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AI: Summary © The importance of dreaming of a beast, such as Islam, is highlighted. The use of words like "has" and "has" in relation to dreams and the importance of staying true to laws of the Sharia are also emphasized. The importance of seeking guidance from a person with a good deeds is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for consistent expiration of dreams and staying in a frac mindset to achieve a perfect understanding of the concept of reality.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah why the Le he was Sahiba Mahadeva Bard Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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The dreams of the Gambia and mo Salatu was Salam Are ye so any dream that they receive is revelation from Allah, they have to act out whatever they see in the dreams.

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So now we brought Melissa to Sam seeing something as severe as having to sacrifice his own son by way of slaughtering him.

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Continue to actually try and do that.

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So that is very important to understand. The unique quality attributes it only Gambia. If any of you dream about shooting your sons or daughters, that is not washy, and you are not allowed to carry that out. I hope that's clear in Charlotte. Even though sometimes you really, really want to dunk

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the dreams of other people, those are not prophets and messengers, they would have to be examined in light of the Quran and Sunnah. So let's say for example, I can still hear the ladies upstairs contemplating if they can act after those dreams.

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If anyone here for example, receives a dream, that you should do some form of sila or read some

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should you act in it yes or no?

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Yes or no?

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It depends. It depends on whether it is in conformity with the Quran and Sunnah or not.

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So in other words, if these two rockets Allah in your dream says, you know make two rockets of Toba, for example, for the sin that you committed, then by all means, performance, storycatchers nothing wrong with it. But if when you dream, you get some inspiration that is this new type of Salah.

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Right? completely different from anything you've ever seen or heard before. Doesn't exist in the Quran. It exists in the center. Now you write your own book, and you spread the word. This is not my type of solder, or type of celebrity is not authentic from Quran. It's like for example, just today interesting came up today. Every year on the last Friday of Ramadan, it circulates that this is Sonico Salatin cafaro you perform the Salah of the jumada anytime up until salata acid for a cat and you know what it does, any solids that you've missed for your entire life will be made up just by making these four cats a lot of work for

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complete fabrication, complete lie and it should not be performed at all. Anyways, the point being if you dream about something that is not in conformity with the Quran and the Sunnah you should not undertake it, it could it could and probably is shaytaan trying to make you do something contrary to Allah tala lo. But if the sun Vicar that you got the dream that you're making the core of Lyla in Lola, something that's already established in Quran and Sunnah, that perhaps could, could be inspiration from Allah by all means, you may follow that through anything that you are commanded to do in your dream, good dream now and is in conformity with plan and Sunnah. That's for you, and for

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you alone, that you should, you know, undertake, and it does not now make you a messenger. You know, you have to spread the word to humanity that they must all do this. Now, it doesn't work that way. Hey, anyone who wants to have true dreams. Now that the most important and the most beautiful, true dream to have is what

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is the dream of an OB Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets of Allah who it was sent him said that whosoever sees me in a dream, as indeed seen me because shaitaan has been rendered incapable of taking my phone says you see Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in a dream, then you actually saw Rasulullah saw Sunnah it means you will rule and his room connected in either Malala in the realm of the souls, because our souls are technically lifted from our bodies when we sleep when we dream, and connected with the soul of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. But now there are two understandings of this. The one understanding is no matter who you see if in your dream, you feel as

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the prophets of cinema, you've seen him as the one understanding, I don't quite agree with that one. The other one is that in order for you to see and recognize the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, you would have to know what the prophet alayhi salatu salam looks like. And you would only be able to do that if you've actually studied his characteristics externally and internally. Or in your dream, you don't see his appearance at all. You just see light nude, which is a common occurrence. So instead of seeing a face of seeing some form, when you see some nude, and in your dream, people are telling you that's Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that could perhaps be but if you see

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Some men with a mohawk and an earring and an eyepatch and so on and and you think Oh no, this must be Subhanallah that cannot be Rasulullah. So the lightest center,

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then anyone who wants to receive through dreams and it's something to aspire to, as we heard from before, the prophets are some saying that this is a means of Allah to Allah connecting us back to Nebraska. As we approach kiama, then note that the person has to be one who speaks honestly, always, the first rule of thumb is anybody who is dishonest in this speech will not be one to receive through dreams. Secondly, they should always consume, they should never be consuming how long. This means that the income and everything that they consume physically eat has to all be 100% halal, because that would taint the opportunity of having these three teams. They of course have to be

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adherence to the commandments of the Sharia. If somebody is a complete Fassett 5g doesn't even make it in the morning, but they haven't Allahu Akbar, in such beautiful dreams. That's very questionable. So it has to be somebody who adheres to the commands of the Sharia and follows what Allah is Russell's awesome at commanded.

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A person should try and sleep according to the The sooner recommendations, which is to sleep with will do fall asleep or to do of course, the moment you fell asleep, what was broken, but fall asleep was Voodoo, and face the Qibla. These are all recommendations as well, and to actually continue making the crow law until you fall asleep. This is one method of striving to attain through dreams. If he does all of this in his dreams, would more than likely be considered through dreams.

