Nouman Ali Khan – Loyalty Tests, Picking Sides & Alienation

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of psychological manipulations and propaganda in media to try to reframe information and convince people to take action. They emphasize the importance of avoiding harms and reframeing the truth to avoid negative consequences. The speakers stress the need for people to be taken aback if they do not comply with tests and create a message about themselves. They also discuss the use of loyalty tests and the potential consequences of being in a "mob" situation. The speakers stress the importance of creating a message about people and setting boundaries, and emphasize the need to consider the context of the media and its impact on individual.
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looked at a melissani of koko de la Tabitha and unknotting Allah, Allah Medina Amina Latina Amano, I'm also happy but also be some I mean anatomy. We've been talking for five continuous segments now about the dialogue that took place between Saudi saddam and fed owner and I've been trying to highlight how

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an abuser is is confronted and what kind of psychological tactics are used to suppress those that are trying to speak the truth. And Allah has captured all of that by way of this remarkable story. Today, as we are coming towards the end of this, this portion of the dialogue, what I wanted to do first is to look back at everything that's been talked about in a different way very quickly. And that is you can look at it from the point of view of framing. So Sally said I'm comes and says, you know, gives us the message of truth. And fit own wants to reframe it as you're being ungrateful. And you're being disrespectful. So, from from Masada Sam's point of view, he's speaking the truth and

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fit on wants to impose a different point of view. And that point of view is it doesn't matter what you're saying the most important thing is, you're being ungrateful and disrespectful. Okay, well, Sir, listen, I'm continues to speak the truth. Fidel tries to reframe it again. He's trying to reframe the conversation again. And this time, he's trying to rephrase it as you you've done, you know, also you think we're doing wrong, what about what you've done wrong? So he's reframing it as you're saying this good thing, because you're covering up for the wrong unit yourself.

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So he's reframing the conversation, again, are trying to at least anyway, most of this addresses that. And now he wants to reframe this conversation is worthless, one lot of what I learned what God, what are you talking about anyway? Right. And in each one of those attempts, he's trying to not only reframe it himself, he's trying to impose his way of looking at things on total silence, and everybody else who's listening. This is, you know, a one word we use for this kind of thing is propaganda. Right. But another way to think about this, which is its psychological control, to people are having a disagreement. So you know, I say something or you say something reasonable. You

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make a you raise a reasonable concern. And there are I'm left with two choices. Either I have to address your concern and acknowledge that I'm doing something wrong. Or I can reframe it in a way that makes you the culprit. It makes it questions. Oh, you're probably raising this concern because you're trying to take attention away from what is concerning you. Or you're you're raising this concern because you're so how could you be so hurtful and ungrateful? You know, you're you're being dismissive of my feelings, you're hurting me. So the truth has been repackaged as an offense is being repackaged as you covering your tracks, or it's being repackaged as not something not worthy

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of a conversation.

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Every time it's being reframed people that are on the receiving end, the person who spoke the truth to begin with, many times they fall into it. And they say, okay, fine, I'll accept your way of looking at it. And I'll back off from the truth that I was saying. But it seems that fit our own is multiple tactics of getting the most out of a salon to reframe this for himself didn't work. These psychological manipulations did not work, they kept failing and failing and failing.

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And now also Alex Ross has been emboldened enough that he didn't just talk to him. He said, actually, he's just trying to reframe the truth that I'm giving. So clearly, he's just interested in manipulation. So by the end that where I left off last time, when Sally, Sally addressed the rest of the room, the cabinet that was sitting there, and he said, you could do mocking, you know, so he says, Yeah,

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this is a master of disguise in the earth, and whatever is in between if the rest of you if all of you are looking to be convinced. So now he's talking to everybody else, because he's now rejected the framing of phenomenon. And he's also implicitly said that ferroan is not interested in addressing the issue itself. He's only interested in manipulation. So let's just have a reasonable conversation with the rest of you, right? Now, what is fair own going to do when he hears this? from a political point of view, you can say that when you are in the court of the king, you are to only address the king.

