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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi women Well, first of all my dear sisters as salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi what I care to.

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It's truly an honor and pleasure to see all of your beautiful faces here today. Subhan Allah He is a huge blessing that Allahu Allah has a lot of together here. I ask a lot to always let us gather for his sake in sha Allah.

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My dear his sisters, one of the reasons that I feel so passionate about speaking about the legacy of Manhattan, meaning the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the Panama too often we as women, we tend to let ourselves take a back seat in the affairs of our oma. Too often we tend to focus our attention on only revolving around ourselves, our families and our lives. And we forget about the bigger picture. And we forget about the bigger role that Allahu taala wants us to have in this oma. So that's why it's so important that we speak about the legacy of woman hats, meaning the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because from the greatest lessons that

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the legacy teaches us as Muslim women, is how we as women need to be concerned with stepping up for this Alma inshallah, because this is one of the things that you see when you study their lives, is that ultimately, what made them great, wasn't just their role of being righteous wives to the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa sallam, but rather, it was their overall sacrifice and service to the cause of alley slam. And when you study their lives, you can clearly see that they weren't just focused only on themselves and their households and their lives only. But rather you see that they were dedicated, you know, they dedicated their entire lives to the service of the oma and striving

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for the sake of Islam. If you think about Khadija radi Allahu and her while by her and how much she sacrificed, how much she gave up for the sake of the oma and for the Tao of Al Islam. You know, as a panelist is you think about it when the whole world was filled with the darkness of Jackie Leah the darkness of ignorance and Coover. It was her house. That was the first house of Alice Nan. It was her house. That was the one that was like a bright, shining light in the darkness of this world.

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When the whole world was turning their backs against the prophets that Allah who it was sent him and against the DAO Valley slam, you see that she was the one who was standing, standing by the prophets that alarm was set him through thick and thin, supporting him with her wealth, with herself with her emotions, with everything that she owned and possessed. You think about she was the one that went through all the hard times, watching the Sahaba being persecuted, being tortured. She never saw the victory of his lambs. panela and that's why I Shawbury Allah who won her well Baja. She tells us how much the prophets that Allahu Allah was setting with never stop mentioning her to the level that our

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Isha radi Allahu anhu says there was no woman who I felt more jealous of than Heidi God Allahu anhu even though I had never seen her even though she had never seen her subpoena law, and the professor of law when it was seven, would always say about her, he would say it over and over again, how she believed in me when all other people just believed in me and were rejecting me. And she was the one who supported me with her wealth and herself. When all of the people were depriving me radi Allahu en ha well, Baha and sisters he mentioned that it was jus to her greatness. jus to her greatness with a law that Khadija that Allah huzzah. barbata Allah sent his Salaam to Khadija from above the

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seven heavens. One time she was walking, bringing some soup on a train to the Prophet sallallahu it was selling and gibreel Allah His son descended and told the Prophet so long what it was said on Yasuda, la inala how you put it just said salon, yo yo yo Rasulullah earn messenger of Allah so Allah who it was sent in, Verily Allah to Allah since his salon to Khadija radiallahu anha. So when Khadija heard that, she said inola have who has salam wa ala gb luxilon while aka Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Savannah

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Law verily she said Verily Allah is a salon he is the most perfect, the most free from imperfections. While a KGB law salon and upon gibreel a salon and upon you yo subtle law, yo yos little last little longer Selim SLM

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also my dear sisters when you think about our Isha radiallahu anha and what was the main thing that makes her stand in or have her what's the main thing that makes us stand in or have her it was her sacrifice in the path of in her path of knowledge. It was her dedication in learning and teaching and preserving the sooner of the profits that are long why there was selling you think about it sisters for 47 years after the death of the profits that are long while it was selling throughout us a lot of abubaker and I'm not an earth man and Ali radi Allahu anhu Jimmy on she spent her life giving fatawa She spent her life striving, striving in a path of knowledge, teaching and passing

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down. The Sunnah of the prophet SAW that along what he was selling and all of the knowledge that she had gained from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to the level that the great scholar even hedger rhodiola Rahim Allah He said one quarter of the rulings of Sharia that we have any slam our through our Isha radi Allahu ein has a look at the role she played. Never underestimate the role that women have played in the history of Al Islam. And the benefit of her knowledge was so great that Abu Musashi he said, mascara Elena has habit or pseudo law, he's on a long line he was sent him headphones, what was the shutter Illa what jedna into her. Meanwhile, they he said that there was

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never any time where the companions of the Prophet SAW that along with it was several confused about a particular matter in Islam, except that we asked our Isha about it. And she would have some type of answer regarding it. This was the level of her knowledge the tops of the harbor would consult her and ask her in matters that they were work you know, confused about.

