Ibrahim Hindy – It’s Time To Wake Up

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the misconceptions of Islam and the influence of the media on people's views, as well as the need for people to be reminded of the importance of returning to Islam. The success of Islam is highlighted, along with the importance of remembering actions and forgiveness. The segment also touches on language of God and the potential for success in the future.
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Hello fellow Mandela, homie boo Farah de Allah. Why should we

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Why should one Mohammed Abu rasuluh sallallahu Rahmatullah al Amin. moko mini homogeny Sadiq in

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Germany and Allah who became local mushara Javi his pseudo Wahhabi he renomia and wild and some Anoka Logan olfa for la mujer de hierro Madras eternity ABN AMRO mature water soon under our theory salat wa salam o is in robotic rd while he was hired, while engineering minister can be so negative vaca de la Medina and fusi Kumar FC v taco la heeta IRA for in the homemade tequila level Maharajah was a woman hydroelectricity operators due to a lot of loan in him we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly him Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guides them can mislead and he oma la leaves to go straight there is none who can guide and I bet one is

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that there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone. And then Mohammed Salah law where he was sending them his both his servant and His Messenger, Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the court and will now also accompany mercy button for the mecca sabot ad Kumar for an Kafeel that whatever strikes you of misfortune, or disaster, it is because of what your hands have earned. And indeed, he has forgiven much. Who could have thought or predicted that we would have reached the situation that we are in today, three months ago, or even three weeks ago, who could have predicted that entire countries around the world would be in lockdown, who could have predicted that economies would be

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crippled or hampered, and people around the world would see would be confined into their homes, all because of a single virus. Who would have thought that the massages which are typically full of people full to the brim overflowing, would now be empty? Who would have thought that in our lifetimes, the grandest of the massage and mustard that had almond mustard and never we would be shut down to the public? And all we can say in the face of all of this misfortune and difficulty is the drive of the Prophet sallallahu? How do you send them along legend if he will see that Tina will still find out how you don't miss that, Oh Allah, console us in our misfortune in our tragedy, and

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give us what is better than it. But today, I want us to entertain some very difficult questions, questions that we typically run away from questions that might burn our soul to really consider, for instance, who sent this trial to us who unleashed this virus on us? No, it's not the Chinese and it's not one of the many conspiracy theories that go around make the rounds throughout the internet. Our Deen is clear, that good and bad is by the command of Allah subhanaw taala We seek refuge from the evil that Allah has created even though we do not attribute evil to Allah will our fellow men shall remain the evil that his penalty is created. We know that a lot controls all things good and

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bad. And we should be constantly in a state of seeking the refuge of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah azza wa jal tells us women who sit will be at inlet who if we do not send the signs except as a warning, Allah is constantly reminding us constantly warning us, admonishing us, nudging us pushing us, calling us to wake up to see the reality for what it truly is to see truth as truth and to see falsehood as falsehood. But we continuously neglect these warnings. We turn away from these admonishments, we hit the spiritual snooze button, and turn away from what we deep down know is true and no will benefit us. And Allah subhana wa Eilis is waiting. The kefir Amina Nancy and Tina level

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are feeling that truly most people are heedless or neglectful of our science. Why is it that we are heedless, even until today, that's that much of what has befallen the world all over is really a reminder of how weak we really are. That's all the technology all the armaments and weaponry, all the power, the money, the advancements, all of it is feeble, in the grander scheme of things, that a virus which cannot be seen by the eye, but by the command of the most powerful Lord can bring us all to our knees and change the very world and probably a way in which it can never return back.

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God speaks to us in complex languages, which cannot be interpreted except by a heart that is sincere and with humility, because without sincerity and humility, what we might we might see the message we might see the message of a lobbying the opposite of what it truly is. Allah tells us

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An example of this when he mentions the story of coal mines that people have add a powerful nation full of corruption full of arrogance. Fundamental or even must have been led a team called who had it done until now.

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Mr. Atul Gawande

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alarm dimensions that when the punishment came to them, they looked up and they rejoiced. They were joyful. They said, this is a cloud that will bring us rain. And Allah says no, rather, this is what you're impatient about. This is a wind, bringing with it a painful punishment. When the punishment came, they didn't even see it as a punishment. They jumped for joy and thought that it was a cloud bringing them brain, they could not understand what God was telling them, even to their last moment, because they had rejected the signs of a law time and time again, because the increase in arrogance and rejection so much, that the language of a lot of the language of God became foreign to their

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hearts. We are now seeing the language of God before us, reminding us of our need for him. A reminder that we are under his control, a reminder of our mortality, a reminder of our collective responsibility to one another.

