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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning to be strong against negative pressure, trusting oneself, and not losing faith in Islam. They stress the need to focus on one's natural state and practice patience and face challenges to overcome fear and confusion. The importance of avoiding loss and balancing personal relationships is emphasized, and the speakers advise on staying true to one's spiritual laws and not letting fear or sadness dominate one's lives. The speakers also advise listeners to use various tools and stay steadfast in difficult situations.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he was sloppy woman wellner A sundown while acorn often to lie what I care to my dear sisters, it's been a while since I've been here hamdulillah and I want to say just off camera here to message a salon for inviting me down here to see you all today and handling that.

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dear sisters the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yet he's a man who know Allah Almighty and all of you to Allah Dini, he helped Bobby the other gem Marathi Minh and now that Verily, there will come a time upon my alma, in which the person who has to hold on to, you know, the person who holds on to their Deen will be like a person holding on to a hot coal.

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So the Prophet said a lot when he was telling me he told us that there's going to be times, we're going to find it difficult for you to feel proud to be a Muslim up, there's going to be times when you're going to struggle in order to be able to openly practice your deen. And, you know, as Panama sisters, we find that we're living in a time where the people who, you know, go around openly practicing since these are the ones who are praised and encouraged.

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While those who that well, while the one who spent a lot is trying to hold fast to the dean is ridiculed and mocked.

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We live in a time where we find that the Huck is, you know, downtrodden and belittled. And the battle is widespread. The false hood is White's widespread span of law. And we look at you know, and that's why the sisters, we're living in a time where for the one who is, you know, trying to hold first to the dean, it's like they're trying to hold on to a hot coal because the panel law, you know, you No one can hold on to their Dean, except they're going to go through some type of hurt, and some type of harm in holding on to the dean may almost panic and easy for all of us in short, a lot. And when we look at the many trials that we're going through as an oma, it's so very easy for

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us to begin to feel weak, or to fall into despair. You know, everywhere we look around the world, we see the suffering of our brothers and our sisters. And then you know, to top it all off, we find ourselves as Muslims, you know, constantly under attack from those who want to spread hatred and distort the beautiful image of early slang. So this is one of my deceased two sisters, one of the greatest struggles for so many of us right now is, you know, trying to keep strong in facing these trials and trying to stay steadfast in practicing our Deen in the way that a lot of pantalla one wants from us.

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And especially when for so many sisters it's not only that they're dealing with the sama phobia outside of their homes. But often there's in so many cases you're you're having to struggle with your own families. It's a constant struggle with you know, your own families and trying to practice your deen many times your own family is the one who's you know, mocking you and ridicule ridicule in us, Panama, for you try and hold fast to your religion. So that's why I wanted to speak about today, inshallah, Allah is how we can, you know, make our souls more resilient, beaten in the dollar, you know, in facing all of these trials that we're going through. And there's two main things we need to

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be focusing on. inshallah, the first one is we need to, first of all change our mindset in how to face these trials and to deal with them. And secondly, we need to, you know, we need to know what are what are some practical advices that we can use in order to keep ourselves strong, and be resilient in facing all of these negative pressures that's upon us. So sisters, first of all, for the most important steps in keeping strong at this time,

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is we need to know a law we need to know a loss of data, and we need to remind ourselves of who is a law, and that from his a smell first. Now what's he say, to see if that hear from his beautiful names, and his sublime attributes is that he is an Eileen, he is attacking him, he's the most knowing and he is the most wise and he does not will for anything to happen with on the heavens or on the earth, except that there's a huge wisdom behind it. So that's why if a lot of pantalla is willing for us to go through all of these trials right now, we need to have the opinion in our hearts, that there's a huge pick them up. There's a huge wisdom and reason behind all of what we're

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Through. And that's why these sisters as momineen, as believers, we need to have to work Kulina law we need to put our trust in Allah Subhana Allah, that whatever Allah Subhana Allah is, you know, destiny to happen to us that it is for the best for us.

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And, you know, think about it when it's similar to when you were a small child, when you were a small child and your mother was holding your hand and taking you places. Did you ever question about why where she's taking you or why she's taking you there. So panela You have to trust in your mother in which she's taking you. And similarly, my dear sisters, we need to have trust in a lot in where he's taking us in this journey. We need to have trust in a lot what he learned in methylene, Allah to Allah is the higher example. So never think that what's happening to us is something which is bad for us because a level two parameter Allah knows that it's something good for us. As a level two

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brother Dallas isn't known for our lead, that's several who shot one lap one battle who are highly ruled upon, don't think it's something which is bad for you know, that is something which is good for you. So even if you don't like it, and it's you know, even if it's something painful that you're going through, you need to realize that Allah Subhana, Allah knows that something good for us is something that we need. So therefore, we have to be looking for the lesson, we to look for the lesson because it's something that a lot of pantalla is trying to teach us through everything that we're going through. And one of the main lessons that alasa pantalla wants to teach us right now is

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he wants us to wake up and move forward. He wants us to wake up and move forward as an Omar and last pantalla. You know, he wants us to grow as an Omar and to move forward and to evolve.

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Because I'm also hands on knows that for too long, we've been sitting in a state of afula a state of heedlessness a state of stagnation where we've been we've become too stuck in a type of comfort zone. You know, our hearts have become too attached to the things that this dunya so that you find that collectively, we've lost out, we've lost our direction in striving, you know, we've lost we've lost our direction for our oma and individually, we've lost out we've lost our direction in our true purpose in this life.

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If you if you look at the reality of our situation, my D sisters, you see how the majority of us have become so over focused in ourselves in our own families where we're so absorbed and over, you know, over focused in ourselves and our families to the level that we stop thinking outwardly, this is the biggest problem, we have stopped thinking outwardly about what each of us as an individual can do to bring about positive change for our own mountain Sharla.

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So that's why a level two garbage data is giving us these trials because he knows that from the amazing affairs of the believers is that fitness is something you know trials and fitna is something that refines a believer as the prophets that are loved while he was sitting, he told us I mean, we're in a moron who love hate. That amazing is the affair of the believer, and all of his affairs upwards.

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Because Allah Subhana, Allah knows that, you know, when a believer is tested, they become stronger, the triple A to become stronger, and they grow and they evolve. And subpanel. And one of the amazing things that's known about human beings in general, is that from all of the emotions that can push them in beings towards change and motivate them towards change is the emotion of pain. The emotional pain is the strongest emotions that can push somebody towards change and to motivate them to want to change themselves to Panama. And we only have to look around the world to see how all of these trials that we're going through as an oma is slowly bringing us together and uniting us, you know

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all over the world we can see there's a revival of Islam, and there's an awakening amongst the believers. You know, we find so many people now so much more interested, for example, in teaching their kids to put on and educate themselves about their religion when we didn't say that on that level. If you go back, say 20 years ago, it's a huge change of handling that. So that's why my dear sisters, I'm saying don't think that these trials that we're facing as an oma, today is a punishment for us. Rather Always remember that Allahu Allah. He is our Amanda Rahim. He is the one who's full of mercy, who is more merciful to us as believers, even then, our own mothers

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Okay, so I want to move on insha Allah to talk about some other practical advices for standing firm in facing trials.

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So number one, the first point I want to give you inshallah, is that no matter how desperate the situation for our oma becomes, we should never lose hope and fall into despair.

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So that's why the most important advices for all of us is not to let these tribulations paralyze us not to let these tribulations paralyze us into doing nothing. But rather what we need to be doing is to be using this pain using the sadness that we're feeling to fuel ourselves into trying to do whatever is in our power, to change a situation for the better. To change our situation for the good no matter how small that might be, no matter how small the effort might be. So when we see the tragic images occurring around the world, you know, when we hear when we hear the attacks, of, you know, and our religion being blamed when we hear the attacks upon our religion and our religion

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being blamed and ridiculed, it's very easy for us to either become emotional about that, or to just simply shrink back into our comfort zones. That's the normal two reactions either we become really emotional, always shrink into a comfort zone. But what unless pantalla wants from us the system is to rise above this pain. He wants us to rise above this pain and to evolve as an oma. The story I like to give sisters is to think about the story of yapple alayhis salaam.

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Think about his situation, think about the pain he was going through how much do I was he making to Allah? He's lost his last use of his last when you mean, and he's going through so much pain. It's kind of like he's to the level that he's lost his eyesight. But yet what does he tell his sons? What does he tell his son to tell them? Yes or no? Yes. But the hustle su mi usofa when he when that day, so you won't be in LA? In Nakula Yay. So Milwaukee levy 11 on caffeine one, he tells them on my son's go out and seek out your go out and look for users go and look for his brother, and do not despair, do not despair of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, because very The only ones who just

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spit on the mercy of Allah are the disbelievers.

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So what do we learn from this imrg sisters, we know what we know from it is that we need to keep moving, we need to not let ourselves stand still. And we need to learn how to rise above our pain and keep on taking action, no matter how small the action may be.

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And, you know, of course, you know, we cannot change the whole world, you have to be realistic. Of course, we cannot change the whole world. We can't change the whole situation of what's happening. But each of us has our own unique skills. Each of us has our own unique talents and abilities that we can use to step up and try to change the little that we are able to do.

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As a pilot, one of the things I always find is that the strongest people the most resilient people in the Muslim community, they are the change makers, you always say they're the ones who are the strongest in their Eman strongest in their faith. Have I called the change makers of the community. Who are they? They're the ones that you say, for example, volunteering, you know, for organizing charity, or, you know, charity dinners, for example. They're the ones you see, they're the ones you see, for example, doing me runs to help six sisters or doing meal runs to take to the detention centers, you know, people who are involved with dalla, the change makers of our community. And this

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is how somehow you find that because of that striving for the sake of Allah because of this striving for the sake of Allah, you find that a lot of mixing resilience. They wake up each day with a purpose. They wake up each day in a hot thinking, what can I do to bring about positive change for the oma and for my community. A model to gather data tells us what I when Latina Joe had rufina, nasty unknown super Luna, he tells us stories to strive for our sake, we will guide them to our paths. So when you strive in the path of Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, He makes you from going through resilience, this is why you get you know, this is the reward and this is the effect of striving in

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the path of a loss pantalla

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and I come to the second point, now inshallah, and that is how, from the other ways to stay strong inshallah from the other advices to stay strong, is it's very important when you're going through these trials you need

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to focus on becoming closer to Allah, we need to strengthen our connection with Allah Subhana Allah and focus on ways of strengthening that connection with Allah Subhana Allah because it's only with the help of Allah, that you can remain steadfast, we cannot hope to remain steadfast by ourselves. If you try to run, if you try to remain steadfast, just relying on your own internal strength, you're not be able to do it the kind of loss you need to have the hope of a loss of pounds Allah, you know, a lot older brother Dan in the Quran, he tells us when that Sobotka 11 law, you cannot have to be patient, except with the help of a large budget. So depend on line. This is why we see

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that a lot multibagger Donna, also he tells us for field rule, either law. So when you're going through those trials, when you're going through those tribulations, you need to flee back to Allah, you need to run back to Allah don't run in the opposite direction as we see so many people doing, run towards Allah fulfill rule in Allah freak, flee back to Allah run back to Allah, because he is a Niger is El refuge in this world, and he's a refuge in the era as well as kind of law. You know, and this is unfortunately, one of the mistakes that we see with with many people that when things become difficult, you know, sometimes they might have had bad experiences, maybe they've gone through a bad

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marriage, maybe they've had bad experiences with the community. Unfortunately, when they go through that trial, they let themselves become weak through it, and they start to go backwards, they start to, for example, neglect their prayers, you know, you find them as they come into lessons, they stop mixing with the community, you know, they start maybe changing the way that he just said, you know, some of them even the panel, they take off the feature. And so what we find is that instead of coming closer to almost a panda in that time of hardship, sadly, they move further and further away from our law. So we need to realize that you know, when the going gets tough, as I was saying, you

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cannot hope to do it alone, you cannot hope to get through this life in the trials of this life alone, you need the help of a loss of data to help you safely make it through all of these trials and Sharla. So be close to Allah sisters, and focus more intently on strengthening your connection with the last Pandava.

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So I come to the next point, which is we need to do jihad the next we need to do jihad the next, which is what does that mean? It means to be in constant struggle with your answers have to be in constant struggle with your Ansoff. Now, in order to do that, you first of all need to realize what is the natural state of the nervous What is the natural state of the soul? The natural state of the soul is that it inclines you towards being lazy and to procrastinate, it inclines you towards since, as a lot of our data tells us in an upset, and not to be so a learner, be that the next

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orders and inclines a person towards the evil except for who Allah has merciful upon.

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So if you know that if you know that that's the natural state of your nuts, it means you need to always push in the opposite direction of your naps need to push in the opposite direction. And you need to fight and strive against your nuts, you can't get into it. Because the more I get into it, the more it gets stronger over you. But if you push back, you find some kind of law, it will become weaker. And I'm sure that many of you have seen that and experienced that like any of you who reverted to Islam or any of you who came back to Islam. You remember the first days when you first started praying? How hard was it to start praying? How hard was it to wake up with budget prayer,

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you had to really strive against yourself into something so different to your system. But then give it a few months, give it a few years it became second nature. You didn't even have to think about it's the kind of law this is this is showing you how the next works The more you strive against it, the more it becomes weaker but if you get into it if you get into your nuts, you find it becomes harder and harder to go against it. And

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and this is why my dear sisters that you know I say that even if you don't feel like praying even if you're going through something you know where maybe your Eman feel so weak and so low and you don't feel like praying or you don't feel like getting up and putting on your hijab. What I would say to you is strive against that strive against that feeling, you know, to kind of fight back against your naps, because the only way to resist the naps is to go against it and the more you go against

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You know, give it a few give it a few days keep keep pushing and Sharla making a lot of drive pushing against your nuts and soon you go have you overcome that stage, you will overcome that stage it might take a bit of time, but inshallah we in Allah with the help of a lot, you will overcome that stage and find it gets easy again, we all go through downtimes but we've just got to be patient, you know, if you can't wish a lot upon life, if you can't wish upon upon Unless, you know,

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feeling motivated to do so and upon love, then worship him upon patience and seek your reward through your patience in worshiping Him, even if you find it difficult upon you. You know, and the most important thing this distance is just never let go of the right proper law. Think of your Salah, it is your filler, it is your connection to Allah is your lifeline to Allah Subhana Allah. So just like if you're swimming in the ocean, you're sitting in a swimming pool, and you're drowning. you're drowning, you're drowning in the pool, or you're drowning in the water and someone throws out a lifeline to you. Would you let go of the lifeline.

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You'd never let go, you'd hold on to it for dear life. And it's the same thing when you're going through hardships when you're going through trials. You have to hold on to your Salah in the same way you have to hold on to your prayers in the same way because you need them in order to survive in this world. Your prayer is your lifeline to Allah subhanaw taala so navigate your left never let go of your lifeline. And always remember my dear sisters to

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always remember what other prophets that allowed us and told us about the jungle. He told us for fitting agenda to be mechanic that the Jenna is surrounded by difficult things and what's surrounding the Hellfire, the sugar hats, the lust and the desires are surrounding the things that are beautified. You know just the nod of the fire is surrounded by things which are beautified to us such as since meanwhile the Jenna is surrounded by things which are difficult under ness difficult under self because you have to keep pushing yourself to pray you have to keep pushing yourself too fast. You have to push yourself to pays the cat every year you have to push yourself to go to Hajj.

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Alright and to practice your outward actions of Islam so power so it is difficult to but know that that is the path to Jannah that is the path to Jannah and remember what unleveled Allah told us in the Quran as well. He tells us what Anam and paws on the arm of BB one and Neff Sanyal hella for in Janata, he and Matt were that as to the one who feels he's standing before his lot. One nahan nuts 19 Hawa. And he forbade his nuts from following his lusts and desires. And since the inner janitor here not what the agenda will be his final abode. So this is the path to Jenna, don't let go of it and Sharla

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we come to the next point becomes the next point which is from the very important points we need. If we want to stay resilient, is seeking knowledge.

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You know many sisters when the times of trials and corruption comes times of confusion that we're in right now, this is a time of confusion. People are trying to change Islam. They want to change Islam that it can't stop people becoming awesome. They want to change Islam, they want to change the image obviously. So it's so very easy to get lost in all this Phaeton. It's so very easy to get lost in all of this confusion and started to have doubts about one's religion as we're seeing an increasing number of people getting the getting delf. So that's why my dear sisters, if you do not have a strong foundation in your deen, if you don't have strong knowledge, then when the fits and comes

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down, when the tribulations come down, it's very difficult to survive. It's so much easier. If you don't have knowledge, it's so much easier for the chiffon to begin to whisper into your heart and to cause you start having doubts about your deen

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because we have to realize that you know the Shakedown is always going to try to penetrate into your weaknesses. It's always through the door of weakness, that the shaitan is going to try to come to you so if your weakness is your knowledge, then realize the shaitan will try to penetrate through that doors panel law. And look at what the prophet said alone when I sent him advised us What did he advise us in times of Britain?

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What do we advise us that we need to do in terms of fits in he told us to cling on to his Sunnah to cling tight onto his son and to cling tight onto the Sunnah of

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Before that I was going to clean tight onto the sooner us the righteous pull effect, you know from the sooner of what our bhaker on amarnath Nana I leave it alone one Jimmy on Groupon, he told us I do I lay had been been been the wedges to buy onto it with your monitors. If you know anything, you have to bite onto your monitors. That's how tight you got to cling on to. And that's what's coming through now. It's very hard to stay steadfast in your regions Panama. So if you don't have the proper knowledge, if you don't have the proper knowledge of the tsunami, how can you bite onto it? If you don't have the proper knowledge? So now, if you don't have proper knowledge of Allah, of the

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Quran, of the Sunnah of the Prophet, Allah, what a sinner, how can we hope to clean fast to it. And that's why, you know, it's power, especially for us as women, it's so important that we empower ourselves with knowledge, because it's not just about us, the sisters, it's also about protecting our own families. You know, I see women we are at the front line, we are really at the front line, when it comes to raising the next generation. So if we have if we want to be resilient if we you know what to build strong and resilient homes, then you know, that can withstand all these waves of fitna, all of these waves of confusion and tribulation, then this is why knowledge is so essential

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for us to seek as as women that we can, you know, benefit ourselves and show off for that knowledge and pass on that knowledge to our families in short and long like liquid on level two prophets Allah tells us in the Quran, yeah, are you Allah Deena, Amma No, boo, boo, Sakuma alikum. Now are you to believe Save yourselves and your families from the fire. And part of doing that is through knowledge, knowledge of Allah, because knowledge is something that is a great weapon against the doubts and the confusions that the shape on creates.

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Okay, come to the next point in Sharla, which is the importance of sticking with the Gemma. Sticking with the main body of the Muslims. It's very important, my dear sisters, that we joined it ourselves move away from the Muslim community. You know, even if you do experience some problems, you know, maybe you've had some problems with people in the past. I know some people go through painful problems, where, you know, maybe someone's gossiped about them and things like that. And it's caused them to move away from the community, sadly, but what I advise everybody is to always reach out and seek the sisterhood. You know, there's always good sisters out there somewhere. If you've had bad

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experiences with some people know that there's always good people there somewhere, you just haven't worked in the right places. And you have to keep in mind that, you know, sticking with the amount sticking with the main body of Muslims is a protection and the messenger of the law, so long way of saying and he told us in one heartbeat about how the stray sheep is easily developed by the wolf. So sheep, they're very weak when they're by themselves. But when they flock together, they become strong. And the shaitan is like the wolf. And that's why the Prophet said a lot of what you're saying, he said, five acre villager now for in the past year, he says, upon you is the Jamal, the

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main body of Muslims, For verily, the the wolf eats the stray sheep. So this is why we have to be so careful about not going away from the Jamal despite what happens. And then, of course, very importantly, is to choose good company for ourselves. It's so important that we do seek out the good company, sisters who remind us, you know, assistance remind us to encourage you will look for people who are positive, who encouraged you to want to be better. Of course, we don't want people who are judging us but people who are encouraging us, you know, and you know, but but also be careful from those type of sisters who maybe they cause you to have doubts about your religion, some friends are

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not good for you, they might pull you backwards. They're always encouraging you to go backwards or they might be

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creating some kind of fitna with you that they cause you to have confusion about your intention or dance. So try if that's what's happening with your Friendship Circle Circle, you need to move away from that Friendship Circle and seek out a different Friendship Circle. And this is also this also applies to online. You know, with the people you make friends with online, it's exactly the same policy you should have in real life. Look for the good companions online. Look for the ones who are encouraging you. They placed reminders, you know, and not the ones that are creating doubts and we're pulling you backwards to look at who you befriend online or that you follow them and filter

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out the ones who are not you

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encouraging you and pushing you for an you know, making you improve.

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But before I move on awaiting this point, I just want to also mention that, you know, it's so important, these sisters, we are all in greatest need in the race thing for our sisterhood around us and for us right now. And that's why it's so important that we all become a lot more compassionate with one another and caring with each other at this time. You know, this is not a time, this is not a time for us to be judgmental and harsh with one another. The times we're living in right now, it's not time for us to be judgmental and harsh with one another. But rather, what we should be doing is to help those sisters we see struggling around us, you know, take them by the hand and help them to

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move forward on their path to Agenda inshallah, we have to have Rama, we have to have mercy with our sisters, because we need to realize that so many people are going through so many struggles, they may have smiles on their faces, but you don't know what kind of pain they're going through in their hearts. And that's why it's so very important that at least outside the house, when they see their sisters, they feel that love, they feel that care of their sisters. And so, you know, really sisters, you know, we need to smile more at each other, we need to hug each other more, we need to have more love and more care for each other. Some people are hugging each other. Mashallah, um, you

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know, it's you know, it is a serious thing you know, and even, especially one thing, I'll undermine everyone, including myself, and your sister turns up, we need to be welcoming people more, you know, when we're in our normal, you know, circle where we might be friendly with each other, but it's the new sisters that might be really difficult for her to turn up to the masjid. And she feels lonely and she feels, you know, shy? And then no one great sir, no one, you know, will come to her and maybe she doesn't want to come back because she doesn't have the nerve to go back again. So it's so important we reach out this is a time for us to be really trying to spread that compassion that

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Islam teaches us inshallah.

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Come to the last point shall offer today. And this is one of the most important advices the prophets that along gave us

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in regards to how to deal with times of fit and tribulations and that is that a person needs to make themselves busy, and focus their attention on doing lots of a betta Okay, when you can't have time to sit down and trials and tribulations, one of the most important things to do is to focus yourself purposely on

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on your bed or on your worship, and You know, doing those things which help you to get closer to Allah and we see how the prophets are love ya. So he told us that he's dead, for example, on a burger to feel how g can he's watching LA, that the ibadah in times that the worship in times of tribulations is like, it's like hatred to me. It's like making migration to me. So a bad that in times of tribulations, you get far greater reward for you remaining resilient and steadfast in times of tribulations than you do when it's times of ease, and you find easy, you know, Islam to practice. In fact, the prophets that along with us and taught us they'll come a time where the reward that

00:33:28--> 00:34:09

someone will get for practicing, you know, certain aspects of their religion will be the same reward as like 50 of the Sahaba 50 of the Sahaba. That's how much the deeds will become magnified due to how difficult it becomes. So never think that these trials were going through in these Western countries, or, for example, going out of our houses and openly practicing our Deen, you know, wearing our hijab or on the pub with pride, never think that your reward is the same as someone who, for example, might live in a Muslim country who find it very easy to do that. So this is what we have to always keep in our minds. But you know, what we learn, basically from this hadith is how we

00:34:09--> 00:34:50

need to be focusing on a bed that in these times, come more towards a bad outcome more towards worship, and make you so stuck to worship and realize that what is this a better represent to you, you know, this a better this worship that you're doing? It is basically tools. These are these activities that are basically tools that Allah has given you, to help you to remain resilient. Okay, there are tools that Allah has given you, to help you to remain resilient. I'm just going to quickly go through a couple of these which are very important that we need to stress on the most. And the first of these, of course, is the main thing we need to be focusing on if we want to be resilient in

00:34:50--> 00:34:53

this world is our prayers on time.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

Your prayers on time, especially waking up of the budget, pray on time.

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

You know, the prophets that Allah said he told us that that the five prayers are more than Deen. They are. They are the foundations of a person's region. Okay, your five prayers, think about them as your foundations. So if your prayers, the sisters are shaky, if your prayers are not on time and your prayers are shaky, it means your whole Dean and your whole foundation is going to be shaking. And what does that mean? It means your whole life will be shaky. So if you want your life to be in order, and you want to be steadfast, this is one of the most important things to you know, paying attention to step one, in how to be resilient in times of tribulation, because if you're not if your

00:35:44--> 00:35:51

life is shaky, how can you expect to remain steadfast when God's tribulations and trials come upon you.

00:35:52--> 00:36:29

And then we come to the next main thing, which is, we need to make the poor on a constant companion. The Koran should be a constant companion in our lives where we read it and recite it every single day, not just in normal life. This is the biggest mistake to think that it's enough to recite it once a year. The plan needs to be an integral part of our lives every single day. Because remember, realize these sisters that the Quran was sent to strengthen the hearts the Quran was sent to strengthen the hearts a lot about the data tells us no one cadet he can he knows that better before

00:36:30--> 00:37:12

that this is how we strengthen your heart and Mohammed did a lot of it was set up when the prophets that along with Sam was going through his hardships. He's going through the tribulations. How was he surviving through that, of course, he had the man the strong men and then, you know, the unwavering in men in a lot. But what's feeding that a man what's nourishing that Amen. It's the core on this big reveal team that I get to go on that's constantly coming down and strengthening him and just as it was a source of strength for him. It's his source of strength for us. And we need to be trying to that source in order to get that strength mighty sisters, you know, and realize that when you're

00:37:12--> 00:37:59

reading the Quran, just realize what's doing for you. It's filling your heart with hope. The Quran when you read it, it fills your heart with hope. And it fills your heart with having a personal bond, you know, law, having the best thoughts about Allah subhanaw taala think about the words of the Quran. Allah holds about their sets. For example, let us know to do not despair, not to not be sad, let's assume do not lose hope letter he knew to not become weak. So all of this is strengthening our hearts and giving us hope and strengthening our personal bond in a loss upon data. And this is why my dear sisters that you know the Quran is the ultimate chifa for every type of

00:37:59--> 00:38:21

doubt and bad thought that might come into your heart. Okay, the Quran is the ultimate she said the ultimate cure for every type of, you know, doubt and bad thought that might come into your heart and the panel and then asked check even what they mean the Rahim Allah. He said to him, why isn't there are a surah in the Quran, that speaks about medicine.

00:38:23--> 00:38:39

And she doesn't even have a min Rama. He said because all of the Quran is a Shiva or the Quran is a she felt it is a cure for the hearts as Allah multibagger Allah says, one of the domina aneema, who has chifa

00:38:40--> 00:39:08

Mini, we sent down the Quran, that which is a schiefer, a pure and a mercy to the believers. So it's one of the greatest tools that are given us to remain resilient in hard times. So these sisters, you know, make the call on your companion to help you get through the trials of this life. And then the last main advice that I want to give

00:39:09--> 00:39:34

them the last of the main tools in Sharla is we need to be stuck to decrypt a lot. We need to be stuck to the decrypt a lot and make a lot of different velocity pantalla all throughout our day in corporate dicker always send stuff for Allah La Ilaha Allah Subhana Allah always be upon the Kabbalah and saying your drawers in the morning in the evening as well. That you can find him in the book The fortress of a Muslim

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

and realize that what is the decree do what does that dictator do? It is a hysto Muslim. It is the fortus for Muslim, your declare that you do what it does. It's like it creates a barrier around your hearts. It fortifies your hearts. So it's very difficult for the shaitan to penetrate and start to whisper the doubts and to start

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

We start with the evil inclinations, the shikon. With this kind of loss, this is what you're doing when you stay steadfast to the Kaaba law. So realize these are all tools to use, and you need to be stuck to these tools. If you're not using the tools, then how do you expect to remain resilient in these, you know, times of tribulations and trials and we see some parallel sisters, we see that in Sonoma Valley a lot one Baja, she told us that the main driver or the driver of the processor, love what I send you to say the most was what? Yeah, no, no, that bit can be allergenic, I would have the hearts, keep my heart firm upon your religion. This is the prophets of Allah, what I said on my D

00:40:48--> 00:41:26

system, and this is the DRI he was saying the most, oh, turn of the hearts, keep my heart firm on your religion. So this is the profit or loss center. And he's making just for Allah to keep him steadfast, how much more should we be saying he's wrong, we should be saying this drop as much as we can, every Saturday and every prostration. Every time we think of it, try to say these two and be always upon this draft because like I said earlier, we can only hope to remain steadfast and meet a lot of honey man. If we have the hope of a law, it's only been a couple below, we'll be able to do that.

00:41:27--> 00:42:16

So in conclusion, my dear sisters, I want to say that, you know, I know that so many of you are struggling to stay steadfast in these times. So many of you are finding it so difficult, you know, to stay, you know, to keep resilient upon your religion in these times. But you know what, we have to always remember what we have to remember that this life is so very short. This life is so very short and the earth era is forever the Hereafter is forever. And so what we need to do, the way we need to live in this life is to you know, live in this life, with your eyes and your heart firmly fixed on the gender of the next life. Live in this life, with your eyes and your heart firmly fixed

00:42:16--> 00:43:08

on the gender of the next slide. inshallah, my dear sisters, and you know, hold tight onto your dean, hold tight, once your deem Hold tight onto that hot call. Even if it's burning your hands, hold tight onto that pot call because one step in the Jenna, just one step in the Jenna, you forget about every pain, you forget about every sadness, you forget about every hardship or every struggle that you ever Went, went through in this world for the sake of your thing. And ultimately, remember that, that the journey is something which is the most precious thing. The agenda is something which is the most precious thing and every precious thing has a price. Every precious thing has a price.

00:43:08--> 00:43:15

So are you ready, my dear sisters, to pay that price, and be ready to pay that price in Sharla.

00:43:17--> 00:44:12

I asked a lot how to round with Allah, to gather us all in for dosen Allah just as he has chosen to gather us all together, so Panama for this for this lesson for this lecture. And I asked him I asked a level about the data together us in the company of the Prophets, and the city of pain, and the shoe had that and the thali, he, and I asked him to keep us steadfast in this life, and to guide us and to protect us and to fill our hearts always with the love for striving for the agenda and the next life. You're alone purify our hearts, from having too much love for the things of this world and fill our hearts instead. With the love for you alone your Allah Ya Allah make us from those who

00:44:12--> 00:44:59

we are pleased with you as our Lord. And we're pleased with Iceland as our religion and we're pleased with what hummus or love was selling as our Prophet and our messenger your Allah. Help us to live our lives upon their own love and to die upon that exactly the law and make the day we stand before you the most beautiful day of our lives Yama rothen Allah to zu Bana bada it ha ha tena Wahab Elena Milla don't go off MA in cancer what had well photo polyhedra was done for a long while he will at home also panic a lot more will be handed a shadow one La Ilaha Illa and a selfie Luca wa tubo la Wilson Allahu

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

Was lm with Tarik rnap Anna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi etchmiadzin A Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh