Surah Baqarah Verses 17-20 Running Translation – Journey Through The Quran

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The speaker discusses various parables and concepts related to Islam. They mention a parable about someone collecting fire and being unable to see what could happen, and a parable about someone being in a rainstorm and being unable to see what could happen. The speaker also discusses various parables related to Islam, including a parable about a person who is unable to hear and speak, a parable about a person who is unable to see, and a parable about someone who is unable to hear and speak.

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Now verse number 17 is going to do something for the first time and I'm going to take a disclaimer here. The parables of the Quran in themselves are one of its miracles. But you've been hearing seal on the heart seal on the eyes covering of the seal on the ears and covering of the heart. You've been hearing about wandering blindly, for the first time in verse number 17, we're going to look at a parable Messiah Lu whom Tomaselli ladies still further now or now Allah subhanaw taala takes all of that we just talked about about hypocrisy and puts it into one verse. For those of you who are reading this and saying, I get this, there are those in the artsy world, those whose mind sets

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differently ALLAH is talking to them. They are like the ones who seek to kindle a fire, they want to kindle a fire, but in trying to kindle a fire.

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They, they, they start looking for these pieces for their companions, they want to kindle a fire for the Companions, then when it has begun to shine all around them, you know, they start bringing fire from here. And here, a lot takes away their light, and leaves them unveiled in darkness, unable to see. So here's a parable about someone who's collecting fire here and they're, oh, I can show my face at this event. I can do this. I can do this, who has hypocrisy, and then when the time comes, and he feels like there's light all around him. Everyone thinks I'm a good person, even though I'm selling the Muslims out literally. Allah takes away their light and leaves them in darkness, unable

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to see what could they do some Bookman? Oromia

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old year old Allah subhanaw taala says deaf dumb and blind never shall they return to guidance. And as we had said before, Deaf dumb and blind does not mean that they cannot see hear or that they cannot speak. This is the ability to acquire that light that is coming from that light that fire that they were so anxiously trying to gather from here and they're never shall they return to guidance. Or and here's another parable. They are like those who have been caught in a cloudburst in a in a rainstorm, if you will, from the sky in which there are veils of darkness know what could this be similar to? When the Dean came down? It came down like rain. It came down and the Quran came

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down from Allah subhanaw taala. So when thunderclouds come, there's a little bit of discomfort, but at the end of the day, when you're caught in a rainstorm, the rain benefits the people and this benefit to the people is what tell me what is benefit is it is the Quran that is coming. But when there is some type of discomfort that people like No, no, no, I'm not Muslim, I won't deal with this. But when they are left in the veils of darkness, they sit there and they say, No, no, no, no, I can't follow this. I can't follow this. But you're reaping the benefit of the water. No, no, I'm scared of darkness and thunder and lightning. So lightning, you might think of a scary thing. But

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when lightning comes what happens, everything becomes illuminated this illumination. What they do is what they don't like the thunder. They stick their fingers in their ears, and they put their fingers in their ears to shield themselves against the perils, the discomfort, the sound of the thunder, weary of death. They're afraid of death. They fear that death may come upon them so they put their fingers in their ears to shield themselves against the thunder and are weary of Death, death Yet Allah is all encompassing of the disbeliever now this is verse number 19. I want you to look at it few a few of the concepts here verse by verse Elka. slit up min Osama, if he Luma to argue about

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slog your item fee add the knee hem means slower Are you from the thunderclap? You hear that and then you get that immediate shock? No, no, I can't follow that. So no, I don't want to hear the hard parts of Islam. But when there is some type of flash when there's any read or some festival or some sort of thorough way to come out where the people will see me. There's a little bit of thunder, that was the little bit of lightning, they'll walk forward there'll be seen but after that they are truly weary of death and they put their fingers and they walk in. They put their fingers in their ear and they fear death but Allah subhanaw taala Mohave boom Bill caphyon Allah subhanaw taala is the one

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who encompasses the disbelievers. Now, there's one verse left in this section, and that is verse number 20. Then the lightning, okay, this is now starting yet caddell barcoo This is the Yakar toolbar, which is the lightning nearly slashes away their sight. Whenever it shines forth for them. They walk in it's light. When something's doable in the religion, they kind of walk, but when suddenly it's darkness.

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All about them. They stand still. Wait a minute, you want Islam to be beyond Friday and Sunday and Sunday school you want me to actually implement this and everything. It's beyond the weekend course I have to actually do something with it. No, no, no, no, no, they stand still and had a loss, so willed, He most surely could have taken away their hearing and their sight. Allah subhanaw taala could have left them there in that darkness. This parable started in 17 and is continuing here. It is a summary of everything that represents hypocrisy. But if Allah subhanaw taala has a will, he could take away their hearing and sight all together. Indeed, Allah is Powerful Over All Things in

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Allah Allah who really che in body pause here. Did you see the constant reflection on site ability to hear ability to speak the ability to use the function of the intangible heart? Allah subhanaw taala is giving you facilities faculties to use and believe in the unseen remember we talked about that that you can get out without a Buffy he would ultimately in Allah do you believe you can reach and start to realize about the unseen to the facilities that you have? You and we are going to come and see that so I want you to keep reflecting on Surah Fatiha, we want to be like an ontology and those were favored laden Malou we don't want to be those who earn the rap. These are those people

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who earn the rap