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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of faith and the word "faith" is emphasized in relation to debt, success, and the use of the word "faith" in relation to protecting people from alcoholism. The success of booster shots and the importance of avoiding "faith" in relation to protecting others is also discussed. The success of peace and acceptance of the ruling is also highlighted. The responsibility of individuals is emphasized, and the importance of trust and faith in achieving happiness and joy is emphasized. The success of achieving human touch is also highlighted as a potential advantage.
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Let me set up a film gaming series while it was iVh. Me. But last round that I said, while Allahu Foley at the War College, Muto qilu. Allah subhanaw taala said that the people who have to walk will

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have this dog on our last round data, the people who have faith, trust in Allah.

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And Allah He

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called on Allah is their faith. What is the law could

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think about somebody, put yourself in that place.

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Think that you are skydiving.

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So what do you do when you're skydiving? You jump from a plane at 20,000 feet?

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What is your faith? At that time? You have faith On what?

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On the batter's box?

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Which is strapped to your back?

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Yes, that parachute has been tested many times. And it always opens.

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But you know what, there is always a first time for it to get stuck.

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There is also in your mind.

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But what is the sign of faith? The sign of faith is that you leap

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that you take the leap from the plane, that is a sign of it.

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At that time, when you jumped on the plane, do you have a guarantee that this parachute was worked until now, we'll also work on this one trip. You'll know that. But

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if that parachute fails, the one who says this parachute has a probability of failing once in 1 million times. And is that one failure is when you jumped? As far as you're concerned, you're dead.

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Even though the failure rate of the parachute is one in 1 million, which is amazingly good.

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But at one time it failed was when you jumped?

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So as far as you are concerned, even a better suit was one in a 1 million failure rate is the cause of your debt.

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Yes, yet to jump?

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What is the sign of soql? That you take a leap of faith?

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Not faith on some piece of equipment, but fail on Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Now how do you take this leap of faith? What is the basis? The basis is the Hong Kong of Allah subhanho that

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you take a leap of faith because you are following an order of all of Canada, against everything else in the world.

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Allah Allah tells us about the example of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam

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when they decided to burn in

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leap of faith tawakkol Allah Subhana Allah

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tawakkol to the extent that Ibrahim al Islam does not even make dua to say, Oh Allah save me

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a lot. And if we met Islamic Allah smart Allah did not tell us in the forum that a diverse set of data.

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So they put the rival Islam in the category.

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And they're going to and why do they put him in a catapult to throw him in the fire because the fire is so big that they cannot even get close to the fire to put him in the fire. So they have to throw him into the fire from a distance.

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So they put him in the catapult

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and they are going to throw him into the fire.

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What is the state of arrival? It's a llama

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Corolla. Why? Because he is fulfilling the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala and what is your honest manner, that he should be worshipped without any partners, without any associates without any shareholders, without anyone in his worship? That he should be worshipped alone, because this is his luck.

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And even when is the lab at that time is the only Muslim in that place?

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He is the only one in that whole city who is under every single other person there is on button

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and then there's jobs are up. And as if I manage that I was flying through the air. Allah Subhana Allah addresses directly the fire. Yeah, nah. Allah does not send email is Allah. Allah could have sent an angel to put out the vial known. Allah does not even put out the wire.

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This is a Shana vamos Rhonda. Allah does not even put out the virus the virus will bunny because Allah subhanaw taala wants to show us that it is not in the power of the fire to burn. It is not in the power of water to drown. It is not in the power of nnd to do anything without dealing with that. But let us not even put out the fire

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Rather than merely orders via yeah narubu de Barden, wa salam and ally Rahim

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Allah is dedicated to the viral via become cold and cold and his source of safety for

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a lot of not even put out the word

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when I was on the ship, the same water was drowned everybody else is the source of safety for the people with you on the ship.

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The same water simultaneously is doing two roles, the role of destroying everything and the role of saving the Nabil of Allah and the people with him

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the same water Allah did not send an angel to pick up new Alisha and his people and take them to safety while the water is destroyed no

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Allah subhanaw taala wants to show his mother that the same thing can be a source of destruction or it can be a source of safety depending on the alcohol as well. So what is the alcohol is rather porous, that he should be worshipped without partners that he should be obeyed without question.

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And those around me

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I know there are many people give many fatawa and is in this kind of country, it is okay to have a mortgage in that kind of country it is okay to have this kind of interest and so on and so forth. But the point is every photo of every album every movie is an interpretation that he has made based on circumstances and whatever whatever it is not that the hookah was rotten is

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that it is haram not only haram but Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who indulges in it.

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We have to balance these things and see

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yes, you accept the ruling of somebody and you accept the ruling of somebody because your heart is towards that.

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In any case, you wanted the ruling so you accept that ruling and then whatever. And then when you have bought your house on what gets and when the house is ready, and when the man gives you the key say tomorrow morning you can enter the house that night you die now what happens?

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Let us be very clear brothers, that we have debacle Allah subhanho wa Taala Rama the pattern.

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You pull the ripcord and it opens. Now when you have that faith in that parachute. Now what happens to your skydive? Are you afraid? No or hamdulillah you enjoy 20,000 feet onwards you're going to you're getting a view of the world and you're floating in the air and you're coming down at great speed but you absolutely art is totally at peace. I love the law because when I pull the ripcord the parachute is going to open.

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Do you know the difference between Alice randallstown and ripcord and the parachute, the parachute rip cord can stick the parachute may not open, but the ladder of Allah subhanaw taala There is no doubt about this. There is no doubt about the word of Allah Subhana Allah if Allah subhanaw taala that this will happen, it will happen.

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So have faith I remind myself when you to have faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala to make our Corolla's rather than live with this word free of stress and live in this world full of enjoyments

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and enjoy this life, no stress, no nothing enjoy this life.

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Because if you obey the law and you say I will not take a house on mortgage, then to keep you with a shelter over your head is the responsibility of Allah.

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Because you said I will not take a mortgage because I will not disobey Allah subhanaw taala I don't care who says what but I will not take a mortgage, I will not take a loan on interest because I know that this is something which just means Allah. Now moment you say that. Now what has happened? You have jumped from the plane at 20,000 feet.

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Now whose responsibility is it to open the parachute?

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It is his responsibility to ensure that not only do you not ever be without a roof, but that you live in grid style. It is the responsibility of Allah Serrano's data, then to give you a get you a house which is in keeping with his pleasure.

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But it is also known as Allah. Allah subhanaw taala did not put out the fire of arrival before he was thrown into the fire.

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Allah Allah subhanaw taala did not move knowledge alive until the water came. It was Allah that Allah subhanho wa Taala only opens the parachute once you jump.

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The parachute does not open in the plane is available open and upgraded the problem

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the battery

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It opens when you jump.

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And that is the meaning of Darko. And that is the meaning of trust or ilustrado. That the sign of faith is that you take the leap.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala in this month of Ramadan, to strengthen our faith and to strengthen our docket on human touch, that we live in this world, free of stress, that we live in this world in great happiness and great joy. And then when the time comes to meet a lot smarter, that is the day of the greatest happiness for us. Because on that day is the day when we will get a reward from insha Allah was one of the lobby of the Casa de La La Land Rover lamona two

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