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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of prosperity and the importance of patience in dealing with difficult situations. It touches on topics such as health, money, and birthday news. The speakers use various examples and phrases to describe the loss and the importance of patience in dealing with difficult situations. They also mention the need for patience in dealing with difficult situations and the importance of being patient in dealing with difficult situations. The segment emphasizes the need for patience in dealing with difficult situations and the importance of being patient in dealing with difficult situations.
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In infinite Illa Allah subhanho wa and a serene ohana stuck fiddle when I was over learning terrarium fujinami cftr Melina may be Allahu taala Farah mobile Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah Allah illallah wa khazamula Sharif Keller was headed by Mohammed Abdullah who was sudo that so sequin onesti visa form La Jolla del, Marana. lungsod Hannah who bizarrely casita Hill carry bacala sila yeah you halogen la casa party oil s mo sun in

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the moon localizada a un

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Docomo lady Holla

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Holla come in has agenda for the Semin Houma region and casiotone Juanita, what's up aloha levita Luna dvwa or ham in nama Hakuna la Kumara fever.

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And Allah has salon, the wife of surround Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. She believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala in the home of someone that said, an out of book woman Allah in the home of a man that said that I am your Lord most high

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when you got out of sec men that are on began to beat sts and not only did he beat her himself, but he commanded his guards to beat her and they took ESEA out Ali has fallen in the maze noon, in the noon sun, tied her hands and tied her feet. And there they would beat SCF because she believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala while as she was being beaten, do you know who she turned to? Who could she turn to? She turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala and she prayed about bb nelia in database until Jenna Obama built for me, a home in paradise beside you. It's narrated that when she says this, Allah subhanho wa Taala open the heaven for her so that she could see her place in paradise. And while she

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was beating, being beaten, and she saw this place, she started smiling, and the guards were shocked. They said how can she be beaten and she is smiling and frustrated, that are commanded them to bring a rock and to crush cialia salaam. But Allah subhanho wa Taala took her back before they could kill her. And she became an example for all the believing men and women till the end of time. Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the Quran, all

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one z.

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z Jamie no phone no warning.

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And Allah has set forth an example for the believers, the wife of fit our own. When she said, My Lord, built for me a home with you in Paradise and saved me from from our own and his deeds and saved me from the transgressive disbelieving people.

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In our lives, we go through two stages, either what is happening to us is good or what is happening to us is bad. As a Muslim, when something good happens to us, we have a duty at that point. And that is to do Sucre of Allah subhana wa tada we must think Allah subhana wa tada for this good that is happening to us. And there was something seemingly bad happens to us, as a Muslim. We must have suffered, we must be patient, and with this suburb and with the soccer the Muslim travels through his life, and through that, there will be no worry for him insha Allah, Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Isaiah Berlin the eminent men. Strange is the effect of the

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movement in Morocco hula hula hoop if everything all his affairs are good for him in a Baba who sub LA I suck up by Karina fire Allah if something good happens to him, he thinks Allah and it becomes better for him. Well in a Baba hold on La, sub putana higher on La and if something bad happens to him, he is patient and it is better for him was adekola corner in lateral movement. And this is only for the believer.

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Even in Josie rahima Hello Tyler says that if this jr was not a station of tests, if this dunya was not a station of test, it wouldn't be filled with the diseases and the sicknesses that we see. If life wasn't about hardship, then the prophets and the messengers and the fire

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People would have had the most comfortable of life. We see the sale team living these lives. But if this life wasn't about tests, it would be the solid and it would be the prophets and the messengers that would have the best life. But as emmalin salon came out from Jenna and you suffer test after test until the loss of Karnataka brought him back to snow hiding, Sam cried for 300 years, they brought him out. He said, I was thrown into the fire, and later told to slaughter his son.

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Yeah, flew by laying still and cried until he became blind, moo silence and unchallenged for our own, and it was tested by his people. He said insulin had no provision except the things that his disciples would give him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam met poverty with patients. His own uncle Hamza Ali, Allahu Allah and who was slain and mutilated in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw this and he stood on his body. And he said, By Allah, there has not been a more sadder moment in my life than this life, for the love of Allah, He will sell him and he was the best human to ever walk this earth. And the list of prophets and pious people goes on and on. What happens to

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us happens to us by the will of Allah subhana wa Asana and a key point of our Amen, in our code that will further is to have river is to be pleased with what Allah subhanaw taala has decided for us.

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And how can we imagine that we're not going to be tested when those who came before us those for better than us? They were tested, and they were tested much more severely than the way we were tested. And let us take the example of the man but I think my whole long time

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and hassle, even out of an air raid that afternoon afternoon was whipped and tortured. He went to him and he said to him, oh, amen. I've made you have reached the station of the Prophet. Now because of this beating and torturing that you've gone through, you've reached the station of the Prophet and email nama told him was good. He told him Be quiet. For verily I saw the people selling their jeans. I saw the people selling their jeans, and I saw scholars that were with me selling their jeans for this life. So he I said to myself, mmm, it said to himself, who am I? And what am I?

