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Dec 16, 2018

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Like just kind of threading it out. And generally speaking, that's where there's no stories. And so it's felt that there's no stories because stories are circumstantial. And they're based on, they're giving you a scenario. So they're giving you an angle, right? So it's false. It has no story. It's just information. It's just a way of the way you're looking at things. But it's very, very beautiful, because it's probably, you'll see, some of the most beautiful verses in the Quran will existed, at least for me. So it began to begin, if you look at the look, look how we've read so far, or how things are organized or a sequence so far, the beginning Allah subhanaw taala tells you who

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he is and why. So that you know why what we are submitting to, this is who I am, right? This is what you need to do in order to be able to have the right mindset for submission need to do two things. You need to be someone who has the attitude of greatness of gratefulness, sorry, gratitude, you have to have the attitude of gratitude. That's how you look at the world. That's your mindset. You have to be someone who is grateful. And then the second thing is that you need to be someone who is not

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deluded. By superficial issues. You're not someone who lacks the critical eye to see what is right and wrong. You're not someone who's going to be confused or distracted by dunya or by their own actions or lacks insight. If you're someone who lacks personal insight, you say why do you say that the beginning that makes more sense. Now, I like to kind of give the simple understanding at the beginning and let the Quran itself explain to you because when we first read will ever run a comb, or ferrata Fernanda will have to do it don't be deluded or eluded by the world D. It seems simple. But then when I had to explain it a bit more, went a bit more detail what is talking about if I'm in

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zoo, you know, the who's who I'm only here for giving you giving you like the example see the person who is who is was deluded to think that the bad deeds he does are actually good deeds. How do you help someone like you can't help someone like that, because they lacked the basics of personal

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insight, they don't have self insight. They don't, they don't know how to regulate self regulate, they don't know the difference from a good deed and a bad deed in their own life, because they've never actually critically observed themselves or thought about their own actions. So you need those two mindsets, in order to be someone who is who is going to be able to submit to Allah, these two things you need, you need to be grateful for being alive and for life itself.

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And you need to have insight, personal insight. And if you don't have one of those two things are missing, then it's not going to work, it's just not going to work. If you're going to try and submit you're not gonna do it, you're gonna end up failing, you're not gonna do it right, or he's gonna end up catastrophic. So this is what the data is explained to us so far. And it's kind of an is argued those points, basically in a very systematic manner. If you remember, the two points that the second command because of two commands like a gret, gratitude, gratitude and gratefulness is one command. The second command was not being deluded and reminding yourself and how do you gain insight is by

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reminding yourself there's things out that there's asking, and then that to come after that, talk about what those two things insight, and, and resurrection, that's what number eight is inside and eight. Number nine is resurrection is very, just very straightforward. So nine and 10, or 10, and 11 are a bit different.

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They answer a question that was asked in this halacha. But they he's not here. Unfortunately, he also asked something in the HELOC. I told you to be patient that will come up. Because I talked about submission like 10 to 15 times the concept of you get your view, giving up your personal will, for the will of Allah subhanaw taala not seeing not putting anything in your heart before his will so pound me for what He commands you. He taught me he asked, he said what about what about? You know, is it nervous? Right? That's what he said. What about is it about, you know, your self pride and self dignity? Don't just wait. It'll come? And it did. It does. And I and appartenant 11? It

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talks about that point? Because the question that comes up is, well, you're asking us to be very selfless, and to be very humble, and to lay ourselves down

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to the earth as early as possible, in front of the will of Allah subhanaw taala to, to follow his command to accept his will.

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But what about that urge inside of me to be the best and the greatest of everything. There's an instinct that we all possess inside, where we want to be the highest, the greatest the best, you want to be up in front of everyone. And we want to be respected and held in high esteem. And we want people to look at us in a certain way. There's all these needs that we have inside of us that will go against the basic concept of submission. And you're telling us but being is telling you is seeing or commanding that the most important thing that you can possibly possess, or the most important thing you're going to do is to submit to Allah subhanaw taala? Well, I don't know how to do that if,

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if my neffs is always asking for the for the opposite. So the talks about it, immediately the AI comes in, it brings it up very, very clearly. And it gives you how it gives you a method in terms of how you're going to do it and what you're going to think about as you are doing and that's why these two ads are very beautiful. And the answer to the question then. And it's funny, because while if you're thinking purely, you're just thinking about the concepts, your questions will come up and you'll find the client will answer them for you. If you just if you just patient us keep on going with failure. But I will come across and we'll answer all the questions that you have. But what it

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requires is for you to actually be thinking about what it is you're being told, right that you have to actually actually you actually have to be reflecting upon it and kind of contemplating it

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On the topics or the ideas that Allah subhanaw taala is presenting you with but if you don't do that then yeah nothing seems random something similar that seems like a story is being told yeah it is. If you can, if you can connect the dots and everything he was being taught was being talked about then you will this will make a lot of sense to you you won't feel it this is disconnected or it's on organizers all over the place. I actually feel this is filling every gap that I have to answering every question that I knew that I want to have answered.

