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Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The holy Bible is critical for delivering the divine scripture and for individuals to achieve wealth and happiness. It emphasizes the need for guidance and punishment for those who willingly go against it. The historical importance of actions in worship, the trueness of faith, and the need for faith in reality is also emphasized. The segment explores the historical significance of the word "arser" in scripture and its use in the Bible, highlighting the importance of belief in God and the trueness of faith when faced with loss. The negative impact of fear on society is also discussed, with a focus on knowing one's own values.
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I said, I won't even want to lie to you, brother. I have Rahim with another daily Tafseer. We're doing a pseudo a day from Jews ama, and we're chapter 98 of the total beginner the clear evidence, it's such a powerful surah. I remember Razi. And many of the other commentators say that the very the first four verses of the surah are some of the greatest verses revealed in the Koran and very difficult to get their complete message across. But in the 10 minutes that we have, I want to speak about the main broad theme. First, that Allah has a purpose behind sending the prophets which is to deliver the divine scripture, and they are the evidence that Allah uses against humanity and for

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humanity. Number two, that mankind needs this divine guidance for them to attain a place of happiness in this life and in the next life. Number three is that there is a reward for those who choose to follow the guidance. And there is number four, a punishment and

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recompense and an accounting for those who willfully go against it and choose after knowing its trueness to follow a path other than it Allah says in the beginning of the verse.

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Let me equity levina cattlemen led kitabi when wish lukina Moon Sakina had data to motivate them. It's a powerful verse. Those who disbelieve from amongst the People of the Scripture, meaning not all of them will disbelieve for those who will choose disbelieve from amongst the Jews and the Christians, the People of the Scripture, when we should be keen, and those who are polytheist, meaning those who have completely turned away from God, pagans idolaters, those who disbelieve in the oneness of God, those who have chosen to make others equal to him or share him with make a share of him. They would never, we're never going to leave their disbelief, they were never going to come

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to truth until their came to them clear evidence. Now, this is a very powerful theological moment, it's important for you to know that, you know, truth is not just self evident, you're not just gonna think it up on your own. It has to be something that is predicated on a system that is taught and received and followed. And therefore the persona of those who were sent to humanity by that by God, through the messenger ship that they were governed with, is an important faculty and part of faith and therefore the answer Who is this but you know, what is this clear evidence? Where is it that comes that separates trueness of faith from not assuming a lot? It is the messenger of God who is

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sent a messenger of God sent from God. Yet Lucifer Mahara, who recites upon you passages in sections and pages of a purified reading sofern motohiro. It's pure in its message, its unadulterated hasn't been perverted, perverted by him, he has an added or taken out. And it's something that was pure in its descent, pure in its dissemination, and will give you purity in its practice, fee How could tune in it in this recital in this process of receiving this scripture, in its practice, you will find the straight upright laws and path of life sent on to you by God. And Allah subhanaw taala says, When I heard that said it was stuck in human activity. This is the straight path that I have sent on

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to humanity follow it, what is the straight path? Who is it? It is in the persona of Mohammed Salim, and the prophet who came before him. So therefore, when you want to come to know God, it's not just by your mind, but it's what was modeled for you, and what has come to you in the modeling and the behavior of those who came carrying the message of God. And therefore Allah says, and then keytab when Hickman I've revealed the Scripture and Kitab when hikma and next to it equal to it powerful with it, is the wisdom of its application, how to put it into practice, which is the totality of the life and modality of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam what matter for Raka Lavina Uchida look at

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this next verse, a lot now doesn't speak about the polytheists he doesn't speak about the machine. He says one metaphorical levena Uchida lamb embody magia atoma unite the People of the Scripture the Jews and the Christians different not until their came to them. There's clear evidence in the persona Mohamed Salah loud it was lm and what was ever was revealed to meaning that those who understood the trueness of the message of the prophets, I send them those who recognize what was in their scripture in His Word in what he was given by a law in his behavior, they came to truth and they separated from it, and they wouldn't have separated from them had it not come in the same way

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those who disband it from the truth those who kept in their arrogance and in their pridefulness to say we're not going to accept him, even though they recognize him as they recognize their own children their own back of their own hand, then they are the ones who will be held accountable, gentlemen, but you know, because the evidence was sent to them, the clear evidence was delivered. Allah subhanaw taala continues verse number five, when that homido Isla de apoyo de la mahallesi Nanda Deen they were commanded to do nothing more humanity, the people of Scripture everyone was only ordered that they should worship Allah

