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The speaker discusses their journey to pursue Islam, including challenges in finding a personal connection and finding guidance. They also share their experience with Islam and encourage others to believe in it. They emphasize the importance of avoiding giving up on one's beliefs and finding one's comfort in Islam. Additionally, they share their experience with a sister who found comfort in learning about Islam.

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In an hombre de la no matter wanna stay in hoonah Sofia Runa to boo la want to study Luna Salah mana Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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First of all my dear sisters, I just want to say it's truly a blessing being here seeing all of your beautiful faces Subhan Allah, it's been over 25 years since I've been in Melbourne. And obviously, you know, being back here in Melbourne, it brings back a lot of memories because this is where the, the my, you know, my journey to Islam first began here in Melbourne, sapan Allah.

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So, dear sisters, my topic today, you know, first of all, to say that we live in in very difficult times, you know, we feel a lot of hostility towards Islam, and towards Muslims in general. And this makes it difficult for us to plan a law.

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You will constantly hearing Islam, being blamed for the actions of others, and constantly being criticized to the level where a person may not even feel confident to share the message of Islam with others.

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To the level you might even say to yourself, who would want to accept this religion, like who would want to know about this religion, because if you're constantly hearing the hype, you're constantly hearing the negativity, you think people would never be interested to know about Islam due to it.

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But this is what we don't realize is that there are so many people in this world, so many souls in this world that are surrounded by darkness, so many hearts, that are drowning in the ignorance, drowning in a darkness and they're in the greatest need to know the message of the Alice plan, during the greatest need to know that purpose in this life. And the goal in this life.

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We find subpanel there are so many people in this world. Imagine how many people 1000s of people pass away every year and they don't know they didn't know a law. They didn't know the true reason for their existence in this world subpoena law so what can you what kind of existence is that?

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A lot of data describes him as M words when the way you will act. Yeah, he described them as they like death. They like dead suppiler with no life.

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They like bodies walking on this earth that have no life in a no war, no soul because a body without tauheed a body without Eman and faith is a body that is like a body with no soul. So Panama. So what we don't realize the sisters, it doesn't take much to guide a person to Islam. In fact, it doesn't. It doesn't take much to sow the seed of faith in a person's hearts. And we tend to overcomplicate things. We tend to overcomplicate things, and not realize how easy it is, in fact, to plant the seed of a man in a person's heart. Even if the odds all seem to be against you, even if it seems like the circumstances we're living in an environment we're living in, it seems so hostile you think who

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would want to know about Islam. And that's what I'm going to basically look at today because we have to realize that it's a loss of pantalla. You know, if a person is sincere in debt, like sincerely looking for the truth, if a person is really seeking out the truth, and they want to know the truth, then a lot of pantalla will not leave that person to me be misguided. And the other thing we have to realize is that a lot more Tyler knows, who are the ones who he chooses to be from is from the Muslims.

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So the Panama sisters, if Allahu Allah has chosen that person to be from the Muslims to guide them to any man, then it doesn't take much to show them the light of Islam. And that's why what I want to do today inshallah is basically share my story with you the dilemma,

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my own personal awakening, you know, how did I come to know Islam? Subhana Allah, despite how hard it was to find Islam in those days, like basically what I tell sisters is that I gave I basically, you know, some kind of law found Islam in the dark ages. That's what I basically say this is discipline, a law.

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My journey, like I mentioned, it all began here in Melbourne. I was raised as a Christian, you know, my father and grandfather were both they preachers. And we have to go back in time about 30 years ago. Now, the community so two years ago, like where I was living, I was actually living in mooroolbark. Have you heard of that place? So you can imagine how it was like there's really no Muslims to be seen. I've never I'd never seen

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In a Muslim before, basically.

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And you living in the days where there's no internet, there was no practicing Muslims to be seen.

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And there's no it's like bookstores or anything like that. And basically, you know, I've never heard of someone revert to Islam. That's that's how it is in those days.

