Women’s Witness Testimony and Inheritance in Islam

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The pronouns are so I'm so in the middle sociobiology, that men are equal to women. Yeah, and this is muscle yet some scholars say this means muscle we have to show hierarchies Mr. Mousavi. However, there are notable exceptions between men woman certain things, such that men have certain rights and responsibilities that women don't have. And vice versa. You know, it's interesting, we'll talk about human rights, because

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what the communitarian is actually say, going back to this because it will it will link in in a second, the communitarian say, we shouldn't be a rights obsessed culture. Yeah. And they say that rights and responsibilities responsibilities go hand in hand, basically, yeah. So you know, we always say, what are the rights of the man? What are the rights of the woman and so on? Yeah. What are the rights of individuals and human beings? What are the rights of nations? What are the rights, and so on.

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We don't we have a Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But we don't have a Universal Declaration of Human responsibilities, right. And that's what the interest is a rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. The witness in Islam, the showerhead is different to a robbery. By the way, a robbery is an eraser. And by the way, both of them fulfill the same practical functionality. They do

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a robbery of the Hadith, they integrate their hobbies. And they're basically integrating it all the way back to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And as we know, the greatest ruins of the Hadith, some of them are women. And one woman equaled one man in that context, as an arranger of Hadith, and that's more important than anything else, because you're transmitting the deen the religion of Islam. You're telling me what the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said, You're telling your your ruling here or your narration here has so much practical implication for my life, that not only will I accept it, but futures, duration, etc, acceptance and so on. So, as an

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arranger, there is no suspect or indifferent treatment or something like that. Yeah, between men and women. Really, the truth is, it's as a witness that we have to talk about, yeah, as a witness. Now, why do we always say

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that? Why do women's have less rights as witnesses? Why don't you say Why do women have less responsibilities? And I'll give you an example. Right?

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punitively, and classically, what happens to witnesses if they are seen to speak falsehood? Tell me someone put their hands up. Tell me why because, yes, they get lashed, lashed. Yes. Even in some cases in the Sharia, according to classical theory, or classical books, etc. If four people come, one of them is lying, all of them get lashed. Yeah, you know, this.

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Believe me,

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believe me.

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If this was the case, and a woman was being lashed,

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and she didn't do anything wrong, you know, what the West would say to you? How can you give this woman lashes and she did nothing wrong?

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You never think of witness testimony as responsibility? Why do you not think of it was responsibility, you can get whipped. If you if you if you even just being part of the process, you get whipped.

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You see what I'm trying to say? You can flip this whole thing around by saying if we did have the same responsibilities for men and women in this Bab in this context here,

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then there'll be complaints because you would say why are women being whipped and punished, etc. It's not something you want to be you don't want to be a witness in Islam? Why is it seen as a good because it's we're in we're entrenched in this rights culture.

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You have a right to votes to witness testimony for a man, you have responsibility that's more than a woman now you can be whipped for doing nothing wrong, in a sense, you have to be put in a position of social responsibility. So Allah has alleviated a woman from that to a great extent.

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And so has the Sunnah. Isn't this exactly what the feminist would have wanted? Anyways,

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think about it is given women preferential treatment.

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How is this seen as I mean, I always see this as quite ironic is

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why is it that one man's witness, so that's preferential treatment for women considering the punitive repercussions of a woman? Yes, or a man and in this case, making a false testimony or someone in his group of testimonies, people that give testimonies, give a false testimony, all of them get whipped. So it's a it's a lack of understanding of the religion, lack of understanding of rights, culture, this whole thing of rights. Yes, men have more ideas. Sometimes they do. Yeah. Sometimes men have more rights than women in Islam, no problem, but they also have more responsibilities. And this is what Subhan Allah authority said in his verse, when he said, When I

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was young, I said, well, it's really Allah Hinata Raja

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he says this dollar job because Allah says that there will 100 members will let the lie hidden the bill Morrow. They have the same as what they get when maruf will NZ God Allah hinda donnager

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That for men is a degree of responsibility. Among them a poverty says this necessarily as responsibility. So this is a temporary die 324 ad is part of if you want to call it as slf. He's an old the first professor, you know, he's not a liberal apologist. This is his belief. Yeah. So what I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't always look at rights as only rights, their rights and responsibilities. And when you consider all of those factors, then you realize that it's a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that he doesn't put them in that position. Because if you they are put in that position, they're physically weaker than men. And that's almost any feminist would tell you

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that as a matter of fact, no, don't get angry sis.

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Almost any system will tell you any sorry feminists will tell you this. Yeah. And that's, and that's the reality. So why would they be put in a position where they're susceptible to more physical pain in the context of an Islamic State? Of course, we don't mean this in the context, because this stuff doesn't mean much in the context of ultimate Islamic say. So considering all those points, I think the inheritance is not true, by the way to say that men get more than women.

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What did you say? Yes, it's not true. Look at the verses and saltiness app. There are many cases, many, many cases where women get more than men. Yeah. Well, when couldn't and he sat and focused and attained a fellow Honda, thorough semi truck. If there were more than two girls, then they get two thirds of what there's been, has been distributed, that is the highest amount of any distribution given to females. So in this case, if there's men and women, yes, but the boys and there's only girl, there's only daughters, there's no sons. This what the right thing to say is the sun gets the most. That's completely true. Yeah. If you say the sun gets the most exactly, humans will have their

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own Thane that the sun gets the the amount of two. We're talking about the son versus the daughter in that context. We're not talking about two brothers and sisters. We're not talking about mother and father. Because we know that Yeah, they get their son, they get one, one soldiers, if there's no son, they get one third of which is, if there's a son, they get one six, if there's no son, they get one third, and so on. And so the mother and father get the same, and their man and woman but why is that not seen as? So it's clear here that there's a there's an economic reason, obviously of redistribution, yeah, the son has more responsibilities in Islam, he has to pay more and whatnot is

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going to is going to be you know, be my family in a gentle coma and set you up for the love of Allah will be my family and because they have to give now so the son has to give more than the door and therefore he's given a little bit more of a subsidy if you like, through the inheritance makes perfect sense through this economic redistribution model. So what's the problem? I mean, once again, they they See things in black and white because they're obsessed with rights culture, they have understanding of equality which has has to be completely fixed. Although they themselves they themselves don't have fixed equality in my in my country I live in my country you can say no

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You know, women get one year maternity leave, they have a baby, they are off work one year paid, man get two weeks, it's not equality, you know, what's going on here say? Well, it's a biological difference to say that. So if you agree that different things should be treated differently because of the difference. Once again, say that one more time for the people, okay? Different things should be treated differently differently on account of the difference. If you if you agree with that premise. Then don't ask questions about why this was new. But for the feminists don't ask questions about why is this different to this and why is that different to this right, Joe? I think we