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So this is why my dear is sisters that are issued by the Allahu Allah is considered to be the most knowledgeable women in the entire history of Islam.

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And we shouldn't think that it was only hudy Jenna Ayesha, who made so many efforts and sacrifices for the sake of Islam. Even if you look at the other wives, if you go say the Syrah of the other wives, for example, take Zainab bint jahsh by the Allahu anhu. Well, Baja

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Subhana la dee is this there's a lot of us don't know that she was a woman who spent her life for sadaqa. She spent her life for sadaqa what she used to do, she would make things with her hands out of liver, and she would sell them. And with that money she would spend and she would help the poor, she would help the mess second, should help the needy, the widows, the orphans. This is how she spent her life for the sake of you know, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah through the door of South Africa, to the level that no money would enter her house, except that straightaway, she would tell her servant go and give it to so and so go and give it to those poor people, those people in

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need, because of her concern, and her care for the oma and who care for the Muslims, Panama. Once one of the wives had asked the prophets that a lot when it was sent him who for amongst us, who's amongst the wives will be first to follow you around for a while when you pass away. And so he told them, it's gonna be the one with the longest hence. So when the wives they all went, they checked each other's hands, because I wanted to see who's it gonna be. And when they shake their hands, they found that Sol de radi Allahu anhu because she Mashallah she was a big framed woman, she had the biggest hand, so they thought it must be sold off, you know. But then what happened was, after the

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prophet SAW that alarm said and passed away, and then many few years like that 10 years passed by and to z net, ready, Allah Han and her passed away. And that's when they realized the meaning of the longest hands wasn't in, you know, it wasn't in their frame, but rather in how much they used to give sadaqa that he described her with the longest hands in how much she would give sadaqa for the sake of Allah is part of her virtues radiallahu anha well bore her, you know, to the level that when the relatives of Xena came to her house, to you know, collect her belongings after she passed away. They didn't find anything left in her house, she'd have nothing except that she'd spent it for the

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sake of a law. You know, I showed her the other one has said will llahi and this is this is you mentioned having a testimony of an issue for you. What, what, what a privilege to have the testimony of it show for you Subhan Allah? She said, Well, law he I haven't seen a woman who was better in her Deen than

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Xena, who was more had more taqwa of Allah, who had more civic, more truthfulness in her speech, who was more careful in maintaining her Blood Ties and More exerting in her efforts to work and in order to make money to give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala This was her legacy. Why the Allahu anhand? Well baja and we see how when Allah to Allah call to the wives from above the seven heavens he sent down those verses for above the seven heavens to the wives dressing them specifically where he says, but I wouldn't be laying the shade on the regime. What cool Nima Luffy boo Chico

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Yachty la he while he came in no more hey can LLP and hobby row. So he told them mentioned a wives mention that which has been recited to you in your houses. That what you're hearing from the prophets that along with selon from the ANC laugh from the verses of Allah and the Hadith of the prophets that alarm it was sent in and preserve what you're learning so that you can pass that on in no law Hi, Canna law p fan hubiera a local diner is the most subtle and the most aware

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and we see how from the moment that these verses came down to each of the wives that they did not stick stop seeking knowledge from the prophets that are law when it was set up sallam. We see how after the prophets that along what it was and I'm passed away how each of them stepped up each of these the wives of the prophets that are lorrison stepped up to become protectors and preservers of this Deen

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and they became leaders and role models sisters Don't forget they became leaders and role models not only for the women of this oma but also for the men of this format as well. And sisters, we need to realize that there is a reason why Allahu Allah shows such strong women to be from the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and from the greatest reasons, my dear sisters, is because Allahu toboggan Allah once as as most dimacs should emulate their example. Because sisters, we need to realize that Allah will Tyler once us as women to step up and contribute to this honor just as much as he wants the men for this format to contribute. Look at the ayat in the Quran. Allahu taala

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says yeah, a Latina man who do lucam Hello, do leuco mala g javonte

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g COVID mi nada bien le to me no nebula. He was soo Lee, what would he do? What would he do? He said Ed, la Hebei, the coma and fusi comb, that yquem ye will come in to tala moon, believe men and women shall not direct you to a trade that will save you from a painful punishment in the next world. That you believe in Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what to J he? He said Ed laughs and you strive for the sake of Allah with your wealth and with your lives.