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So it told us the two mindsets we need gratitude and personal insight and now he's gonna is going to tackle that one issue that is of extreme importance is that urges that we have inside that desire to have is to say I think Jelena will explain what they're what they're saying and we'll go into some depth inshallah with with the meanings we let him in to show you on your Waje

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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men can you really do Lisette a fairly hint to Jeremy

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so then the word is twice and so once as a fact at the beginning of the end of it and the second one has a bummer. So among counting reader is for the law Hill is to Jamia okay la he your side will Kelly you know my giver

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well Anna Lou Solly who young fertile

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well levena Young guru wanna say ye Tila Hoon either shady

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WireMock hola ICA who are ye boo

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well Allah Who holla

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to rob

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mean no poverty

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major I

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mean women

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in me

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the part coming up next is a bit complicated I'll read it once don't read after me or read it once and then I'll try it again just to make sure everyone just says how to say Well Matt you met will

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marry you while you're performing Ohmori he in the kita so the first one well now you I'm metal when are you I'm metal mean one Marine mean one marry water. So that's how it's a bit so there's a lot of wind and there's a there's three memes that have a shed on it in a row so basically have to get all three properties I'm gonna I'm gonna read the first part just to the end of the of the southern end of the line. And just to try to repeat that when you melt will mean more metal

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while your costume in Rome movie in laffy kitab.

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In the Lika Alomar he I see

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okay, so shall I explain these now I'm returning is when will take the most time with them because of the importance of the word. So the word is in the Quran, it's not it's only in the quite a few times.

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Probably one more time.

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I'm gonna end the homilies that is utterly Allah, he just doesn't see it. So always one more time, we actually have the word coming, presenting itself in the Quran like this. So it's there, and it's here. And it has a different context there altogether. But here, it's here. It's false, it is there. And the word is very unique and is an important word from it. We take the name of Allah subhanaw taala al Aziz, which is a very, it's a very important name. So when you categorize the names of Allah subhanaw taala there's different ways to categorize these names. There's a lot of different ways to categorize as needed actually. I like sometimes to categorize the names that have similar

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meanings and the names that are the standout in terms of the meanings that they bring forward. I like to kind of have it in clumps. So for example, it's Allah subhanaw taala I leave the All Knowing under it, you have all these other names that are similar to it and I've given this example a few times, so you're gonna kind of get the hang of it, and we'll see you they'll see a semi either all hearing a lovely if the one who knows the very, very, very delicate things will have

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You're the one who knows the things that aren't

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detectable by human with human senses, like something that is happening inside of you. So all these names have simply are fall under that big umbrella name and allemande. They all have a similar meaning.

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Then you had the word named Hakeem that has its own, it's its own category, because the old ways.

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It comes with the with knowledge, but it has its own importance. If you took out the name Hakeem

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from from his name, subhanaw, taala, that'd be something missing.

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We either have to

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conclude it on ourselves by ourselves, to come to the conclusion of that name being proper. Or you would have someone challenge saying, well, he never said he was attacking me, he never said that everything he does has a purpose. And it's actually helpful. Which kind of kills out a lot of understandings of the deen. So he told us to do this, it's not going to help us or not. It's one thing to say he told us to do it, should we do it or not? We should do it. But is it going to be helpful for us? And don't you ask him? Well, if he's Hakeem, I don't know.

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If he isn't happy, and then I have no doubt about it. Of course, of course, I'm good. He's like,

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I have no problem. So there's names that I see is one of those names, like disease, if you look at the different meanings, actually, when you look at the scholars, and they tried to explain the meaning, you'll have at least 12 different definitions very different. So it took me some time to look into the actual what what is it that Allah subhanaw taala tell us in by using the demonizes so in the Arabic language in Isaiah, she is as a sheet something is performed the action advisors, meaning it's hard for you to reach it, that's what actually means. It is a playable means what he's asking for is beyond his reach something that we can't get for him, I can't I can't provide it for

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him, he can't provide it for himself as on who is one step beyond him. So and no matter what, how you use the different derivatives of is in where or how you use these different derivatives, that point will always be a part of the meaning. That's the only common meaning that you find all the different usages of the derivatives of Aiza. So if you take that one,

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meaning in common that when that one point, that seems to be there all the time, and you use it to understand Allah subhanaw taala symbolizes that he is the unreachable? Well, yeah, maybe that makes sense from a, you know,

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literally, or in a physical manner, manner or Munich. But let's take it from a from a figurative way of life. So he's unfathomable. subhanaw taala. You can't reach him, even mentally, you can never really work him out.

