A Minute with the Aware Academy #10 – Faith

Wael Ibrahim


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One of the most common traits that we have been observing these days in the coaching space is many porn addicts have lost the faith, whether the faith in the creator and the religion, or even the faith in themselves. They don't believe that they're going to get rid of the addiction anymore. And they don't believe that a creator being is going to intervene in this situation. Hi, this is why the Brahim and you're watching a minute with the aware Academy. Now remember, every one of us has faith in something in we consider that faith to be the most valuable things in our lives. So once you lose that you don't have anything to rely on anymore. You don't have anything to depend on anymore. So

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don't lose your faith. Whether your faith in in your religious background or your faith in yourself that you can actually cope with your trials in life. And part of these drones perhaps is your addiction to pornography or any other undesirable activities. The one thing that I wanted to highlight here is that we fear our fate. We fear our future. We're always in a in a constant battle with our emotions are normal thoughts as regards to whether we will ever recover and get back to shape or not. So don't spend too much time battling your fear because fear will never disappear. We may decrease our fear by increasing our faith and this is the tip for today. You will need energy,

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effort and sometimes pain to increase your faith and as a result, the bigger your faith is going to get the little fear you're going to experience life