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oldal billahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Friends if you're ready to plug in, I'd love you to grab a piece of paper or open a note. I was asked to pick one verse for a miracle from that verse. And I would like to start out with just with a sprinkle that the Quran has miracles throughout it. If you look at verse number 59 of Surah Al Imran Allah azza wa jal says in MSL, or is in the law he come early Adam, indeed the way Jesus was made just the way other Malay salaam was made, but one small miracle God said, and now my salaries are in the law, he can manually add them.

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I want you to ask yourself, How many times do you think the word Adam occurs in the whole Quran? 25 times. And would you guess how many times does the word recited Salatu was Salam occur in the Quran? Guess 25 Let's go number two surah knew what surah number is. Surah knew someone's calling out 71 How many years did knew how they salat wa salam give Dawa? 950 years? If you take a look, if you even Googled an image of Surah knew it's a page and a half. Do you know how many letters are in those? One and a half page?

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Of course. 950 But these aren't the things that should blow your mind. Friends you should expect these things from Allah do you? Would you today on the 26th going into our next day of Ramadan? Would you expect more from your opinion of Allah subhanho wa taala? Yes, so my one verse surrounds one word. It is in surah baqarah ayah number 286. Just as a little poke to everyone who thinks Surah Nisa is about women, then that that rate dear Surah Baqarah is about a cow. Thank you. Let's get on to it. Let's read the Quran for real friends not not paired cherry pick. So we so we, it feels good to say oh, it's about women's rights. So let's figure out is Rebekah about cows. No, but what was

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that last verse? La you can live in law rule number seven it was

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that Allah subhanaw taala in his final phrase, outside of the Quran coming to us and guna later tell me if this point works. The Quran came to us through divine portal, God spoke to an unlettered prophet in the middle of a desert surrounded by mountains and desert that was full of bandits and Caravan thieves. Okay. God spoke to them. That in itself was amazing. The miraculous nature of the numbers, the science, the grammar, even the recitation Would you acknowledge 285286 We went to a lot to get it. The miracle of Iowa 285 and 286 Oh Wakanda oh five Infinity Stones are people who are entertaining, mythological smart, the dragon. Anyone who is entertaining that I'm saying go deeper,

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go deeper to a anthology mythology, which we believe it's fully true. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did fly a winged horse to Allah subhanaw taala throne did negotiate the prayer and on the way back

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and God's moment of us going to get to verses. Why did Allah subhanaw taala stop Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he walked away from the Throne of Allah that had 70,000 pillars and the distance between two pillars was 70,000 years. And it's sitting on some body of water. Do this is its graphic.

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As he left Allah's Nabhi was stopped. Look up the narration and Allah said, there's a gift for you. So beneath the Throne of Allah, you can't fathom it. There's a footstool and by the footstool, there are treasure chests, troves from one treasure chest beneath the Throne of Allah subhanho wa taala. God gave your Nabhi on a sonata was salam, the last two verses of Surah Baqarah miracle much friends but in those verses and brunette so that's the point now tell me buena Allah could have said a famous Allah will act as a guide. It's really important to strive in the path of Allah, Jihad and Hijra is really important.

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Boom, that could have been anything. It could have been anything but what did Allah

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is the word y'all choose? Don't worry. I'm never going to test you when you're like, Oh God, I can't handle this. Allah literally said, Now you could handle this. And then Allah gave us the cheat code, if you will. The when you're playing a video game you put in a code to get 1000 lives. And you imagine Allah subhanaw taala taught us one word, which repeats three times in this ayah Robina Oh, my Lord, a 40 in your chat box if you acknowledge their 24 functional rubber notches, and 40 times in the Quran does that word Rabbana occur? And most of us associate abana Allah to na in Xena, Patna. Oh Allah, don't hold me accountable. Don't catch me take hold of me for anything between what

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I do mistakenly and what I do by accident. Brothers, if you could go up to your wife and say, Hey, can you forgive me for anything I've done by mistake or anything I forgot about is that everything is covered then don't test me with the test of those who for those men come lean on the people who had that before me. Oh Allah don't make me overwhelmed. Oh Allah. Does anyone else see what in the one chance? The treasure trust ayat of the Quran? That wasn't revealed on this earth? Allah chose to just tell us here's what to say love. Say this. I know you don't know what to say. I get I know you feel overwhelmed. Now you can leave for love enough and I know you feel like oh man. I forgot. Oh

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no, I made a mistake.

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I thought now in the Siena our partner, but then more you're like Allah, I don't know. What about all the troubles that are going to come in life.

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So with a one and a half minute that I'm going to conclude on it isn't a specific IR only. It is one phrase in the Quran Robina And today when you set out to make huge supplications to possibly be the next Almagro professor, but I don't think any Almagro professors goal was to ever be an amount of professor just throwing that out there. But I want to leave and Luna This is the ending piece. There's only one person in the whole Quran Boonah who said the word Rabbana

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and then didn't make a dua after it. Do not I don't think Rabbana is a beginning of a DUA. I think it's Allah teaching us conversation.

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So that we can eventually say, and Boonah it Surah who the 88 where it could be Yunus 88 Y'all figure it out, where Musa alayhis salam settles back in Egypt, and what does he say? All now I'm gonna and you think it's a DUA, he's like Allah, you gave their own unbelievable wealth, you gave him splendor so that he may misguide people. I don't know if you have a sound effect for this, but does anyone else in a prophetic way, hear a complaint? He's talking to Allah fam, he's talking to Allah. Could you use as many webinars get as much as you want from the vending machine? But then when you figure out like, Hey, I think I'm talking to some thing not chat GPT I'm, someone's

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listening to me. Robina and dare I say, complain to your Lord? Oh Allah, if you don't hear my dua. Really sorry, Allah, Allah. Nobody else is good to hear my prayer, and nobody care. So please, for a moment, could you make the intention as your miracle I'm going to use Robina I'm going to use Rabbana to talk to Allah. I don't know how to break the ice. Robina dunya Hassan, Robin Allah to asinine nursing. Robin Artemi Milena neurona. You know that. But then one day, could you after Ramadan first day after Ramadan just say Robina

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the weather's awesome Yama.

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Our glovepie conference was Salam aleykum warahmatullahi