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In your life, you can, sometimes you'll you'll be surrounded by people. And this is where social skills become important. So as you grow up, you start to be able to read people, you could tell that this person is happy or upset, you know, sometimes even sincere, not sincere, he's hiding something isn't. Depending on how good your social skills are to be honest, and how much you've thought about these things. Some men are completely dense and to live with their wives for 50 years, and they still won't be able to pick up on the simple, simple, or the very clear signs that she's unhappy with one something and they fight forever, they can never stop fighting as couples, because they

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just don't they're not good at the social skills, any kind of reading people. So but those who do this can work people out. And psychologists love doing this. They study you for a bit, listen to you talk, ask if you do anything and break it down. Okay, you're like, and it's actually very humiliating, you should do it. But everyone should do it, by the way, at least once and you'd go to a psychologist, let them let them break it down to your basics, just for your own sake. Because if you don't have the insight, they'll give it to your psychologist will give you the insight. They'll hand it to here, here, here. Here's here's your thing. And you'll you'll hate it at the beginning,

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you'll hate this psychologist, and then you'll be like, No, that's not me. And then you'd be like, Oh, that's exactly me. And he was right. But it's actually worse than that they actually didn't get the whole part. They don't have the hope for the full picture. It's helpful, it humbles you, it brings you down to earth and it teaches you to actually improve yourself and think of things in a better in a better way anyways. So can we work out God?

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This is the question that was a philosophical, philosophical question, am I presenting? Can we figure him out? Can you figure out what he's about? Or what? Right this is the thing? Well, some people think they can. And that's why we have atheists and people don't leave they think they figured out if not God did figure out the person who made up God is why he made up for this and is trying to figure things out. So Allah subhanaw taala, I heard wherever he's talking about something that is not explainable through the simple laws of physics or the laws of the universe, or sometimes is the part of the of the explanation. That is just that's why it is that's how it is. He'll use his

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name and disease and follow it in the Quran. If you want to follow it. You'll find it all the time. Whenever he talks about punishment and ICS. They think it most scholars would comment and say, Oh, he says his name is disease because it's a name of strength, and that works out for punishment. I don't think that's why I think he was named icwsm. He talks about punishment because we can never understand why it is that he has to punish people. At the end, we don't really know why.

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I will Why is there a need for punishment? Why does it have any punishment? Do you

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just just let that go? That's what kind of law is easy and Hekima. He's almost twice as as a part of this, that you'll never never really understand it. You can't figure him out subhanaw taala give up on that specific part, figuring out his essence. So I'm trying to say, you can figure out his city. You understand His words, you understand His laws, they make sense. But when trying to figure him out and try to go to that one step where it's just not it's not possible. No one can really. But the more you understand him subhanaw taala the higher you are, that's why when you take the I love this, prophets, I send them on the day of June it was up there in Yorkshire Siddhartha nail show when the

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Sidra when the place where no one else arrived, but him sort of lies. I do send them it was smothered by what by what it was smothered with? No, we don't know, no one he doesn't even know no one knows. No one knows even the Prophet alayhi salam didn't explain explain it. It was amazing. But he even he's, he is the most, the most keen ability to articulate things that he could articulate what happened, because what happened then was, was unfathomable. It was unreachable. It was unexplainable. And that's where it comes in. So that's the concept of his name, diocese, he's wanting to understand disease from this and to understand the the word Hinweise use. So we all want

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to be

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to have is

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to be unreachable, to a certain extent, to be high up enough so that we can't humiliate me.

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Or the sector, the simplest meaning of the word, if you have is, that means you are reachable. Let's say this physically, there is I can't Yes, come and take you and do what I want with you. I just to kind of understand it in the most simple way possible. If you have somebody who said, that means I can just come and take you by the collar and just do whatever I want with you. Because if you if I can do that, then you have no, because it means you're reachable, you're always reachable, can always get you and not in a nice way but in a humiliating way. So if you want to is that what you're hoping for is not to be that is to be and then you will for other have is in other ways as well, you

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know, to be to be held in high esteem and to be respected to be at home. And we all want that. That's fine. So what is he saying your supplement because that is the opposite of submission basically.

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For you to submit yourself to Allah subhanaw taala the opposite is to follow is is to look for become is to build upon, you know as you're trying to trying to get yourself higher and higher. So the kind of opposite concepts that they're not necessarily opposite in practice. They don't necessarily

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it's not like they kind of can't coexist in the heart in the mind of a human being. But they may seem like they're they're working the opposite direction if not understood properly. And then it comes to your mind. Well, I want you know, I want more I want I'm ambitious, I want to do this, I want to do that. I want to be someone of value. Okay, so he says man, can I read it? Is he who wants is you want to have is Yes, I do.

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admit it to yourself admitted to Allah subhanho wa Taala say don't lie. No, I don't want his I want no you do? Of course you do. It's normal. It's natural. That's the gist. If you don't want to is it then you should see a psychiatrist as well. Because because it's not normal for you not to want any form of visit. That makes no sense. Of course you want somebody's but well, he's saying is when Kenny is filling leg in is that to Jimmy I will all of it exists in his hands and all of it, Jimmy all of it. All of it is owned by God all of it. So it's like you're out there shopping for something. It's only provided by one in one source. Because you can't buy it from a different

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source. No one else makes this, no one else manufactures what you're looking for, it's only one source. At the end, you have to go to that source, or you're gonna end up with fakes. Right? You'll have something that will be fake, it won't be it won't be the thing you're looking for. It's not really what you want may look like it. It may seem like it may even be you may even be able to pull it off for 60 years that you have it but you don't really have it because you didn't take it from its actual source. And all it takes is a moment of true of truth. Where is exposed that you don't really have you don't have this you actually don't have

