Wael Ibrahim – A Minute with the Aware Academy #09 – Unstuck

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how pornography is addictive to a person and how they can never reach out for help until they are stuck in their life. They also mention that seeing someone get out of a bedroom and become free is a feeling that is impossible to reach out for.
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I am stuck. This is one of the blame. You're watching a minute with the aware Academy and this is how * addicts describe the condition. When they are addicted to * for so many years, they are stuck. They're stuck emotionally they are stuck. When it comes to their education, they are stuck when it comes to the relationships, they are stuck alive, we cannot see any progress in the lives at all. Now, if you have recognized that you're stuck in life, remember one thing you will never be able to go anywhere while you're in that situation. So this is something that you have to actually remember all the time that you're stuck meaning no progress, you're not going anywhere. Now

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the other thing that you need to remember is that when you're in that position, you can never unstuck yourself because simply you are stuck. Do you get it so you need to reach out for others if you cannot reach out shout out screen for help. Look for those friends that perhaps you think they will really reach out to you and help you if you're unstuck. Those who are watching. If you are unstuck, reach out for those who are in that position and help them out there is no better feeling than seeing somebody getting out of that maze and making his way or her way to freedom from the shackles of * addiction. So just remember being stuck means you're not going anywhere. And being

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stuck means you can never unstuck yourself. reach out for help.

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