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And these might be uncomfortable things to be reminded of but they are necessary. What are we waiting for, to be reminded of to turn back to Allah subhana wa tada to flee to him? What level of heedlessness or neglect? Will we consider or continue to claim to consider the example of the son of Prophet nobody has sent him? His father is building an ark, in a barren desert, warning the people of a flood to come. And when the flood finally comes, and his son is swimming in the very flood that he has been warned about, and the father is extending his hand, and he's saying, Yeah, when he comes out well at command caffeine, oh, my son ride with us, and do not stay with those who have

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disbelieved ride with us ride in this ship of repentance, ride in this ship of seeking forgiveness, right in this ship of faith and belief in a law right in this ship of humility and sincerity, right in this ship of returning back to Allah and seeking His pleasure. Yet when he got to come Mariner all my son ride with us right in this ship that is fleeing back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And despite this, his son does not understand that this flood is the command of a law. He thinks that it is a natural random occurrence. He thinks that he can wait out God. He says banessa we in a javelin, you're assuming even and map. He says I will take refuge in a mountain that will protect me from

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this water. The sun if the early Muslims would interpret that if their camel or if their horse was uncooperative. If they woke up in the morning and the horse was uncooperative, they would interpret this as perhaps a sign that God is trying to remind them to return back to him. They saw that every possible difficulty no matter how small might be a sign of God, the interpreted the signs of God in each affair of their lives, because they had the necessary humility and tuck one consciousness to be able to understand God, but nor the Son of swimming in the very flood that he had been warned about by his father, the prophet of God could still not understand the message that God was telling him.

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He was barred from understanding it by his sins in his arrogance, and we fall into similar holes. How many people are saying this Coronavirus? Not a big deal. It'll go away on its own. Oh, people are just overreacting. As it gets worse than it gets worse. And maybe it will go away on its own and they asked a lot to make it go away as quickly as it came. But that doesn't mean that there isn't in it a message for the seeker of God within it. And you said to his son, caller are similarly Elman, mo de la ilaha

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illa lemon Ryan, he said there is no protection against the decree of a law except the one who he has shown mercy to. There is no decree against there is no protection against the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah subhanaw taala asks us, rhetorically, and I'm yet ninja dnm antosha aku boom Li karela he

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has not time come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive to the remembrance of Allah and to what has come down from the truth. Hasn't the time come for us to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala hasn't the time come for us to have humility towards Allah subhanho wa Taala we spent all of our days chasing after the dunya chasing the temporal world chasing its money and its glamour and its fame building up this world to be something of a worthy goal. And a lot tells us what this dunya really is. He says in the method are hired to do near canine ends in the home in the summer for about two lotto. He said all of this dunya that you see

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before you with its glamour and it's and and that you are chasing after me

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At your goal, all it is is a command by God to send down some rain on Earth. There is no life. There's nothing without rain. He says God has sent down that rain. And from it we had vegetation and from its men in livestock 800 to 100.

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Until we made the world beautiful we use that rain that God gave us to build the things that we have built to build the technology and the roads and the cars and the homes and all the things that we have built. But we forgot that we only had that ability because God sent us that rain to begin with, and allow us to Allah continues in the verse and he says, Well, one that law, and

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people become so arrogant, after they make this world beautiful in a place of luxury, that they think they have control over it. Well wonder why only half the people on this earth think they have full control over it. And unless is that when they reach that level of arrogance at brunella and an owner Hara our command comes by night or by morning, and we make it as if it did not harvest before at all, can that you can offer similar at Nicole minutes, Africa when these are the signs that we give you so that you may think and understand, think of this reality. The world is not in our hands, it's in the hands of a lot. It's not in our control. It's in the control of God. And Allah mentions

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to us what will be said by the angel of death when he takes when the soul is taken from us. And Allah says La Quinta de la flats in Manhattan for cashapp nangka block for abasolo, Kalyan Hadid, there will be said that you were in neglect of this, of this reality and now we have removed your cover. You were heedless, but the cover has been removed. And now your site is sharp, your site is as solid as steel, you can see the true reality. What is the true reality? The true reality is that everything is in the control of a law. And in the studio, we fooled ourselves to thinking that we have control and we have power, and we are the ones who can operate everything. And this virus is a

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sign of that uncovering. It's a sign of a law to tell you to take account of this reality before it's too late. A reminder of what we'll be playing to see on that day when we meet Allah subhanaw taala and that covering is removed from us. So we need to take heed of that today. And Allah says for funeral it Allah so flee to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in Nila camino una de Roma bien indeed I am a clear clear warning. A clear Warner to you. And Allah Subhana Allah says womac candelabrum Viva home. Welcome Mr Fierro in that indeed surely God would not punish them while they're seeking His forgiveness. If we turn to a lot if we flee to a law if we ask of his forgiveness, he will turn

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what is difficult into easy what is the hardship into reward and the pain into mercy and profit and what I said to his people for call to stop fear or back home in Canada Farah, he said asked forgiveness of your Lord He is the one who is perpetually forgiving. You will see the seminar on a commit rara He will send down the rain from the sky with continuing showers. We will need a combi unwinding weapon and he will increase your wealth and increase your children wages from generating wages and Hara and it will provide you with gardens and provide you with rivers man at home laterals una de la hora. What is it? What is the matter with you that you are not an off the majesty of God,

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this virus and everything that has come with it with all of its difficulty with all of its hardship. It is a grand blessing. If it causes us to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and to turn to him and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, Well, that's a Kunal can Latina, ness la have and sell the home. Don't be like the people who forgot a law. So he caused them to forget even themselves. When we forget a lot, we in fact, forget ourselves. When we forget God and we forget our obligations to him. And we forget his power over us. We forget ourselves, we forget our actions and the consequences of those actions. We forget what we do and how it affects the people around us and those and other