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war expose it very nicely. Not that I hope that wish that upon anyone but war exposes that very nicely. exposes all the people who had thought they had said but don't really have it. Are they are they started out started from a different source than Allah subhanho wa taala. And they built their answer based on the fact they had money. They had golf, he had land, they had children, who grew up to be men who had more children who I know. So nowadays, there are people who have strength, the people behind them to do what they want, and they believe these days, are they taking a beating from a from a regime or from a political stance are they taking and all it takes is for example as war to

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come and completely destroy that. And a person who once had 10 Kids

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and huge piece of land who's just sitting on the stump of a tree that you once owned, with nothing left with nothing. Right. So the question is where did where did he have it? Where did he

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acquire his answer from to begin with? If it's from Allah subhanaw taala then he still had

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as it

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is from someone else, then then he's then he's lost.

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It's a very, it's a very, very subtle point, it's a really important one, if you want to as then he owns it all. So you shouldn't be looking for it anywhere else you shouldn't be looking for it in the eyes of people, or in the mouths of people are in the pockets of people, or in the opinions of people, or you shouldn't be looking for it in dunya. And in possessions. And if you're looking for it there, you'll get something that looks like it. And you can probably pull it off to get people to believe they actually have it. But

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life can easily expose it is only comfortable Allah subhanaw taala why because I'm gonna give you example, someone who's only comes from Allah, someone who's self value, let's just let's take a certain kind of break it down something simple. Self value, and self esteem only comes from Allah subhanaw taala. He's not interested in what other people say or do, he doesn't really care that much how much he has or what he has, or where he is, all he cares about is that he is walking down the path that Allah Subhan Allah told him to walk down, and he knows that he's good in Allah subhanaw taala his eyes, and that is that he carries in his heart, that I will continue to stand by his word,

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subhanaw taala no matter what happens, and I'll never, and I'll never do anything else. And that's someone who is is is fulfilled on the inside. So as it says on the inside, so even if you take him and you torture him and you mistreat him, they'll still stand it we have, we have examples of that, whenever you watch.

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A drama movie with as a hero of some sort.

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Doesn't have to be superheroes, regular hero, you do these people are tortured at some point, right? If someone is charged and starts to grovel, and beg and breaks down in that movie doesn't, that's a very confusing movie, if this person is the hero, it doesn't work that what you're looking for is someone who's going to stand their ground, even when they're being mistreated. And the way that that movie shows it to you, because this is the narrative that we carry as human beings, by the way that that true is, is not in possession or anything of dunya it's a value a value that you have, right. And that's something even disbelievers agree it's a value, you stand by the righteousness, right, or

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you stand by justice. And if you start by Justice, even if you're mistreated, you'll you'll still you'll go down with your head held held high, you know, go down, you'll fall down, but you still use your head to be held high. So

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this is what he thinks of I know Donna is he's with him and what he teaches and what He commands. So if you stand by it, then that that value will always be there. Even if you end up not having what you want, even if people don't see it or people don't acknowledge it or didn't want doesn't matter. Man Can you read it is? It's very interesting, because it's validating your perspective.

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And you say what I'm saying he validated your pursuit of is he didn't say No, you shouldn't want it. He could have said McCain is that this is a problem you shouldn't want. You should be looking for this. No, no, you want it okay. For the Latin institution. Yeah, he's busy Subhana wa Tada. So if he is busy, so he owns all the ads in the world, then pursue it through him Subhana wa Tada.

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He always had also let him grant you whatever he wants to grant you from it and made me your SOP based on the amount of attachment you have to his teaching into his command subhanaw taala and his love and that that's that's the most sensible way to for you to put it or that's the best way to put it for you. So he goes on he got any details at a bit more he says eBay he? Yes, I do. I'll tell him a tiny bit. So how do I do that? So no, this all good words, kill him kill him means

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sentences or words or sayings or anything that is verbalized it at your side. So to him will ascend Alkalyn oppa Yep, all kind words are kind sayings or things are kind of things that you'll see. Well, I'm gonna go slowly, and good deeds and proper deeds and the deeds that he commanded us to do. Yada, yada VA has two meanings here. And I think it's really interesting. One of the meanings is that he subhanaw taala also ascends it in accepts it and takes it up upwards. Another meaning is that these actions, they cause the these good words to ascend even higher. So meaning who is when he says young fall, he it will, he will ascend it or send it upwards? Right? So who is who is he when

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he says you got to follow because he didn't he didn't really specify here. So who is he is he as in Allah subhanaw taala will will send the actual deeds and I'm so sorry I had the word before him, or is it that I'm going to Florida these good deeds are the ones we're going to send the words that he that were said before so as if it you've said good word, and that will ascend to Allah subhanaw taala and then if you follow up with those good words with good deeds, and it'll even take it higher your father will make will give it even more even more value in his eyes. subhanaw taala so, so either way, it's fine to understand the you understand the eye either way, the more traditional way

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is that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who sends it but it works either way. So it's a nice way of looking at Yeah, could it go back to those who wants is as well?