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So you're lucky if you can find anyone who can tell you anything about Islam in those days.

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So the first words I heard about Muslims were both basically very negative. But I've always been the type. I've always been to find out, everything's myself, I've got to be a stubborn streak. We're gonna find out everything for myself. Okay, so the amazing thing is the first person who taught me anything about Islam was a guy who his name was Mohammed.

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Right? He's one of my friends, cousins. And basically, we were sitting there in city square. And he basically says, To me, this is what he says, he just goes, my name is Muhammad. I'm named after my Prophet Mohammed, you know, who was sent by God. And you know, you worship Jesus, and you think he's God.

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But you know, Jesus was a human being and a prophet. That's what he said to me.

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And, like, it might look like a simple thing he said, but he said, with such confidence, that it really shook me off my foundations. Because I'd grown up. You know, here in Australia, thinking Christianity is the only religion. That's what I've been always taught. And now Someone's here telling me that there's another prophet called Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And you know, that, and that Jesus is not God, you know, he's a human being, and he's a prophet as well. So like, that really shocked me. And to show you how much it shocked me. I went home that night. And I was sitting at the dinner table with my father. And I happened to mention, and I said, You know, I met this guy

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today. And he said this, you know, there's a prophet, there was a prophet called Mohammed.

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And in my dad's reaction, it was like, Oh, yes, just a whole lot of rubbish. You know, the Arabs got jealous of the Jews, they made up their own profit. This was his reaction. But this is the going back to what I said before, I've always had this stubborn streak. No matter what you say to me, I've got to always find out for myself. Right. So that actually, I think, in a lot of ways my dad's reaction, it made me even more fuel to kind of want to know more about what is this read religion that has been presented to me so far, you know.

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So basically, but I just want to reflect a little bit here first, and to say that, like, let's just have a look at this guy, who mentioned to me, the first thing I've ever heard really about Muslims. This is just a guy. I mean, let me describe, I mean, this is just a normal Lebanese guy. He doesn't practice Islam. He really probably knows nothing about them, except that he's named after prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Right? But because he was able to say that to me, confidently,

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that was enough to make me question and think, right. That's the guy who first told me about Islam. So what if a person had more knowledge than that? What if a person was more practicing Islam than that? You know, I mean.

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So the next major milestone you could say, in my journey to Islam, was basically I was, I went to my friend's house, the same one who does her cousin Mohammed. And her dad was really getting concerned about his daughter, you know, she's

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getting off the straight path. So he'd gone to the Preston mosque and bought her a translation of, of the Quran. And so, like, I just thought, this is the weirdest religion, I've just got to find out. What is this religion? It's so weird, you know? So I asked, could I read, like the copy of the translation? And then I was so amazed by how different it was. Then the Bible, like that first thing that struck me was how different it was from the Bible. Like, for one thing, the word was so powerful when I read it, but besides that, you know, my friends told me before you before you

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read this book, you actually have to wash and she and she showed me how to take well, but now we know we don't have to watch and table to read her English translation. But when she told me that, like, wow, you know, you can't even touch the crime without, you know, washing and I'm sorry to say this, but in comparison to the Bible, like I'm sad to say this, but a lot of Christians actually read the Bible in the toilet.

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They do. And that's really sad. But I mean, like, it just shows you the respect, it's really different. But anyway, getting back to I'm saying, so it's a panel. Other words were really powerful. But the one I added I can remember and of course, now I'm singing Arabic, but in those days in that time, I was obviously you know, didn't know

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Arabic, but um, the one thing that really struck me was when Allahu taala says Mel mercy who binu Marina la rasuluh other holiday new poverty was brutal,

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Deepa, can get kulanu palm. So when Allah tala says is that he sallallahu Sallam was only a messenger, just like other messengers who was sent before him, and his mother was a C, D, and can yet kulani bomb. Now you might think, what's the big deal about that? To me I was like sapan a lot like I can say some of them but like, you know, it's like I was so taken aback because I'm thinking, yeah, that's true. You know, Jesus did us to eight. That means, I mean, he obviously went to the bathroom too. So it's a parallel that really struck me like, how could he be God? How could it be the Son of God, if he you know, he eats and he and he drinks. So I can say that that was the very

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moment when the seed of toe heat became planted in my heart. That was a moment when the seed of the oneness of a local dollar became implanted in my heart, and I believed in La ilaha illallah wa, Muhammad was roba. But the thing was that I had no clue whatsoever how to practice with nice religion. I didn't even know you had to practice this religion. Because all the Muslims that I ever met, they weren't practicing. So I thought Islam as a religion, like Christianity, you know, you go to church on Sundays, and then that's it. You do if you want the rest of the week, I thought Sam was like that I had no clue you have to practice I thought you just believe in you do whatever you want.

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Like my friends were doing subpoena law.

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But even though sisters, I was only 15 and a half at this time, and we actually moved from Melbourne in that year to Sydney. But despite we moved, the amazing thing is I never gave up trying to seek out Muslims. I never gave up trying to seek Muslims. And it was exactly the way I can describe it. It was like my heart was like a magnet, being attracted to Islam. Like it's just I'm always looking for Muslims wherever I go. So basically, I went through a couple of years where you could just I could describe it as stumbling around in the darkness. You know, you can't find anyone to teach you anything old in those days there was was a radio during Ramadan. That's all that was available as

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far as information. You know, there's no bookstores. Like I said, there's you can't Google something to find out anything. I mean, a lot of you are too young to understand what was like, before internet. But trust me, it was like the blind leading the blind. That's basically I can describe trying to find out about Islam in those days. I mean, one guy, when I asked you about your snare, he told me, oh, yeah, Muslims pray once a week on Fridays, that's probably not the best information I could get about Islam.

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So basically, it wasn't till I started first year uni when I met some practicing Muslims. And I can describe this as my final transition stage into Islam and hamdulillah. And I want to say this, that it was a very hard and painful stage for me. I went through a stage like after met these practicing Muslims, and I started learning a little bit more about Islam. And then I had these Christian friends at uni, and they were finding and going to these lessons, and they started trying to pull back and tell me all these things about Islam that we really negative. So I went through a stage where I was really confused, like, and I was asking em, I'm Muslim, m i, Christian, I don't know

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what I am, it's very hard to give up and turn your back on your roots. You know what your parents have always told you, you know, you've been going to church all your life, Sunday school, and now you're turning back your back when everything your parents have taught you.

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So subpoena law, what happened to me is I basically went through a couple of months, where

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I couldn't sleep at night. And I just wake up at night, and I'll just cry. And then I pray to God, and I'd say, God guide me to the straight path. I just had no clue. You know, I was so confused within myself. And then after that, I said to myself, I've got to do something about this. I can't live like this in this confusion. So I decided that what I'll do, I'll go to the library at uni. And I'll take out some books, and I want to be open minded. So I said, if I'm going to find give these religions a fair chance, I need to get books about Islam written by Muslims, and I need to get books, you know, written up, you know, that Christianity written by Christians, and then I'll read

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them and see, you know, what is the truth about things true religions. So basically, what I can say to you is, what happened is that basically, the more that I read about Christianity, the more confusing it became, like, they could not explain to you the Trinity. And I even asked my parents, like, remember, my dad's a lay preacher, my mother started as a lay preacher. So they give lessons in a church, you know? And so I went to him and I said, you know, Dad, what was Jesus and he said, Jesus was God. Then I asked my mom and she goes

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Jesus was the Son of God. Some like you two are married to each other. And you can't even agree on the doctrine like of what Christian Christians believe in. And then I'd read books by priests and they'd go in about, you know, the mystery of the Trinity and all this. So like, the more you read about it, the more confusing it became. But the more I started to read about Islam, the more it just made, so perfect sense and it was so logical. And we know that Islam goes along with the fitrah. Like it goes along with a natural instinct of a person's apana law. So basically, what happened was that in about the October of 1989, that's where Alhamdulillah I took my Shahada with a small group

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of sisters, a few of them were reversed, like in those days, the reverse, you could count them on your hand. That's how small the amount of bravery in those days so as a parent, this was my final. I can say this is what this was my final awakening to Islam, and I cannot begin and handily allowed to describe to you

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the relief I found upon embracing Islam like it gave me a huge sense of relief to finally know, you know, where am I going in this life? What is my goal in this life? What is the purpose of this life This gave me an intense feeling of peace in my heart, and Subhanallah It was literally as though the veils had been lifted from my sight one by one, like I literally felt that feeling that as if I'd been living with all these veils in front of my eyes, and that these veils one by one these veils had been lifted, and I could suddenly see the light, I could suddenly see where I'm going in life. Before that, I was just like, you could say a zombie, you know, wake up in the morning,

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go to work, go to uni, come back. Same thing every single day. You're like a zombie you like a person with no life. As I mentioned before, even sisters, when I look at photos of myself, I'm not joking. When I look at photos of myself before Islam or law hits upon Allah, it's like my face was dead.

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Even I find it very hard to talk about my life before Islam because honestly, I feel like that person died. And I be I became a whole new person in Islam and hum did Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah talks about the sense of relief in the Quran, he says, For me, you really love a dia who just saw the Rahul Islam, whoever Allahu taala wants to guide then he opens their heart, and he opens a chest to Islam. So he opens up your chest, and he feels that with peace, and it feels that with Halawa to he man, he feels that with the sweetness of immense upon a lot, and especially this is the main thing that really made me Alhamdulillah straight, you know, steadfast was once I started establishing the five prayers, once I started establishing the five prayers, this is where I can say my life fell totally into place. And, as I said, a level diallel hamdulillah he

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filled my heart with such a sweetness of the man. I felt like I'm on cloud nine. And I was so I can't support a lot like, the way I felt is I want to share this sweetness with the whole world. Now to give you some demonstrations of that I used to go like it's a place near my house, like where I was living. It's called Parramatta and there was hardly any Muslims in that area. But when I go around the shops, it's like I want to say Assalamualaikum to every single Muslim I see in the street. And believe me assistance, I'm sure I was saying I said I'm on a common hospital with Hindus. But they had a thin veil on their head. I was just so excited to see a Muslim and let you

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know what happened to me I was at uni. I couldn't even go to my lectures anymore. I just sit in the library and talk to everybody about Islam. I was like if I can see it, why can't you all see it like now because of that I basically went through a lot of trials after that because people at uni thought she's lost the plot, you know, people at work because like I slowly put the hijab on and they were like, like so they started attacking me for my you know, for what I'm doing and trying to fill my head with things. My parents you know, the home as well like my dad would shake in rage when you talk anything about Islam It was very hard for them to accept that I become Muslim because a lot

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of these fear when you become Muslim, it's like you've rejected being Australian You know, you're not Australian anymore. And you know, you're of course a parent I guess they feel hurt and you've given up you've turned your back on what they've taught you all your life. But basically what they did, they went out they got me books, you know, written by you know, the written about

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ladies who didn't know anything about Islam, but then they'd become Christians. So they got me all these books, you know, about like, x Muslims that and I thought that by giving me those books that that would get me back. You know, my mom, my grandmother wrote me

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really emotional beta. They did, they did whatever they could to try to get me back, you could say, but hamdu Lillah Allahu taala. He kept me strong through all of that. But what I want to get back to is, like I said, If Allah Subhana, Allah has chosen a person for Islam, it doesn't take much to guide that person. If, if a person is really sincerely looking for the truth, it really truly does not take much to guide a person to Islam. And we need to realize there are so many souls out there do sisters, who are you know, suffering in the darkness,

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this suffering in the ignorance and misguidance. And they don't know the purpose of this life. They don't know, the reason for why they were created. And it's one of the saddest things like I say, how many people die each year they have they don't know a lot. They live their whole life. And they didn't know a loss of pantalla they didn't know the most precious thing in this world, which is to know Allah and worship Him alone. subhana wa Taala. And you know, what have you gained? If you've lost a lot? What do you have if you've lost a lot you don't have a lot like how many people have luxury homes, luxury holidays, they have everything in this world, but they don't have a lot they

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life is empty, they have no purpose and look at the rates of suicide sisters, you know, all that luxury, all that doing, it doesn't satisfy the soul. The only thing that will satisfy the soul is knowing Allah and worshiping Him alone. subhana wa Taala. And what have you lost? As long as you've got a long go to those poor countries, sisters go to those poor countries, like Somalia, like Kenya, you go to a lady she's living in a hut with a dirt floor. But yet you'll see her with the biggest smile on her face. And she's saying and hamdulillah she might only eat once a day. Maybe it did bread and water, but she's saying I'm hungry, because she has the sweetness of a man in her hearts

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upon a lot. So sisters, if we truly care about humanity, the weight of the profits that a lot while it was some kid about humanity, he was so anxious about saving people from the hellfire. How many times a lot Cena Kron la laka back here in a sec. Like he might, you know, he's so overwhelmed and so anxious with saving people from the hellfire. And this is why we should not be little doing any action. That could be the cause for someone to be guided. You know, even if don't belittle your action sisters, even if it's just a smile in someone's face, even if it's just a few kind words, that you say, you don't know what small thing might be that the very thing that causes the person to

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know about Islam. So it's not about we sometimes, you know, we doubt ourselves, we think, oh, I don't have enough knowledge, or I'm not practicing enough, you know, and that's why we don't we don't feel confident enough to share the message, obviously. But like I said, look at the one who first told me about Islam, right? So never looked down on any action because you don't know what might be the cause of someone to be guided. And remember what the prophet said a lot when it was sent and also told us badly who and he will have conveyed for me, even if it's just one ayah I'm sure all of us he knows at least one verse of the Quran, or one Hadith from the prophets of Allah

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when it was sent him. So you don't know what small word that you might say to someone that might be the cause of them to be guided. And just quickly on mentioned recently, a sister came to my house. You know, she was interested to know about Islam, and she's from an Arab Christian background. And you know, many of you have anybody you've got contact with Arab Christians, you know that the Panama

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they're very anti Islam, they're very negative. So she her whole life, she's been taught to hate Muslims. Now what happened is when she went to uni, she said to me, all these Muslims, she was telling me and she found them they're smiling at her, they're so nice to her. And now because of what she's been exposed to, she found what has been said about Muslims is a total opposite of everything she's been taught. Now Subhan Allah she wants to know about Islam and she, she inshallah Allah will accept very soon beaten Allah. So we need to realize how many people these sisters are in desperate need for the guidance of Islam inshallah. And like I say, a loss of pounds, Allah wants to

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guide someone, they will be guided, despite whatever odds are in their path, whatever obstacles in their path, no matter what negativity is out there and forget about the media. Forget about the hype. There are people who can see through all that, because if Allah wants to guide someone, he will direct their heart to it's upon Allah. So I finished by saying, just sow the seed. Because you don't know which seed you sow, might be the one that a level talent brings a person to life through what you say, you know, you sewed and he feels their heart with the sweetness of your man. May Allah Subhana Allah help us

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All these sisters to live our lives with the hilarity man in our hearts inshallah and let May Allah Subhana Allah let us die in a state where we meet with a loss of hands Allah with our hearts full of hell our Tilly man, well, God had what stopped for a long while he will come with Subhana columbium deik National Wella ilaha illa and nesto Furukawa to relax