Tafseer Reflections #08 – Surah Al-Mursalat

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The speaker discusses the importance of achieving justice in life, as it is not meant to be a waste of time or money. The speakers emphasize that achieving justice is necessary for individuals to be able to achieve their goals and that it is important to strive towards achieving it.

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So the martial arts is interesting. It's kind of comes as a pair a package with a soda before it sorts of incense. Because normally within one particular chapter a law balances with complete equality when he talks about the people of hellfire and the people of paradise, right. And there's like pretty much I can't think of any instance in the Quran where he mentions one without mentioning the other. And he usually gives those two topics equal equal treatment or equal space, what sorts of Marsala is a little bit different? He does, and he actually emphasizes the people of the Hellfire, but the sort of before it sorts of insanity does the opposite. So kind of all balances out at the

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end, in sorts of most of that Allah is found to otter, you know, he says something really, really interesting. He says that when he's talking about the people of the Hellfire, he almost dares them, he says, you know, like eat and drink a little bit, enjoy yourself a little bit. And that's a reference, it's very important to us to realize that justice, perfect justice is not meant for this world, it's not able to be achieved in this world. And that's not to say that we shouldn't try our best to achieve justice or hold others accountable. But it does mean that we should temper our expectations as to how much justice we can achieve in this life cooler water material colleague and

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in ACOEM module removed. That's what allows pantalla says exactly as that the people there are going to be people who get away with stuff in this life. This is important because a lot of people out of their sense of justice or out of their love for justice, they despair, and they give up hope they think even and this is a common thing that atheists try to use against people of faith to say, Well, how do you explain all of the killing and all of the murder and all of the oppression that goes on? Clearly, this is a sign that there is no God? That's what they say. They say No, clearly, this is a sign that there's an afterlife, right? And that perfect justice is going to be happening in the

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afterlife. It's not meant for this world, because this world is about demonstration. It's about proving yourself it's about proving yourself a moral person, a righteous person who a sincere person what's on your inside, right? Allah knows that you don't know the other people around you don't know. So a lost bound to Allah is going to give you situations to pull it out and to demonstrate to show what you're really made. And so in that sort of arena, if that's the arena of this world, that's what it's about, and how could we possibly expect complete justice, right? There's going to be some people that show their true colors and their true colors or betrayal and treachery and you

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know, stinginess, and, you know, rancor and all these sorts of vices. And then there's going to be people who show their true colors and it's, you know, faithfulness and loyalty and you know, righteousness and things like that. But it's going to be sometimes this sometimes that right remember when the prophesy Saddam was discussed by the the one Roman governor right. And he was kind of grilling Abu Sufyan about trying to figure out is this a real profit or not? Does he win all the time? Does he win some lose some and others with Fianna said no, he wins somebody loses some and the Roman governor he said Yeah, that's the way it is. In this life. You win some you lose some there's

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moments of triumph. There's some countries or nations or empires that are righteous, some rulers that are righteous and others that are horrible, oppressors, tyrants, some of us are tyrants, even if you don't have political power. And so even though we should strive to achieve justice as much as possible in this life, we all we also have to carry with us the belief that true complete entire and comprehensive justice is not going to happen until the next life and that actually gives us moral resilience to be able to accept the wrongs and the things that happen in this life.