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I'm going to

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the person. Yeah. So the third way of understanding is Lamictal saw the good deeds young Pharaoh who means will ascend the person, the person status itself, and that's my favorite way of understanding it. So, the two ones, two types of ways I explained at the beginning, or things you'll find in the books of tafseer the number first why much more, the third way is the way I kind of see it to be, which is less common in the books up to see them I find to be make a bit more sense in terms of the, the context of the verse, so in a yes, all good words were sent to him. And then good deeds will ascend your status, that will that will take you out you want to be have as as good deeds that will

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will will bring your status upwards, because that means it means you have to be reachable die up. Well, it's another sign that it will take guy up and good and good words they go immediately up to

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a kind a kind word of of compassion and love and advice and help will ascend immediately up to him and he followed that up with some good deeds that will ascend your status and take you up it's nothing else it's not it's not possession, it's not money, it's not

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social status, nothing else he has a motto You will I'm gonna sign you

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which is very very beautiful for him to use the concept of a kind word looking for Aiza try a kind word try saying something nice.

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Try saying something that is like that will bring happiness but you're busy you're busy another specific Arabic word then take a bit of time to explain it comes from Bob right

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what are the names of Medina right Bob and then it was we call it today? But it was initially it was it was Bob Bob a sheet when something is

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performed Bob that means it is

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it is a rounded way just good. It's just something that is working. It's not it's not rotten it's opposite of something rotting so fiber sheet means that's why another name before I leave you now hello I'm your Saudi hottie all Birla home all by the home from the same same routes and the only only good things will come to them for no heat and no hire done by you but they will live a good life. But the word good is a really rip off of an explanation or a translation of the word because

00:27:22--> 00:27:58

by Yeva life that is by him now live where the person who's living it is has a certain level of happiness in it. Why? Because he has things figured out he knows why he's doing what he's doing. He knows what's why things are happening to me he knows where he's going so he's in content right he's not he's not You're not objecting he's not disgruntled based on what's happening. So here I am a word that is in nature it's beneficial is helpful it's good regardless of exactly what what type of word it is yes, I do pretty much what I want to solve and then good deeds will send the person's

00:27:59--> 00:28:00

person status

00:28:02--> 00:28:03

documents this week

00:28:04--> 00:28:08

find some by sometimes people talking put up nicely nicely people

00:28:09--> 00:28:09

should be

00:28:12--> 00:28:14

sure Well that isn't that the whole point of the

00:28:16--> 00:28:49

report Yeah, yeah, I think that's the whole point of Allah subhanaw taala using that here to begin with if you're looking for as well he's telling you to do the thing that when when you usually do you feel like you're not getting to do the thing that you when you do it you end up it doesn't seem that you're getting ends up from it but you actually are you just can't see it. So the reason that he used to be here which is kind words, easy words because usually when you do that you speak nicely to everyone people walk all over you so you think that you have no answer but he's saying he's saying the opposite No, no, it's when you say these things and you follow up with good good deeds

00:28:49--> 00:29:11

because again if you didn't say good deeds at the end it could be horribly misunderstood this this is I could completely butchered in Tafseer if you don't use deeds after if you just because you're just selling words and that's that's basically hypocrisy that's basically exactly hypocrisy is you say all the right things and then you go do everything wrong. So it's having both but he uses specifically you're getting more value because usually that is not the

00:29:13--> 00:29:30

end it's not the it's not the sign of someone who has is because you don't have to when you're when you're king or your Minister You don't have to speak next to anyone because you're you know you're the leader everyone has to listen to you people don't like it they can go they can get lost in Arabic was a bug filled with Germans right the door will

00:29:31--> 00:29:51

account went up to the door you know, so it's big enough for you to leave as well if you want to leave but the saying that he is the opposite of that if you want so he owns it all. So try good words and follow up with good deeds and that will take up your stuff. Yes, it is even meaning of it. So because we because we're commanded to do that the Speak Maka riff coefficient in

00:29:52--> 00:29:55

the I'm in Shangri La Shala there's a hadith the Prophet told us and it's also

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

kind of difficult to take tenderness and put it in any

00:30:00--> 00:30:15

Using it will decorate and make it beautiful. You take out tenderness out of anything it will destroy and become disgusting kind of difficult fish or you know you will tenderness in anything it will make a beautiful decorator make it something that you'd like seeing and dealing with. You take it out of anything and becomes disgusting. Something.

00:30:18--> 00:30:19

Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.

00:30:21--> 00:30:53

Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, he's looking at it from a figurative, figurative way. Yeah, exactly. Well, no, I mean, no, the point is worthy because because Kalamata, he was not the it's not the sign of someone who as a as, as, as far as we can tell, in dunya, but as what he's telling us, I own as a and that is where is intenders speech and is being kind and kindness. And then it's in Poland guide up with good deeds, and that will send you that will give you a zap, but you have to go. That's why the so the last part of the will Lavina yam Corona, see those who plot bad deeds.

00:30:55--> 00:31:01

And he used the word plot. Right, it didn't say they will do bad deeds, because that becomes too general there's no meaning to it, flooding.

