Ramadaan 2019 Allah Loves – Episode 11 – Beneficial People

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Santa Monica, welcome back to Allah loves. So this is a hadith that often comes up in fundraisers or something in regards to charity and the importance of service. But I actually want you to analyze this because it really opens the door for a lot of other heartbeats and a lot of other sayings about who Allah loves and why Allah would love these people. We talked about a son very early on in this series, and we talked about this concept of excellence and how allow rewards excellence and how Allah loves excellence. And if you realize a lot defines excellence and son, even though it's primarily a relationship between you and Allah, how you treat other people in accordance with the

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excellence you seek from Allah subhanaw taala. So if you shift to this now, this hadith the Prophet peace be upon him says, in that have been nasty in Allah, the Most Beloved of people to Allah, and Pharaoh homelessness are those that are most beneficial to the people, the most beloved of people to Allah, are those that are most beneficial to people, not the best of people are those that are most beneficial to people. No, the most beloved of people to Allah are those that are best to other people. Why? Because you amplify the attributes of a lot to other people. You serve as a vehicle of allows love to someone else's life. And that's the best way to be a part of earning a lot of love

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yourself. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam continues in this Hadith, he says, we're in the habit, family in Allah, and verily the most beloved of actions to Allah so the Prophet peace be upon them is going to show you how you are the most beneficial to the people, number one and two, three to Allah calbee Africa surah that you enter a sense of inner joy into your brother's heart or into your sister's heart, that you bring them inner peace, you bring them inner joy, you pick them up when they're down. When they have low self esteem, you boost them up when they're sad and depressed or anxious. You're a source of comfort and healing and tranquility to them. You bring them joy on

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the inside, you don't just smile at them, you give them reason to smile, as well and totally to Allah Columbia, HCA surah so you're emotionally available to people, the same way that you seek happiness from Allah, beyond all of the tangible things is the same way that you are the most beneficial to other people. So you serve as a vehicle of a loss, comfort to people in the emotional sense, in the same way that you seek that from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then the Prophet slice other mentions one areas and says, oh, texture on one caliber that you remove a hardship from him. And if you think about it, what do you seek from Allah, you seek the removal of hardship, that's

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usually when people connect to a lot most? Well, what if Allah uses you to be the reason for someone else's hardship being removed? Oh, tuck the man who, Dana, you know, or you remove a debt from that person, you pay off that person's debt, you relieve them from a duck out to Emma who holds up or you feed that person, a loaf of bread. So you either remove a burden from them in the financial sense, or you provide for them. The point of this is very profound that the Prophet peace be upon him. When he tells us about stories of people that entered into agenda for what were seemingly small actions, they always involve service to someone else. So the woman that gave water to a thirsty dog, the man

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that removed something harmful from the road, you always find that it's those small deeds of kindness, those small deeds of service that someone showed to someone else or something else, or even in the case of the man who removed something harmful from the road to a community as a whole by by just taking care of the environment. All of those things always connect back to an outstanding reward. Why is that? The reason is that just as you are tasked with amplifying Allah's attributes to people, so if you amplify love to people, then you will receive more love from Allah. If you amplify mercy, you will receive more mercy from Allah. If you amplify kindness, you'll receive more kindness

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from Allah, Allah will never allow you to outdo Him and His attributes. And that's actually the most important point to take from this hadith. Anytime you're showing kindness to someone, Allah will never allow you to show more kindness to someone else than he will show to you. If you show gratitude to someone else, then Allah will never allow you to be more thankful to someone else than he will be to use of Hannah Montana. So all of these idiots, man, now your ham, or your ham, whoever does not show mercy will not be shown mercy. Therefore, whoever shows mercy will be shown mercy how momentous out of your hammock Memphis summer, show mercy to those on Earth, the one in the heavens

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will show mercy to you. And so the most beloved of people to Allah are those that are most beneficial to the people. Because Allah sees you as a vehicle. Allah uses you as a as a part of carrying out that relief in other people's lives and a lot so john will never allow you to outdo him and those beautiful attributes and those beautiful things.

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He enabled you to do in the first place. So we ask a lot to make us beloved to him and to allow us to serve Him by serving other people and to make us the channels of Rama Have mercy and generosity and benevolence in other people's lives and that he used us for good all the time and not deprive us of it ourselves a lot. I mean, see you all next time inshallah. So I want to go