Kamal El-Mekki – Jummah Khutbah 02-06-2023

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The Hadith's statement about being punished by his friend's actions can be a result of his actions. It is important to have strong friendships and social connections to avoid becoming friends in the hellfire. Islam has also seen the implementation of Islam's Day of Law and the implementation of Islam's the Day of Law. The speakers emphasize the importance of setting boundaries and being aware of one's boundaries to avoid becoming friends in the lawful way. There are upcoming events and collaborations with other individuals.
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Lulla Isla

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in Al Hamdulillah Muhammad guna Stein who want to start federal when I was a biller him and should audit unforeseen ailment say Nadina Maya Hilda who follow a mandala warmer yo little fella hottie Allah, wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Shaadi color wash hadoo ana Muhammadan rasul yah yah Lavina Armando Takala hubco to ka t y La Tomatina Illa Juan to Muslim moon. Yeah, Johan Ludhiana Armand otaku la Hawa Kulu Poland said EDA, useless glaucoma glaucoma, welcome you know welcome when my daughter Allah rasool Allah who forgot the first AFOs and Alima about the inner circle, Hadith the Kitab Allah well as an Al hadI had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Charlemagne to

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her what could be the what couldn't live without him Allah Allah will Kula vault in for now. Brothers and Sisters in Islam today are chutzpah is titled righteous friends or righteous companions and we're basing it off of the famous hadith of a Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam where he said in nama method will Julissa slaughter with JD su kehamilan miski When after healthcare in this hadith and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam gives a parable a comparison to the righteous friend and to the wicked or the bad friend and he compared the righteous friend to hominid misc the must carrier someone who sells oils colognes perfumes when ethical care which is the bellow blower which you will typically find at

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the blacksmith

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and he gives the examples of Allah Allah

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and maybe salon

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and in this case

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will be the Dean of their Helene Dean in this hadith does not mean religion. Deen here means their way of life or their lifestyle. Just like in the Hadith, of when someone comes to marry and ask for your daughter's hand. Either document or Bona Deena who will hula hoop for the widow Deena who here can't mean religion, because you will not accept anyone but a Muslim for your daughter is not allowed to otherwise. So when the President said either document or Dona Dina, who in this hadith it means when someone comes to you and you're pleased with their way of life, their lifestyle and with their manners. So similarly here, a Raju and Adina Holly Karelia, a man who will be upon the

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lifestyle of his Helene and I'll Helene there is the very close companion. It's not just an acquaintance but this is someone that is very close to you. So that means you're going to adopt the lifestyle events, hobbies values of your close friend, so you should be careful and look carefully to who to your close friends to see who they are.

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We'll walk into a few Marie and not smell a good odor or not get a sample on your hand or not get a gift or buy or just

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You walk in and out completely unaffected is absolutely inconceivable. And it's inconceivable that you work, you walk into the workplace of the blacksmith, and walk out and not feel any heat, or have to dodge some sparks, or not smell a bad odor, either from the smoke of the fire or from the person himself, or you yourself start to sweat, but it's just not possible to walk in and out and not be affected. So the hadith is telling us, your close friends, they will affect you, they will either affect you a lot, or they will affect you a little bit, but there will be some sort of effect.

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And that's why the companion even muster Oh, there'll be Allahu Anhu. He used to say, ma'am, in che in de Loup, Allah, che, there is nothing that is more of an indicator of one to another, as a friend is to his friend, even more so than smoke is an indicator to fire. So he's saying, when you see smoke, it indicates that there is fire somewhere. He said, even more than that connection, is when you see a friend, you know, that's how the other friend is, yeah. And if this friend is righteous, then He's righteous. Or if they're corrupt, they're corrupt. And that's for the parents. And sometimes parents are oblivious to this. A parents once told me, my my friend, or my son, all his

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friends do this, and this and this, but hamdullah My son doesn't do any of that. That's not possible. He Why is he hanging out with these people that it's not possible.

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So and that's why a madman has an imbecile Rahima Hola. He used to give advice, he said, is stuck through middle of high beside him for dunya for in the Holmium for oneo malappuram. He said, make a lot of righteous friends in this dunya because they will benefit you on the Day of Judgment. And then he proceeds to describe what is in a hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the people go to Al Jana. And then they say, and this shows you and how strong love is and how strong friendship is that even after they're in a Jana, they say, how can we enjoy the pleasures of a Jana while our brothers are being tormented and punished into hellfire. That to that extent, how can we enjoy

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ginawa our brothers are being punished in the hellfire. Some of the scholars that these brothers are referring to here are not even very close friends, not best friends or anything. Some of them some of the scholars said this could be someone who just came and sat with them once at a gathering and they remember this person. And so Fela,

