy, the fruit of his heart here in America, we usually say what the apple of my eye even in Arabic, they said it's a quarter of training. And what's interesting with Quadra train because the eyes settle, to stick it on a neck for another electrolytic have been sick, your eyes settle when looking at your child, you just stare at them at times, all of us have had children, when you see your child, you're just looking Subhanallah amazing, or when they grow up and you say mashallah, or sometimes you say Aloma Stein,

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depending on the situation, but sometimes you will see in your child you the way that they act, that certain mannerism will lie that is me. Or sometimes your wife will tell you a lie that you handle the situation, or vice versa. That is the beauty of the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala. But in the end of the day, in the beginning, middle and end Subhanallah thermometer for Addy, that it is one of the fruits of his or her heart and they reply in the affirmative because Allah is mentioning the child with different characteristics or different descriptions. The first of them being the life of the child of my servant D says the fruits of his heart. And then after that they reply in the

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affirmative. And then he asks, What did my slave say? And they say he praised you. And he said in that in LA, he were in LA, he arrived your own and this is the showerhead here. This is the highlighted portion, which we want to capitalize on the response. The response of the father or mother and the child, many of us I mean, the one that always hits my heart, particularly amongst many, but you know, the one where the man from the videos if you all have seen them where the man is holding his daughter, and she's literally I can rigor mortis, and he's kissing her eyelids, and he's touching her eyelids touching your hair. It just reminded me when the Prophet saw someone was

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holding Ibrahim and Abraham was breathing and he was breathing in a in a profuse way, you know, because he wasn't breathing clearly.

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In the process someone would smell him and just just stroke and wipe over him And subhanAllah What did he say? That the very the I shed tears in the in the heart is saddened. But we will not say that which is displeasing to Allah it always goes back to a loss of my data because he knows Allah is the ultimate source. And it was a source that chose to do this. So what do they say they praise Allah and then they say Verily We are for Allah and to Allah we will return Inna,

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what Lila the Verily We are for Allah. We do not have total ownership over our own selves, who you sit and ponder and think about them. In Allah we are for Allah property of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and verily to Him, we're in NA la he Raji own what taco Yeoman toda gr o una fee he and Allah in the Quran with some scholars mentioned is the last verse revealed to the Prophet SAW Salem, he said fear a Day that you will be returned not you will return you will be returned

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to Allah. Meaning that Allah subhanaw taala chose for that to happen to you at that moment, and you will return to Him. So when someone passes away, the first thing that the slave said was Hamdulillah. Can you imagine? Just think about it. And humbly they praised you. And that's why when we said hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. We think about what Allah has given us from what we wanted, or given us from that which we did not want, or what he takes away from that takes away from us which we wanted, or takes away something from us that we did not want to be taken away and coolly had in every situation we say what

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and hamdulillah Aisha said that about her husband, the prophets of Allah, Allah wa salam, she said, he used to say at hamdulillah Allah called her right, Allah is praiseworthy for any decision, any action that emanates from him, he is praiseworthy for it, and then reminding ourselves that Verily We are for Him and to Him we shall return that we will all return to a loss of Hannah with data. So when we see someone pass away from any form of oppression in Sharla, there will be people that will be with the loss of Hannah with data as Shahadat as martyrs and inshallah we make dua for those that are still undergoing oppression, because we do not want any form of oppression to afflict them, and

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most importantly, to afflict their Eman. So may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect bless feed nourish our brothers and sisters in Lhasa may protect feed and nourish our brothers and sisters in La Sierra datamine along with em home yeah Robin I mean Allah MacFarlane and Luminova Catherine Annecy at in our telephone number and abroad, or Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that are righteous and forgive us for any of our shortcomings and make that righteousness be translated into dua that you will answer any call that we call on you for our brothers and sisters that are suffering all around the world. You got to build on Amin or some Allah was saying we're going to be in a Muhammad why the

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Elohim was talking to me.

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