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The most truthful of dreams are the ones that are seen at the time of so hold the period before budget, about an hour hour and a half, two hours before budget. That's the the most truthful of dreams for those of the times in which a letter either is Rama is closest to us in the sense of the time even speaks about the letter that he sends in that particular portion of the night. And you know, he's close to the believers and the shelter you know, quiet in a time period, where as early on in the night, they are very active. And also in the middle of the night.

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The scholars have discussed the recommendations of the dreams you've already saved these Romany dreams from Allah through dreams Neff Cerny, your subconscious playing with you. And then there's shaytani shaitan, inspiring dreams. Now when you see a dream that you like, in other words, it's it's a beautiful dream. Some Qur'an is recited in the dream, you see pious people you see, perhaps family members of the boss, but they're all looking happy and dressed in white, and these are all common things. Are they all, you know, having a feast of some sort, which is, you know, the obvious interpretation of that when these these people are in Jannah. And they are the to give you glad

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tidings that they're waiting for you, for example. But now, if you have a dream like that, then

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the recommendation is based on a VR coupe and use of Alexa to serve interaction. What did he say? Firstly, that the use of styles only his father, why did he that his father, number one, his father was a close family member to him. He loved his father, his father loved him, he could confide in his father, and his father was a man close to Allah subhana wa Tada. So he could guide him in the right direction. So this is the same type of approach we should have. If you have a very pious dream. Don't go without all and sundry put it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, everybody in the dunya must know, I am so biased. No, no, no, no, no, that's a problem. Because that would be tantamount to use

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of standing his brothers about the dream. Rather, only those who you trust, love, who you regard as close to Allah Subhana Allah and who could perhaps advise you with regards to that dream. Then another soon now with regards to this is to praise Allah and thank Allah for that dream, because it's from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is a gift. As for when you receive knifes, any dreams, just random dreams about things you've been thinking about, you know, in your dreams, you're working out the problems of quantum physics and you're working out how to you know, make the next the next rocket experiment, you know, the next trip to the moon, whatever it is, that you just ignore the

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offer column you just ignore those things and try to get an interpretation for everything okay.

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But as we with shaytani dreams now, yes, we we need recommendations, because this is specific set of sunon that we need to follow. Number one,

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the person should seek refuge in Allah subhanho data so you wake up from a nightmare. That's usually what happens you wake up from the nightmare. Firstly, set out to be lacking min ash shaytaan the regime because it's something that

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From shaitan, so she Thanos obviously busy with you. Number two,

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seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from the evil that you saw in the dream as well, because just the fact that it's a dream doesn't mean it has no impact on reality, it could have an impact on reality. So therefore, you seek a lesbian addiction from whatever evil existed in that room. Number three, to split without actually splitting three times to the left. So there's no split, but you're doing the action of splitting this is after taking refuge in Allah subhana wa Tada. And then to turn on to a different position. So say, for example, you found yourself lying down on your left hand side, and you turn up with your right hand side of you on your right hand side, turn over to your

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back to change position as well.

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the person goes back off to sleep, right, you could recite more, the three equals ikusi, etc. If you feel you want some more of Allah subhanho dalis prediction, but then you go back to sleep, if the dream continues, or you continue to have nightmares of of a different nature, then it's recommended to take it further by getting up performing Voodoo and trying to rock acts of Salah because now it's a bit more intense right? Now this is obviously really has to be I don't know, anybody's gonna have a moderately scary nightmare and then take full do and make sure that because that's that's a Jihad when you're sleeping, getting up they can do a Jihad tahajjud right. So rather, a person is really

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having a bad dream, they should undertake this and insha Allah that should suffice.

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I'm going to take it a step further. This is not specifically from the Sunnah. But if you are having the same recurring nightmare again and again and again, and it's really bad, and none of this is working, then and only then I would recommend to go and seek the help of someone who could perhaps assist you spiritually for some of these evil things of the unseen. But this plague that we're dealing with the moment somebody gets a nightmare, or didn't get the job that they applied for, or they fighting an illness of the illness instantaneously, as gene drive with a bit of a headache, is Gene with a bit of a stomach cramp? Is gene. No, no, no. Firstly, make a proper CV, say Bismillah

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and take some bernado otherwise, some he knows. But everything in your life is not attributed to Jean and you have to run to the to the Dooku to go in sudachi problems. This is a problem because people say that, you know, nightmares are from shaytaan if you have blockages in your life, it's from shaytaan. And if you continue to get sick assumptions, this happens to everybody. This happens to everyone, this is only a problem if it happens so frequently, and you've tried everything in your power to undertake the normal means and still nothing happens. So Allah protect us, but we should not become obsessed with the idea of gene taking possession of us and the devils and so on. Whilst

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that is the reality, you know, be more afraid of that the concept will ropey outside, is that more likely to happen, then, you know the gene net sort of troubling you they have their own troubles to worry about. Allah knows best. So the last, the last point and this is very important, is you should not communicate what you saw in your dream to anyone.

