Tafseer Reflections #09 – Surah Al-Insan

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The speaker discusses the idea of Islam being a movement of fear and desire for gratitude, as it is often seen as a way to avoid failure and discomfort. The speaker explains that Islam is a movement of fear and desire for gratitude, which is often seen as a way to avoid failure and discomfort.

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source of insulin is a very, very popular surah and a very beautiful one. And as we've mentioned before, it actually discusses more the people of paradise than it does people of hellfire except for the very very, very end and one of the more interesting things that Allah has power to Allah says and sorts of incense in Medina who sebelah imageshack Iran. What ima Carrefour is that we guided him talking about people, human beings to the way right then he says in my shack Iran or in Mecca for AI says either he's going to be grateful or he's going to be ungrateful. And that's actually a really interesting idea because it also demonstrates the connection, the fundamental connection between

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kofler and ingratitude because he uses the same word because everything with faith at the end of the day comes down to either gratitude or in gratitude, everything, like why does Allah show us science? Why does he remind us of the blessings that He's given us? He wants us to be grateful, he moves us always through indebtedness to gratitude, to worship. And so you really have a choice fundamentally, and I've given this example before, it's like, you know, somebody stumbles in upon a feast, right? They've got tables set for them, their favorite foods and napkins are all folded in a fancy way they got the cups are all polished silverware, everything's there, nobody's around, all the chairs are

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pulled out. You've got two types of people, the first type of person that grateful type of person is going to ask who owns this food? Whose food is this? Am I allowed to eat? How do I express my gratitude to the the one who provided this food and then the second type of person is just going to say, You know what, let's go. And they're gonna go to town and they're going to, you know, wreck that wreck the feast and do as much damage as they can to the food and then they're not going to ever think that they have to be grateful. They just say, Oh, well, this just happened, right? No, no, no, you have to be grateful. The entire reason that we're here is to be grateful to recognize

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the things that we should be grateful for, and then to express our gratitude towards the creator and that is the path to paradise.