00:31:02--> 00:31:08

Those who seek as and the role always planning to get ahead. If they do things openly, then

00:31:10--> 00:31:39

the hand is red and does nothing. Make a plot. You find ways to bring someone down and get someone other way then you can get you can get ahead and get yourself in a higher way. If you can talk badly about someone and get others not to like that person, then you've removed your competitor. And now you're gonna get one step ahead. When Lavina yum karuna, so yeah, those who continuously plot bad deeds, because we're the ones who end up with the false A's that we see in the dunya is the ones who are always plotting these bad stuff, isn't it? And literally what happens everyday

00:31:40--> 00:31:42

people were up there. How did they get up there?

00:31:43--> 00:31:44

It was just granted to them.

00:31:45--> 00:31:47

There's been decades of lying in

00:31:48--> 00:32:17

art, music, politics, especially politics. How many how many people have the bag stabbed in the back and how many times have they lied and how many Bolivian am cruelness uh, you know, my verbal, you should read for them as a as a severe punishment. Well, Nakuru, Iike Hua boo. And here's the point that I brought there. And they're plotting the prodding of those people who are bored or he will deem useless at the end, Baba means something is

00:32:19--> 00:32:42

disintegrates. I mean, it turns into nothing. So Earth had Arden Beauvoir means an earth that used to have plants and now has nothing on it, everything is gone. So my color acres were born and the flooding of those people who like those people who were born, he subhanaw taala, will turn into nothing, you just have to be, you'd have to be patient about it, you have to give it some time. Okay.

00:32:43--> 00:33:16

So very, very, to me, very interesting, or very deep in the meaning that is offering offering all of us. And it answers a question that is very reasonable, a very reasonable question, when we're talking about submission, what about what about my my desire and need to get ahead and to be great and to be? Well look for it in the in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala and in the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and in doing good deeds, and good things, and these are the values that this society has actually picked up in him once we need, the best of us here is kind of the most, the most kind of the most tender. And that's what he's saying subhanaw taala here for us as well. So it's kind of

00:33:16--> 00:33:26

weird when we find Muslims who, who aren't professionals aren't doing the opposite. Or the professional is being crude and rude and disrespectful to others,

00:33:27--> 00:33:38

trying to get higher and higher, and the wrong way. Day after that, we'll have a lot more coming to rob. So it's a bit of a it's a continuation of the before, but as a reminder you're looking for is

00:33:39--> 00:34:23

alright, let's let's talk about it for a moment. You were created from the soil of the Earth, dirt. So I'm in Knoxville, and then you were a small piece of sperm or speck of sperm. It's one of them not visible to the to the eye even though majority of them was larger. And then you were you're paired up when not to Hamilton unfair? Well, I mean, every time a female carries or is pregnant, he knows about it. And every time she gives birth to a to a new unit of life, he knows about subhanaw taala Well, no, I'm middlemen Juanma. Your amount of means granted, like for granted and age to live a certain period of time to live. Well now you unmodeled Minhwan luck and there is no living thing

00:34:23--> 00:34:53

that has given life to live. That's what the eye actually means. There are different ways right you I'm Miriam in 1 million, but for us is why you amaro and one Marine in the passive passive sense of the sentence. So no living thing is granted a period of time to live on this earth. What are your thoughts on number two he nor is His period of time being decreased? There's no anything that's given a certain time to live or decrease from that time to live me.

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

A few key term except it's all in. It's all recorded. We say

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Aikido is a it's in a book. I don't I don't I wouldn't. I vote against using that translation from Milan because it gives us misleading. Sometimes people misunderstand what that means. The concept of Kitab and Morocco is recorded. That's all it is. It's recorded. I mean, it's known beforehand. I mean, this is not new knowledge teams upon OData. He knew it's actually recorded somewhere. So it's not something that he's figuring out now, or finding out about now has nothing to do with the fact that it's written as in it was forced upon this living, even though this sense it is. But that's not the point of talking about something being in keytab, something that is in Kitab, en and all the

00:35:39--> 00:36:06

other words that are using the Quran, the point of it is not to say that this was predestined in the sense that you had no contribution to it. No, you think that it's recorded. I mean, this is prior knowledge. It's not new, you're not surprising anyone, you're not doing something that wasn't already known that was going to happen to begin with this difference between the two things. The difference between saying something was predestined in the sense that you had no contribution to it, it was going to happen, regardless of what you did, was a very simplistic and very ignorant way of looking at

00:36:07--> 00:36:18

events of the universe, or an understanding that everything that's happening happened is going to happen. He's already recorded. It he knows about it. So panel data. So how do you how do you kind of

00:36:20--> 00:36:29

break even with these two concepts? How do you how do you understand that he is all recorded, but it's, but it's not against my will? Or it's not something that

00:36:30--> 00:37:01

is like the question I get the most probably, but from it from Not, not from the younger age group from the older age group. So from whenever you talk with people in the 50s. And up, this is the question that they have. And it's funny that you've been around 5050 years, you never actually figured that out? How I don't understand how do you function as a Muslim? If this is to you something that you don't understand properly, if you still struggle with understanding the basics of Kabbalah and further understanding the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala. So I'm gonna offer you a quick way of looking at it just just because why? Because what he's focusing on, because you may,

00:37:01--> 00:37:33

you may read this verse, and not know what he's trying to tell you. Right. And quite what he's telling me here, I created me from created you from, from the soil of the earth, and then from sperm, and then your man just wanted to couples and every time there was a female was pregnant, and every time it gave birth, it was all noted every time life was granted to a living thing. And every time life was taken away from a living thing was all recorded. So what are you talking about? He's talking about knowledge, subhanaw taala? Here, the focus here is is not only but you can, you can easily miss that if you if you explain keytab as book, and then that's, that's the end of his book.