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It doesn't give an exception except your wife except to the sir. No one. The reason being, it's from Shay thought and it has potential energy, the moment you communicate it to someone, you're now giving it a form of kinetic energy, you putting it into action. And that's what she thought once and that's when it might have anything, so you don't communicate it to anyone. So if you do that you forget about soon thereafter, the moment you communicate to someone you'll notice that you remembered it forever, they often do not communicate that to anyone but rather just follow the sooner steps in the night either. Fair.

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So we've covered all the steps that the person has to do

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if they have a nightmare if they have a pious dream, etc. Now with regards to the interpretation of dreams

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The first thing I want to mention is that if you walk into an Islamic bookstore, you'll find a book called interpretation of dreams. And the author is the name of the author on the world famous Mohammed bin serien Rahim Allah Mohammed even Syrian was a Tabby and he was well known for his ability to interpret dreams. He was the master of all masters of interpretation of dreams in our oma, of course you're not speaking about the abuse of anti semitism. But there's no evidence historically, that Mohammed Mohammed bin serien ever authored a book or left behind a legacy of a book for people

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Author the author, so there's no link between the book that you buy, and the actual person Muhammad ibn CD. So I'm not saying that the interpretations and they are false. But as far as its attribution to Mohammed, even Syrian is concerned that highly questionable, there's no evidence of that whatsoever. You based bait in terms of finding any good interpretation for your dream, if you so wish to have one is to seek out those who are not only knowledgeable, but also very close to Allah Subhana Medina, in terms of their people of armor, they are people of good deeds, you see them always in the main street making sign at the 100 leading port and etc. And thirdly, they are wise,

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they've got years of wisdom with them, those that would be your best bet in terms of finding a good interpretation for that dream. They are scholars around who have this type of knowledge, I'm not one of them, like, is one of those things where say, if you have this issue, found somebody else, right, that engine nuts, don't go me. So the issue is about your dream interpretation. Find somebody you as not just age, not just by God, and not just wisdom, but all three, they are very important to get a solid interpretation for your dreams, in the light Allah that said,

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we should strive to make sure our lives in the waking world in the waking world is in conformity with what Allah wants from us. And without Rasulullah sallallahu less than a month from us

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to be concerned with our dreams, if those things are not in in order it's a futile exercise. right this is basically just an exercise because we've been discussing dreams we've been discussing the use of it cetera cetera. But this is not for all insanity. Now to go and become obsessed about this. We are still at the beginning stages we must make ourselves fully in conformity by staying away from what Allah Allah prohibited doing what Allah Allah made compulsory and striving to follow the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah, then they after they are many other levels to climb in the light either do not become wildly obsessed with things that have no impact on our Eman whatsoever in this world, and

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I met Allah Subhana Allah grant us Hayden Baraka through the rest of this month of Ramadan

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May he bless us always may forgive us of our shortcomings. It is it's becoming now those sad moments we realize that, you know, whilst Ramadan is still here, it is soon to depart. Allah Subhana Allah forgive us all, maybe from among those who sins for this entire year and our previous years, have all just disappeared and wiped away. And maybe before mangoes will be for me saved for the face of Johanna will be from among those whose families will be forever saved from the face of Johanna. Allah Subhana. Allah forgive our parents, our spouses and our children, for those of us who have family members who have passed on our parents and grandparents and so forth, elegant on them, the

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highest places in China. For those of us who are striving with a specific do I cry that nobody besides yourself and Allah knows about this entire month of Ramadan? My prayer for you is that Allah Allah answers you and answers those secret cries and the secret please tell us 100 of the AI that is there for us when we least expect it. May Allah

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guide us always on this a lot of studying. Even though we're living in times of great fitna of great facade and corruption and great sadness, and the oma is going through, you know, through in this difficulty all across the world, we have, we have a lot of hope, in that this. At the same time, a revival of Dean, we have so many good things happening and so many good people emerging with knowledge, with, with with abilities and with some resources that we never had before. May Allah Subhana Allah make us from from among those who are pursuing this revival, and maybe we be on the side of goodness always. And may as we sit in here, thinking about the athlete or maybe we all sit

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together in general thinking about the dounia and about all those issues and trials and tribulations that we had to undergo, and all those days of hunger and nights of fatigue and all those long lectures, you know, from the Imam that wouldn't stop talking. Well, s vahana Allah make us remember that in general and laugh about that, so that we can forever be in his urashima and forever be in his mellifera in that gentleman. Amina rapala mean And may Allah guide our families always to the same. I was a little ohana city named Mohammed Subhan. A little bit from these ohana como Behanding the shadow

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fuuka wanted to be like