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Yeah Buddha law to worship submit themselves to God in a way that they don't submit themselves to other than Him, Melissa and Allah who deal with sincerity and abstaining from ascribing any partner team, any legitimacy to other than Him and therefore Mohammed saw you tell him when he came, he didn't call to himself, he said Abdullah, he will assume I'm just a worshipping slave of God and His Messenger I'm only here to deliver what not only Caitlin but as your only mission is to deliver and convey the message meticulously, that level deep, I scribe everything in your totality of life towards him who naphtha with purity, if loss, to be honey, and to be a bad all of it means the same

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thing but a lot breaks it up to show you the importance of relying only on a lot, choosing only in luck putting your trust and your faith only in a law where you'll be more slender where you can then Allah speaks of two of the main acts of worship. To establish the prayer will show you the importance of sauna and there's no faith without soda. And remember Shapira uses Iam amazone and many others. They use this verse rock metal lyonie him as an indication that an outer man mean gentle Eman, that actions of faithfulness are demonstrations of trueness have faith that you can't claim faith if you don't have action. You can't say I believe in God and say I will never pray. It's

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an oxymoron. You're famous for that it's a link between you and Allah where you are and to give their charity and to sustain the needs of others around them. And therefore between you and Allah is an obligation but between you and society and those who live amongst you is an obligation with alika de Nakayama that is the trueness that is the right way of life. That is the true path of faithfulness in believing in Allah. Then Allah says in the levina capital, those who will commit to disbelief and those who have chosen to disbelieve in the trueness of faith as is evidenced in the lifestyle of Mohammed Salim min al Qaeda from amongst the people of the book, well, mushrikeen and

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those who are willing to come to a path of faith and then we should have seen the polytheist pagans idolaters, the evil doers, female agenda, their end will be that they eventually enter into the lake of fire abide into the fire of *, Holly Dean if he had no reside in it, as long as Allah subhanaw taala commands are that a cultural barrier, they are the worst of creation, the worst of creation is the one who recognizes truth understands it reconciles it agrees with it, and then does opposite to it, and then recanted and pushes away from it because of their lowly desires because of what they have made the world to be their God, their, their, their their desire becomes their, their deity,

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and they choose what they are going to do and how they will live and according on the whims of their heart, not on the scripture that they have recognized in truth, on the opposite hand in alladhina amanu, those from the Jews and the Christians from the polytheist, who come into faith and Lavina, Amman, well, I'm a little slightly hot. Those who believe in work righteous deeds, and therefore a man and action are always linked together, or that

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they are the best of creation, the one who was wasn't in understanding God and comes to understand them and then submits the one who chooses willfully intentionally voluntarily to commit themselves to a path of faith are the best of the creation of God does that own their reward. Jen does that oh man got a beam their reward is is kept with their Lord their reward is kept with Allah endora beam Jen Nadia Jenna dragon integer demon Tatiana, and how it'll be in the form of one of the forms of it that it'll be gardens of Paradise mean gatien and harm with rivers flowing and comfort that they will be given hottie Dean if you have a that reclining in its comfort forever, they're in as long as

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a loss of how no to Allah wheels or the Allahu I know, they will be there. This is because of consequence of a law being pleased with them, one on one, and therefore whenever a law seeks you, then you will seek Him. And this is really important people used to ask the righteous in the past, they would say

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you know, am I forgiven? If I asked and the question is your forgiving if a law seeks for you to ask for forgiveness. So therefore the moment you ask for repentance, it's not because you're smart enough that it's because you have been brought in a place for a lot to seek you and love you enough for you to ask Him for His forgiveness around the Allahu Allah loved you and is content with you. So he made you content with him that he can even hush out on but this is because you had a cognisance and a fear of your Lord. There's a difference between fear and hush your hope and hush hush is that it's an awareness that is not just emotional but intellectual. You know why you should be conscious

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of God. Not just to be afraid, irrationally. This was your brother. Hey, Brahim with another daily tip, see the 98th chapter of the whole and sort of container

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