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Fela is Allah Raju Yeshua. The man will continue to intercede for his friend until that friend will be taken out of the Hellfire. And then the people of the Hellfire will be amazed and puzzled and they will see they will say Manchester Allah Who Who is the one who interceded for them. They will ask what's his father a Shaheed a martyr and it will be told no, was his brother a Shaheed and it will be told no. Did an angel take them out of the Hellfire they will be told no did a prophet take them out of the Hellfire, and they will be told no. And then they will be told it was their friend who interceded for them and got them out of the Hellfire. And after that the people of the Hellfire

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will say, well, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned we sought a Shuara firmer than I'm interfering. We don't have any intercessors what else are these 10 hammy and we have no close friends, fellow fellow and Alana keratin for an akuna minal mini meaning he's there saying and if we could return back to Earth, we would be from the righteous and some scholars said we would be from the righteous, we would be close to the righteous we would be friend the righteous so they could benefit us in the era. And that's why unsalted Zakharov Allah subhanaw taala says a killer who yo mama even Akela plural of Helene, we said the halal is your very close companion. So the plural form the close

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friends on that day, yo ma e then ba go home labor or then I'll do one inland Matatini they will be enemies to each other, except the righteous. So people who are together today and have strong bonds, whether it be just regular bonds or in crime or gangs and they will die for each other. Those will be enemies on the Day of Judgment. They will be cursing each other hating each other making dua against each other in the hellfire, encouraging asking Allah subhanaw taala to curse the other person and to punish the other person more because they were not righteous because they will blame one another for being the reason that they ended up in the hellfire. And that's why it's very

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important, especially for the young men and women listening. And for the parents to be aware of this. A lot of times, some of our youth they don't have any Muslim friends and when

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You told them make sure you have Muslim friends, they give the same argument. They always say those non Muslim friends of mine are better than some of these Muslim friends. Right? But those non Muslim friends are not from this quality that we're talking about. They will not intercede for you on the Day of Judgment, they will not assist you on the Day of Judgment, and they will probably be enemies on the Day of Judgment, there is no benefit. Make sure you have righteous friends, young and old. Make sure you have a lot of righteous friends.

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In another Hadith, and again, you see, and many times you see this in Islam, you see an immense reward. And when you look it up, it's something really simple. It's always like that. It mentioned the word mentioned and just for doing a simple act or saying a simple short dog or praying too short to look at. But in this hadith and Nabi SallAllahu sallam said in nemen, Iberdrola la owners and muhimbi Ambia What are Shahada? He says, there will be people and this is talking about the day of judgment from the servants of Allah. They're not prophets and they are not martyrs. You have built to whom will NBR wish you had your multi Amma your beautiful home and RIPTA terminal Maura and NEMA

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Alethia and the lady he mean the lady Turman, Nisa, Alia and who Yanni. And ripple is when you wish you had the blessing that the other person has, but without wishing for them to lose it. That's the hazard. Do you just wish you had the same thing but you're happy that they have it? So these are normal servants of Allah. And on the Day of Judgment, the prophets and the martyrs the highest levels of people will wish they had with these normal people have yarmulke Yama be McCarney him and Allah heeta Allah because of their position with Allah subhanho wa Taala In another Hadith, and another version, the prophets Allah Salam describes that he will give them manorbier pulpits which

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are like elevated areas like stages, made of light, and their faces will be filled with light and they will be upon light. Then the process of them describes Liahona either half openness, this is the Day of Judgment. This is the day of fear when people are afraid Allah subhanaw taala called the our Acharya allottee Dockrell Kulu that it shocks the heart with fear and Allah mentions how people will be looking down just like when someone is in trouble they're looking down how many times in the Quran of sorrow HA HA HA HA Sheraton absorbed room everyone is afraid everyone's in trouble but the problem says these people lie a half I'm gonna either half a nurse they will not be afraid of people

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are afraid what I don't know when that either has been a nurse and they will not be sad and even if everyone else is saddened, so the problem described them home Coleman to have both Bureau Bureau Hila Allah lady or Harmon Boehner home. These are people who loved each other for the sake of Allah and there was no blood relation between them.

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And if this was the only evidence we have for the importance of having righteous friends and loving them and connecting them with them for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, it would be sufficient. In another Hadith Allah subhanaw taala says, well Javad mabati that my love is guaranteed lil muda have been a fee for those who love each other on my sick for my sake Yeah, and my love is guaranteed for those two people or more who love each other for my sake. When moto jealousy in a fee and those who gather and sit because of me for my sake, while Mutasa we Rena fee, and those who visit each other for my sake, and visiting each other, this is an important point is something that we've kind of

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abandoned. Now. Make sure you visit each other in your homes and invite people to your homes. Because the Hadith already mentioned that they sit together. So when you take your brother out to a restaurant, and you sit there and talk and meet, you've accomplished this, you've sat together, but Allah subhanaw taala specifically mentioned, they visit each other. And there is a higher level of intimacy when you visit someone in their home. And you actually get to visually see the state that they're in. And you get to see what kind of car they have. And they get you get to know if they're poor or not. And, and many times you don't know the situation of people, I'll never forget, we were

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passing out the this was overseas, passing out the cut and fit area near the food. And there was a brother we still always meet in the masjid. And we don't know his situation. And I was surprised that we stopped and we just we delivered the food to his house. You would not know his situation unless you visited his home. It's an another level of intimacy. And as we all know, the famous Hadith of the man that was on his way to another village or town to visit his friend and Allah subhanaw taala sent him an angel and the angel asked him a in a tweet, where are you going? And he said, ready to leave. I had to heal Korea. I'm going

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to a brother of mine in this village, so then the angel asked him Do you have any business or anything that you need from him or anything like that? And he says no, except that I just love him for the sake of Allah has nothing else that I want from him. So he tells them I am an angel of Allah sent to you to inform you be and Allah could have Baca come on up the houfy that Allah subhanaw taala loves you just like you have loved your friend for the sake of Allah and that's why the early Muslims when they would enter a new city What do I would they make when they enter a new city to stay for a while or to move to it? They would say Allah Houma hey you need you need some solid there

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are is yeah Allah make find me a good companion that I someone righteous that I can be with Apollo COLA that was tougher Allah Allah Emily, welcome, when you're going to do new festival through Fairphone Mr Vereen, ask Allah subhanaw taala is first forgiveness Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah hill I mean, what are the early he was a big marine about the word Sadiq which means friend in Arabic linguistically comes its route is from a silk which is truthfulness. So what is truthfulness have to do with friendship. The scholars said that if there's any gap, they fill it, if there is a shortcoming, they will complete it. If there is a flaw in you, they will conceal it. If you need help in righteousness, they will assist you, they will advise you, and they will care for your Astra, if you want to know who your true, really good righteous friends are, see if they give you advice about your Ohana or not. Because the

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ones who love you are the ones who care for you're

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someone who doesn't advise you about your next life about your obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. That is not true love. And that's why for the youth in the audience, who is always on your case, about your era. It's your parents, or even more specifically, your mother who's always reminding you to pray, because true love means you care for someone's. So advise one another and accept advice and act upon that advice. The two last points we're going to mention, what if you have bad friends and Bad Company? Do you stay with them? Or do you part ways, and the guideline is as follows. As long as you are changing them to any good, even if it's just 5%. As long as good happens when you're with

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them, you have four friends, they're not very practicing. But when you're with them, they might pray the whole, they might not use profanity or curse or do some haram things because your presence is there, then you keep that relationship and you keep advising and you keep that link with them. But if it ever gets to the point where when you're with them, you miss Lahore, you start to use bad words or profanity or say things that are inappropriate, the minute starts to affect your deen. That's one as the point where you can part ways from them. And then the last thing is setting boundaries with friends. And we always say the good news here is that you only have to set the

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boundary one time. You don't have to always do it. You have to let them know that you don't accept something once and they will remember it the rest of the time. It's not like every time you meet them, you have to say it. But a lot of times people are very scared or shy to let people know what makes them comfortable or uncomfortable what their boundaries are. So don't you only have one time to do it one time and they will listen, that's the end of that. But a very important note, especially in our day and age is that when you set the boundaries, you don't have to be rude. And there doesn't have to be a tone of belligerence and rudeness. Just let people know what your

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boundaries are. And then continue on with your friendship

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with that Allahumma and we'll have to hop on we're gonna Tibba we're in about elaborated on was launched in Alba, Allah Houma, La Jolla. Dunya Kabara Homina Well, I'm a blogger Elmina well I didn't know Remo Sirona Robina that is gonna validate her data and I will Hublin I mean the Doom karapatan indica, Intel, Wahab

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Allahumma Jana mean Elena Hulka big woman Ascari about the K Lake Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Paulo gonna have been like our whole for Minca Raja and fique Allahumma attina fusina Taqwa was a Kia antihero, Monza car and totally you Homer Willa. Allahu MUSL Hannah Chanel, Kula hula Turkey nylon for Sinatra, Fatah in Walla Illa.

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Allah homage islam al Muslimeen. Once we're about the mini Allahumma Brimelow Umatilla, Islamic Milan Rashida, UniFi and automatic way of Delphi, Lumosity tick Murphy Hubble maruf were you unhappy here animal Korea SML da are sort of Lahoma robotic and I've looked at hunting Allah Meanwhile other early he was a big mining reformer and also

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Rohan Comala

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