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You don't take your eyes off from the king, you don't turn to turn your back to the king, you don't have a side conversation. A very small manifestation of that is when the teacher is talking in the classroom, no student should be talking to each other, right? There's a there's a central authority, you want to say something, say to the teacher, right? Now, that times a million is what's happening inside the court of a king. When the king is in session, and somebody is addressing the king, that subject doesn't get to go to the site and talk to anybody else. And even if they do, it might be whispers that they think they can get away with Mussolini's time is openly saying if the rest of you

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want to be convinced, I'll just talk to the rest of you. Excuse me, who are you to talk to everybody in my court? In my palace, you understand? So he's defying the king's authority. But what fit own also needs to do right now, because he's been stumped multiple times. He tried to derail Musab Islam, and he failed and he derailed and he failed. He did eliminate and he failed. And now the crowd is being addressed. So he realizes he needs to win this psychological war. He could very easily have Musan Islam, arrested immediately and hauled away. The conversation could be over right now. You could even have him killed. He has the authority and the power and the military might to do

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that. Why is he carrying on with the conversation? Because if he ends the conversation now, it is actually a defeat of film. Because then everybody in the crowd his own generals, his commanders, only heard Moosa defeat him multiple times, and then he couldn't take it. So he hauled him away. So it actually demonstrate sometimes a show of strength is actually a show of weakness. Right? So he's smart enough to know that, so he needs to win back this, this battle, not by way of force, he needs to win back this battle, by way of words. So what does he do? He does something that is very common, even today. It's nowadays one of the ways you can describe it is a loyalty test. In other words, the

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pharaoh believes that he's God, right? I'm not I'm booking with Allah, Allah, Allah, Camila and Heidi. He says, I am your most high master. I don't know of any other God for you other than myself. This is the Pharaoh. And obviously, obviously, everybody who's in that courtroom is supposed to officially believe in that religion too. And they're officially supposed to consider him God also. And if they don't, that's the death penalty. That's treason. So when Mousavi Salam speaks to the rest of the crowd, about the real God, the real rub the true Illa when he when he does this,

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you what you should see is that the crowd should be offended, that their religion is being dismantled. Right in front of they're supposed to dodge.

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So this is the same as you know, somebody making fun of, you know, an idol at the temple. It's pretty offensive. Anybody who worships that idol at the top won't be offended. It's the same as somebody going to you know, one of those places in South Asia in the Muslim world, where people are unfortunately doing such as us to graves and going there and saying this shit, they get killed. They'll be very offended. Right? But here you have the living there LIVING GOD supposedly fit I'm sitting there, and his subjects who supposedly worship him are all in the room.

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He just got called out for not being a god and Allah being the master of disguise in the earth multiple times, and none of them are in an uproar. None of them are Wait You can't say that. How do you speak about our God? There's nobody's offended? No, nobody's getting up and you know, defending the religion of the pharaoh or defending their supposing God Pharaoh and fit our own realizes how fake this religion is even to its practice practitioners. They are the only practicing this because their necks are on the line, they don't really believe he's a god. If they had any emotional intellectual attachment to this religion, this conversation would have been over not just by the

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Pharaoh, there would have been people that will speak up and say, How dare you speak this way, etc. That didn't happen.

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But what fit our own now does something called a loyalty test. The words are very brief in the Quran, when it turns to them and says, Allah test me on when he's not talking to moose either now, he's loose, I was talking to the crowd, the people in the courtroom and now fit on is also talking to them. Because now the question is, who's going to win over the crowd?

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So it's not a battle of ideas anymore? Who's who's gonna win the loyalty of the crowd? That's how he sees it.

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So he says, I that's just me. I want Are you not listening? Did you not hear what he said? And his steamer is different from some some ways to listen, is stemming from the if the other pattern, my students learn the cassava family, right is to listen carefully. Did you miss something in what he said? Is that is that what happened? Did you not pay attention to what he was just saying? In other words, had you been listening, you would have been offended more than me.

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And now he's actually imposing on his audience, that unless you are offended, you must not be loyal to me.

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You must not be loyal to this nation. You must not deserve the position you have in this court. Because you're not offended. I need you to be up in arms, all against Moosa. Because if you're not against moose up up in arms, by hearing any of what he's just said, that means that you are disloyal.

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Even though everything was said was reasonable. Everything you said was logical and truthful.