00:37:34--> 00:37:46

Why? You know, so if it wasn't written in a book, you would be okay with all this? Or are you? Are you bothered, that's in a book, specifically, so So if this is the question that you bring up, so if it wasn't written in a book,

00:37:47--> 00:38:02

so I decided this competition wants to do discussion with a lot of people, once it's all written, then there's no point of doing anything. Alright. So what bothers you is the written part, right? It's written, that's what's bothering you that is written? Yeah, because it's already written. So let's say there's no written,

00:38:03--> 00:38:09

it's not written, He has notice upon it. And if it's not written, whatever, then it does still bother you. Like, I don't know.

00:38:10--> 00:38:19

Think about if it's not written anywhere, your life is not written anywhere. But he knows about his volume of data and whatever essence he can know things. So that gives us an idea. But it's now

00:38:21--> 00:38:30

everyone seemed to say, yeah, 99% of time, I feel totally happy now, if it's not written. So the actual writing of something is what bothered you? What if I told you that it's written but no one ever saw it?

00:38:31--> 00:38:34

No one living thing has ever seen it. What am I then

00:38:35--> 00:39:08

the Well, that's the reality of the issue was written has never been seen with them. And advocacy is what the Malayaka are allowed to see. That can change. There's only keytab that changes. These things are things that change all the time that Allah subhanaw taala gives them a Laker permission to change based on on things that people do. So if you're someone who used to throw him if you're always, you know, strengthening the relationship, kinship, and also it gives you more time to live or it gives you more baraka and your life in the middle, you get to put that in, but this is not what he's talking about. There's another record lo and behold, the no one saw no one not even the

00:39:08--> 00:39:20

Prophet, somebody said, No one saw no one saw this only Allah subhanaw taala is exclusively to him. So really, whether it's written or not, doesn't make a difference. So that's one point just kind of put on site. So it didn't bother you that it's written in case it's bothering with that.

00:39:21--> 00:39:59

The other point is, if he didn't know that was going to happen next, then I would argue very strongly and very clearly that he's not worthy of worship. Hashem allegedly took on this Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala. But how do you not know does he doesn't know what to do next? I would argue that I pay nowhere that we're worse I'm not gonna worship Him. Because if I can, if he doesn't know it's gonna happen next. Then there is a very small but existing, a very small but existing possibility that I think surprise him. And if I can surprise him, then I can beat him. Because it's very simple the problem of ignorance. Why is ignorance but ignorance a negative value?

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

In the universe, if you don't know what's gonna happen next, you don't know what to prepare for. You can be beaten up taken out you can be, everything can be worked for can be destroyed, you can be killed, you can lose everything. Why? Because knowing what's coming next, if you knew everything that was going to happen to you until the end of your life, how calm would you be right now?

00:40:15--> 00:40:16


00:40:17--> 00:40:19

I know, I know exactly what's gonna happen next.

00:40:21--> 00:40:54

How are you know, so you're no anxiety, no depression, there's no point to being depressed Oh, I'm not going to make it, I know, I'm not going to make it I've already seen it's not going to happen. There's no point in me bothering myself, I'm gonna make it or not, because already seen it, it's not happening. So I can just enjoy what I have. Right now. If I know that I'm gonna get sick at a certain point, I'm gonna lose a loved one, I'm not going to. If I know about it, then there's the strength that comes with knowledge and this calmness. So philosophy doesn't know everything. And you can we as a human race can possibly surprise him, then it makes no sense for us to even worship it

00:40:54--> 00:40:58

to begin with. So he has to know everything and he does supine with that. Now, third point

00:41:00--> 00:41:36

is knowledge a, an effective attribute? Does it affect the action, so chickens lay eggs. Now whether you know chicken, lay the chickens lay eggs, or they don't, doesn't affect the fact that chickens will continue to lay eggs, doesn't make a difference in him suffer. A theory is an attribute that doesn't really affect action. It's just knowledge. If you know that they do it, then good. If you don't know they're still gonna do it. No, it doesn't affect something. And Allah subhanaw taala, when he knows what's gonna happen next, it's his knowledge doesn't affect whether you do it or you don't do it. That is your choice that you're taking. Third point, fourth point,