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And that is better for you if only you know panela so this is an ad is direct directed not only this domain of this oma is directed to us as women as well. And that's why we should never get the idea that our role as women is only bid to be concerned about ourselves and our households and that's it. And you know, it's the panel because we see that the righteous women of this oma, we're never just onlookers from the sidelines. Okay, the righteous women are this oma we're never just onlookers from the sidelines that were never only concerned about themselves only and just the families and that he raga we see that they would use to be involved. They used to be fully involved in the affairs of

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this oma and they were completely concerned about how they could bring about positive change in this oma that's we have to keep in our minds.

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When you read their stories, when you read the Syrah, you know go back and read the Sierra and see how much the you know the wives of the prophets that Elias and him and as a hobby adds how they spent their lives in sacrifice. You need to read their stories, to see how much they spent their lives in sacrifice, making hedra for the sake of Allah, running backwards and forth to Panama and battlefields, attending the sick and wounded, spending their world for the sake of Allah exerting their efforts in teaching, raising the next generation teaching

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You're preserving the sooner the prophets that alarm was sent on. They took an active role in everything concerned with this oma. And you're in many times, you see how when crisis would would break out in the oma, you see how the the head, you know the leaders from amongst the women would advise the men, for example, you'll see many times where I should advise the men or you see on salema or Zainab, or hafsa they'll advise the men in these matters. So they weren't just you know, taking a back seat, as we might imagine.

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And so it's a panel of sisters. This is why we need to be asking ourselves, this is how much there was striving for the oma, we ask ourselves, what are we personally doing to try to bring positive change for our own man ourselves, inshallah. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go through five practical tips for ways that we can try to emulate their example in our life inshallah. Okay, so the tip number one is to, you know, use whatever blessings that Allahu Allah has given you to serve the oma, this is tip number one. And we have to all understand something here, because a lot of people see here and they think to themselves, I don't have anything special that I can do, I've

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got nothing about me and, and the panel, what we have to realize, my dear sisters, is that every single one of you sitting here has something special that a level Dragana has given you, and He wants you to use it to achieve your higher purpose in this life.

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And just like we see how each of the wives had their own unique impact, they had their own unique ways that they could contribute to Islam and to the oma. Each of you also has something unique that a level Tyler has given you. And that's why you need to find out what it is, so that you can leave your own personal in your fingerprint in this world inshallah.

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you know, this is why my bias is, my dear sisters, the way to do you know, to come about this. First of all, don't just study your degree at uni, so that you can have a great career, you know, try to think about a way that you could use your degree to serve on my Valley plan.

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And when you have a child, when Allah blesses you with a child, don't just raise your child to be a doctor or an engineer, raise your child to be a role model and leader for this oma. All right, so whatever blessing Allah has given you, you try to use it, to think about what can I do to contribute to Islam and contribute to the Ummah that is what we have to be thinking about some kind of law.

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Um, you know, and supermom, Id sisters, like we all know that we have so many problems in our community, we can't even begin to start talking about all the problems we have in our oma and in our community. So we have to, you know, that's why we need workers, we need people to be focused on how we can bring positive change. Imagine what each and every one of us could do, if all of us are focused on trying to work out what we can do individually, to help the oma to help the community and to help Islam inshallah, you know, I've known women who, you know, women's power, like who've had many children, they might say, I didn't go to uni, for example, what can I do? Once you've had many

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children, my dear sisters, you become the best organizer, you become the best organizer. And I've seen those women go on and work in charity organizations, or work in, you know, volunteer work with setting up events, and to borrow Cola, they become the best organizers in those, you know, in those events. Um, even if you're not a mother, even if you're not a mother, you know, generally women are natural nurturers. You know, there's so much you can give back to the old man like that. We know that everybody's always crying out for more scripture, teachers, we need role models, we need positive role models for the next generation. And so if you can just get that bit of knowledge and

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go into the schools and be a positive role model, whether the teacher or you know, a scripture teacher, whatever you can do is hide your capacity Subhan Allah May Allah Subhana Allah reward you this is what we need. I know sisters that they really amazing in cooking, they don't they might have got an education, but they're amazing and cooking. And so what they do, they sell the food they make, they gave it in South Africa, they cook for you know, they cook for like for example, when is in store in Ramadan, things like this, and by this deleting the legacy of getting sadhaka through the food that they cooking. paralogue

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so my dear sisters, it's only when we begin to live our life, you know, using the blessings that Allah has given you.

