Fasting The Six (6) Days of Shawwal

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A very common question that many sisters have is can I combine the Miss days of Ramadan as part of my six days of show? Well, and what if I have flow that lasts for up to 15 days meaning I might miss half of show well because of it. And can I fast my six days first and then fast the rest of my days throughout the year. So the first issue we have to look at here is is it allowed to actually fast our voluntary fasts before our fod foster Ramadan? If we look at what Allah tala has said in the Quran, he says woman can marry you gone a while is suffering from the tomb in a year I mean, Oh Ha, Allahu Allah says, Who ever of you is sick or on a journey then fast from other days other than

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Ramadan, and we see that on a show by the Allahu and had on many occasions where she wouldn't get too fast her days of Ramadan until the month of shopin, which is the month before Ramadan. So what the scholars have said is effect that I share ready Allahu on how many times delayed making up her fasting until shabang, which is the month before Ramadan shows us that it can be allowed to fast, voluntary days before our five days because they said we can't believe that our show wouldn't have taken advantage of all the other days of the year which has sooner to fast, such as the day of Ashura or such as a day of arafah. So now we come to the other issue, which relates to the actual

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reward of fasting those six days of show Well, in relation to this, the prophets that are long why he was sent him sit, men sama, Ramadan, film that's bad, who's sick then minchah when can Kelsey and Duff who ever fasts, Ramadan then follows it up with six days from show when it's like they fasted for hoagie? So what this hadith indicates to us is that we cannot combine the days we need to fast from a bond with the six days of show well, and the reason is because the prophets that our loved one it was sent on tells us who ever fast from Oban dome at bow who sit down mincha well, so he says, Who ever fasts Ramadan, and then follows it up with six days of show well, so it shows us two

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separate fasts. But if for example, you had so many days, owing too fast, and you tried your best to fast as much as you could from the days of show well, but then you run out of time, then some scholars have said that you can fast those six days in the following Islamic month of the Gada because you had an excuse for why you weren't able to finish fasting and show well. So sisters, just so you know, if you do have that long cycle and you wanted to fast the six days of show Well, you do have that allowance to be able to fast in bukata if you're not able to make it in time in the month of show. Well, Mama