00:41:38--> 00:42:15

you have to kind of bring this to you think about these things will help you with understanding. Because if you don't, if these things aren't clear to you, then you can't really enjoy this idea. This is the point you can't enjoy the day becomes that doesn't mean anything to you, because you weren't able to enjoy the fact that he's telling you look from creation, from the time life was created from from dirt from soil, that first cell, found his way into the boiling volcanic waters of Mexico, and moving forward until pregnant woman gave birth. And people live lives in less lives and longer lives, all that it's all recorded in America and Allah has seen a deed upon Allah Subhanallah

00:42:15--> 00:42:50

it's very easy. It's nothing, it's nothing, nothing, nothing at all. It's all recorded. If you don't enjoy that part, then you don't really feel he's lazy. SubhanAllah. And that's why you should definitely listen. That's why he says he's telling you he says with me, though it's nothing else. How do I know that? You told me? You told me that I should speak kindly and continue doing good deeds that were sent me and that people who plot evil will not make it? Well, how would I know that? What because everything from the time creation to everything is already recorded. I know how it's ultra, a know how it's gonna turn out. See who laughs at the end of life the most, I know what it's

00:42:50--> 00:43:17

going to look like at the end. So just play this with Ray, I tell you, and you'll will be will be the one with anxiety and they won't just just play it the way I tell you where else you're gonna have something fake, and then you'll move to when it really matters. See when it matters on the Day of Judgment. Right and you don't have it, you don't have it, that's where it's gonna, that's where things are gonna be completely willy nilly, that's we're gonna wish that you didn't know as in dunya and had a speck of it, you're milking him. So he knows how it's gonna play out. The fourth point, just don't forget.

00:43:18--> 00:43:51

Our knowledge is when we say when I can say for sure what's gonna happen in the future. It has to be programmed, right? Something has to be programmed has to be I press a button, I tell you before this button, a programmer, before I press this button, when I press it, this is going to happen next 100% by pressing an app, it's only reason that it happened is because I programmed it. Now when we don't know what's gonna happen as we do. There's a whole, there's a whole science that is called statistics and epidemiology, where we can predict with some level of certainty, never 100% never imagine that this is probably going to happen. And we're right. By the way, like insurance companies

00:43:51--> 00:44:25

are making multibillion dollar, it's a multi billion dollar industry that is literally sucking the money out of everything. Because they just study human behavior in groups, they can predict what's gonna happen next. And they can give you make you pay $250 of insurance for your car every month and know exactly how much money they're gonna they're gonna pocket every single year based on it. And they're very rarely wrong unless some some masiva catastrophe happens and let's say a tornado comes and even with that they sold the factor all that didn't know how many two years happen on an average every 10 years they factor all that in all that data, but unless something really weird to happen

00:44:25--> 00:44:36

weird happens like a I don't know like a comments come in his theory, then then then they're gonna be fine. They're gonna make their money. Yeah, they know that they did was every 65 million years that a comment seems to hit so I think we should be good for them.

00:44:37--> 00:44:59

They don't know exactly what gonna happen next. And so if human beings because that's the type of knowledge, right for things that are supposedly not programmed, then for you to say that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't know what's gonna happen next, unless it's programmed is saying that his melodies like ours, so if I take a small car and I turn it, and I say, Okay, this car, I have the knowledge that this car is going to bump into that

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

While over there, I let it go. And it does the reason it does, because that car had no choice. That's my level of knowledge. That's how far I can go.

00:45:08--> 00:45:27

Now Allah subhanaw taala, even though you can choose whatever you want, he knows what, while you're going to bump into, because that's why he's God, and you're not. Because he if he didn't, if he needed things to be programmed, then the level of knowledge that you possess, and the level of knowledge that he possesses, does he? Why is he God? And why is he better than me?

00:45:29--> 00:45:37

If you have the same type of knowledge that I can figure out to how to obtain whatever strengths he obtained, then I can be God. And it's, it's tough.

00:45:38--> 00:46:15

But I'm just explaining the point. So yes, of course, we only know what's gonna happen next, if he can program it. And he knows it's gonna happen next, even when it's not programmed. And that's why he's God, and you're not programmed to do whatever you want, and he still knows what's gonna happen next, because he has gotten that's, that's, that's why He is Allah subhanaw taala we are not. And we're the simple servants who just try to take whatever small amounts of noise that we can build on it. And it's amazing what we were able to do, you know, with 150 years of knowledge, right? It's amazing what we've achieved and we're continuing to achieve. So I'm suspecting his, his motion, is

00:46:15--> 00:46:36

it okay. Okay, I was gonna finish here anyways, I was gonna stop with this. Um, and with that, and Sharla The reason being that if you start from my suit behind and you enter a hole, that I have to read at least three verses after that, and that's gonna take forever. So we'll just we'll start that in sha Allah. Next week, no next week. We're not running next week because there's a lecture that's happening next week.

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There's some site type of what is it to the extravaganza or something that they do winter events that they're doing so we're gonna have to cancel a few I cancelled my Saturday one. So Saturday won't run next week. And Sunday. We couldn't we couldn't.

00:46:56--> 00:47:01

Out of the willingness of not to clash with anyone. I'm not going to do it next week. It's going to

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be a trade off

00:47:07--> 00:47:08

that last part out