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for his sake, you know, for his sake, striving for his sake. That's when you truly taste Hello utterly, man. You truly taste the sweetness.

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Man, the sweetness of Allah is going to put in your heart when you know you're living for a higher purpose in this world. And this is what will ultimately become your legacy inshallah.

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And this is why we also need to keep asking Allahu taala to guide us, but let me tell you, as long as your Cincy and you really want to do something to bring about positive change, you keep on making dua, Allah Subhana Allah will guide you step by step Allah will show you your way. And remember what Allah says when ladina jahad rufina Lynette, Deanna homeschool, Anna, those who strive for our sake, we guide them to our path. So as long as you're striving to achieve the goods, a love weapon, the path to that of that good for you in Sharla Okay, I come to my next point, which is really important and that is looking at the state of your Amen. You know, when you look at all of those who have

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achieved great things in this oma the number one thing that gave him the fuel to stay motivated, because you can easily get burnt out, but you know, in in beginning, you get really energetic, so I want to do this, I want to do that. I want to make all the I want to change the world, you know.

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And then the Panama what happens is you can get very tired, you can get very tired, you can get easily get burnt out. So you have to realize that the number one thing that used to keep all the behaviors of the past motivated was this strong connection to a larger agenda. And this is a mistake. The lot of people who get involved with volunteer work or community work, you know, they unfortunately they get so involved in it they forget to pay attention to their own spiritual state. You need to keep nurturing yourself. It's very important. Like if you look at even in look at chef even Tamia Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala.

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Every morning, he would sit and remember Allah, he would make the club Allahu taala. And he would have that quiet time to, you know, read Quran, make it bigger of a lie in the morning to look after his spiritual state. And when he was asked about that, he used to say, head of old dhoti, this is my nourishment. If I don't take this nourishment, then I lose my energy, I lose my energy If I don't take this nourishment. So if you're not giving back to yourself, you can easily get burnt out and you keep can't keep motivated towards what you're doing. You know, you think about prayers when you pray, my dear sisters, when you pray your prayers on time, that's what keeps you focused on your

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ultimate goal, right? When you have a strong connection with the Quran, you read the Quran every single day, if not, you miss it one day, you make sure you don't miss it the next day. All right, so it should be a daily habit, when you're stuck to the Quran. When you mentioned a level Tyler day and night making dippable level dollar day and night. This is what keeps you motivated, it keeps your mind focused on what you are hitting towards, you know, seeking the gender of the next life inshallah.

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So we now come to the third, the third point, which is avoid blaming your circumstances for why you can't achieve your goals. Because, you know, if we look at the main reason that so many people stop moving forward in their lives, is because they often find often that it's because they keep blaming their circumstances, I can't do this because I've got all these obstacles in my life, but I can't do these things, right. And so we what we have to know is that

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if you really want to do something, nothing is impossible. You know, as long as you have the hope of a loss of pantalla Nothing is impossible, inshallah, as long as you have the help of a level to Allah, and I'm gonna give you some examples of this. Look at Arusha, where the Allahu anhu

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she lived 47 years as a widow, with no children. She could have lived her life, feeling sorry for herself. But instead she became the greatest female scholar in the history of Le flan.

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If we look on salema radi Allahu and how about her. She was a busy mother, she had many children. She didn't start seeking knowledge until she was in her 30s. She could have said, I'm too old to start seeking knowledge. I'm too busy. I have all these kids. But instead, she went on to become the greatest narrator of Hadith from women. After I show by the Allahu anhu narrating 373 s 375. had these are the prophets that a long one, it was sudden, and she'd become she became one of the greatest that they had female jurists in the hall of Medina.

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And then if you could own Habiba, radi Allahu unhaul Baha as well, she only got to live with the prophets that allowed us them for about four years. You know, and but yet she made every effort to learn and to take as much knowledge as she could from the profits that along the way was done in those four short years. And the panelists she ended up taking, regenerating and passing down preserving to us

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65 hadebe from the profit sort of Law Center, and amongst those Hadees is the famous Hadith I'm sure many of you have heard about whoever pays 12 Raka, in a day or night, that Allahu taala will build for them a house in Jannah. So imagine every one of us inshallah, who prays those 12 recart in a day and night, imagine the reward that Habib is getting because of this is her part of her legacy. radi Allahu anhu Well, Baja,

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okay, we come to point four, and that is realize that you're going to be tested in this path, as long as you're on this path and sake of Allah, and you're on this mission, you're going to be tested, you're going to find there's gonna be times people are not going to appreciate what you do, people are going to criticize you, they might backbite, you, you know, you might find them, putting you down, these kind of criticisms we have to deal with. So we have to realize that sometimes that has an impact, you know, sometimes you can get so stressed from what you have to deal with, from people that, you know, you can get to a point where it can start to interfere in your personal life.

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Because just that as women we get, we're very emotional, we easily get anxiety, we easily get depressed from if we go through problems with people some kind of loss, it can take a toll on you. And, and sometimes you might get to the level where you feel like Look, I don't need to do this, I'm just gonna stay home. And, and stick to myself, I'm not going to I'm going to give up, you know, so I just want to give you a little bit of advice, inshallah. And, you know, hamdulillah a level Tyler, you know, helped me to go through these lessons, I believe, so that I could help others when they also go through these lessons. So, one of the as one of the I gets, that I held on to and one of my

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darkest times, where I felt like really giving up was a good use of, well, LaHood Robert, Allah says, In who may get your spirit for Enola holla, you'll be agilon, merci Nene that barely ever has taqwa of Allah and his patient, Allah will never waste the reward of those who do good. If you hold on to this ayah This is the ayah this mentality is what helped us to get through his trials, he helped him rise Subhan Allah after all his tribulations and his humiliations kind of lost. So what this reminds you of is as long as you ask and see, as long as you are in the path of Allah, Allah will not waste what you're doing. Surround yourself with those who believe in you, and put your

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trust in Allah have to work with on a Lhasa pantalla. And keep moving forward in sha Allah, Allah will make you even stronger and more resilient than you were in the past. Number five, don't let yourself feel hopeless, when you look at the achievements of others, because it can make you feel like just doing nothing whatsoever. You know, look, sisters, let's be honest, there is so much pressure on women today, more than in the past. It's no longer good. Like, you can't be single, if you're single, you're not good enough, because you're not married. If you're married, you're not good enough until you have a baby. When you have children, you're not good enough because you don't

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work and you haven't got a business. And then when you have a business and you work, that you're not good enough, because why aren't you at home with your kids. So you can't win no matter what you do. You can't win somehow you're never good enough. That's what it comes down to. And we as women are going through, and it's even been shown, it's even been shown that there's been studies done. And it's been shown that women are going through a lot of extra anxiety in his time and a lot of extra depression. Because especially due to social media, they believe it's mainly due to social media, because we're sitting there comparing, you know, this woman who's got all these kids, and somehow

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she's got a business, she's written a book, and she's done this and done that. And that's putting a lot pressure on us. Because, you know, people are saying, well, I must be hopeless, because, you know, I can't even manage to get my dishes done every day. You know.

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I mean, I had a sister come to me last year. And she said to me, you know, some handle, I used to work in the community and do all these things. And I don't know if she's here handler, but like, you know, and now like, I've got these three little kids, and I feel really bad. I'm not doing anything. I said, Panama sista, you're raising the next you're raising the next generation what is more greater than that right now? Focus on your focus on what the role that Allahu Allah has given you now and do it with a loss. That's the advice I say don't overload yourself. It's better to do one thing, well, then do 100 things and use collapse. You know, similarly, we find sisters who like

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they're single and they don't feel worthy because they're not married for example, those sisters have so much they can contribute inshallah, to the old man to Islam. So we've all got our individual roles. The most important thing is it's not about how much you do, but how sincerely you do it. It's all come down to a cloth. You know, think about that lady who lived at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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you know, subhana wa she didn't do you know, anything outstanding in a way of deeds.