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people besides us. How often do we neglect the suffering of others around the world. And through this virus, Allah reminds us that we are all connected, that the virus that begins halfway across the world affects you in your home. And likewise, the evil the injustice that happens across the world. It affects us on a spiritual level, whether we ignore it or not. How often did we take the houses of a lot for granted? we're lazy to attend, didn't like to be here. And now our hearts ache and pain when we see that they are empty, and we are unable to go and pray in them. Doesn't it remind us of how precious these places truly are? And how often do we make the world our focus? How

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often do we make it our ultimate objective. And through this virus we were reminded how feeble This world is, how fleeting it is, how weak it is, and that are and that it should never be our ultimate sacrifice or our ultimate objective. These are in fact blessings

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These are not hardships. These are blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. These are Signs for the intelligent people to take account and to reconnect themselves to the law, and therefore we connect themselves with their deepest, best self. Well, that's a cool new Ken Levine and so law for Anselm and foster home. Don't be like the people who have forgotten a lot. And so he calls them to forget themselves. And through these troubling times, we need to remember that a law wants our return. He wants us to come back to him. He wants us to recognize our shortcomings. He wants us to embrace his mercy and embrace his forgiveness will love Will you read up to Valley come and deal God wants to

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accept your repentance? Yeah, you're Latina? I'm going to do it a la Hito button No. So how are you who believe repent to Allah a sincere repentance as our bukem au kufuor uncom see it come, we will look on Jeannette integrity, integrity and and how perhaps God will forgive your sins and you will enter you into a paradise beneath which the the rivers flow, and the profits love wherever you send them explain to us in a beautiful parallel. How it is that that Allah subhanho wa Taala deeply, truly wants to accept our forgiveness that he wants us to return back to him. He mentioned to us that Indeed Allah is more joyful with the return of his servant, he is more happy and joyful with

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the return of any of his servants, then, and he gives us an example. Then the example or the condition of a man who is traveling in the desert, and all his provisions, his food, his water, everything he needs, is on top of a camel tied to his camel. And as he's going through this desert, the camel runs away from him. And he's left stranded in the middle of the desert, with no way out and no food in the water. So he knows that certain depth is coming to him. So this man digs a grave, and he lies in the grave, waiting for his death.

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And then, after he sleeps a while he wakes up and he sees the same camel looking down at him. So he jumps up in grabs the camel, and is full of so much joy and happiness. What greater states of happiness can there be than the moment you think you're dead and are going to die? And then Allah gives you a second chance you get a second chance at living.

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And he grabs the camel and he's so happy that he can't even keep his word straight. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says he wants to say Oh Allah, you are the Lord and I am the slave but from the intensity of his happiness, he is nearly delirious, and he mixes up the words and he says, Oh Lord, I am the Lord and you are the slave but he meant the opposite. From how intensely happy he is. The profits of the luck wherever you send them says, a lot of rock will be told back to me deikun if that tab Manhattan Roger, that Allah has more joy by the Toba the repentance of any of his servants than this man was by the return of his camel. So let us turn to our merciful forgiving Lord with

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repentance, seeking His forgiveness. Let's turn our misfortune and hardship into the removal of our sins. Take this time to use it as an opportunity, difficulty and hardship. One of the blessings of difficulty and hardship is it provides us with opportunities to help other people check up on your neighbors. If there are those who need your help need your support, need someone to pick something up from them at the store, do so. You know be the person who is helping others we are in the greatest need of the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala these days a rocky Monet or Hmong rock man, those who are merciful, the Most Merciful shall be merciful to them, and hammelmann for Hamilton

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Memphis and that show mercy to those on earth and the one who is in the heavens will show mercy to you. We are in the greatest need of the mercy of Allah. Therefore we must be the ones extending that mercy to others. We must be the ones who are helping others we must be the ones who are trying to bring as much generosity and helpfulness as possible so that Allah subhanaw taala can lift this problem, lift this evil from the world and bring us to Agenda where there will be no fear and no sorrow for not only how there was stuff along the way, in our four Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy Oh man, what are

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you already know? You already know man. Law tokachi what at 11 Tuesday morning oh you who believe be conscious of a law a consciousness that is due to Him and do not die except in a state of Islam. Brothers and sisters inshallah. Use this time to turn to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with more devotion use this time to extend the hand to those who are in need. And unless kind of Allah reminds us mnu Gee, when will

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we actually pursue Who is the one who responds to the call of the desperate when they call upon him?

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removes the harm removes the evil. This is the time that we need to turn to a loss of how to Allah to pray to Allah subhanaw taala desperately so that our loss of Hannah to Allah can remove this difficulty from the world and to use this opportunity to connect to a law therefore making whatever trials and hardship we see actually a blessing in the greater end of things. If we meet a loss of handle to Allah with good deeds. It doesn't matter what difficulty we faced in this world, it will all be worth it when we enter into His paradise and into his mercy.

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