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How is this used nowadays, these loyalty tests you have, for example, in the UN, I don't speak about politics publicly, because I think it's an endless cycle of opinion. But I'm we all observe what happens, what happens in a country or in the world. So for example, in the United States, the the left and the right are more and more at odds, right? And you have to pick aside and there are loyalty tests this person, they're pretty, they're pretty left leaning, they're pretty liberal in all of these things. But they said this one thing that sounds a little bit too conservative, they don't need our loyalty test. So now we must hear nothing from what this person has to say. And if

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you're a true liberal, then you better completely shun this, suppose it not liberal enough person, right? So cancel them, or be be a moral outrage against them. Their purity tests from the right their purity tests from the left, there are loyalty tests from either side who send you on our moral, you know, our moral worldview. And if they budge even one inch, that means they're not loyal to our cause their trader, they there can't be hurt. And this mob mentality, what does it do? It stops any opportunity for a real conversation between people have opposing views, because we might have, you might find that we oppose each other on one issue, we might also find that we are in

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agreement on 10 other issues it might happen, it doesn't have to happen that we oppose each other as a as a existential being like everything about you I oppose, and everything about you like except that's never happened in any that's doesn't even happen in your own family, in the best of our relationships with your best friend, you can agree with everything. Forget the end with your enemy, you can disagree with everything. There may be some things that they're saying that are true even further on when he said I raised you here in this house, most acknowledged it and said that was in fact a favor. There is some truth to what you're saying too. But loyalty tests, what do they do? Now

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it's no longer about what this person is saying.

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That's doesn't that doesn't matter. Now, what matters is you should be offended by them.

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They they said enough, they said one thing that doesn't stand with me. Therefore they must be dismissed. And I must turn the entire crowd against him as a show of their loyalty. Right. Now, this works in multiple ways. Now, Finn Allen is out of

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answers for Moosa. He doesn't really have a logical response from him. So he's been stumped. I told you multiple

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times. So now he can use the crowd to do his dirty work. They can get angry, they can turn into a mob. And now it's one versus many. That's much easier for him. And now he can just sit back and let them take that angry mob will take a life of its own. That's it's a pretty effective tactic. So that's one effect of that. The other effect of that is, there is a psychology in which the truth of something, whether or not I'm saying the truth depends on how many people like what I said.

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Right? So the more popular what I say is, the more truthful it must be. And the more unpopular what I say is, the more untrue it must be. So I'll give you a scenario. Let's just say I got invited to a church, right, and they'd like to discuss the divinity of Jesus. And it's a huge evangelical church somewhere. And there's 1000s of people sitting in the audience in the stadium, and I'm sitting there on stage with a pastor, and we're talking, and I present the Quran his point of view, and every time I mentioned that we do not believe that Jesus is divine, the entire crowds are doing.

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The entire crowd was in an uproar. Let's just say, and actually, I find the Christians are far more civil than that. But I'm giving you a hypothetical situation. Now let's flip the flip the script or in a Muslim environment, right? There's a crowd of 50,000 Muslims. And there's a Muslim and a Christian sitting there, right. And a Christian wants to make the point that Jesus is divine, right. And every time he says Jesus is divine, the entire crowd will stop for a law. And every time the Muslim says something about the oneness of Allah, the entire Chronicles took me and there's a huge roar. And what you know what that does, the crowd, and the energy of the crowd is supposed to be now

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validating that this person is saying the truth. And the discontent of the crowd is supposed to be invalidating the arguments of the other, but actually a crowd and their emotions and their uproar, and their anger and their rage have nothing to do with truth. And also, it has to do with where their loyalties lie. That's what it has to do with. So it's not it's not a fair position for me to be put in that in that place with an an audience that doesn't agree with my worldview. And so I'm getting booed. And it's not fair for a non Muslim to be put in that place, where Muslims are, you know, clapping and screaming in favor of the Muslim argument, and booing along with some argument,

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because that's not a fair conversation anymore. It's intimidating. It's creating intimidation. And that's what fit our needs. Right. Now, he needs to create intimidation to silence Moosa, because on his own, he cannot respond to him. So what we learn from that is sometimes if you are going to stick to your principles, and speak your truth and not be derailed by an individual, then you will find that that individual, whether they're at your workplace, or in your family, or some other situation, they might start by their next move might be to turn a lot of people against you as a loyalty test. If you're loyal to me, then you're against him.

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I can't believe you're still siding with him. I can't believe you're still listening to him, I can't believe you're still talking to her. And they'll take this or you still, he's seriously that person. So they want to alienate that person, and they want to create a mob against them. And if they can't do it openly, they'll go one by one and make phone calls and messages and make sure there's an entire entire squad being pulled away from you and towards them. This kind of an alien, it's very effective. It's their own tactic you tried to use it

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for so he says that to stem your own, and move on this is actually not interested in winning the crowd over. That's the that's the remarkable thing for Frauen. The, the ultimate goal is to win the crowd right now. That's the ultimate goal. Silence musala winning the crowd for Musashi Salaam, the goal is not to win the crowd from Busan, Islam, what does he do? He says what I'm talking about equal only the master of all of you and the master of your earliest ancestors to In other words, now, in a sense, he's even offensive against the crowd. And he's saying whatever you believe so far has been false. I'm here to introduce you, you If anything, you have loyalty to your ancestry,

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because traditional cultures they had loyalty to their ancestry and respect and regard for their history. He says, I'm here to tell you about the master of your ancestry.

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So he, he speaks to them about their origins. And if they were truly respectful of their ancestry, he Allah is the master of their ancestors, too. That's not a crowd winner. That's just the raw truth. He's just the very truth. That's what he has to bring to the table. So he's not going to fall into this tactic of, you know, defending himself or beat you're trying to appease the crowd. If he's trying to win the crowd over I should do a counter tactic the window crowd over back towards me, nope. I'm going to stick to the principle, the truth that I came to give. So if you look at the words that will

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On a solo, there's actually a remarkable redundancy in our solo or up behind me first things he says, also look up behind me, then our personality while all the while Nabina whom I couldn't walk in, then robocon Babu. Howdy, Rob, his subject didn't change. What do you have to say? He has to say? No. And I was just trying every single tactic to take him off course. And musalman salon straight, like the Narrows still on point

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is completely on point. So what's the what's the remarkable tactic that phenomen tried to use now use a crowd use a loyalty test, right? And then that loyalty test comes with something more now that you have a crowd against? And did you just hear what do you have to say? Well, that's not enough. Okay, so we heard what you have to say. So what about it? Let me tell you what to think about him. Now, let me take note of what I'm saying here. He cannot control what musante salaam says.

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So now he will try to control what is said about Rosa.

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You can't control the person. So you have to control what is said about the person. You cannot control their message. So you have to create a message about them and impose that on your people as a test of loyalty. So he says in nada su la comunidad de OC La La Kula mage, no, no doubt about it, this messenger of yours that has apparently been sent to you is absolutely insane.

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This man is absolutely insane.

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So forget being offensive. He's crazy. And any of you who doesn't think he's crazy, he must not be loyal to me.

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So you must now accept this. And the moment any of you even tries to budge a little bit. But you know, some things he said did make a little snow? Did you just go you just steer away from the official line. If you're loyal to fit, Arlen, the only way we're allowed to think is that he's crazy. You have to be ideologically pure, we cannot think for ourselves, we cannot take this this narrative, and then take a part of it and say, Well, this part's not making sense to me. So what do we do nowadays, we have to pick a side.

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And it's more, it's less about picking a side, it's more about picking a person.

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It's not even the arguments that a person has to make. When someone becomes loyal to an individual now, then it doesn't matter what comes out of their mouth, they're loyalton. It doesn't matter what they do. They're loyal to him or her.

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And even if they do something wrong, they'll say you're somewhat.

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Right. And when they're against someone, it doesn't matter if they do a million things, right. If there's one thing you don't agree with, then the other million things they do, right don't count for anything, because they're insane. Once you slap that label on them, once you once you dismiss them, nothing about them can be acknowledged either blanket endorsement, or blanket dismissal. That's it. Those are the only two options. And that's what he wants to make sure happens with masahisa. He wants to make sure he's seen in that light. And in doing so what's going to happen? He's going what's what's the effects going to be on musanze? And this is the last thing I'll share with you. So

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so far, I told you, what's the effect on the crowd? How's he trying to control people? But what is the effect of news, Alison himself was Alice, his hope is, well, sadly, some will feel that he's not only up against film, this is not just about him in film, he's up against an entire mob.

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And there's no way he can take on an entire nation. There's no way he can take on everybody. And if everybody's saying this about him.

00:23:37 --> 00:24:19

Right, then if everybody's saying he's crazy, he's crazy. He's crazy, then he will probably have to just get defensive and talk or talk to people about how he's not crazy, or apologize or backup a little bit. Because if you're if you're getting attacked, then the best thing to do is defend right? So if the attack is you're insane, and the defense is no, I'm not insane. And here's why. So you become defensive. This is what he's hoping that Musab Islam does. Why? Because if musala Islam becomes defensive, then he's no longer talking about what he came to talk about. Then Fiona is effective in changing the subject. Now the subject is defend Musa Musa must defend himself now. He's

00:24:19 --> 00:24:59

no longer there to defend the message he came for. He's there to defend his own character. I'm not insane. So that's what character assassination does. It takes the person off the message. They are there. There's the most dangerous thing to a volunteer. an oppressor is the message. And they will do everything they can to get rid of the message. And the the obviously the most the most extreme thing they can do is they can kill the messenger. Let me just do get rid of the messenger. Right? But short of that, they will use every psychological tactic and he's using multiple, you can use people you can use propaganda. You can use shaming, guilt, you name it. He's doing

00:25:00 --> 00:25:39

everything you can to take this person off his message. And so when he says he's insane, you know, he should be turning on and saying, No, I'm not. What about me is insane? Wait, how could you call me insane? I'm so offended that you call me insane. Let me respond to this troll and put him in his place, because he just called me insane. No, that would be playing into his game. So what is the most honest undo or ball machine up while MongoDB or marinova in quantum taproot, such a timeless answer, the master of the east and the west and everything in between. If, in fact, all of you choose to use your minds in quantum takanori, if you want to think in other words, what he's doing

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is amazing what he's doing is stopping you from thinking.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:19

He's trying to redirect your thinking in the wrong way. And I'm only here asking you not to just accept blanket what I'm saying. All I'm asking you to do is think is to think for yourselves. Don't let someone else think for you. Don't let someone else tell you what to think. It's incredible that those words are so pointed. What a machete on MongoDB, on avena, Hawaii in constant tapping on and indeed, there's a there's sometimes a shout out in the endocrine, some subtle beauties in the Quran. You know, if a crowd is against you, then you may be ousted.

00:26:20 --> 00:26:24

Right? If a crowd is against you, you may be you know,

00:26:25 --> 00:27:05

deported, pushed away cast off. And he's even embedding into his answer Not only that, Allah is the master of the east and the west. But no matter where I may end up eastern US, and where if you're not loyal to him, you might get kicked out of this country. You he might cast you off to east or west, right? You may not be in this castle anymore, you may not be in your high positions anymore. But it doesn't matter. Because the mat my master is the master of the east and the west. And it takes courage to think in contempt if you do it to actually be a person of thought, and to follow through with your thinking and allow you to think for yourself, no matter who gets offended. Because

00:27:05 --> 00:27:31

you know, we're not just talking about phenomenon. We're talking about maybe if you think for yourself, maybe some that somebody in the family will get offended. Maybe if you think for yourself, somebody in your community will get offended. Maybe if you think for yourself among your group of friends, you have one friend that wants everybody to have that opinion. Right? And one, one friend rises up and says no, I don't think that makes any sense. Or I'd like to question that, oh, you're not my friend anymore. Hey, nobody called him next time we go out for pizza.

00:27:32 --> 00:28:13

Right? They need to get isolated. So it's It takes courage to actually follow through with your own independent thinking. And that's what we're learning in the remarkable example of Mousavi. So I'm here. So this these tactics are very powerful. They're used in social media. Now, the social media has become actually a place of black and white, there is no civil conversation practically. Right? And you have there are loyalty tests. And once you give you then the people will ask a certain question, what's your opinion on XYZ? Right, in any whether it's Islam, politics, it doesn't matter, let's say, brother, what's your opinion on XYZ? And the moment you answer one way, then everything

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about you is either good, or if you don't, it's the other way that Everything about you is bad. Let's say more, I just want to follow somebody who follows the truth. So I wanted to know your opinion on XYZ. And until once I know this opinion, now the rest of your being has been validated or the rest of your being has been invalidated.

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Right. And this is the antithesis. This is the opposite of someone's ability to think for themselves. You know, so this is what we're getting at so far. 100 I think there's one more football left on this topic, and cello, Tyler, and we'll move on to something new that we have to do in the coming season, hobos have already conjuring up something in my mind. So inshallah we'll continue that about a lot of you. Welcome to the wonderful new year was 100 reliable katha, salatu salam,

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hostels and Allah follow him Hartman the DA Mohammed I mean, he was here to marry Allah azza wa jal

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nakoda approval below him ministry economy ecology in America who follow Namibia ewallet in Amman sodwana he was led to Sema along with

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Mohammed canossa, Lita and oprema early for Haemophilia Atomy in the Gambia. logy along with vaticana hammer divided

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by the early hemophilia week in the cognitive magic about Allah, Allah, Allah in the layout What are we lucky with x&y, you won't have any fracture, it would look a lot like a lot of snow coming in so that I can


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