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Nobody saw her as a person who was very important. But she became a woman of Jannah walking on the face of this earth

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because of how sincere she was in remaining patient with the epilepsy that Allahu taala had tested her with, you know, even our past where the Allahu anhu one who after the Prophet said our solar system had passed away, he taught apart who's gonna be in? Shall I not show you a woman from paradise? He said, you see that black lady walking over there? She was trialed with epilepsy and and the province that a lot when he was sent gave it a choice to he could make draft for her and cure her from her sickness. Or, you know, to be remain patient and seek three wards from a loudhailer in the next life for her condition. And she chose the gender of this life, the agenda of the next life

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over being cured in this world over having her daughter answered in this world of of getting her qR Subhanallah and Judo, her sincerity, Judo her cloth. That's what brought her gender sisters. That's what bought her Jana. So it's not about being the most popular. That's what social media is. So it's sticking in our hearts. It's not about being the most popular. It's not about being the most recognized for what you do. Rather, the only thing that's going to truly matter when you leave this life are the deeds that you did with a class, the ones you did sincerely for Allah, whatever is not done for the sake of Allah sincerely for his sake. It's like wasted deed, it's like we had bat and

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ball our mail protect us from that. It's like scattered dust, it weighs nothing in your scale. So that's why my sister's, whatever situation is that Allahu Allah has given you I say to you, focus on doing that with a cloth, whether it's dealing with your sickness, coping, protect us all from your cancer, whenever a level data has, has, you know, given you that test in this dunya that's what Allah chose for you. He knows what's best for you. He wants the agenda for you, he loves you and He cares for you and has mercy for you more than your own mother.

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And then let Allahu Allah take care of your legacy in this dunya

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now I come to the final point, which is always ask Allahu Allah, to put Baraka in your life, ask Allah to put Baraka in your life. If you look at all of the great men and women in the history of Al Islam, there's one common thing that they all had. And that is, how much Baraka they had in their time and life.

00:32:32--> 00:32:48

span a lot. Even lpm Rahim Allah, He says about *gy been 10 year old him Allah, he was astounded by the strength of chef Allison even Tamia, the strength and his body, the strength in his, you know, emotions, his mind everything from analog.

00:32:49--> 00:33:30

And he says that he would be able to write, he would be I write books of knowledge, that would take someone else more than a week to write. That was the strength Allahu Allah gave him that's Baraka. That's what you called Baraka that. You're able to do things, you're able to do things, which is like you're able to do things that other people would take far longer to do. Allah blesses your life, he opens up those righteous deeds for you in a way that he doesn't open for others. So that's what we need to always ask a local diner to give us that back in our lives. And I've got this draft for you he Alanna jolly Roberto can aina McEwan's This is based upon a drop of East LA sedan that's

00:33:30--> 00:33:35

mentioned in suits Maryam, Allah, make me blessed wherever I go.

00:33:36--> 00:33:50

My dear sisters, this life is so fast. Suddenly, you will find yourself lying there on your deathbed, looking back at your life, wishing that you had done more.

00:33:51--> 00:34:38

You know those who came before us, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he his wives, the Sahaba the Soviets, they sacrifice their wealth for the sake of Allah. They sacrifice their time and energy for the sake of Allah. Even they sacrifice their own lives, for the sake of this oma and for the Drina Valley slam. You know, all of us and Hamdulillah, all of us we have the greatest love in our hearts for them. And all of us wish to be in Jannah with them. But what we have to ask ourselves is, are we striving to follow the same legacy that they left behind them? Are we truly focused on what we can do personally, for the oma are very slim and for our Deen? Or is our focus only on running

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

after the dunya and being concerned with our own personal lives? I asked Allahu Akbar Allah to help us all to live a life of sacrifice for Allah. And for the omo Valley Flan, I asked Allahu Allah to empty our hearts from having too much love of this dunya and to feel out

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Hearts instead with the love for Allahu taala alone, and I asked a lot of Allah to make us from those who will follow the prophets and the messengers and the CDP, and the Shu had that and a solid here into Jana, and I asked him to gather us all in genitive for bolson Allah, Allah is Allah Islam well muslimeen Aloma easily slam well muslimeen Alomar easily slam well muslimeen was still Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ijma in WA Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh