Hasan Ali – Reflecting on the names of Allah #11

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The concept of unconditional love is discussed, with a risk of problems if a woman has a Christian religion. A giver is crucial for a successful marriage, while a taker is crucial for a marriage. The Day of Judgment is emphasized, with advice being used and the "hasn't been enough" concept being discussed. The concept of "has been true" and being a witness is also emphasized.
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This will lay ramen recommend hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala see the number livina Muhammad Allah Allah he was having in mind. Firstly to all my brothers and sisters, said Mr. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We come to another session on reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal, and we come to the name unweathered. Now, Alvarado is a name where it shows not only love but it shows love, without a reason to love. So you have hope in Arabic, which is a loss of joy, you know, everyone has you know, hope is just general love the wood wood in Arabic is something which you give love to someone or you show love for someone.

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You show your love for someone for someone without a reason without any reason to love now for example, a mother that loves her son loves her daughter usually there's no there's no reason look the baby just born there's absolutely no reason like this baby hasn't done it just come out of you but it's part of you. It's part of you. And because of that you just have this intense love now that baby could be could be in the middle of a bed could be disabled that baby could could have problems but there's so much love for this baby that the heart you know goes out in you know, 24 seven will be there for this baby. Right? Where did this love come from? This is a love, which is

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unconditional. This is a love which is unconditional. And that is the kind of love that allows you then has for his sevens. And Alba dude you know it's a name where you can find this closeness to Allah azza wa jal through this name. Because by calling his name Yeah, we'll do yeah, we'll do the audio. You're saying Oh, one who has that kind of, you know, love which, which has no, there's no reason for it, love. And basically, there's no reason for you to love me, but you still show your love for me and I'm so grateful for that.

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By zedan boustani Rahim Allah He said this wonderful thing. He was one of the only of Allah azza wa jal.

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And he said, he said

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that I am your servant, okay? I'm your servant. The fact that you it's no strange thing that as a seven, I love you or Allah. But I find it very strange meaning so wonderful. That being the King of kings, you love me so analyzing just just look at the look at the way he's put that, that there's no there's no reason for a lot to give us this trophy for ability to do whatever actions you know, good actions we're doing. This is all up to Allah if he wants to give you some but the fact that he does, is is such a wonderful thing because it's it's a mercy, it's a sheer, his sheer love, where there was no reason to have any lapse. So allows you to control his mercy to anyone who he wants to at any

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moment. And he can show that he is

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he is close to anyone, anyone whatsoever at any moment without a reason. That's, that's the beauty about this, that you don't have to look. You don't have to sometimes earn your position in front of a lesbian he wants to just give it sometimes Yes, you have to earn your position. But sometimes Allah wants to just show you that he just wants to give it to you out of his sheer love. And there's no condition there's no reason for this love. And that is what dude, if you look at the

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the iron in the Paradis room, sort of Rome surah number 30. And number 21, last year has mentioned that between the spouses with the alibi nakooma Tamara between the spouses allows you there has placed something called Maota, which is unconditional love. Now the best of marriages will be there if there's two things that which has, which is mentioned in this idea, murder Warhammer if you if you can have unconditional love. Right? So because a lot of marriages, unfortunately they are conditional love, right? They're conditional. Why? Because you've got

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you've got one of the spouses that is after the money of the other spouse, you got one of them that is that is after the beauty of the other spouse, all right. So the husband might be there because his wife is so beautiful, the wife is there because her husband is so rich. This is this is

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this is conditional love, and that kind of thing. You know, it can go as long you know as a few years or whatever a decade or whatever it might be. But eventually, you know, you were there for whatever you were there for you know that that was your purpose that you were there for the money you were there for the beauty and that's why

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Lesson lesson said, he said the lineage or the beauty or the wealth, whatever he said, okay, you know, that is something which you could go for. But he said, make sure that the fourth one, which is the religious side of the person, make sure you don't sacrifice on that one. So don't try and get the other three without this one. And this one has to be that the religious side has to be there. So with that, if you have beauty with that, if you have well with that, if you have the good damage and so on, it's all good. But without that there's going to be, you know, problems and this and a lot of people look, they don't understand what religiousness means. religiousness doesn't just mean five

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daily prayers. Religious ness doesn't mean just, you know, the hijab religiousness doesn't mean just the person's got a beard, or the person just knows a few things about Islam, that's not religious, and the person knows how to report on Oh, my God, he wants to go to Umbra he wants to go to Hajj is going to take me to heart. That's not just religiousness. This is part of being religious. religiousness is an inside matter. It's when you're when you really made your purpose to live for the religion. So it's your beliefs in life to beliefs in the dean, it's your it's your conduct, it's the way you're shaping your entire life, according to the religion, you're doing your utmost best to

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shake your life according to the village religion, okay, so you realize that you're fasting is there your own things are there but the main thing is that you want to, you know, inside you the religion comes first. So that those kinds of people in this to people like that, that religion come first, and you know what, the very hard to break apart. But if they are there for a conditional love, then then it's different. Now, Allah has told us two things. One is murder. And the other one is Rama to have that unconditional love and the other one to have mercy. If you can have those two things between the spouses, then these are the biggest two fuels that you will need for a successful

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marriage. The biggest two fields you need for a successful marriage. And as long as you have mercy on your on your spouse because of what they've done, and then you have mercy on them, okay, I'm forgiving you and I'm a mercy on you, as long as you still love them unconditionally. That's all you need. For a successful marriage. My husband blesses, all with this. So the kind of love that Allah has through this unweathered through his name and what it is unconditional, he doesn't have to reason for him to love us. So we come to the next name al Majid

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al Majeed has quite a few things in it. One is that, what does that magic mean? You don't exactly you know, you can say, okay, Allah is really so majestic or something. No, but Majeed there's, there's something very specific, but there's a quite a few meanings that come into this few concepts that we have to put together. One is Allah is most noble. And at the same time, he is most generous. So he's Noble. So let him do that. So he's Noble. And he has everything. So he's, he's the owner of whatever he owns, which is everything literally, says Noble. He's the owner of things, and his most generous. So when you combine all of these, you get this whole, you know, concept of Majeed that

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Allah on the one hand, he owns everything, and he is most noble, and he is most generally generous, he's a giver, he is a given out to understand this love when you have it amongst human beings, okay, someone who has merged or shut off, okay? These are qualities, these these are, these are great qualities to have. So what this means is that a person would earn this amongst human beings, a person would end this by being generous with others by showing his respect to others by showing his good character to others. Then he is someone who, you know, has merged or shut off me These are words in Arabic, to show that this person is a noble person, right? He's a noble person, that the

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person above others in terms of his dignity and so on so forth. When it comes to Allah azza wa jal,

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he is Al Majid because Allah azza wa jal has these qualities, and he is continuously given continuously given now. He's got he owns one of the he owns and he doesn't look at who is giving or who is not giving, like, yes, he can sometimes say, Okay, I'm not going to give So today, but usually allows, this gives and it gives and he's a giver. Now, when it comes to human beings, look, if you want to be someone who is there's two types of people, amongst human beings, there's the taker, and then there's the giver, right? There's the taker, there's the giver. And I don't know if you've noticed is that some people they're takers, meaning that when they're always looking for you

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to give something to them. They're always on the receiving end. And there's others who are givers. They are on the giving and they're on they're on the end of trying to

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Please other than give to others, I'm sure you're going to agree with me that is better to have someone near by to who's a giver than to have someone who's, who's a taker.

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Now, ask yourself this question, ask yourself this question. Are you a? Are you a giver? Or a taker? Because givers look give us a loved by many takers are not loved by many. In fact, there's gonna be a lot of people probably upset with those takers because they're always demanding those 111 but they're not giving so much you find amongst you and we'll look at your like, for example, your husband or your wife or your you know, you can look at family member. There are some people who are takers amongst them, there are peeps, some people won't give us amongst you can work out who's who, in your amongst your family and amongst your friends. Give us a like, you know, that they would

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always want to try and treat others give others do something for others. These are givers. These are wonderful people to be with, and how we live this name and Majid in our lives is to be that giver for others. You also know, I mean, also, we should think that look, let me be a giver, let me make someone's day. Let me make their day. You know,

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they say that about a Prophet salallahu alaihe salam that

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he will smile so much that they never saw anyone else smile like that. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, the thing was deep inside him. He had this grief, that people are going to Hellfire, and he needs to stop them and he needs to show them guidance. And this grief was eating him up inside put on talks about this, for lack of better enough sec, Allah fit him in them, you know, we haven't had if you suffer in Surah Kahf, Allah says, you know, you could, you could probably destroy yourself all messenger, Allah saying to His Messenger, because of the fact that you are pursuing these people in the regret that they might not get a man or they might not believe you

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could be destroying yourself in the pursuit. So the Prophet has had his trade grief inside that he wanted all people to believe this was his grief, no other grief. This was his sorrow, his worries, you know, he wanted people to go to Jana and say, no to be saved from hellfire. Now on the outside of it, the promise that allows him to smile,

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and his smile so much that they never saw anybody smile like that. But the question was, you know, why is this smile other who's smiling for he's smiling so much, to make somebody else's day. This is this is the, this is the beauty of it. He's smiling to make your day if you came across him, whether if he's in poverty, whether he is, you know, stuck with this problem, or that problem, or, you know, he needs to sort of he's smiling is to make your day, or be like that being given make, make, make them make that guy's day, you know, something that he should be, should be proud of me his day, make her day. You know, there are people who, when they become stressed, they have to make somebody else

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else stressed out, they have stress at work, they'll come home and get other stressed out at home, they have stress at home, they might start to take the stress at work, right there are people like this that they'll take they'll take the stress out onto others, because they're having a bad day, you know, well, why should everybody else have a good day? Right? What's your problem? make other people's day? I well, doesn't matter who you are this the best of the best of what you can do be noble, you know, show you your money. So anyway, this is one way to live this this name.

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The next thing we come to is advice. Advice. So abide has two meanings. One is the one who sends and the other one is the one who raises right. So albite means like, for example, who led the birth of me you know, to me, you know, so oversold, I mean unforseen Allah azza wa jal is the one who sent His messenger the word use these Botha to send so He sent His messenger amongst, you know, the illiterate people of McCallum karma, and in another part of the Holy Quran, in the Lucha yerba,

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who you Yamato man filco, Allah azza wa jal Li This is Surah Al Hajj number 22. Allah azza wa jal he will raise from the graves he will raise from the dead whoever I emigres manfield Kubo he will raise them on the Day of Judgment so it has two meanings.

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The one thing that we need to look at when we look at the name of by this is one of the ones that okay, on the one hand, the fact that he sent the messengers of Allah Harrison to us is a massive gift. to us. It's the most wonderful gift you know, we should send Salawat and the promise that allows them all as much as we can, because the professionalism is the best of all human beings and he's been sent to us and we are proud to be part of his oma it's our it's our great fortune that we are part of

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The humor of the Prophet sallallahu, because he's the best of all the prophets who could have been born, you know, I don't know, 5000 years ago, 6008 10,000 years ago, and being part of another, you know,

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tribe somewhere, and there was a prophet and you know, people just denied him. And we could have been part of that liberal tribe and got influenced by those people and probably did not get a lot from it. But a lot gave us that, you know, this, this, the best of the world, the Prophets, and the greatest of all the omens and the best of luck, how you can greatness Almighty, there's no other oma greater than in in terms of quality and quantity with the best oma that has ever come to the earth. Anyway.

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So we should always, you know, since a lot of the person listening for that kind of meaning, which is Allah sent a messenger amongst us, but the second one, and die, he's going to raise people on the Day of Judgment. That is something that is terrifying. That is something that we should be, we should be thinking about polygala? Because I asked this question quite a lot. And I've asked this, about it to different crowds of people. And I said, What's the most terrifying

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thing that you would you would basically think of? Is it more terrifying that you would face your death? Is it more terrifying that you would face up in your grave alone? Is it more terrifying that you'd stand in front of Allah, naked? You know, singularly on the day of judgment? And I think every time I've asked this question to large crowds, I've always got the the, the percentage of people who say that on the Day of Judgment, I'm fearful of standing in front of Allah, that percentage is percentage is much higher. There are people who fear death more, there are people who fear that gray more. But as a starting us stats,

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I find I found in the crowd that I've asked this question that people are more fearful of standing in front of alarm, they have a handle on it. So on the Day of Judgment, you know, this this thing above because it's, it's, you know, a lot of resurrecting people on the day that when we come back on that day, this is something we should we should be, we should we should we should go over over again. And again, the fact of the day of judgment of us coming up there of us fine finding ourselves alone, there's no connection with the mother, father, brother, sister, friends, anybody. In fact, they're all after you on this day, they all want to get a piece of your, your good husband and your

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good deeds. And so on that day, I'm going to be standing in our law all alone and having to answer all the things I've done in this world. Wow, you know, it's a mind blowing thing. So that itself, bringing that in the mind, again, again, just thinking of Allah as the vice, you know, he's gonna raise me from the dead, he's gonna put my rule or my soul back into my body body again, and he's going to make me come back alive again, as I am alive right now. And it's easy for him to do then then, you know, meaning that you know, allows me to for him, just to say can be and I am okay, I come back from my grave and all the people that I've known, they all come back. And this is the day

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when you know, you can't hide anything and we've got to answer to all our, all our questions that Allah put to us mail as real predictors, allows will forgive us. But that is that is a scenario that puts you back to your senses. So when we when we think of this name, the way to live this thing is to think, wow, I want to be raising their judgement, you know, to be careful of what I'm doing today. Now, the next thing is a Shahid we come to two names, which is a Shaheed and I'll hop, okay, the name of a shade, which is Allah is really is a witness to everything that is happening, while confab biLlahi shahida. And the Quran says Allah is enough as a witness, you know, he didn't need to

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have angels on our shoulders, he didn't need to have books available to be presented on the Day of Judgment. And you know, when you think about these books, wow, you know, if you think about it, in the days in the past, you know, used to think, you know, how the writing and the writing and books and books and books, you think, well, how big is that book gonna be on the days and people have all these kind of questions, how many volumes or is it one book? Well, he says, always one book, but how is it going? What kind of book How big is that book have to be? Right? People can understand. Today, we can understand that through a microchip, you can have like, your whole life's information on

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there. Right? So how are they recording it? They're recording it, but a lot of them need that record. He doesn't need any of that he could have taken us to task on the Day of Judgment just like that.

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But he's going to you know, he's put all of these things there as as things to show that, you know, there's evidence on what we did. It's like, basically, in this world, if a judge was going to see he was going to sit on a seat to make the judgment on you for a crime that you did, if he was to be a witness in that, you know, thing that you did, he wouldn't bring that up while he's, you know, while he's basically imagine the judge says, Look, I saw you

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Do it. That's it. You know, I was a witness that I don't need the jury, I don't need anybody else. I don't need no witnesses. I'm just going to take a straight straight to jail. I'm just going to send it to you right now, that wouldn't be fair, right? So he has all these other witnesses now allows us and doesn't need the angels. He doesn't need the books and so on. But it's kind of you know, it's there for us to know that these other evidences are there. So his Earth is a witness against what people do his skies witness against what people do, the angels are witness against what people do and male as well as we'll forgive us one of the Beautiful

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Names of Allah which is coming later on is our fool which is the one who pardons and the one also wipes away our sins. So we want to, you know, caught on to Allah as well that he not only forgives us but he wipes away our sins and that he doesn't put us to a difficult situation on the day of judgment when we when we come to him so he's a witness now how we live this time or how does this reflect on us? We are also witness to one another on this on this earth. If you have become a witness to something and someone calls you over and says can you witness for me then you need to witness with what you saw with the truth and I understand sometimes young people can be under the

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pressure and sometimes he will think that if I give that witness doubt then they will come after me Look I understand the situation I'm not talking about that I'm talking about when we when we can't give a witness for someone we should do that and when we give it we should be with accuracy because the for answers will Levine Elias Zoo those people who witness but they don't give false witnesses false witnesses why because that's my blood that's my you know that's my you know next next of kin those kind of false witnesses are not going to land you anywhere good on the day of judgment because you can give as many false witness as you want today but what's gonna happen to the Day of Judgment

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lay down a lot. Okay, so witnessing we are we can be a witness also on this on this earth. But do remember look with the knife next time especially I'll help which is the truth. His name is a hub for us to be with a lot you're going to be with the truth. Wow. This is the name look on when you look at the word Aha. Think of think of it, Allah is Allah He is nothing but the truth is nothing but reality has different meanings. One is Allah have meaning and that is V reality. There is no other reality that is in contrast to about it, which is something that is false. So something that is so hot meaning is a reality. It comes in contrast to something that doesn't even exist or doesn't

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have its own essence or own base. Right? So Allah is the true reality. There is nothing unreal about Allah, and everything else besides Allah because it comes from the power of Allah that He created, we put it into existence. The real existence is Allah's existence. That's why his name is Allah, that Allah happening, the true, the one only true existence, that stays forever and forever, is in that belongs to Allah azza wa jal. So that's one meaning I'll have the reality that he's the true reality. The other one is unhappy in contrast with abelton, so something which all kin, so something which is false, or something, which is a lie, in contrast to that is unhappy, which is the truth and

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a lie is nothing but the truth. And if somebody wants to claim that they are with Allah than look, you will, you will only make that claim and you will not only feel closest to Allah because you are, you're standing on the side of the truth. The truth is something which people do a lot on this earth to, you know, unfortunately, today, there are not many people have the truth, there are so many people that will twist the truth that will bury the truth that will, you know,

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exaggerate the truth that will mix other lies with the truth that will hide the truth, you know, that will manipulate the truth that will you know,

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misconstrue, you know, the truth, so many things people can do with the truth. And many of these forms have been mentioned in the Quran or what people tried to do with the truth. But you know what, think about think of this.

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Allah is unhappy, he is the truth, he is reality. And no matter what you do with the truth,

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eventually the truth will always manifest. Because look, Diamond or something that you have as an element, you can't break it, you could just come back, you can try to hide it. You can try and cover it you can try and you know, steal it. But you know, you can do whatever you want with it. But the diamond remains the diamond you can you can run break, you can do whatever to destroy it, you can do what you like, but it is what it is on the day of judgment because otherwise I'll have all those people who tried to get away with things with false food by varying the truth, manipulating the truth, twisting it, you can do whatever you want, but by the end of it, it's going to appeal

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under the age of meaning Allah, Allah, Huck will show all the Huck on the legend and every single hub. So one half is the truth. And the other one is people's rights. So if you're right as your heart or your right is another meaning in Arabic, it's your heart, it's your right, that has been taken away from you, that is all going to be established for you on the day of judgment that you're going to see, like every single thing that was, you know, the truth that was falsified, or tried people tried to change it or do whatever they want to do with it, because lies on how he is the truth he is here, and he is nothing but the truth is going to show all the truth on the Day of

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Judgment, no one's going to get away with any of the any of the rubbish that they that they, you know, came up with, in this world, any of the, any of the hard damaging things they do Subhanallah you know, I know so many cases, as an Imam, you hear all these things, okay? Someone who's unfortunate in as a family member, who other people are sort of, you know, doing zulum or doing oppression on them. Because, you know, they've got most of them are cleverer than this person, the more the more intelligent, the more you know, superior in terms of age, or they have got more financial, you know, way to over this person, you know, or they feel that this person is gullible.

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So they're going to basically play the games against this person. So many cases, you hear that so many cases you hear they hear that you hear these cases, and on the Day of Judgment allows us usually will show every single truth. So if you in your life have done something, where you've taken the true, you know, that like you've either lied, or you hid the truth, or you've basically manipulated or you've done something, or you got away with something by by, you know, weaseling out of it by lying by, or maybe you took some of these right, then on the Day of Judgment, think of it and you're gonna have to stand there and, and face that, there's gonna be like I said to someone

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once said, there's two quotes, there's a quote, in this world, there's a quote of the next world.

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And people can play around with a quarter of this world, they can play around with the witnesses with the truth, whatever, around the Day of Judgment, you're not getting away with any of this. You're not getting away with any of this, there's going to be second quarter second hearing a second set of witnesses, these are going to be angels and so on so forth. It's very, it's, it's terrifying to think that you're going to be standing on the desert, you're gonna have to face over that. Anyway, the final name we'll come to today is Oliver Kean. Oliver keel is the one who you know, is the best to depend upon or the one who we depend upon the one who we put our trust into. And Allah

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azza wa jal, you know, he's he's given in the past and the thing about tawakkol that we put our trust in lazada.

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This is for us to put into Allah Now, remember, please, that when we trust Allah, you still have to take up the means in this world. So if you're ill, you still have to take medication. And you can't just say I just trust in Allah and I'm not going to take any medication. No, the sooner the process is to take medication that is part of you getting better, but yet my faith is not in the medication, not in the not in the medicine that I'm taking, not in all the, you know, the things that I've done, that I'm doing as taken up as means these are just, this is just a way of me doing things on the earth, which I have to do, but my faith is in Allah, these things do help only if Allah has his, his

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his permission, and his his even though is a hakama his command is going to be there for these things to help me whenever he gives that they'll help me and even without that I can be better Yes, I can get better without medication that can happen that is a lot of proposal. But my faith always remained with Allah. As as soon as the personal lesson I will take up the means on this earth of taking medication but I'm not going to put my faith in these things that is not something which I will do. Anyway, my brothers and my sisters

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we come to the end of the session if you just give me one more minute and then I'll let you go. We have Marshall Alhamdulillah have gotten very good support from you with first with the butter 1313 so bring that on the screen first. So many of you have signed up for this and we hope inshallah you're you're you're just forwarding this to others to try and get others just to give that 10 pound 20 pound 15 pound five pound wherever they can give and just try and reach your target of 313 pounds during this month of Ramadan. Allah will bless you in so many ways we live because there's going to be so much help coming from this from from the people that we will take this money to make so many

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Have you done this one which is the Ramadan given your own sacrifice you want to give every single day for the rest of Ramadan especially the last 10 nights, you want to have it to be continuous. You want to join that again if you haven't looked at the you know look at the description at the below below in the details and you will find this link just click on the link make whatever you know amount you want to put towards whatever sort of an initial everyday for the restaurant is going to go out and allows you to bless all of you and we allows will give us all tofield for good actions and the best of actions in this month of Ramadan. I mean does that my head was lmra Kumara la Heba

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