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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the importance of peace and acceptance in negotiations with culturalmoral issues. They stress the need for caution and clarification in terms of cultural practices and regulations. The speaker also mentions the pressure on Muslims to conform to certain cultural norms.
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Islam is not a popularity contest. We're out to please our Lord, and to adhere to the instructions that Our Lord has given us to live our lives. And so if we can do that is just about us and God Osuna law subhanho wa taala. I think Muslims have to be very, very careful in terms of how we negotiate the cultural landscape out there.

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Because we believe in Revelation, and we believe in the unchanging nature of Revelation. Now how we engage revelation is constantly Our understanding is constantly filtered through a prism that's constructed by the context we live in. And I think there are a lot of pressures on Muslims

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to conform to certain cultural mores that are totally against our religion.