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What am I going to say to Allah subhanho wa Taala tomorrow when you make me stand in front of him, and he says, oh, did you sell your deen like the others sold their Deen. And you remember that by Allah I saw I saw of that moment. And then I saw the sword and I saw the width. And I chose them over the disobedience of a loss of Toronto data. So that tomorrow if I go back to a loss of data, and he and I still say to him, or Allah I was asked to say in one of your characteristics that it was created, but I did not say it. And then it will be up to Allah subhana wa tada to either punished me or have mercy upon me, behind the whole of Asana and has it in the event said, Did you

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feel pain from the beating, and he said up to 20 lashes, he felt the pain. But after that he had lost all feeling. And in fact, they had whipped him at times by the most powerful list guards that they had. And he said that day.

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I left after the beating, and I prayed to her standing up. And when it happened in the office heard this, he started weeping. And then he said Why are you weeping? He said I did not lose my Amen. And I did not lose my Islam. Why should I care if I lose my life after that? This is how they were tested. And these are people that were better than us talking mahoma la Posada. Now, let us discuss some facts about these tests that we go through in life. First of all, that most of what befalls us, befalls us from our own sin. Some people when the sin happens or when the when the bad thing happens. They say why this why this, but in fact because of our own sin, that these things happen to

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us. Allah subhana wa tada says, How did we learn him in Shavasana rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Juana

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sadena. AD, Sabina, ad.

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And whatever misfortune befalls you. It is because of what your own hands have earned, and a lot of pardons much

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from it, even seating used to say when his death would pile up on him and he would feel sad. He would say By Allah, I know that this sadness is coming from a sin that I committed 40 years ago. But I came on the low side because of the small amount of their sins. They knew wishes. It was that

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We're being punished for hi Mama lozada but so many of us, our sins have gone so much that we don't even know which sin it was that's causing this this suffering.

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People understand that when something bad happens to them, it is a test from Allah subhanaw taala but brothers and sisters when something good happens, it is also a test from Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhanaw taala revealed

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to us

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and we tested them with good blessings. And we tested them with good blessings and evil calamities in order that they might turn back in order that they might come back for loss of Hannah Masada, Abdul Malik evenness takahama hola todos said, There is no one that is not tested with health and prosperity, no one that is not tested with health and prosperity to measure how thankful they are with those two things. And the Companion of the Rockman. And now, Fabio lozada. On who said we were tested with hardship, and we were patient. And then we were tested with prosperity and we were not patient. And in this Allah subhanaw taala revealed

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Yeah, you're living Last Will he come and wailuku wala Allah the Quran, the Quran, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala calls the believers, all ye who believe. Let not your wealth or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah, soprano Assad, and whoever does that, then they are the losers.

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Patient patients must happen from the very beginning and the submission oola when the person first hears news of the calamity, patient doesn't happen if he The day after he has tasted for three days later. In fact, the patient must happen immediately when the person gets the news of the calamity. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in number several and the fundamental Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, verily patients It is only suffered when practice at the first hit of the news. Ultimate Fighter from Milan is and

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there are things that contradict Subbu and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam showed us when he told the people about the Wailing that happens when someone dies, for example, and in modern times people may tear their shirt when they hear of a death or they'll slap their face or their curse and they'll wail on Miss Elena Flavio masala and he narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said any Muslim that says when a calamity befalls him that which Allah commanded him any Muslim who says this in Nadella he were in LA he Raji rose, barely to allow he belong and truly to him, we returned Allahumma flucht nice emlc but t O Allah reward me in this calamity was was lovely

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Hira minha and grant me better than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said any Muslim that says this alone will grant him better than that which was taken away from him.

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And these tests are a way that our sins are expiated away that our sins are washed away. I said it'll be a lozada on her says that fever sheds away since like a treat sheds its leaves.

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And it is these hardships that distinguish the believers from the insincere Shumate even I've learned a lot via Rahim Allah tala and who says, the pious and the ungrateful are both hidden by health. When health comes both the pious person and the ungrateful person will be hidden behind it. But when the calamity befalls, those two men are separated by the actions that they take.

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And the loss of Hano data revealed in the Foreign

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Ministry Sana rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah

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He has even

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Roku, Roku.

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Allah subhanaw taala says and this led me to the people think that they will be left alone because they say we believe we're homeless, and that they will not be tested

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while our

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Father in him indeed we tested those who lived before them. Why you asked fella no long enough for the

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lemon DB

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and the law will certainly make it known the truth of those who are truthful and will certainly make it known the false hood of those who are lying akuto Cali Hello itself Romani will echo what he said he didn't Muslim enormous amounts of stuff in hola for over him.

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And 100 in LA he was a Salatu was Salam ala manana de abajo por la,

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la, la the Allahu taala. And who wants to be on the member, and he called out to the people something that he heard from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, a sub rule meaning a man, women zealots, Iraq's women and gentlemen, verily, brothers is to imagine what the head is to the body.

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When the head is cut off, the body falls. And then Alia will be alone who raised his voice. And he said, Allah, Allah Hola, Eman illumine, la sobre, LA, barely there is no Eman for see who has no patience for he who has no summer.

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So I do not have divided the sub into three categories. First of all, of several alpha Attila that there should be suffered in obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And a good example of this is the loss of pleasure. Allah subhanaw taala commands us to do our sunwashed and commands us to pray pleasure, and the movement should not only pray to suggest but he should have suffered in the prayer of the pleasure and he should have suffered in waking up and the suffer happens when he is obeying Allah subhanaw taala to fulfill the obedience of Allah data. The second one is suffer and mafia delights Allah having patience in not disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I'll give you an

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example of this. When someone for example, he's traveling or is commuting, and in his commute, he is listening to music in his car, he knows that Allah subhanaw taala has forbidden this from him, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has made this cut off. But he says, I have no patience, I have to listen to this or else I'll fall asleep, I have to use my time this person is not practicing Subbu is not having patience, in the disobedience of electronic data and not used to being a law and he should have suburb and this is one of the requirements of Southern

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and the third category is several the father in law, his father, to have patience in what Allah subhanaw taala decrees upon us. And for example of this, that when someone's child, for example, passes away, that the person should be patient and saying only that was pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala and hope for the rewards in that patience.

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Now there are two keys and if you understand these two keys, then inshallah we will be going on a road to this patience in our life. The first key is that everything that belongs to us, our souls, our wealth, our family, everything, the car that's standing outside the home that you go to, everything belongs to a loss of Colonel Assad and does not belong to us. A loss of hundreds Allah gives it to us like a loan. And Allah subhanho wa Taala when he takes back that loan, he is more worthy of it and it belongs to him subhana wa Taala this did not come to us from something that we did, we had nothing before this Nima and we can have nothing after this moment if we don't think

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Allah subhana wa Tada. It is Allah who gives it to us. And it is that niyama It belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The second key is that this is not the place where we are going to be living forever. We're only on a journey and the place that we are going to be living. The real issue is Jana, or Jenna is the paradise or Hellfire and that we have to know that that is where our focus should be. And that should have the first priority before anything else.

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Let me draw your attention to a verse in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala says I would have loved the ministry its honor regime. smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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Allah He was flawless.

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him for anything. Allah subhanaw taala says, guard strictly to five obligatory prayers, especially to middle Salah, and stand before Allah in obedience.

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If you look at this verse and source and refer the verses before this verse, deal with the divorce, and the verses after this verse, deal with the divorce, and in the middle of these verses that are dealing with a divorce, Allah subhanaw taala says how Cebu Allah follow us he will follow suit, guard strictly your prayers, especially the middle prayer, and the early America has said hello Ireland, that perhaps this Allah subhanaw taala in these times of hardship that the person may forget the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada in the hardships they may forget the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala forgets their sola and Allah Subhana Allah is showing us that it is through this

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filler. It is through the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada coupled with the subject that the person will get through the hardships that they're going a loss of

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Hello Donna says,

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law her mouth for meaning. A law says oh you who believe. Seek help. You're looking for help seek help in patients and salon in suburbs and follow. Surely Allah is with those who are patient allies with them. supernova, Donna

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and there's good news for those who intend to act upon their summer. Allah subhanaw taala promised them three things, that is prayer will be upon them, His mercy will be upon them and He will guide them. Allah subhana wa tada says, any levena either

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Eli here are

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Allah subhanaw taala says who when afflicted with calamity, faith truly to allow we belong and truly to him? We were so returned. Allah subhanaw taala says

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they are those on whom the fellow was either blessing and forgiveness of the Lord is upon them and who shall receive His mercy and it is they who are the guided ones. In conclusion, Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran, or john minimum in messinia, Jonah the emelina Lemma sabato, Allah subhanaw taala says, and we made from among them, leaders, giving guidance under our commands when they were patient. We made them leavers leaders, giving guidance or giving guidance under our command when they were patient, to fear and ignore I orienting him Allah tada comments on this verse in the tissue and he says, ie when those people took hold of the leading issue suffer when they took hold

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of the leading issue, Allah made them into leaders

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in the lahoma saloon Alan Levy, you're letting me know follow Allah He was a limo sistema

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along with Allah Allah Muhammad, Allah Allah Mohammed, Salah fillet sada Ibrahim, Ibrahim,

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Mohamed Mohamed

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Salah Ibrahim, Allah Allah

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Allah Haemophilia hyena, oma Aegina, Portia de novo even a possibility in our Sabina weather getting our own Santa Allahumma hate film in Islam form and so have faith in Allah so Allah Allahu Allah

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