Yahya Ibrahim – Memorise Tabarak #2

Yahya Ibrahim
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Verse number two of sudo to Luke

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a levy a levy notice that there's a shutdown or a stress above the first lamb they're a levy. So you have to hold it a little bit longer stress it a levy a levy halaqaat a levy halakhah so there's the letter ha ha comes from the bottom of your chest and it comes through a flex of the throat ha ha. So if you just hold your tongue back ha Hold your tongue down again to the bottom of your mouth. Ha ha, ha. So it is a sound. And levy

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a levy Holla Holla Holla for a levy holla

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levy holla.

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Allah Avi holla melta melta a levy holla con mounta al Mahmoud, a levy holla con monta Well hi.

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Well, hi.

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And levy Hello, Paul melotel will

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levy Hannah Palmer? Well, hi.

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Levy Hello Colleen Mota. Well hi.

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Levy Hannah. Mota will hire

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Leah Belew. Welcome Leah Belew. Welcome, Leah, Lu.

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Leah De Luca Khun AlLahi holla multiwell hyah Talia, coo coo levy holla Hannah Palmer Mota. Well hi, Talia Bella welcome. Leah Bella. Welcome, Leah Lu. Welcome. ie Yoko. I

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noticed that there's a shutdown. There's a stress on the app. Leah Bella welcome iE yocom a comb, a comb, Leah lucam. Au comb, Leah Bella comm au comb repeated after me Leah Bella, welcome au comb au comm send where I'm

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setting where I'm at.

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San Juan, I'ma notice it's I mean, I I'm not an nyla it I'm Allah, the bear lucam au

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sandal. sanel I'm Ella I am

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a loving holla calm melotel Hi, Talia De Luca ellaby Kala Mota. Well hi, Leah.

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Leah Bella welcome Leah De Luca come and Newcombe San Juan Ella levy ha la Mota well hyah Talia De Luca, Yocum, San Juan Ella

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San Juan Allah wa wahoo what ha it's from the bottom of your chest. Wha hoo hoo ha ha. It's not ha ha ha wahoo well as xizhou love our food, one who will Azizullah xizhou eyes.

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So it's like a buzzer. Your teeth are clenched as Azizullah for Azizullah for notices Zul you join the zap with the lamb and you forget that and if there were one I xizhou food well who Li xizhou food well whom well i xizhou food i xizhou i xizhou i xizhou ha food. Allah de hola como el hyah Talia bedroom comm au Khun X and Y I'm Ella wahoo Li Zhi Zhu, Li z Zhu, Li ve Kanaka multiwell hyah Talia Dara Welcome yocom X and Y mela wahoo ella xizhou and levy colorful mount I will hire Talia bewelcome Anupam x ny mela wahoo Anna Azizullah food Allah The Kala Kala Mota well hyah Talia Bella welcome and you can ask

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well who will Azizullah food olevia hola como el hyah, Talia bewelcome Yocum, San Juan

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I'm Anna wahoo and I xizhou and levy halaqaat. And levy halaqaat and levy Kala Kala Mota. Well, Talia bewelcome Yocum San Juan. I'm Ella wahoo and Azizullah food. Allah vihara fondamenta. Well Hya Talia bewelcome yocom accendo am Allah wa when azeez

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Allah, Allah Allah mounta well hyah Talia, Yocum sanwa I'm Allah wa who will Azizullah food will who will Azizullah food? Allah xizhou Allah de Kala Kala Mata well, Talia

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San Juan Allah wa who Allah xizhou tabouleh can levy via de la wahala connetion in Cody. Alavi holla mounta well hyah Talia Bella welcome to come. San Juan Ella wahoo Ella z Xu w rockin la v v Hill Maluku Allah Konishi Cody and loving Hola, como el hyah, Talia, Bella Kuma, Yocum, X and Y mela wahoo Well, azeez Zoo

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